R.A. The Rugged Man Says Mac Miller's "Not Exactly My Genre Of Hip Hop"

R.A. The Rugged Man speaks on Yelawolf, Mac Miller and Rittz, says all three are respectful artists.

New York rapper R.A. The Rugged Man took some time to speak on white artists in Hip Hop during an interview with Vlad TV, sharing his thoughts on Mac Miller, Apathy and a handful of other artists. When asked to offer his list of top white rappers, R.A. revealed that he’s not a fan of creating lists of white rappers when Hip Hop consists of artists from a number of other backgrounds.

“Well, the top white rapper list, I don’t like doing lists of white rappers, white emcees,” he said during the interview. “I’d rather speak about emcees. In fact, it’s funny sometimes when I get like—people tweet to me like ‘Oh, my favorite rappers of all time are Apathy, Vinny Pazzo, R.A. The Rugged Man.’ It’s like a list of white boys. It’s like, ‘Didn’t you ever hear of like [emceeing as] black rappers in the world?’ Maybe they’ll squeeze in Immortal Technique in there. It’ll be more Peruvian. Your list of white boy rappers and a Peruvian. It’s like there’s a lot of emcees in history. So, I don’t really like doing the white emcee lists.”

Although R.A. didn’t rattle down a list of his choices for a top white rappers list, he did offer some commentary on the likes of Mac Miller, Yelawolf and Rittz. The Legends Never Die rapper gave props to Miller despite the Pittsburgh rapper not being a part of his “genre of Hip Hop.”

R.A. later credited both Rittz and Yelawolf for being good guys before informing listeners that there are a lot of good white rappers out.

“I got Brother Ali on my new album,” R.A. The Rugged Man said. “Brother Ali massacres tracks. Vinny Pazzo, done many songs with Vinny Paz. And Apathy produced my song on Legends Never Die, ‘People’s Champ.’ And I’m a fan of quite a few white rappers. Self Titled’s half Cuban, but he’s very white-skinned. And half white emcee too…My niece loves Mac Miller. My niece loves him. So, he’s not exactly my genre of Hip Hop, but he’s doing what he does and the little girls fuck with him. And my niece loves the kid…The Yelawolf kid, too. Yelawolf is a very respectful, very nice kid. Yelawolf even more so than Mac Miller. Yelawolf is a respectful, good guy. And my man Rittz, too, on Strange Music. He’s another good guy. There’s a lot of good white folks—white rappers out there."

While speaking on Sway In The Morning last year, R.A. again offered his opinion on today’s musicians including crooner Justin Timberlake, an artist he says isn’t the epitome of R&B.

“On the flipside of that, I can name a lot of folks who can out sing circles around Justin Timberlake,” he said. “But, he’s a good looking kid. He’s got a nice smile. Girls like him. And he can dance a little bit and he’s a white boy…We know that that’s not the epitome of talent, of R&B and soul.”

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  • GodGunsWar

    RA The Reugged Man is simply one of the Greatest and most vicious spitters right now, as well as twenty years ago. My man is a slayer of tracks. If you get RA to do a verse on one of your songs then you must understand that his verse will make yours sound incompetent(Unless its a Locksmith track). With all that praise it is of up most importance if you are a music fan to also understand that RA is not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to open mided lyricism. If a politician RA was instead of a rapper he would be a very conservative Republican. He is Pro Life, Homophobic and Pro God(which is kind of hilarious considering the vile lyrics that make up majority of his content). The majority of RA's intellect starts and ends in the street. When he starts to talk facts/history/politics and social issues it can tend to be very revealing as to how little he actually knows. You almost get the impression that he's the type of guy who will listen to a friend talk and then repeat what he heard and then tell you its a fact without actually doing the research. He claims that because the Democratic Party of old were racist neo conservatives and the Republican Party of old were more progressive and liberal, that it also means that if you're a Democrat in modern times that (somehow) makes you still a conservative racist and that modern Republicans are progressive liberals.?. This is uneducated dilutional thinking. He also claims that because HipHop was invented by black people, white people are just guests. But what he seems to forget is that Black poor folks invented the Blues and Rock n Roll among many other kinds of music as well, yet no one argues if the Blues and Rock n Roll belongs to all cultures now. Are you gonna try and tell me that TOOL(the rock band) is just a guest in the house of Chuck Berry?.. No you're not. Things evolve and change over time and other things die off because they can't adapt, they become obsolete. It seems the underlying theme with RA is that if something is a certain way in the past, then it remains that way always and forever. Not a smart progressive way to think. So music fans, if youre anything like me, then you can get past all the bigotry and nonsensical lyrics and still come to the conclusion that RA The Rugged Man is still technically one of the top 5 to grace the mic. Enjoy. enjoy.

