The Top 10 Most Popular Hip Hop Singles The Week Of 1/20/14

ScHoolboy Q releases a new Oxymoron single and Fat Joe and 50 Cent collaborate for the first time ever after resolving their beef in 2012.

With Oxymoron slated for release a month from today, TDE and ScHoolboy Q’s latest offering was the release of the album's cover art and a new single earlier this week. Produced by Alchemist, “Break The Bank” keeps Q in the Top 10 for a second week in a row after last week’s “Man of the Year” video. Funkmaster Flex premiered a new Fat Joe and 50 Cent collaboration on Tuesday which is slated to appear on DJ Kay Slay’s upcoming Rhyme or Die album. The “Free Again” track, which references Fat Joe’s release from a four month jail sentence in 2013, finds all three artists in the Top 10 for a second week in a row as well after separate appearances last week. Drake’s hosting and appearance as musical guest on SNL rounds out the Top 3 and claims two other spots on this week’s list with two skits and a performance featuring Jhene Aiko.

ScHoolboy Q Offers Alchemist Produced “Break The Bank” As Pre-order Bonus

Alongside “Break The Bank,” which finds Q and Alchemist reuniting after collaborating on tracks like “My Homie” previously, the TDE rapper offered up “Man of the Year,” “Yay Yay,” and the Kendrick Lamar featuring “Collard Greens” as pre-order bonus advance downloads earlier this week. A full tracklist for Oxymoron has yet to be revealed, but an iTunes preview confirms the above songs and reveals the length of the album to be 15 tracks.

On Monday, TDE revealed cover art for the standard and deluxe versions of the album shortly after releasing a video for Q’s “Man of the Year” single last week. On “Break The Bank,” Q repeats his “money be on my mind” refrain and jokes with his own labelmate in between a full three verse performance. “Fuck rap, my shit real / Came up off them pills / Hustle for my meal, grindin’ for my deal,” he raps in the beginning of the third verse.

Fat Joe & 50 Cent Link For DJ Kay Slay’s “Free Again”

After resolving a beef that dates as far back as 2004 on the occasion of a tribute to Chris Lighty in 2012, Fat Joe and 50 Cent appeared on a DJ Kay Slay song together earlier this week. An article recently posted on XXL reports Kay Slay’s description of the collaboration. “They was a longtime friend of Chris, so me having knowledge of that, I tried my hand,” he said. “I went to 50 and I said, ‘Look, 50, Joe gave me this joint. I [would] like you to get on it.”

The track, which debuted on Funkmaster Flex’s Hot 97 radio show on Tuesday, features a Raekwon sample over the hook and a verse each from the featured rappers. 50 Cent drops references to New York and a mention of Kanye West’s habit for ranting. “The fuck out my way, drive the bricks down the highway / It’s an anthem when I rant, fuck you think I am, Kanye? / I had them wearing vests, now these niggas wear dresses," he raps.

Drake Hosts SNL, Impersonates Katt Williams and Jay Z

Doubling up as both the host and musical guest to last Saturday night’s airing of SNL, Drake appeared in several sketches as characters from Hip Hop icons Jay Z and Lil Wayne to Yankee player Alex Rodriguez and comedian Katt Williams. While on the show, the Nothing Was The Same rapper performed “Started From The Bottom,” “Trophies,” and hosted Jhene Aiko on their collaboration “From Time.” Drake’s appearance as Katt Williams in a sketch about legalized marijuana in Colorado can be streamed below.

This Week’s Top 10

1. ScHoolboy Q - "Break THe Bank [Prod. Alchemist]"

2. DJ Kay Slay f. Fat Joe & 50 Cent - "Free Again"

3. Drake - "Nancy Grace" Skit On SNL (Drake as Katt Williams) [Video]

4. Drake - "Hip Hop Classics: Before They Were Stars" Skit On SNL (Drake as Jay Z, Lil Wayne, etc.) [Video]

5. Throwback Thursday: Busta Rhymes Vs. ODB - Freestyle Battle [Video]

6. Kendrick Lamar - "Kurupted"

7. Drake f. Jhene Aiko - "Hold On, We're Going Home" & "From Time" (SNL Performance) [Video]

8. YG f. Lil Wayne, Rich Homie Quan, Meek Mill & Nicki Minaj - "My Nigga (Remix)"

9. Timbaland f. Jay Z - "Bounce (Demo)"

10. 50 Cent f. Young Buck - "This Is Murder Not Music (Remix)"

Last Week’s Top 10

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