Wale Addresses "Selfishness" & "Entitlement" In Open Letter

Wale also discusses his "insecurities and flaws" and his relationship with fans in a tumblr post.

Wale recently addressed fans in an open letter written on his tumblr page. The rapper addressed his hiatus from Twitter, his frustrations with media and his "insecurities and flaws" throughout the letter.

Wale's piece also addresses his perception of the media and how it has covered him in the past. 

"I went through stages of frustration in my career with publications because of my own selfishness and sense of entitlement," Wale says in the piece. "I admit that. Nevertheless, I think if we calling a spade a spade, some media outlets be on they bullshit with me for reasons outside of music. But, my goal moving forward is to focus less on them and more on us." 

His frustration with publications made headlines in 2013, specifically dealing with Complex in December. At the time, Wale was upset that he was excluded from many lists made by the publication.

"Do you think y'all being a responsible publication by continuously to fuckin' like...do all that petty shit?" Wale said in a phone recording of a conversation, which can be heard here. "At this point, you know it's got to be personal. You tellin' me it's not personal is like a bold face lie. To be omitted from every type of list that y’all do or be at the bottom of it or every type of way that y’all can omit me, y'all will." 

Wale's phone call also included a threat that was never realized. 

"Fuck you, dog," he said in the phone call recording. "You know it's disrespect. I swear to God I’ll come to that office and start knocking niggas the fuck out. Y'all wanna see some ghetto ignorant shit? That's what y'all promote. That's the only thing y'all promote from niggas.

"I'll see y'all tomorrow," Wale added. "How about that? Get the security ready." 

After the recording was released by the publication, Wale told New York radio station Hot 97 that Jay Z called to advise him regarding the matter.

“That’s the first thing Jay told me,” Wale said at the time. “You just let your ego do it and now you just made that list important. Everybody brought it to me that day. Jay, Ty-Ty and Q-Tip called me. It’s like when you do something bad in school and you come home from suspension and everybody’s like, ‘Yo, what was you thinking?’”

Wale's open letter published on tumblr yesterday (January 22). The letter can be read in its entirety below.

Where have I been?

Man, I been everywhere. Everyday trying to get a better understanding of myself and this crazy game I have given my life to.

What I’ve come to grips with is the fact that I am not superhuman, BUT super human.  I think our culture has made it almost a prerequisite to be “too cool” or “swagged out” carrying a “nothing can phase me” image. It’s to the point that the ones who show they care, get attacked the most. Who ever thought we’d see a day when somebody used the word “poetic” as an insult? I certainly never thought that.  “I can’t fuck wit Wale ‘ol poetic ass.” Really? These are the same people who probably have every Pac album embedded in their head. But, I digress. I took an absence from Twitter because I started to care tooooo much. I still don’t know the root of what makes me care THAT much, but I’m quite sure it started by wanting to lead people in a direction that wasn’t as cliché as some of my peers.

 I’m no saint. I fuck with ratchet bitches. I say bitch. I bitch about things my damn self. But, I can honestly say, that I try to use my “human” traits as a means of relating to other humans.  If I can bare my insecurities and flaws before you, maybe you won’t feel so insecure and flawed.

There came a point where people went out of their way to remind me that I’m missin my mark. Albeit, I made myself a target to slander and criticism. I think it became a trend to fuck with anybody that cared about people’s opinion. I’m not one of those people who make music for material things. I strive to make music for a public that appreciates raw emotion. And I will continue to.

I went through stages of frustration in my career with publications because of my own selfishness and sense of entitlement. I admit that. Nevertheless, I think if we calling a spade a spade, some media outlets be on they bullshit with me for reasons outside of music. But, my goal moving forward is to focus less on THEM and more on US.  We all have goals and mine is simple. Empower the people. Empower MY fans and focus on MY fans and their energy . I don’t think it’s humanly possible for me to appease some of these outlets no matter what I create. It burns my soul to hear there’s no message tho. So knowin that I may have fell short of connecting with some of them,  I’ve decided to use my energy on US. The guy with all the mixtapes. The guy who listens to every song twice because they know there’s things hidden in there. The girl who can’t wait to hear “Ambitious Girl 3” (Oh, it’s coming). The girl with the “Ambition” tattoo, who gets dressed to “Illest Bitch Alive” every morning . The ones who understood my frustration, hated my rant but understood it nevertheless . I may never be the biggest rapper in the world (still one of the best doe) but, I’ll be the most dedicated to my fans and it starts with this right here. This is rare. This is REAL. This is about us. This is about the music again. My ReRE -Dedication to greatness. What we got doesn’t happen often, nor with too many people. This is an rare occasion when a rare bond… Happens



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  • TheRealness

    Don't care. Wale is trash haven't been good or did a good track since 07 08 09 one of them years

  • Anonymous

    Do you think BruthaDee would be cheerleading for Wale is he wasnt signed to MMG?

