drakeweather.com Provides Weather Reports With "Nothing Was The Same" Backdrop

drakeweather.com adapts to reflect the weather in your area.

drakeweather.com is a new site that provides weather updates. 

It uses a portion of Drake's Nothing Was The Same album cover as its background and adapts to represent the weather in your area.

Released in 2013, Nothing Was The Same received 4 out of 5 Xs in its HipHopDX review. "Nothing Was The Same showcases new skills—trimming the unnecessary songs, and focusing on narrative details the way he does on 'From Time'—that will strengthen Drake’s arsenal and help him continue to cement his status as a pop-rap heavyweight for years to come," the review said. 

Screenshots from drakeweather.com today (January 23) from New York, Philadelphia and Los Angeles, respectively, are as follows:

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  • Anonymous

    It's Raining Men! - DrakeWeather forecast for today

    • Anonymous

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  • J dirty

    Anyone else notice how Rap music went into the shit hole as soon as drake came around?..If ur a grown man listen to that shit.Please killyourself

  • f this gayness

    You can really tell the guy running this is related to Organik from KOTD. Dumb as fuck canadians with no idea about hip hop. Fuck drake, fuck kotd and fuck hhdx

  • rihannaaassdf

    hhdx...what the fuck is this shit? step it up or don't post any retarded pointless articles like this and all the other irrevelant bullshit thats on this site, this site has gone to shit in the last few years with all the trolls, spam, retards, and pointless articles. Remember when the singles section, the top ten, would have like upward of 60000 plays? Now, shit barely scrapes 10000 because traffic to the site has gone down so much due to shit like this and all the trolls and spam. nobody cares about drakeweather.com - only brain dead 13 yr old girls MIGHT.

    • HipHopDrakeX

      Stop pretending to be staff members bitch

    • HipHopDx

      Please shut the hell up and let people who enjoy this type of random news enjoy it. At HipHopDx, our biggest concern is the readers and we cater to each and every one of you like a member of our family. So zip it and be grateful!

  • Anonymous

    Hip hop needs Detox more than ever.

  • Anonymous

    this is news? holy fuck

  • Anonymous

    gayest shit ive seen all year

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