Suge Knight Receives 24 Months Probation

Suge Knight had been wanted for driving with a suspended license.

Suge Knight reported to court today (January 23) after a warrant was issued for his arrest earlier this week for failing to report to court, reports. 

The former owner of Death Row Records appeared to accept a plea bargain for driving with a suspended license. He received 24 months probation and was ordered to pay a fine. 

On Tuesday (January 21), an arrest warrant was issued for Knight because he did not show up for court. Knight did not show up for court the last time he was due to appear, either, says. The judge set his bail at $26,000.

In September, Knight was arrested when he was pulled over for driving without license plates and it was discovered that he had an outstanding warrant for failing to appear in court regarding another case. 

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    • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    lets be honest we targeted him for this.... we are still targeting rappers the government

  • Compton Gz

    Death Row 4 Life - Suge Knight is STILL UNTOUCHABLE

  • Anonymous

    Suge lives life one bad decision at a time. Good for him.

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