  • FUBU

    For a dark skinned brotha he sure acts light skinned. Next we're gonna hear about Wale's suicidal thoughts.

    • Willie Lynch Letter

      When you make references to light skinned brothas are you referring to Malcolm X, Huey P Newton, Kwame Toure, H Rap Brown, Mumia Abu Jamal and Louis Farrakhan? ....and when you talk about dark skinned brothas are you referring to Clarence Thomas, Eddie Murphy and Tyson Beckford? Please explain.

  • Anonymous

    Emotional ass nigga called his blog "Everybluemoon" LMAO how corny is that

  • Jane Brady

    "Selfishness" & "Entitlement" That pretty much sums up Whales whole career in rap!

    • Tracee

      Wale was a favorite of mine, I had Diary on repeat for about a month (no lie) but I liked him because unlike most rappers he wasn't a misogynistic asshole, he changed. Suddenly, his songs became unidentifiable of the other trash out here. It was more about bitches and hoes and not about love anymore. I don't want to put him in box and say that's the only music he should ever make but he should keep himself separate from this trash we call music.

    • Anonymous

      Yet his shit sucks. He is not list-worthy and he's not Grammy-worthy.

    • Anonymous

      so much passion he feels entitled

    • Anonymous

      Wale got a lot of passion for his craft most people only have that level of passion for something useless.

    • Anonymous

      He felt entitled to be on that Complex list. He felt entitled to get a Grammy nomination this year...

    • Anonymous

      no you did not

    • Anonymous

      Entitled? Dude got dropped from Interscope and years later gets a new deal and goes Gold, that's dedication and presavarance. Did I spell that right?

  • Anonymous

    Even Letters need editors "This is an rare occasion when a rare bond Happens" Jeee...

  • Anonymous

    Good to see a rapper sharing some personal honesty with his fans, too many rappers are afraid to take off the mask and be human.

    • Anonymous

      ^^ BruthaDee calling the kettle black

    • Anonymous

      At least the poor kid can admit he is a lonely white teen every story on this site has 20 comments with him hollering someones age, nickname, twitter account, he has identity issues and this website is the only place he can go to talk to people. He became infatuated with Bruthadee and now we have to suffer while he flirts with his man rush.

    • Anonymous

      Lonely black 40 year olds are obsessed with white teens

    • Anonymous

      Lonely white teens are obsessed with middle aged rappers which is why Eminem sells so many records. Watch their behavior, they are obsessed with his age because they look up to him like a father figure in their life. Loneliness exposes their longing and insecurities.

    • Anonymous

      you gotta be the only middle aged black guy who listens to Wale

    • I got white Groupies

      ^^Lonely white teen with a old man fetish preferably 40 year olds.

    • Anonymous

      if you were me you wouldnt be a 40 yr old mmg groupie

    • Anonymous

      I listen to artists like Wale when Im on the subway and I listen to artists like Ross when im working out at the gym, I listen to artists like Drake when Im with a broad and I listen to mainstream when im around a bunch of different people. If I was you I would listen to Asher Roth or Iggy.

    • Anonymous

      He wont respond to that one.

    • Anonymous

      you probably listen to rick ross tho lulz

  • Anonymous

    People who write open letters are usually starving for attention.

    • Anonymous

      OP is actually correct. BruthaDee is wrong.

    • Anonymous

      Wrong. Negativity breeds more attention than an open letter, people who want attention in this game usually diss somebody, get arrested or do something to attract the attention of white American media.

  • Anonymous

    Wale has somehow managed to become less masculine than Aubrey Graham

  • jasonnns


  • Veronica Fine

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  • Wwds

    I'm not reading this BS. We shouldn't encourage this niggas latent narcissism. If you think Kanye is big headed just wait until this nigga gets more fame. Nip this fool in the bud. Or we're gonna see something worse than Kanye with a fate worse than Tupac.

  • Anonymous

    I'm sure no one even knew or cared that Wale wasnt on twitter and social media until this attention seeking letter. And does he seriously belive that there are girls who get dressed to "Illest bitch alive" every morning?? CMON SON

    • ^

      Dude, you're wrong about everything. Wale's not popular. Nobody misses his presence.

    • Anonymous

      You sound clueless or maybe you just dont have a Twitter. People like to use the term "Black Twitter" but whatever you wanna call it Wale is popular as fuck because he's one of those artists that engages and dialogues with the fans so his presence was definitely missed especially by Black females who love his ass like white women love A$AP.

  • Anonymous

    someone get Olubowale a box of tissues and a pad for his moist vagina

  • JP937

    For a nigga who's name barely holds clout in his own city you would think homie would just stfu and stop bitchin. You got niggas like Gotti who been in it 2 decades n just recently gettin the attention. u got legends in the game who truly never got all they deserved. Niggas from the 90s know UGK, Twista, Juve, and way too many west coast artist to name. This hoe Wale falls very short of all of them.

    • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    lol i just read folarin... xD

  • waley dough?

