Evidence Explains Ending Eminem Feud

Alchemist also addresses why a collaboration with Eminem has yet to be realized.

Evidence, one half of the Step Brothers duo with longtime friend and collaborator Alchemist, recently spoke about a short-lived feud he once had with Eminem. In the interview, which was published by Complex, Evidence spoke about how that feud, which resulted in both rappers dissing each other, came to an end. 

"It’s been so long," Evidence says in the article. "Rest in peace to Proof. That ended six months after he passed. There was no beef. It was just all past stuff. I lived nine lives. That was number seven. [Laughs.] Proof came on our bus in Detroit. We all had drinks with Hex Murda and everybody at that time, and everything was squashed. Denaun [Mr. Porter] is a great human. I know the whole camp, from Paul Rosenberg on. I haven’t ever really got to chill with Eminem but if it did happen, I’d show respect." 

Another person who is part of Shady's camp is Evidence's Step Brothers running mate, Alchemist, who also acts as Eminem's deejay. Although he works extensively with Eminem, Alchemist has yet to produce a track for the rapper. When asked about why this collaboration has not come to fruition, Alchemist explained his perspective on the matter. 

"I would love to say that it’s somebody’s fault other than mine," Alchemist said to Complex. "But I just haven’t come with the right beat. We go on the road, he’s always checking for me, but I think I just have to bring the right thing to the team. I think when the time is right, if I make something—it’s on me." 

During their Step Brothers interview with HipHopDX, which was published January 20, Evidence also spoke about having "nine lives" in his career. 

"I’ve had a long career doing this shit," Evidence said in the HipHopDX interview when asked about a lyric regarding "decoding" rhymes for fans. "I’ve lived nine lives doing it, and I’m older, but I don’t feel like that. As long as I don’t feel like that, I’ll keep going. But I’m not expecting to turn over a fucking rock and see a million people there who haven’t been riding with me. I can switch music up or go a different route if I choose to do that. But, the route I’m choosing to do, and the vision I’m choosing to fulfill is like, I know my people. I know who they are, and that’s who I’m riding out with. If more come, beautiful. If not, I’m not looking to please them."

During the DX interview, Alchemist also spoke about how he met Rick Rubin through his work as Eminem's deejay. 

"It was pretty ill," Al said of meeting Rubin. "I didn’t want to fan out, since it was me, Em, Paul and him when we did Saturday Night Live. But we were backstage, the room was real small, and it was just us for like a half an hour. I wound up in a room, and we ended up chopping it up. And I got the right introduction through Eminem and Paul like, 'This is my deejay.' I was like, 'You’re the man.' I didn’t want to say too much." 

Evidence and Alchemist released Lord Steppington as Step Brothers, an album which was released through Rhymesayers Entertainment. Lord Steppington features collaborations with Styles P and Action Bronson, among others. The Step Brothers' debut album can be streamed through HipHopDX at the moment, via Rhymesayers' Soundcloud page. The project received a 4 out of 5 X rating on HipHopDX

Photo By: Asa Turner

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  • cinavenom

    They used to both be dope rappers, Ev kept it real but Em is garbage these days.

    • MrMythos

      LMAO, a lot of niggas say Eminem isn't as good as he used to be. But just think about it for a second and try to imagine your favorite rapper on a track with Eminem this very day. Let's say Eminem tries to do his best on the track, who is gonna have the better verse? LMAO you all are jokers who couldn't write a children's book if your life depended on it and feel they can talk trash about a guy who is OBVIOUSLY still one of the greatest.

    • Anonymous

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  • Kramer

    Lord Steppington is great

  • Alchemist

    I can scratch a record with my dick.

  • Anonymous

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      All the new producers that get play, commercial and underground, (party Supplies, Alchemist, Harry Fraud, Mr. Green, Marco Polo, Snow goons, Clams Casino... which ALL happen to Caucazoids... COINCIDENCE?? I think not! look at that dude Waka flocka is doing an album with. Come on the industry is BLACKBALLING (literally) all minorities EXCEPT the ones who play ball, and they get lil to no respect (DJ PREMIER, BLACK MILK, NOTTZ, DOOM, MADLIB, 9th WONDER, ROC MARCIANO) and pushing EFFEMINATE EDM HOMOS and CULTURE VULTURES, IT AIN'T HARD TO TELL, THE INDUSTRY HAS THEIR PROPAGANDA MACHINE (EHEM... DX *COUGH*)

    • Anonymous

      word!!!!!! And Alchemist isn't a real jew, Niggas is jews... NDOENO

    • Don

      I feel you i would love to here the new talent over Blackmilk production as well.

  • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      Evidence is dope, alchemist got some beats, but your right... DX STAY PUSHING WHITE DUDES AND IGNANT AZZ NIGGAS. SMH

  • TDEkid

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  • DJ Monstalung

    Eminem did you hear what your DJ did for Action Bronson? I force myself through the last of Em's album, because I so respect the skill, but the songs are lost, and you got Rick Rubin for some hip hop and the real beats are there with your DJ? Em you are in my top 5 MC's of all time, but thats just stoopid. Someone ask me what was your favorite album of the 2013, and I said "Rare Chandeliers" and that shit came out in 2012, that says something.

    • Jett

      You should listen to Prodigy Albert Einstein produced by Alchemist. Classic!

    • rmacq112

      Gza, Black Thought, Pharaohe Monch, Nas, OutKast.. sorry if you don't know who Black Thought or Pharaohe is but most people do, clown

    • Anonymous

      it's generic to mention eminem, hell, it's generic to have a top 5. SHUGS sigh... white people...

    • Anonymous

      @ ANON HAHAHA! wow son is a scrotum clinger SMH lol

    • Anonymous

      So let me guess you got 5 guys most people have never heard of to sound like you really know hip hop ? Seriously how can u not have Em in your top 5 even if u dontt like his latest shit as much which he still kills most dudes out easy and fuck sales not even looking at any of that he's easy top 5 .throw Em on the corner today and he would still kill in a battle come on now just stop

    • Anonymous

      If Eminem is on your top 5 list, I bet I can name the other four... just saying #Typical

    • Anonymous

      you should listen to Chino XL Ricanstruction that album was dope too

  • Anonymous

    It must be dick ride eminem day here at dx.

  • sam snead

    he got him pretty bad on searching for bobby fisher, i think dilated peoples made the best eminem diss song ever

    • Anonymous

      That jawn was SCATHING. EM couldn't respond to that. What good would it be to respond and give Evidence some shine? Em picks and chooses his battles, the only respectable battle he had was with Canibus SMH

    • son of a sax

      Word Up!!! That diss record was dope. It wasnt aggressive like tradition diss records but he (Ev) got his point across and it was definitely felt. Believe me. Even my wifey at the time was like, OH SH@T!!!

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