Alex da Kid Discusses Jay Z Ghostwriting For Diddy & Meeting Eminem

Alex da Kid also explains what Dr. Dre is like in the studio.

Alex da Kid recently spoke about how “Coming Home,” a selection performed by Diddy and Dirty Money, was originally meant for T.I.

“That was interesting,” Alex da Kid said while speaking to the BMI How I Wrote That Song audience at the event which also featured Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Wilson, among others. “I originally did that for T.I. Puff heard it and didn't let me leave his house. I did the beat and Skylar [Grey] did the chorus. Puff got Jay to write his verses, which was crazy. Jay and Puff went back and forth for awhile [to complete the track].”

Alex da Kid Says Alicia Keys Originally Wrote A Hook For “Love The Way You Lie” Beat

Another track that Alex spoke about was “Love The Way You Lie,” a song that was crafted years before it became a success for Eminem and Rihanna.

“I did that beat three years before Eminem heard it,” Alex said. “So I did that in my mom’s house, in our basement. “It’s weird because Alicia Keys wrote a hook for it and it didn't go anywhere. I was super excited but it didn't go anywhere. Nobody wanted it, but we sent it to Marshall [Mathers].”

“Love The Way You Lie” would not have been possible without another track, Alex says. That track was “Airplanes,” a selection by B.o.B and Hayley Williams of Paramore.

“‘Airplanes’ was my first real hit,” Alex says. “This was the hustle…It wasn’t for B.o.B at all and it was for other people at Atlantic…Eventually, it got to B.o.B and he killed it. This was like the tenth version of it. This was actually how I met Marshall and that’s how we did ‘Love the Way You Lie.’”

Alex da Kid Says Dr. Dre is “The Nicest Person On The Planet”

The connection between Alex and Eminem doesn’t stop there. The two also collaborated on “I Need a Doctor,” a track by Em, Dr. Dre and Skylar Grey, a selection he mixed along with Dr. Dre and Eminem.

"Dre is the nicest person in the planet,” Alex says. “When we got in the studio, he was super cool and nice. I had these gangsta beats and I played him that one and he just went with that one. Me, Dre and Marshall in the studio…There’s things they’ve been through together and when you listen to the record there’s some things only they get." 

Photography By: Andres Tardio

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