ScHoolboy Q Calls His Gang Past "Embarrassing"

ScHoolboy Q also explains the "oxymoron" his album title refers to.

ScHoolboy Q has been open about his gangbanging past as a member of the Crips. In a recent interview on Hot 97, ScHoolboy Q spoke about initially joining the gang.

"When I joined the set, it was an accident," said Q. "My homie said, he was about to do it, I'm like, 'I'ma go, too, let's go.'"

The TDE emcee explained how one goes about joining the gang. "First, you have to grow up in the set... For two, you have to know at least more than one person. You gotta be kickin' it with 'em. Gotta be going to school with them or something. He know your momma, your auntie, or somethin'. And three, you can't be no mark. You gotta have heart."

Despite his time as a Crip being an integral part of his past, ScHoolboy Q revealed it wasn't something he was proud of. "It's not something I'm into no more," he said. "It's embarrassing for me to even really be talking about it in detail. ...I look at it as retarded. Like, why would I go and do all that type of stuff, and take time away from my daughter?"

Q expounded upon a point he made last year that Oxymoron, his upcoming album,is about fatherhood and Crip history, specifically regarding his album cover, which features his daughter giving a mean mug. "The oxymoron in this album is that I'm doing all this bad to do good for my daughter. That's why I'm robbin'. That's why I'm stealin'. ...Whatever it is that I'm talking about in my album negative, it's always for a good cause, for my daughter."

Watch the interview below:

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  • samB_215

    everything about sChoOlboYq is embarrassing. mediocre music, his hat, riding the rest of TDE's artists hard. and his gang ties are what he's worried about. dudes priorities are way outta wack

  • Killa Kalli

    That nigga Quincy a real active gangbanger everyone in the city know that eh part of the 52 Hoover set even done a little dirt for the butch made tyga. Truth is everyone in LA at them times had a affiliation to a set and niggas in LA won't let LA rappers claim sets with ought getting checked

  • TDEkide

    Download new Schoolboy Q Oxymoron from TDE or

  • Anonymous

    stop lying...this where young brothers start to mess up and play politics just to appease other people..BE YOURSELF! no regrets.

  • Veronica Fine

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  • TheRealness

    This dude wasn't in no gang. He was trying work for the cops at first

  • Paradox

    What Q is describing as an oxymoron isnt an oxymoron, its a paradox

  • Anonymous

    Q's a bitchmade nigga while the bawse is going to outsell q 100 times over.

  • Anonymous

    Dope article Roman. Couple things. I think you used the wrong inference of "gangbanging." I believe this one is commonly associated with the adult film entertainment industry. It should be "gangbangin'". Also, following "gangbanging," I believe it should be "past" instead of "pass." Again, dope article. b

    • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    He was involved with the infamous nerd click gang.

  • Anonymous

    That single he got with Kendrick is corny as fuck

  • slim

    dont none of yal kno his past.. jus cuz how he dress dont mean shit.yal actin like yal got special powers where yal can look into there past lives. shut the fuk up yal ignorant bout la gang culture

  • Anonymous

    Lol how are gangs still relevant in 2014

  • Anonymous

    So glad he said that. Nothing cool about being in a gang.

    • Anonymous

      Except killing other people, beating up people, maybe a little drug traffic, probation & possibly some jail time, sounds fantastic to me.

  • Anonymous

    flirts!!!! lmao, these new niggas dont no shit about that life!

  • Anonymous

    what gang past, he aint shot nothing robbed nothing or killed nothing! dude in his early 20's! he acting like he snoop or something

    • Anonymous

      WHAT THE FUCK?! ScHoolboy Q is like 26. Snoop Doggy Dogg was 18 when he got signed by Dr, Dre to Death Row. What the fuck is u talkin bout? YOU DON'T KNOW SHIT!

    • Anonymous

      how do you know? you don't. Let's hope he didn't rob or kill someone in your family dumb ass.

  • K Wiz

    Good to see the growth in this young black man.

  • ViVo

    Nigga should be embarrassed about having transsexuals in his video

    • derone

      yall niggas are just straight wierd and wrong

    • ViVo

      Your right, I just googled some of them & they have such huge tittas & bootys, the ones with big huge dicks are hot too.

    • Real Talk

      Transexuals are the future. Most feminine trannies with fake tits and asses are hotter than comparable biological women. Real niggas know this and accept that it's just the way that it is. In a perfect world it would be socially acceptable to date and fuck them, the hot passable ones that is.

  • Anonymous

    Real man, rather than being 33 screaming blood or crip.

  • MeiaONE

    Haters, ScHoolboy been putting on several songs that go beyond the standard good songs and as soon as he voices his opinion about Jay-Z vs Nas you start dumpin shit talk on him? I do consider Nas as a clear winner of that old legendary beef but still respect the fact that people got own opinions about things. Start seeing shit with positivity and light instead of hating since it only brings nothing or negativity. BLESS TDE CREW.

  • 10points

    Real talk, being over 10 years old and being in a gang IS embarrassing. Them circle jerks are for lost kids with shit for brains. Now, I respect the family side of it but not much else. This dude is 27 year old, with a real family, I'm happy to hear he's having his priorities straight and taking care of them instead of gangbanging and subjecting his kid to the same destructive path that's only keeping the youth down and locked up.

  • Anonymous

    whenever ScHoolboy Q talks about his gang background i cant help but laugh

  • 3rd streets

    Just waiting on this cat`s album to drop so bad,,he been yapping to much,,even said Jay z s nicer than Nas,,still mad at waiting for the bootleg

  • Anonymous

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  • Fish

    Says he is 'embarrassed' by his gang past, but also still capitalises the 'H' in his name to represent the Hoover Crips. Retard.

  • Anonymous

    damn that boy got fat

  • street

    we all know the only real nigga left still rapping is big gucci mane

  • Anonymous

    sounds like bullshit to me

  • aintnobodytrynaheardatshitcripupnigga

    being a snoover is retarded cuz music go but he know he lyin his ass off he just getting dat rap bread so he gotta act like he sorry r30llin doe 52112k

  • Eddie Valiant

    Ay my nigga Fig and Jefferson we comin for u! USC Crip my nigga. Ima catch yo ass at Chano's eatin a burrito my nigga. Gunshot crip, Gardena my nigga. Nah im just kiddin. Schoolboy dope.

  • Anonymous

    ...and yet he goes out of his way to capitalize "H" whenever he types something

  • Anonymous

    crips be comin after u after this watch ya back.

    • LisaDFrame

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  • theantagonist

    Dude is growing up - good to hear him denounce his gang past, to use his own words - being in a gang is "retarded".

  • A Trillionaire

    Usually I refrain from correcting people's grammar, even on this site where there is plenty of opportunities. But when I can't get through the first sentence much less the first 10 words without seeing a word that is not only misspelled but is actually another word entirely which changes the whole meaning that the sentence was intended to describe; this I cannot forgive.

  • Tookie.

    Aye cuh u aint never hear Eazy-e(grape street crip) or Snoop Dog or Young Jeezy regretting their gang past and calling embarassing. God damn smh new niggas tryna throw a shade on the crip sets. U aint SEE NO BLOOD DO THAT! Crip Crip CRIP!

    • Anonymous

      Eazy-E wasn't shit but a middle class nigga, any real nigga from Compton will confirm that, he was allowed to rep crips just because he broke bread with them niggas, so in other words he payed to be a gang member

    • Kold Breeze

      Eazy-E wasn't no Grape Street, He was Kelly Park, learn ya faxts

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