J. Cole Celebrates Nas Lyrics & "I Gave You Power" In Speech

J. Cole says Nas is one of the few greats he studied and continues to study during Vibe Impact Awards.

J. Cole's affinity for Nas has been well-documented. He and the Queensbridge rapper collaborated on Cole's "Let Nas Down" track from the Roc Nation rapper's latest album Born Sinner, and during a speech at the 2014 VIBE Impact Awards, Jermaine once again explained why Nas was such an integral part of his musical make-up.

Cole said that when he heard the song "I Gave You Power" for the first time from Nas' second studio album, It Was Written, he gave up the preconceived bias toward West Coast rap and became a Nas fan forever.

"A lightbulb went off and I knew right there that, 'Oh my God. This nigga's the greatest,'" J. Cole said when recalling the first time his older cousin played Nas for him in the car. "All the fronting I was doing just came to a cease and I knew that this was something I was so thankful to be aware of."

The North Carolina native also talked about Nas' influence, specifically on his musical career.

"As a rapper, there's very few greats that I study and I still continue to study and Nas is obviously one of them," J. Cole said. "I really had his lyrics printed on my wall... I would print these joints out and I would hang them up on my wall and if you'd walk in my room [you'd be like], 'What is wrong with this kid?' I'd just be there standing and reading the lyrics. I really wanted to know what it was like to be that good. I was rapping at the time and it was my goal to be that good." 

Watch part of J. Cole's speech below:

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  • s.i.m.


  • streets

    why is it some stupid fans just cant be happy for artist cosigning their idols..I just cant stop replaying "it was written" after schoolboy hinted at it..its a dope as album.Nas is King

  • DJ85

    Dope Video. I feel what he was saying. I was too young when illmatic came out. The homies I hung out with were only bumping Pac. Once someone puts you onto Nas though... It really sets the bar high for other artists.


    Can we create a new form of the word "Stan." & start using "J. Clone" J. Clone is pretending Nas was his idol all of a sudden after Canibus threw him a diss. What about the Bis lyrics written on your wall. Clone?

  • DJKaleafnycbk

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  • Anonymous

    this nigga sounds like a groupie. get of Nas dick

  • What?

    "Jermaine once again explained why Nas was such an interracial part of his musical make-up." I think the word you were looking for is "integral" not interracial. lol

  • Tim

    interracial LMAO....I think you mean integral!!! But for real, J Cole is a Nas STAN, we know he good and all, but damn!!!

  • deathrowzorrow

    i love nas he looks so good i wish he was my father NAS the greatest

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