Joan Rivers Calls Kanye West's Baby North West "Ugly"

Comedian Joan Rivers incorporates North West, Kanye West's daughter with Kim Kardashian, into a joke about the baby's appearance.

Kanye West's daughter North West was the subject of a Joan Rivers joke during the comic's January 17 performance in Los Angeles, California's Saban Theater. 

“That baby is ugly," Rivers said, according to Radaronline. "I’ve never seen a six-month-old so desperately in need of a waxing.” 

Grooming has been a topic of discussion regarding Kanye West's daughter. In December, some believed Kim Kardashian and West groomed their daughters eyebrows. Kardashian denied these allegations with the following Twitter post at the time.

In August, Kanye West spoke about criticism he's faced in the spotlight, particularly about his relationship with Kardashian.

"[Kim] is my joy," West said at the time. "She brought my new joy into the world. There's no paparazzi and there's no blog comment, there's nothing that's going to take that joy from me."  

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  • J

    Well, it's not like she lied ! North is ugly ! And as much as it hurts, that's the truth ! I mean como'n people !!!! Kim will brag about anything that she has ! Including a freakishly large butt ! Why is it that she is not bragging about her child ha ????? Simple ! Coz she know that her child is UGLY !!!!!!!!!!

  • Lizzie

    The kid IS DAMN UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, JOAN RIVERS, for speaking out, you are sooooooo CORRECT!!!! GAYk IS UGLY & so IS cim NO K carTRASHian!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Only person we could all hate more than Kim herself.

  • mary from new zealand

    Joan Rivers how dare you speak upon precious babies innocent little blesssings that's a low blow you should be sent to retirement home and stay there. Kimmy advise to you never wax your babies eyebrows let her do it when shes old enough! let her experience her life first. (mother to 3 girls)

  • Anonymous

    Joan Rivers needs to look in the mirror

  • Sum guy on a block

    Cant stand kanye unless he just has clinical depression from losing his moms what the fuck is his problem smile u rich nigga u can do anything u want

  • Anonymous

    I wanna fuck her mouth soo bad right now, she has such a hot butt, so hot!

  • Anonymous

    I didn't know this bitch was a comedian I never heard her tell a funny joke ever! I thought she just hosted the red carpets and shit.

  • MosquitoSmasher

    LOL, Joan Rivers.....the right to call someone ugly when she is as ugly as SIN.

    • stormy

      Well if the kid is ugly its ugly that's why white women need to stop having these zebras I feel bad for the poor little baby especially if it comes out with that nasty ass hair hopefully as it gets older it will take after its mama because I'm sorry some of these black women are some of the ugliest things I've ever seen so hopefully she will take after her momma and wind up being at least cute or pretty later in life of course cuz right now is not the time

  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

    Really the weakest thing to do, dissing a baby. What a sad woman, I feel sorry for everybody that ever heard words comin outta her mouth... thats how you act when they dropped you to mutch as a baby, face down that is.

  • Anonymous

    This Devil bitch has reconstructed her entire face AND for what...kuz she was a mud duck...its krazy kuz folks get mad a Ye but I feel him...if this devil kunt can get away with her stupid ass jokes then he can yap about what he perceives...a baby tho? Now, folks are gonna kill Ye if he responds but no one will even check this has-been for her disrespect...smh...

  • Anonymous

    be real the baby can;t defend herself,, this is an ignorant comment point blank

  • Anonymous

    Be real the baby IS ugly as FUCK just like kanyes personality

  • Ryanfury

    Real Recognise Real.

  • Mmmmmm

    I wanna fuck her butthole, she's hot stuff

  • guerilla jones

    shes most def the expert on ugly....

  • R.Pgh

    damn...the racists are in full effect today. I don't know why people are shocked that a comedian would make a joke about the child of two fame whores.

  • Channing Muckelroy

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    • Anonymous

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  • Aba

    They are jealous,but never can they surppress Kanye.

  • Anonymous

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  • Khloe Kardashian

    Joan Rivers look like a cat!!!

  • smh

    says the bitch who got face surgery

  • j

    Kim an Ye maybe media attention whores or well not maybe they are but there's never a reason to bring their kid into it. Low blow and uncalled for

  • Foul

    Come on bitch seriously you should remove all jokes about ugliness from your routine.

