Saigon Says He Hasn't Seen A Change After President Obama's Election

Saigon also disagrees with Lord Jamar's stance on homosexuality.

President Barack Obama has endured both praise and criticism from Hip Hop. Now, Saigon can be added to the list of emcees like Lupe Fiasco and Killer Mike who believe that the President's legacy has room for improvement.

"As we see now, I think I was right," said Saigon of Obama in a recent interview on Vlad TV. "Because Obama came in with the whole 'change.' His whole thing was 'change.' And I love Barack Obama, and I love what he's done so far, but I haven't seen a change."

Saigon listed what shortcomings he felt were typified in the Obama administration. "I don't see no transparency in the government like he promised. I don't see no less military action... The troops went from Iraq to Afghanistan. And the whole thing with drones, that shows you that he doesn't yield that much power, because everything he said would be different is still the same. We still at war, we still banging out, the people have still fucked up healthcare. I know you can't change something overnight, but don't continue the war... I still hear him use the term 'The War on Terror,' when that was all propaganda! There was never really a War on Terror."

Saigon also addressed Lord Jamar's recent comments that homosexuality has no place in Hip Hop. "A person's sexual preference is their business," said Saigon. "I don't understand the agenda of pushing your sexuality down people's throats. I don't even see why that's talked about so much... I think homosexuality has more to do with sex than with love, so I don't understand pushing the agenda of a sexual thing down people's throats, because it's something that should be done in the comfort of your own bedroom. Like, if me and my wife like to freak off and do freaky shit, that don't...that ain't  nothing I should bring to the forefront of the life."

Saigon continued, "I got gay family; I'm sure there are people that I talk to that might be gay," he said. "But I don't care, because that's your business. If that's what you want to do in your private, in your own thing, it doesn't bother me. It doesn't bother me at all. It used to bother me when I was young, because... you don't like a lot of things. But at the same token, if that's what you what you want. That ain't got nothin' to do with me."

Watch the interview below:

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  • Wasd


  • Homo shit

    Saigon was caught bumpin Mister Cee off in a Bang Bros van

  • Anonymous

    Um because Barack Obama is a darker version of George bush!! He fooled us all! Wake up and fight the NWO!!

  • Anonymous

    Brian, Brian, Brian... broke, bitter rapper alert! And Hey Brian, how about all your sexist ass raps? Backshots on your daughter all around tho', SPLAT, right?


    I would like to see a big change in you Saigon. Take care of your kid and stop calling your baby mama Bitch and whore. Lets see some change in you

  • sam snead

    Vote Independent, the republicans and democrats are not change, they are more of the same. Wait until they pass this Pacific Trade agreement and get rid of your job to someone that will live in a hut and work for rice to not starve to death. Dems and repubs are bought out by corporations and the elite and serve those interests not yours. If we keep putting these guys in we will be in poverty like third world countries and the schools your children go to will be funded by corporate sponsors with propoganda and commercials

    • sam snead

      The last independent to have a chance was Ross Perot in 1992, he was leading in the polls that summer and dropped out due to threats. He ran against NAFTA that had been in developement since 1985 or so, Bush Sr did not want to sign it in an election year so he waited, clinton got elected and signed it and betrayed the labor unions that were against it. Since NAFTA has came into effect the US has lost 700,000 manufacturing jobs and many other jobs

  • Anonymous


  • Fuck Brooklyn

    LMAO no shit?!?!? And you only realized that shit now???

  • Ashy Larry

    Lord Jamal actually supports homosexuality and he doesn't even know it. How many tough guy 5% rappers you know did a full frontal nude shower scenes with another man for a couple dollars!

  • 2pac

    Ive seen change like a rise in ignorant ass niggas thinking they can do whatever they want cuz the president is black and a rise in EBT use smh

  • Anonymous

    all of this is better explained here

  • Complaining ass nigga

    Instaed of always complaining Saigon, do something. Go in politics, join a party. Besides nigga what are you doing in your HOOD?

    • Anonymous

      "Besides nigga what are you doing in your HOOD?" LOL! What hood? This nigga don't know shit about the ghetto, he's from fucking Rockland County

    • Complaining ass white cuck

      Instead of hiding behind your computer acting like a toy soldier say something to a niggas face . Besides cunt what are you doing in North Dakota ?

  • Low R

    Saigon's big mouth has been keeping him down ever since he jumped on the scene. He needs to think before he speaks.

  • rdcj

    Obama is not perfect but he's working real hard but some of you just don't understand how politics work and been working for a long long time. Changing shit in Washington is mad complicated very few Presidents have been able to make significant change. It's like a war out there between Republicans and Democrats and they don't play nice. So you want somebody to blame blame the tea party. Major change is never going to happen when you have an extreme right wing party controlling the House. They sabotage every move that Obama makes but some of you don't care but love to bitch about shit that they no nothing about. I though Saigon was smarter than that.

