The Dream Says Kanye West Collaborative Album Was Possible In The Past

The Dream also says Kanye West's Video Music Awards rant was the best possible "press move" for Taylor Swift.

As a Def Jam Records signee and friend of Kanye West, The Dream has cranked out numerous records with the rapper/super producer and has personal knowledge of 'Ye's personality.

Recently sitting down with Vlad TV, The Dream addressed a past rumored collaboration album with Kanye West. He says he would have liked to have done it but didn't ask Kanye about the possibility. 

"It was just a personal thing, whether somebody wants to do it or not at that particular time," he said. "And the truthful thing is, I never asked him about doing it. It was just one of those things, couple records that sounded good together and I was like, 'Wow, this would be cool and it was a great time for anybody at that time to do that.'"

When asked about Kanye's 2009 Video Music Awards rant regarding Beyoncé and singer Taylor Swift, The Dream said Kanye's rant was career defining for Swift.

"That was the best press move ever for herself," The Dream said. "It was a cultural moment for her. Defining."

Dream also says Kanye's passion is rooted in his interest of visual art particularly at the time of the rant.

"I felt that it was the best video of all time [laughs]," He said when asked about the video. "At that time Kanye was such a visual person and I started to gravitate towards that later on but he has been around for so long and he has an eye for a lot of things and that's just what he felt."

Watch the full interview segment below:

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