Homeboy Sandman Blasts Rap Genius

Homeboy Sandman calls Rap Genius "disrespectful irresponsible dicks" in Facebook post.

Homeboy Sandman posted a message on Facebook today (January 24) in which he blasted Rap Genius

"please no tagging or posting any alleged 'homeboy sandman lyrics' from rapgenius to this page,” the rapper wrote on his Facebook page. "those disrespectful irresponsible dicks seemingly purposefully publish ‘lyrics' to my songs that are so horrifically incorrect that it seems whoever transcribed them was listening to two songs at once. i have never written a a single lyric that makes no sense when written as prose. not even one. so, certainly not most. those clowns will have you think i'm just blurting out random words. they create 'verified artist' pages without ever contacting the artists that people then think have verified something. they have no concern whatsoever for grossly misrepresenting people's art. if you want homeboy sandman lyrics, listen to the song and figure them out. (and if what you figure out makes no fuckin sense, then listen closer) or wait until i post them here as i often do. or buy First of a Living Breed that comes with a lyric book, or Chimera that has all of the lyrics superimposed on the cover. these rapgenius assholes are so disrespectful that even though so many of my lyrics are readily available because i myself have made them public, they don't even care to double check. 'who cares if we're making it appear like homeboy sandman makes no fuckin sense. as long as we're getting site clicks.’”

Rap Genius has been under fire lately from other sources, too. In November, the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) sent 50 sites take-down notices requesting lyrics sites to either obtain licenses to publish lyrics or remove copyright lyrics from their sites. Rap Genius, which added Nas as an advisor in 2012, was among the sites targeted by the NMPA, even though Rap Genius Co-Founder Ilan Zechory said his company had not heard from the NMPA at the time.

Later in November, Rap Genius struck a deal with Sony/ATV publishing

Earlier this month and after a dispute in which Rap Genius self-deemed themselves as overstepping their boundaries and deserving "to get smacked," Google reinstated Rap Genius' SEO rankings.

On Wednesday, Rap Genius says that is has struck a deal with Universal Music Group to publish lyrics from its artists.

Homeboy Sandman’s Facebook post about Rap Genius today is as follows: 

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  • Anonymous

    Sandman is the truth, whether it be on twitter, in interviews, or on the mic. Peace. Hold ya head, haters.

    • Anonymous

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  • Soren

    So many rats on my dick Fuk u new Hip Hoppers When I was reviewing this was not even in the mix Fuck boy music if u ask me

  • $akey

    We lettin 2 many snitch lookin characters into tha game This dude ain't no seller He grew up in Delaware Check his background He used to be a cheerleader in high school Loaded flux ate his ass up Bitch Sandman

  • Fukin wack

    This piece of shit stole his name from Re Up Gang Fuk If u call yourself a crazy name u gotta fit tha part This mafia looks like a best buy phone salesman Piece of shit Indian fukin up hip hop Your lyrics suck more than ya granny ho Fuk dis bitch ass

  • The Bell Man

    Cheddar Bob, Is that you?

  • Soren

    To be perfectly honest, I could give a fuck less what this underground sand n.i.g.g.e.r. has to say. He should be glad any site would want "fans" to decipher his so called music, that is, if you refer to that steaming pile of shit he spews out of his mouth as music.

  • luuuc

    I joined rapgenius and submitted a lyric correction. 2 days later the lyrics were corrected as per my message to them, and I got a message back saying my change had been rejected, and my score was now -1. RapGenius are actually RapRetards.

  • HeKnows

    This guy don't get it + He stole Talib Kweli's flow without making any waves...shshhhh

    • Jacoby

      haha that is tied with the most wrong comment that ive heard today. The other one that was equally as dumb, one of my workers said "Brock Lesnar right now would definitely beat Muhammad Ali in his prime" Both statements made me scratch my head thinkin" Is he drunk or stupid?"

  • Anonymous

    who sandman. fuck u nigga

    • Anonymous

      a dope as fuck underground rapper...if you dont know who he is, why don't you check out a couple of his songs instead of hating on a guy that you've never heard of

  • Anonymous

    the dude is a phenomenal lyricist, but he is completely misinformed about rapgenius and his ignorance really disappoints me.

    • Audiophile

      At most he is exagerating that it is intentional but as a man he speaks for himself, hense why he does not want RapGenius to mis-quote him.

  • Cealix

    If an artist wants to complain about a site posting their lyrics and explanations incorrectly and not explain it themselves, then that's their fault. That's like getting mad at people for not understanding an inside joke. A lot of verified artist had to explain their shit because they know people don't know the back story to some of their lines, including Nas.

