Ice Cube References Tupac "Thug Life" Code While Addressing Richard Sherman Comments

Ice Cube waiting on okay from New Line Cinemas for next "Friday" film, says pursuing the film is a no-brainer.

Following comments the Seattle Seahawks’ Richard Sherman made after the team's January 19 win against the San Francisco 49ers, the professional athlete from Compton, California found himself at the center of commentary nationwide.

Ice Cube recently offered his thoughts on Sherman’s comments and also the cornerback’s remarks on the use of the word “thug,” a word he revealed is the equivalent of using the n-word. During his interview with ESPN, Cube didn’t approve of Sherman calling out the 49ers’ Michael Crabtree, but did agree with the Seahawks player’s remarks on the word “thug.”

“I think he’s right definitely in a lot of what he said,” Ice Cube said in an interview with SportsNation. “But it’s the perception…It’s a thing that I think this word became super popular and people started to code it on people, you know. Tupac said ‘thug life’ and everybody feels like if you come from those areas you must be like Tupac thug life and it ain’t true.

“I mean, I didn’t like him calling out Crabtree,” he added. “I didn’t think he should have called out the player. Do I like him being hype, brash, liking trash talking? Yeah, I love it. That’s what you watch football for. You not watching no choir boys.”

Ice Cube Speaks On Friday & N.W.A. Films

Ice Cube also offered an update on the next Friday film. According to the former N.W.A. spitter, they’re currently waiting on New Line Cinema to approve the film.

“We just waiting for New Line to make a decision,” he said. “You know what I mean? It’s like New Line, Time Warner they gotta figure out if they wanna make this movie or not…I don’t know what’s to figure out. It’s the movie everybody wanna see. It’s a no-brainer to me. I believe Chris Tucker is in to doing it. So, let’s do it.”

In addition to being asked about Richard Sherman, Cube also took part in a game of “Kobe Or Cube,” a game in which the show’s hosts were to determine whether a rap lyric was Cube’s or Kobe Bryant’s.

The Los Angeles Lakers’ star enjoyed a brief stint in music and as a result of his brief rap career he landed the number one spot on the Bleacher Report’s list of worst athlete rappers. The list was released at the top of this year and also includes John Cena, Chris Webber, and Serena Williams.

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  • code

    The Hate U Give Little Infants Fucks Everyone.

  • Cubehater

    Cube again with his fake frown. Still want the lil kids to believe he's a tough guy from the street.

  • Mortis

    nobody gives a fuck about this old ass nigga who hasn't made a good album in 14 years

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  • Anonymous

    "Thug Life" is/was a joke! Just remember, Pac was an "actor" who took his role on Juice to serious and came out of that movie being a "tough" guy.

  • pete

    ice cube is the man. super nice in person and his concerts are top notch.

  • lol

    now thugs somehow a racist word. ive called black and whites thrugs before Ive called black and whites nerdy types before. black ppl grasp at air with false sense of bravado for stopping racist remarks that aren't there.

    • tony

      lmao people will say whatever they can do get some shine thug has nothing to do with race it means someone who is a criminal so if only black people are criminals than it fits if not the dude is just talking nonsense

    • Anonymous

      I agree 100%.. People are focusing on what they shouldn't be

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  • Anonymous

    The word "Thug" is dead now, white racists have appropriated it and are using it as a code word to replace the N-word. It's time for us to just bury the word no disrespect to Tupac but Its taken on a negative connotation and no longer has the same feel. The Sherman fiasco was hilarious, white America saw an image of a Big Dark muscled black man yelling about his Prowess and dominance into a microphone held by a tiny blonde and they went insane! They called him a n***** and a savage and a thug and then they had subliminal "King Kong" flashbacks and started calling him a Gorilla and a monkey!! HaHaHa!! They went bananas! They went Ape Shit! Cube is a legend man this is one HipHop pioneer that really did his thing, Cubevision was a brilliant move and as far as rapper/actors go Cube is #1.

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  • Anonymous

    That's sad Chris Tucker is available to do the movie. He lost most his money and can't buy a role these days.

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