University of Missouri Offering "Jay-Z and Kanye West" Class

The "Jay-Z and Kanye West" class at University of Missouri explores the relationship between the two rappers.

This fall, University of Missouri will be offering for a second time “Jay-Z and Kanye West,” a class that focuses on the relationship between the two rappers, reports.

Offered through the English department, the class’s instructor says that Jay Z and Kanye West should be considered poets.

“I really do think that these guys are warming up to the level of major poets, and not many people think of it in those terms,” says Andrew Hoberek, the class’s instructor. ”Because it’s not just on a page, but it’s video art, too. So, we looked at how those complicated the questions, and how do books about poetry help us to understand rap with Jay and Kanye at the forefront. We looked at the larger history of rap as an art form. Specifically, how, especially with Blueprint 3 and Yeezus, there’s an identifiable push to get beyond what’s happening in the art form. They’re very much like painters and novelists in the 20th century, moving beyond the confines of the art form’s boundaries.”

In an article on the class, agrees that Jay Z and Kanye West’s work has moved beyond just the musical realm. "Jay Z and Kanye’s projects are now multidisciplinary, mingling visual and performance arts as integral elements of their albums and concerts, to a greater extent than their predecessors,” the article says. "And their collaborations inform their solo projects. All of this is worth exploring in an academic setting.”

Jay Z and Kanye West have collaborated extensively throughout the last decade-plus, including the joint Watch The Throne album in 2011.

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  • ruggidterrain

    Yeah, That's real important subject matter. "SMIRK"

  • jamy

    I hope they explain how Jay first bit Jaz-O's style on "The Originators" in 1990, then bit Das EFX's style on "I Can't Get Wit That" in 95, then bit Nas and Biggie's styles on Reasonable Doubt.

    • Anonymous

      So true by the way Reasonable is a great album(classic) but Jay bribed his way to have Reasonable Doubt be a classic.96 no one was checking for that shit

  • gregg12

    "mingling visual and performance arts as integral elements of their albums and concerts, to a greater extent than their predecessors" I bet whoever said that can only name maybe 10 rappers tops, but somehow knows what 30 years of hip-hop has produced. People like Outkast were doing stuff like that years before, and Dre was shooting his own mini-movies and stuff, and all the crazy stuff for the Up In Smoke tour, etc. but that all probably doesn't count, because the professors quoted here never saw it, so it doesn't exist apparently. It's like when newbies start claiming Eminem is the best rapper ever and they can only name like 5 other rappers.

  • Anonymous

    lol not even close. they have good wordplay, but you could never call them poets

  • brainer

    Really? Poets? What about Nas? Elzhi? MF DOOM?

  • Anonymous

    jay yes, ye fxck no

  • Anonymous

    im sure that employers who see this on someone's CV will be impressed...

  • Young Guwop

    Waste of class time. A better Hip-Hop course could be thought up. Rice Univ. had Bun B being an instructor and that's gangsta. Fuck them sellouts Jigga and Kanye.

    • Young Guwop

      You have poor reading comprehension skills. I'm against Kanye and Jigga being taught at Mizzou. You're real dumb and need to read/think before commenting.

    • real

      You sound real bitchassness right now. To act like Jay & Kanye hane shaped this genre of music is retarded as most of these ignorant ass comments!

  • ETK

    you're fuckin shittin me, right I thought Tupac had the grace of getting a course in university dedicated to him, now they got one about these fuckbois it's academics for dickridin sumbitches. easiest course credit ever

    • ^this retard

      ^ why you getting so heated at another man's opinion? He likes Tupac and he thought Tupac was more deserving of a course than Jay & Ye. That's his opinion not a fact and you treat it like he rewrote the hip hop bible. Then to call him young saying he was born in the 90's means you're damn near close to or you are in your 30's talking shit on a hip hop website. Really though? I don't know you so can't speak on your personal life but you should have much bigger things in your life that another man's opinion in a comment section doesn't bother you. My 13 year old brother wouldn't even get heated about that because he was raise to respect another man's opinion. Down syndrome ass 80's baby drooling on his keyboard though

    • Anonymous

      U really think 2pac is some black leader or some shit? 2pac is a damn rapper & was a damn rapper UNTIL he died. Then he became something else. The only reason they even give 2pac, Jay-Z, Kanye or whatever classes are to make money you fucking idiot. You really think 2pac is a person that should be given a class? You sound like a 90s born kid who grew up during his post-death days. 2pac was a RAPPER when he was alive & was not looked at some hero, martyr or anything UNTIL he died. They get money by the amount of people to registrs to their courses. And again, with 2pac crazy weirdo psycho post death fans its easy to make money. LOL at your BITCH ASS thinking hes actually done something enough to make a course about him other than making them money off SHEEPS like you. Namedrop 2pac = IDIOTS like you buy into it = $ Thats what it is. Same with Kanye, Jay-Z etc but ESPECIALLY with 2pac & Eminem.

  • xfoxhoundx

    it should be just a kanye class why the fuck is jay z involved in this shit...jay z gave kanye his start but lets be honest kanye has kept jay z alive for all these years and jayz woulda been dead by now if it wasnt for kanye.......

    • real

      Thats is the dumbest statement. Jay creates his own way. Kanye has done nothing to keep Jays career afloat. Kanye wish he could sell and make as much money as Jay. Get real idiot!

  • marcdelaghetto

    Sellout to the White Man 101 i believe is the first lesson plan..

  • Born in 86

    SMH ! No wonder U.S College Students are Flunking Math and Physics like Hell !

  • Anonymous

    sounds like an epic waste of some trust fund money

  • detox is a fairytale

    Nas: it aint harvard though. taking BP3 and yeezus as an example? come on son!


    Kanye & Jay-Z Poets? The world has gone mad. It's because both of these fools have money make a business class. The reason Kanye doesn't get acclaim he's looking for is because his lyrics are trash. Production is good. How many times you gotta hear this guy talking about how big his junk is, not using rubbers, eating muff. Is that poetic?

  • Anonymous

    *PUT I apologize I was just so mad. KANYE is GOAT. point blank period. I dont care if he the best rapper, writer or producer he the best holistic artist and clearly has the most dynamic discography in all hip hop.

  • Anonymous

    *Kanye West and Jay Z - do not out less thans before YEEZUS

  • RHX

    Is this a fuckin joke!? these people are insane. Btw u wanna talk about BP3 and Yeezus? Try Illmatic and Me against the world.

    • Harvard

      Harvard got classes to study Nas' Illmatic already. That was news sometime last year

    • tt

      Real talk. These guys must be really new to hip-hop and I mean REALLY new to think that BP3 and Yeezus are albums to look at. There are at least 500 more worthy albums in hip-hop.

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