    • Anonymous

      Obama is working really hard to serve special interests groups and banks. He isn't looking out for any of us, it is all about wealth and power.

    • 9.

      open your mind. republicans and democrats are the same thing people.

    • Anonymous

      thats not the point, he never said changing shit in washington is easy. just don't lie to the people. don't say your gonna bring the troops home than deploy more troops to afghanistan. don't accept a nobel peace prize and then kill way more civilians than george bush w/ drones. don't say your gonna close guantanamo then not do it. don't be the first black president and not once address the prison industrial comoplex (new jim crow). don't be the first black president and openly support an apartheid state (israel). this dude is a house negro, one that i voted for twice. anyone who is blaming it on the tea party (who are complete retards btw) is just another sheep being distracted by the colonial tactic "divide and rule"

  • Rob C

    Gay people have and are being discriminated all over the world just like African Americans. Most African Americans are proud of being black and we tell the world to shove it their face for calling us a certain word our judging me for the color of my skin or they way I talk or the music I listen 2. Anybody that's proud of who they are and are being discriminated is going to eventually stand up and learn to be proud. I'm proud and until racism ends were going to continue to make sure the world knows were proud of being black. Gay's are doing the same thing its human nature. Saigon is such a hypocrite!!!

    • Anonymous

      You're right, gays have not been enslaved, they've just been beaten, imprisoned and murdered.

    • uptownfirst

      No group based on their sexual orientation was ever enslaved for being gay. African-Americans spent 250 years in bondage and another 100 years in a system of legalized discrimination, lynchings and outright marginalization. To try to make the stretch of comparing the history of Africans in the Americas and the racism they encountered to the history of homophobia in the US (which by the way is rarely racially inclusive in its movement) is absurd.

    • d-nucks

      bein proud of taking dick in the ass and being proud of being a ceratin race...IS TWO DIFFERENT THINGS....

  • Anonymous

    Obama is just the continuation of Bush. More statist bs from a supporter of the military industrial complex who doesn't care at all for the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.

    • Anonymous

      we actually do have a say in what we do at home and overseas; just recently public opinion was so against any military action in Syria that it didn't happen.

    • Obama Bush Same Side Of The Coin

      @ anon exactly nothing has changed . Dumb lower middle class whites think they have some sway in regards to what our country does overseas or at home stupid fucking sheep

  • Anonymous

    Saigon is actually a smart dude

    • Anonymous

      Why would he need a deal? WHo's gonna buy his shit anyway? He's better off keeping it indie and getting Love and HipHop money or whatever hes doin now. I think I read he's in a movie with Papoose and Omar Epps

    • Brother b

      Because he has rapped about political and social topics don't make him a smart dude. Was it smart to start all that beef when he was hot? No! Now he cant even get a deal.

  • Obama

    Who the fuck is Saigon?

  • ob

    I know Obama hasnt done as much as everyone expected, but to be fair it is very hard to make real change in a country where there are so many closed minded people who will protest any move he makes. If he wants to make real change he has to do it slowly or he will lose lots of support.

    • Mandela Kamguia

      Obama and his administration has gone through the up and downs that every administration does. We also have to take the Congress into account when it comes to producing change in the U.S. nation. I personally did not agree with him wanting to send troops to Syria (it just wasn't the U.S. nation's damn business) and dealing with some components of the stimulus, but he still has potential. We the people also have to understand that there are others among us who are nutjobs (both kinetic and potential) who hinder the nation's progression to becoming better. We don't need to be the big damn bully in the world! Maybe we need as a nation need to fall back for little bit to help ourselves grow. SWAG (Study, Work And Grow)!!

  • Anonymous

    Lord Jamar is against homosexuality but for a few bucks he did a full frontal nude shower scene with another man! LULZ


    at least saigon knows wassup! unlike the people who blinded voted for him cause he was black. and fuck these homos, shoving being gay down people's throats!

    • RDCJ

      So who would you rather have as president? McCain? Romney? What would have changed is tax breaks for 5% if we wouldn't have voted for Obama. You sound like a fool!

    • Rob C

      Because gay people have and are being discriminated all over the world just like us African Americans. Most African Americans are proud of being black and we tell the world to shove it their face for calling a certain word our judging me for the color of my skin or they way I talk or the music I listen 2. Anybody that's proud of who they are and are being discriminated is going to eventually stand up and learn to be proud. I'm proud and until racism ends were going to continue to make sure the world knows were proud of being black. Gay's are doing the same thing its human nature. Saigon is such a hypocrite!!!

    • Brother b

      "I feel sorry for your mama"

    • 905 JACK MOVE


    • 905

      I think you are mistaken sir. The world is shoving being straight down gay people's throats.

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