  • Hip Hop Guru

    All these wack artists these trolls keep mentioning wouldn't stand a chance in a freestyle battle against Ra the Rugged man. I also love the logical fallacy that selling more records makes you better. That would mean MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice are some of the best rappers just because of record sales. Trolls forget that little girls decide record sales and the music industry is ran by Jews, liberal ones who only care about money. Are nsync, backstreet boys, etc. some of the best artists ever because of record sales? what a joke. This white gulit shit is bogus as well. That's why we have a fucked up president who is a coward. Stupid liberal white guilt. Ra the rugged Man is big in Germany and is proud to be white. He is not Bias and goes after everyone Haters and doubters check these tracks and only your emmotions will not change your mind becuase intellectually there is no argument Uncommon Valor Definition of a Rap Flow Tom Thum Suffolk's Most Wanted L.I.'s Finest Supa Learn Truth Renaissance Return of the Renaissance Media Midgets Chains Every Record Label sucks Dick Many More

  • tyreez

    media always making something out of nothing; he threw no shade what-so-ever. S/O R.A. for holding it down.

  • Anonymous

    Ain't this dude mentally handicapped or something? plus what the fuck was that "But, hes a good looking kid. Hes got a nice smile" shit? LOL

  • Anonymous

    Fuck is up with Vlad? lmao every interview he does it's either "what you feel about the 'n' word" or "what you feel about white people" lol there must be something up with this ju

  • anonymous

    RA verse on "Uncommon valor" is the realest(literally and figuratively)verse ever.

    • James

      speak for yourself this dude's stuff isn't that deep to me.. He is no different than Mac except I think Mac is cooler than this weirdo.

  • James

    Who is this dude?? Calling multi platinum selling artists kids like anyone knows who the hell this super underground lame nigga is.. lol

    • ntrx

      Okay, he meant just ONE platinum artist, but still... "Miller has sold 5.4 million singles and more than 750,000 albums, according to MTV's figures." ...who the fuck is R.A. The Rugged Man in comparison to that level of success? Mac's made a huge progress lately and he deserves his credit, he's sold a lot, and probably even more than people ever downloaded RA the Rugged Man in the internet, straight up

    • Anonymous

      who are the multi platinum selling artists you were speaking of?

    • James

      O and Mac Millers independent album deputed #1 on the billboard charts.. A first by the way.. Secondly I like Yelawolf's shit better too.lol. He appeals to the wigger wannabe weirdo 2nd tier rappers of the world. Nothing wrong with that until he tried to act like he is saving the culture. Yea ok so was Elvis and every other white act that does "black" music. smh

    • Anonymous

      1 platinum single doesnt make you a multi platinum artist. and you said artists so when did yelawolf go plat?

    • James

      I listened to dude's stuff and I like Mac better sorry.. I'm not young either and I know true hip hop and still listen to it. People like him mess up the culture cause he isn't black talking about who should be let in the "culture". He is doing what Mac is doing except he isn't felt because he is a qorky cornball with an okay for a white guy flow. If you want to play the "culture" game I'm sure there is a black guy that spits better than him that won't get popularity cause he is just nice and black.lol

    • James

      Here you go: http://nowthatscollege.com/2013/03/06/mac-millers-donald-trump-goes-platinum/ And is it Mac Miller's fault that this shit isn't marketable and he only appeals to lame unpopular dudes..lol.. Hate isn't an option in my opinion because he is cheesy and living in the past.

    • Anonymous

      when did mac miller or yelawolf go platinum once, let alone multiple times?

  • Anonymous

    I'm tellin you Yelawolf is one of the best in the game right now, hands down. The dude is talented. Just listen to his lyrics. Insane.

  • rmacq112

    Vinnie Paz* no O's... Celph Titled* are you purposely trolling?

