Flo Rida Lost $170,000 In Real Estate Deal

Flo Rida says he lost his $170,000 down payment in a real estate deal.

Flo Rida says that he lost the $170,000 he paid as a down payment to purchase property in Florida, according to court documents, tmz.com says.

The rapper claims that he attempted in 2009 to purchase a property from Pierre and Marie Malette, but that the deal never came to fruition and that the Malettes did not return the money to him.

The Malettes have filed for bankruptcy and Flo Rida has a claim in their case, tmz.com says.

Earlier this month, Flo Rida released the DJ Mustard-produced song “Rear View,” which also features August Alsina.

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  • crazy creeper 666 leather face

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  • Listen man

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  • Anonymous

    We all know Flo rida ain't broke, but these days rappers just don't seem to know how to handle their business affairs. 170k is a big loss no matter who you are, and also considering it could all end for Flo rida tommorow. Then what?

  • leather facess


  • Anonymous

    Wow, I know he got paper but that's still a lot of money to be loosing. Checkout thegrandreport, they have some good hip hop & viral videos on there

  • Veronica Fine

    up to I looked at the receipt that said $9331 , I be certain ...that...my brothers friend had been actually making money in their spare time on their computer. . there sisters neighbour started doing this less than six months and at present cleared the dept on their place and purchased a great Lotus Carlton . check here... www.TEC80.COm LOL be prepared for Em dissin you subliminal style on his next record just like he did Asher Roth

  • Card Hock

    I'm not sure if I should feel sympathy or apathy for Flo, because that's 5x more money than what the average person makes a year. I'm sure that's peanuts to him, but a loss is still a loss and financially that can hurt you in the long run.

  • Anonymous

    I bet rappers get taken advantage of like this ALL THE TIME but don't do nothing so people don't hear about it.

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