  • RC

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  • Channing Muckelroy

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    • Channing Cuckload

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  • imho

    ill be the first 2 rip kanye when hes acts like a bitch but between this dumb plastic whore and the racist kid called KK n word im on kanyes side idc how big a douchbag you are as a person,leave peoples kids and who..wifes out of it...even if its KK

  • imho

    on that note..the LAST person that needs 2 call anyone ugly is joan rivers lmfao has the bitch looked in the mirror lately.. I wouldn't fuck her if I had kanyes dick with 10 rubbers and barbwire

  • SuperCunt69

    Joan Rivers STOP! how can YOU call anything that's NATURAL "ugly" when you yourself are beyond supernaturally-unnaturally UGLY?!...I don't care for Kanye nor Kim Kardashian or any other celebrity for that matter...but BITCH!! c'mon, you and your DAUGHTER look worse than two stillborn naked mole FUCKED and SUCKED all those billionaires centuries ago, got all that PLASTIC surgery,spent all that money, and came out looking the way you do today...UGLY!!!!!! it didn't work bitch!


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  • Anonymous

    She's right the baby is ugly you guys can't deny that..

  • chad

    Please stop being a gossip site. I really like this site, but this gossip shit is becoming too much. Review old albums or something when there is no new music. I know you gotta win out on SEO, and people search for this stuff, so I see the hustle, but can you hide it in side links or something?

    • Alex

      Sad but true it's like all the race baiting story's they use to get the keyboard warriors angry . How many times are they going to use the same non story from lord jamar the dudes nearly 50 ....who really gives a fuck what he thinks except for the hip hop dx accountant

  • Anonymous

    burn it burn it now before it grows up

  • Anonymous

    coming from a girl that was so insecure about her looks she couldnt stop changing them

  • larry king

    All jews are ugly. Right Joan Rivers?

  • RealTalk

    calling a baby ugly. real classy. but i guess class and joan have never gone together. And was Kim actually serious with the 2 and a half line or having a joke...

  • Anonymous

    Can't stand Kanye most times but this deformed Thundercat has a lot of god damn nerve.

  • yugang

    How many ppl here or anywhere for that matter) seriously thinks joan rivers can be classified as a raviant beauty?? This is a prime example of the pot calling the kettle black

  • Anonymous

    LOL joan rivers, have you looked in the mirror lately?? i wouldn't call anyone ugly if i looked like you XD

  • anonymous

    the baby is not ugly. Jayz and Beyonce baby is uglllly

  • Anonymous

    Call her ugly when she's like 6 years old or something, right now she doesn't even have a defined face (LMAO at Kim's response tho, why the fuck would you wax a baby, the hair would grow back anyway).

  • Anonymous

    this woman looks like a bag of sh1t to me. who the f*** is her? damn.

  • Nana

    i have lost respect to this woman

  • Anonymous

    all babies are ugly unless they are your own

  • Anonymous

    cant... resist... click... bait... ahhhhhhhhh

  • Anonymous

    With kanyes ugly genetics, that baby was doomed from the get go

  • Anonymous

    The baby is will be classified as thus. comedians tend to say shocking things for the sake of controversy, I saw the baby and it was a cute baby not pale or sickly like many babies where you can see blue veins classing through their skin. Kids and babies should be off limits though in my opinion and I would be willing to pay money to have someone harmed who attacked my children or babies verbally or physically.

    • Anonymous

      I am not critical of any babies, I simply remarked that the baby was cute (healthy) and not sickly. Babies can only be judged by their health at that age they don't have many distinguishable figures to separate them from other babies their age. I believe entertainers should refrain from attacking babies and young children and direct their hatred towards the adult parents of the children/babies.

    • lololololololol

      what do you know, another black person with a distorted interpretation of the world do you criticize other types of babies and then turn around and say all babies should be off limits? you surely thought you were making an educated statement, but it seems you aren't very smart after all

  • Anonymous

    Ugly baby and motherfucking dumb... Kanye's looks and the cunt's brains, all life is "beautiful," hah hah hah

  • Kanye Pest

    Joan Rivers said that because the baby is half Black!!!

    • lolololololol


  • Anonymous

    She is an ugly little baby fo sho!

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