DJ Whoo Kid Says Justin Bieber Is "A Twin Of Lil Wayne"

DJ Whoo Kid feels Justin Bieber is on his way to "transforming into the n-word."

Following the arrest of pop star Justin Bieber this week, New York City’s DJ Whoo Kid offered his thoughts on Bieber’s latest run in with authorities. While speaking with TMZ, Whoo Kid shared his belief that the Canadian singer is “transforming into the n-word.”

“I saw Soulja Boy do it the other day. It was a little ridiculous, man,” Whoo Kid said when asked about artists promoting their albums after being released from jail. “He gets locked up, first thing he do is shot out his album. I think it’s very ignorant…You know, that’s a n-word thing. You know what I’m saying? But I think Just Bieber is transforming into the n-word this year…He’s hanging with Lil Scrappy. What is Justin Bieber hanging—I mean, Lil Scrappy is my man, but what is Justin Bieber doing in Miami with Lil Scrappy?”

Whoo Kid further commented on Bieber as he referred to the crooner as “a twin of Lil Wayne” due to what he feels is both musicians lack of talent when it concerns playing basketball and skateboarding.

“I think he’s like a twin of Lil Wayne. Because Lil Wayne can’t skate,” he said. “Lil Wayne can’t play ball. I think they just came out the same fallopian tube or something, man. Because these guys are twin brothers. They need to stop it. End it. Stop doing what you can’t do. Sing. Get all the white girls out there.”

On January 23, Bieber was arrested in Miami Beach, Florida after cops stopped him for drag racing in a residential neighborhood. Upon being pulled over the singer failed a field sobriety test and was then arrested. The driver Bieber raced against, Def Jam artist Khalil Sharief, was also arrested.

After being charged with DUI, driving with an expired license, and resisting an officer without violence, the Canadian star was later released on $2,500 bond.

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  • kaleb

    lil wayne is better at singing than justin beaver and they look nothink alike so stfu

  • Who?

    SIGN this! Deport his ass!

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  • Anonymous

    Justin Beiber is more like a carbon copy of Kanye West

  • Anonymous

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  • justinbigger

    Justin bieber is a nigga? Really DJ Whoo Kid that logic you used was genius

    • p

      "its 2014 anybody can be a nigga" -.- you're suppose to progress as time goes by, not dumb it down. Idiot.

    • Anonymous

      yes HE IS. Learn the definition. Youtube Chris Rock let him break it down to you. A black person & nigga = 2 diff its 2014 anybody can be a nigga

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