  • smh

    i can certainly understand where R.A. is coming from but at the same time there are a lot of people that would say his music isn't exactly their thing either...especially not when he seems to be so ashamed of being white...it doesn't seem like he's saying don't label me a white emcee because we are all emcee's...it seems like hes saying dont label me a white emcee because he feels its a weakness...i have completely grown out of hip hop because of white guilt like this...give me a break

  • Anonymous

    Nice of him to include an albino

  • Mary Peachey

    until I saw the paycheck which said $4554 , I accept ...that...my cousin woz like actually bringing home money in there spare time on their computer. . there aunt has done this for only 19 months and just cleared the morgage on their house and bourt a brand new GMC . look at here... www.Tec80.Com the whole meaning that the sentence was intended to describe; this I cannot forgive.

  • Marc

    I don't like Mac at all. I find his live shows far too calm to be a show. Yelawolf is my #1 rapper of all time right now. We're both country boys who love hip-hop as a culture in it's entirety. He gracefully respects Rap as an art and not just music. Yelawolfs live shows are crazy. My first concert was Yelawolf. Craziest shit ever.

  • Anonymous

    I'll be frank here: I don't fuck with too many white rappers (I don't fuck with Apathy & Vinny Pazzo). Now don't get it twisted, I'm not implying that white rappers are garbage, nor do I mean to imply that I don't fuck with them simply because they're white. It's just that I haven't listened to that many who produce compelling music. Before any of you niggas in the comment section rattle off lists of motherfuckers yall' fuck with, I'll make you aware that a.) I probably know the niggas you want to list, and b.)the criteria for compelling music is subjective. My opinion is not an indictment of anyone else's. (btw isn't IT Afro-Peruvian? I ask because I always saw the brother as, well, as a brother.)

  • Idjot

    CELPH TITLED. Get the names right you nitwits

  • Anonymous

    hiphopdx = home of the comment trolls

    • Anonymous

      every hip-hop website has trolls

    • LisaDFrame

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  • Anonymous

    I think VLAD TV is the racist. Asking all these questions about white and black constantly. It doesn't fuckin matter about skin color.

  • Alex

    R.A is Real Hip-hop Mac Miller is trash

  • mz

    All he said was that he's not into his music, what's the problem here? RA is like 38 years old, why the heck would he be into Mac's music anyway? He also said he's a respectful dude.

  • Steve

    Biggie wanted to and did work with him. So to all the people hating on him does this mean you think Biggie Smalls is whack to ?

  • Jew Hater

    Fucking Ugly Jew he is clearly jealous of mac miller being the 3rd best Rapper behind 2nd riff-Raff & 1st EMINEM Broke CUNT!!!

  • Anonymous

    Yo he complimented Mac for doin what he do

  • Anonymous

    HipHopDX is the biggest joke site ever... way to try to get controversy goin

  • Ray

    Why is that the headline? Out of that whole video there wasnt something better to quote? They try and start problems with people.

  • Anonymous

    Que angry white kids from the burbs who nothing about hip hop before 2010 in 3...2...1

  • dujma

    it's vinnie paz not vinni pazzo ans it's ceplh titled not self titled,....

  • fxp

    "Self Titleds half Cuban..." I think you mean Celph Titled? Who the fuck wrote this shit.

  • anouth

    RA the rugged man looks like Chozen the new cartoon on FX

  • Da Fuq

    R.A. is a legend who the fuck is Mac Miller or any of these new school rappers?

  • Geesus

    Way to sensationalize the man's words, HipHopDX. Smh

  • Anonymous

    what he said about elliott wilson and rapradar is 100% true they are helping destroy the hip hop culture for what ???? MONEY MONEY

  • Anonymous

    Surprised he didn't mention El-P. I was pretty sure they are good friends.

  • Anonymous

    RA is close friends with Lord Jamar much to the frustration of whites on online forums.

    • Anonymous

      Lord Jamar is a homo. He did a full frontal naked shower scene with a DOOD for couple bucks but wants to call out rappers for making 1 gay rights song.

    • Anonymous

      i dont think white cares who he's friends with it's just funny hes calling Yelawolf a good respectful kid when he told R.A.'s buddy Lord Jamal to suck his cr@cker balls!

  • Yu-uh Yeah

    Fuck yeah showing Rittz some love


    Eminem RA Rugged Man Action Bronson Rittz Yelawolf

  • Anonymous

    "Yelawolf is a very respectful, very nice kid. Yelawolf even more so than Mac Miller. Yelawolf is a respectful, good guy. " Lord Jamar strongly disagrees.

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