    • Cealix

      He doesn't correct/explain ALL of his lyrics. Some of the stuff he explains is recorded via video. 50 Cent and a few others tell the backstory to some of their lines as well.

    • Anonymous

      you think nas got time to verify his entire catalog on there? i bet i could pull up like 40 nas songs on there with incorrect lyrics and annotations

  • David Bunz

    I ain't defending Rap Genius or Sandman, but I do want to point out the majority of artists don't issue lyrics with the album artwork. Why? I still don't get it. Most album artwork is a complete joke-- no lyrics, few exclusive photos. They offer nothing to vilify buying a more expensive physical copy vs buying/downloading digital.


      For real.. i barlely press up hard copys cuz everybody just want a download link and shit.. i usually just press up hard copys and do artwork just for myself and local dudes at shows

    • Anonymous

      maybe that shit costs money and people dont buy enough albums to make it worth it

  • Anonymous

    I like him as an artist, but if hes concerned about how his lyrics are perceived he should just explain them himself. That would leave no confusion.

    • Anonymous

      TaZZ thats whats up man, couldnt of said it better myself...and to the other dude, sandmans pissed because unintelligent people are making his lyrics sound dumb and irrelevent by being so, when they really are genius and make perfect sense

    • Anonymous

      but theres nothing wrong w/ other people discussing what they mean, which is an essential part of art. Rapgenius is just a forum for that, but they don't really do anything themselves-so he's misinformed

    • TaZzZ

      That essentially defeats the point of art, if he wanted to explain them like that he would have written that in the first place...

  • Willy

    Dude doesn't realize that artists verify their own lyrics. Public outcry of ignorance, you're doing it right

    • Nlope

      That's not even close to right. An artist gets a verified artist account and then everybody thinks everything is verified, which it obviously is not. You can't post Rick Ross songs to an UNverified Rick Ross account. It all goes in the same place.

    • Anonymous

      not everyone verifies them. every song i look up is full of obvious mistakes. its like a deaf person typed them up.

  • Regina Matteson

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  • asdsa

    I mean he's basically complaining about his fans that either can't understand his shit or who can't transcribe very well. RapGenius relies on its users to keep it accurate and I'm sure there aren't enough Sandboy fans out there to go correct them. He's aight though, I guess.

  • asdas

    clearly sandman doesn't understand what the site is about. He's comin' off pretty ignorant here. the guys is a decent rapper but he should either do something or shut up. talking shit about one of the most useful resources the hip hop community has ever seen is just plain stupid. it's like saying fuck wikipedia, they aren't 100% accurate on my page...well then point them to the accurate stuff and they'll fix it. Whining like a kid just makes you look pathetic.

    • Anonymous

      "one of the most useful resources the hip hop community has ever seen " you must be fucking joking. i would say like 75% of the shit on rap genius is in correct. from the lyrics they stole from other websites to the annotations posted by suburban culture vultures who dont know anything about the culture!

    • Manny Faces

      Meh. When your model is to allow for documentation of lyrical content, and you use words like "verified" and "genius" do you bear no responsibility as to ensuring the validity of the content? Add that to their manipulation of search engines and general flippant attitude, and you have to wonder about their overall intentions. Some folks are a bit tired of having outsiders capitalize off of hip hop without demonstrating the kind of reverence for the music and culture they should. It may be a great resource, but so was MySpace. You can't let the inmates run the asylum. So if anything, this is an actual artist with actual lyrics that are being actually being misrepresented, saying, Hey, Rap Genius overseers - If all you want is clicks and users and pageviews and revenue and not-necessarily-accurate content, perhaps so you can show your investors their idea "works" and get more millions to build up News Genius, or Whatever Else Genius, leaving an inaccurate pile of rap lyrics in their wake, you should stop and think about how better to protect the integrity of the artists whose creativity allows you to live high on the hog."

  • Anonymous

    i looked up some lyrics to a song the other day and they were so blatantly wrong they had to have been transcribed by a 12 year old suburban white kid.

  • pete

    you tell them sandman!!!

  • 101

    This dude look like that mexican guy on prison break. who is he anyway

    • JoHHny Blaze

      haha thats some funny...but if you dont know who he is check out sum of his shit...check out a couple of his songs though, to me I didnt like him at all, but after each song, i liked his flow more and more..dudes definitely innovative, if your only into radio rappers who all try to sound the same, you might hate sandman...

    • dashing28

      Oh shit it's Sucre!

    • Anonymous

      homeboy sandman, get wit it

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