Cam'ron & A-Trak "Federal Reserve" EP Cover Art

UPDATE: Dipset and Fool's Gold unite as Cam'ron and A-Trak team up with Dame Dash on "Federal Reserve" EP. Here is the cover art.

Cam'ron and A-Trak have joined forces for Federal Reserve, a collaborative EP that pairs Dipset with Fool's Gold Records, according to A-Trak. 

The collaborative project, which Complex says it slated to be released in Spring, was originally announced via Instagram. A-Trak posted a video on the social networking app that features Cam'ron's voice and the Diplomats and Fool's Gold logos. 

A-Trak also recently took the news to Twitter, announcing that the project was being driven by him and a longtime Cam'ron friend and business partner, Dame Dash. Dash is executive producing the project, according to Complex.

Another longtime Cam collaborator, Just Blaze, is also apparently a part of the project. He noted that he has some contributions for the project in a Twitter post.

The Instagram photo and Just Blaze's Twitter update can be found below.


(January 22, 2014)

UPDATE: The cover art for Federal Reserve has been released. It is below.

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  • CAL Boss

    Cam'ron is broke and selling capes

  • Anonymous

    camron. one of the worst to do it.

  • Anonymous

    Cam has never been my fav, but I feel he has potential to put out material that could be timeless like his earlier work

  • dipset west

    Killa is really making moves with Movies, New Music, Clothing Line, Shoe deals and much more on the way. Looking forward to 2014 to be a big year for Killa cam and dipset. GHV1 the mixtape was a nice buzz the follow up is what will really set thing off if it will be a hot summer. All the dipset fans can feel the build up of these teaser releases and want that good music the Bar will be set high and I hope he has the right people to deliver this 4Q push to make Killa one of the Best to Ever do it. @mr_camron dipset forever

  • Mary Peachey

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  • LisaDFrame

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  • Im Valintine

    meek mill is worth more than the who DIPSHIT put together lol........its funny cus its tha truth

    • jay

      really? feminine ass niccas is talking about who is worth what?! checking other dudes pockets?!

    • Dipset730

      actully Meek is only worth 5 million n it droped.Jim is worth 10 million,Cam networth is about to be updated so hes worth more than Jim again n Juelz is worth 8 million.So yea shut up wit dat bubble gum music dat no 1 plays in da hood.Also Meek carrer about 2 end cause of Cassidy who only worth 200 more thing is that Meek never went gold.Jim went Gold twice,Juelz went Gold and WTGBM Went Platnium as of now and killa gets gold plaques on all his albums and went platnium in CHWM.Dont let me get started wit Diplomatic Immunt 1 n 2(1 went 2X platnium and 2 went Gold).Meek da worse rapper in philly so dont compare a legendary group like da set 2 a nigga who screams 2 much on da mic.

    • Anonymous

      and meek mill aint shit....

  • Nambo slice

    You haters can suck a dick. Dipset is and always will be the shit. Glad to hear all of em' are gonna be on a cd again. Just blaze coming through wit the production? shits gonna be fire. And to the retard who said Just Blaze is a herb your a fucking blade kid. Just Blaze had production credits on Eminems last cd and is a straight legend. Check the resume cocksucka.

  • moneys

    Remember Cam said fuck you and your beats?!!! Should be fire tho

    • Computas putin boogety bootin

      nah Cam is the one who shits himself he got irritable bowel syndrome and shitted his pants while performing 'horse and carriage' and ran of stage. true facts he even got a song talking about his stomach problem

    • This dude

      If he wack dan how did he destroy Jay Z in there beef, Humiliate 50 cent, Made Kanye shit himself,Ended Mase carrer, End Stan Spits future carree and took down NAS In a freestyle.CAM A legend ya jus sleep on him.

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