Soulja Boy Arrested In Los Angeles County

Soulja Boy is arrested after being pulled over in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles.

Soulja Boy was arrested in Los Angeles County today (January 22) for carrying a loaded gun, according to TMZ

The rapper was in a car that was pulled over for running a stop sign in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, says the site's report. Law enforcement officials who pulled the car over saw that Soulja Boy was carrying a weapon. Upon further review, the weapon was a loaded gun, according to a law enforcement source that detailed the account to TMZ

At the time of its report, the publication noted that Soulja Boy was being booked.

In 2011, Soulja Boy was arrested after police officers found guns, drugs and cash in his car. Soulja Boy would later Tweet about his arrest. 

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  • Anonymous

    Not interested 'less he's dead.

  • Mary Peachey

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  • JP937

    This is a lost little boy folks. He has no identity and dickrides every rising artist. One minute he wants to be Tha Joker, next minute he wants to be OJ, day after the nigga thinks he Keef #300 (smh), and lets not forget the Migos. He the nigga who be getting robbed by hood niggas for tryna be hood. Lame ass

    • Anonymous

      thats why he gotta stay strapped in the San Fernando Valley. Hes high off drugs and paranoid of getting jacked again! LOL

  • LisaDFrame

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  • Cage

    I'm sure your dumb ass meant publicity

  • Stfot

    Soon ni*ga will change his name to policeboy for bublicity

  • Anonymous

    They gon crank dat ass in the pokey. Beeleeevdat

  • This nigga will be in super PC if they lock him up

    Flash forward 2 n a half years only one outside waitin is sum base-head lookin for free coke

  • Gary

    ... now lil homie will come out in a future issue of GQ and say that he got dome from a transgender dude in the holding tank...

  • Fake ass fans

    You know ya'll liked that nigga when he dropped stop frontin.

    • Anonymous

      i dont know anyone who liked soulja boy EVER but my lil cousin who did the superman dance with her classmates for a youtube video...

  • Anonymous

    Its fucking rough out there in the San Fernando Valley LOL Soulja Boy stay fuckin up his money and his whole future by trying too hard be hood.

  • Anonymous

    Rick Ross crashed his Rolls Royce into a building driving home from his birthday party wasted and gets caught with an unregistered loaded gun and doesn't even get a ticket! Soulja Boy needs some of those police connections like the boss.

    • Anonymous

      Are you still thinking about that? lol Ross crashes cars all the time. It's no big deal. He's got thousands of cars.

    • What

      Rick Ross was a CO that nigga will always get a pass Plus deferent state got different gun laws

    • Anonymous

      Arrow guy is delusional.

    • Anonymous


    • Ricky Rozay

      Thats how I know yall niggas have some sort of sick obsession with Ross. This story has nothin to do wit Rozay yet you niggas feel the need to bring him up in every fuckin story. Shows that when you up top the haters love to come out. Ross doin somethin right if niggas cant keep his name out they mouth. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ^

      That's the great thing about being a former cop. In addition to being a great rapper, Ross can kill anyone he hates and he is unstoppable because of his connections. He will get soulja boy out of jail and they will run rap.

  • Anonymous

    Fucking morons running red lights with the heat in the car. Too bad this didn't happen in NY where they would send him away for years.

  • UGH

    If you standing outside of SOULJA BOI'S jail cell, and you're his FAN, then you probably possess an IQ of -4.

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