SZA & Kat Dahlia Among "Hip-Hop Affiliated Acts You Should Check For" has compiled a list of "Hip-Hop Affiliated Acts You Should Check For," which includes SZA and Kat Dahlia, among others. has compiled a list of “Hip-Hop Affiliated Acts You Should Check For.” 

"We’ve seen singers like Beyonce and Mary J. Blige venture into Hip Hop territory, but what are some of the newer artists doing just that?” the article says. "These acts are sure to expand the palate of any Hip Hop fan.” 

Among those on the list is TDE singer SZA. "SZA is Top Dawg Entertainment’s first non-Hip Hop act, which means the always exciting label has something truly amazing in mind for the young singer,” the article says. "Citing the Wu-Tang Clan as one of her major influences in a list that included John Coltrane, Satchmo, Miles Davis, and Billy Holiday, one can only imagine what collaborations are forthcoming with Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, and Jay Rock.”

To see the complete list of “Hip-Hop Affiliated Acts You Should Check For,” visit


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    Does this site actually do anything other than regurgitate info from other places in a completely retarded way. Misleading headlines, trash articles, horrible grammar and a poor taste for what is news and what is bullshit. This site is genuinely just a terrible concoction of shit from other blogs with the occasional bit of exciting news.

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      Well, of course a lot of their stories are "regurgitated". TMZ is mostly a Hollywood site, so that's why they copy & paste things from other hip hop oriented websites: to keep things the viewer in the loop as to what's going on in the hip hop world. It's no different than any other site. In fact, they all do copy & paste off one another with few exceptions, like editorials, girls, fashion tips, etc.

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