Juicy J & Travi$ Scott "Never Sober Tour" Announced

Juicy J says further details regarding "Never Sober" are slated to be released soon.

Juicy J has announced that he is slated to go on tour with with Travi$ Scott on the "Never Sober" tour.

No official release dates have been published, but Juicy J took to his Twitter yesterday (January 22) to release this information.

"Me & Travi$ Scott #neversobertour coming soon," Juicy said. 

Recently, J made headlines when he hosted a twerk contest. Juicy recently announced that Zaire Holmes was the winner of his $50,000 Twerk Scholarship. Holmes, a 19-year-old biology student at State College of Florida, did not twerk because she said the official contest rules did not require twerking. 

Travi$ Scott made headlines in 2013 when he said his performance in BET's Hip Hop Awards cypher was "ass." The rapper explained that he freestyled the verse and added that he was underwhelmed by the beat that he was meant to rhyme over.

Juicy's Twitter post about the upcoming tour can be found below.

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  • detroit slim

    Damn, Juicy just stay surrounded by weak ass niggas now. Seems like thats all he collab with now.

  • jasonnns


  • HipHopDx

    Pffft. I wouldn't pay to see Travis Scott even if I were deaf or blind.

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