    Who knew Nigerians could be so sensitive. Couldn't take the poet jokes so he had to stop using twitter!!! AHAHAH

    • Anonymous

      He was born in the states, he's an African born in America so whatever you call that he ain't an indigenous Nigerian. Sensitivity is all a game, it's how you can get Gold singles, Gold albums and groupies in every state, females love a sensitive man and smart dudes prey on that fact but then you turn around and them same dudes be in the strip club trickin dollars or smashin a different breezy after every show. It's all that okey dole.

  • Stillmatik

    Had a spark when she started, now this bitch is just garbage.

  • Anonymous

    he even signed the letter with "Folarin" how cute.

  • Anonymous

    everybluemoon dot com? CMON SON

  • Infinite Crab Meats

    Rawse put together a crew of weed carriers consisting of some of the softest rappers in the history of rap music. I don't mean that as a dis, in the sense that I think it's necessary for a rapper to be a real criminal. I don't find hip-hop to be synonymous with crime. I'm just saying. You might remember Wale was signed to Interscope through a deal with Mark Ronson's Allido Records a/k/a Trustfund Records. They forced him to do a song with Lady Gaga, and then Lady Gaga didn't want to appear in the video, because she was too big time do be doing a video with Wale. Rumors began to spread that Wale was on the DL. An interviewer asked Wale what's the craziest thing he ever did with a groupie, and he said he took her to Denny's. Not even one of those Denny's with a shower in it, like they have along some of America's rural highways. Wale was given a dating relationship column for a blog called Necole Bitchie, a sort of ghetto Perez Hilton, with pictures of obscure black celebrities looking ashy, or like their wigs could use a brush. Record labels will sometimes link her with a male artist, if he seems like he might be on the DL. It was never suggested that Wale banged Necole Bitchie. I think they just wanted to strengthen his appeal to the hoodrat demographic, especially after a minor controversy in which very few black women were cast in one of his videos. Wale copped a plea, saying he didn't have anything to do with the casting. He wasn't interested in any of the female models. My internets homie $habooty went to high school with Wale in DC. He said it's not the kind of high school a credible rapper would attend. I typed the name of the school into the Google, to see for myself, and he was right. It doesn't look like a credible rapper would perform in the same state (er, district) as this school. It looked like the high school I went to, except some of the girls on the main page of the website looked madd cute. In Interviews Wale described the city he lived in as the murder capital, and the neighborhood he lived in as the projects. Which is not true, because East St. Louis was the murder capital back then. Vanilla Ice pulled a similar move back in the early '90s, trying to claim he was from the hood and he once got stabbed in the butt. Come to find out, he's from the suburbs and his real name is Rip Van Winkle or some shit. Any stabbing in the butt he received was sexual in nature.

    • Byron Crawford

      Buy my book faggots!

    • Anonymous

      Were they jarred?

    • Anonymous

      feelings were caught

    • Anonymous

      For the record, the original comment was wrote by a black man! Purchase Infinite Crab Meats on Amazon for more great reading!

    • Anonymous

      Whoever wrote that Titangraph is a bitch with yeast and let me show you why these Albino need her face slapped: MMG has the softeste rappers? Meek Mill, Fat Trel & Gunplay would slap the lipstick off your mouth, has this clown seen the GOOD music roster or Young Money?? Lady Gaga and Wale are I the video together ya damn fool and this was before she blew up with Akon. Wale ain't never had a down low rumor, all them gossip-mouth bitches like Angela Yee been calling him a player, and why would you want to boost your rep in the Hoodrat demographic through Nicole Bitchie when you can just do a stripper anthem and get the same effect?? What the fuck is an "Internet homie" and why is his name Sha-booty...Ol suspect ass nigga. This brain damaged joker just said Wale didn't go to a "credible" school, you simple minded fool he went to a HBCU for College so I doubt his HS was built like yours or else he would have gone to Harvard. Dudes like that one in the first post need to be beaten and stomped u till they piss themselves.

    • rrom2roam

      what makes a 'credible' rapper?

    • Anonymous

      *Inserts Ain't nobody got time for that video*

  • EvenOdd

    I fucked with her first two albums...Attention Deficit and Ambition, but wasn't feeling the Gifted as much. Hopefully she will focus more on this next project like she is saying in the open letter, and not worry about what people think.

  • Anonymous

    This chick is insane

  • Anonymous

    She's no Drake, that's for sure!

  • Anonymous

    This nigga is such a female LOL and sorry to say Wale but you are not "one of the best rappers doe"

  • COCA

    Wale just needs to SHUT THE FUCK UP

  • Michael

    I just wish she would stop with all this & just make music again, seems like we haven't had a new track from her in forever.

  • Nonpareil

    Stop being a bitch. Nobody called you either. Fucking kids these days.

  • K Wiz

    Everybody aint gonna fuck with everybody. Wale nice tho. getbeatdown.com

  • Anonymous

    I love her music, she's so talented

  • AssMan

    Nobody cares, I doubt anyone will read this

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