Kanye West Reportedly Negotiating Settlement With Alleged Assault Victim

The 18-year-old man that Kanye West allegedly assaulted is requesting money to settle the potential case without criminal prosecution.

The 18-year-old man who Kanye West allegedly assaulted last week is currently in negotiations with the rapper's camp for several hundred thousand dollars in a civil settlement, according to TMZ

As reported on January 13, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West's fiancee, was reportedly confronted by an 18-year-old man who allegedly called paparazzi "faggot-ass niggers." The man allegedly also told Kardashian: “Fuck you, bitch. Just trying to help you. Shut up nigger lover, stupid slut,” according to TMZ's report at the time. When West heard about the incident, he reportedly found the 18-year-old and allegedly punched the man.  

Now the alleged victim is requesting several hundred thousand dollars in a civil settlement, reportedly hoping to avoid a public trial. The man has also reportedly not cooperated with police since the incident took place. 

Days after the alleged assault, witnesses reported that West punched the alleged victim more than 30 times. TMZ now reports that the man has no apparent injuries from the alleged altercation. 

West is currently in negotiations with the alleged victim, according to the TMZ report

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    Well. alot of us called it. we were saying,"This gringo white boy will get at least 1 million a millionaire at only 18. OR a FAT PAY CHECK for being a racist punk 90 pound wet slickster... SO Slick enuff 2 get a hefty pay day.$$$ . Not 1 mill but a big cash pay day living good for now. Without having to work for it.. SMH.all he has to do is call kim N---ger lover,Set Kanye "unstable mentality off"and get paid,Sad to see a racist of ANY BKGD.get paid like this. . . Kanye is washed up/stupid and it just prove as many say,"The racist won in the end" not kanye/not kim k.... All that Money even AFTER lawyer fees, is a waste,could've put quarter of a mill$ toward homeless people/feed others. . Now he has to feed some Racist punk like that... . Even if the teen will blow it,within a year or less probably still... WHAT A WASTE... JUST LIKE KANYE and KIM... 2 stupid idiots.smh

  • JP937

    Damn, them some expensive ass punches $$

  • xyz

    It should be a crime for ppl to do stuff like this to celebrities. If they give in and give this stupid kid $100,000 or whatever he is asking then they are only encouraging more ppl to do that.

  • Anonymous

    This dude saw Kim Kardashian and the dollar signs went up and did the straight up American thing by trying to provoke Kanye and getting a rich man's money. Any celeb who is one charge away from a jail sentence need to be extra careful where they lay their hands. Chris Brown, you listening?

    • Anonymous

      "This dude saw Kim Kardashian and the dollar signs went up and did the straight up American thing by trying to provoke Kanye and getting a rich man's money." I don't think so. He actually helped Kim get inside the building and cussed out the paparazzi for her! If Kim didn't feel like she could act like his mother and tell him what he can and cannot say he wouldn't have said anything else to her and nothing else would have happened.

  • Anonymous

    Kim on phone to Ye: Kanye this boy just called me a ni66er lover" Kanye: Was he black? Kim: No Kanye: Okay I'm on my way.

    • Kanye is stupid for paying a racist

      LOl now thats funnie! was he black kim? Kim K says,"nope." Kanye; iight i'm on ma way. ROFL LMFAO .

  • Anonymous

    so he punched him more than 30 times and there was "no apparent injuries"... cool.

  • Ray J

    Hey Kanye Kardashian, we all saw your bitch take a big ol black dice. we all saw it, we laugh at you, all the time we laugh at your stupid face.

  • Anonymous

    Lmao I bet u the boy covered up and took no solid punches and now he's getting paiddddddd for it

  • Anonymous

    On a side note; This racist motherfucker(kanye west) is married to a white girl

    • Gabby

      She is NOT white. She is brown, arabic looking. I don't see blue eyes, or even hazel, light brown or blonde hair. She has a hook nose, and dark skin, with middle eastern features. SHE IS NOT WHITE.

  • Mary Melton

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  • Kanye one the worst rappers around

    Of course Kanye pays he a straight bitch and would never last in jail. White boy laughing his ass off rite now

  • Anonymous

    We called a ni99er a ni99er and now we get some money for it. Ni99ers lost and we won.

  • Jsil

    LOL does anyone know what the first amendment protects? Whether you like hate speech or not, it is protected and that is what makes this country great, if you do not believe me there are literally hundreds of Supreme Court Cases that backs up free speech, I.E Texas V Johnson (flag burning). Kanye could have easily came in and said some harsh words back, but he chose violence instead. And to clear things up, he was insulting the photogs not Kim, she had to give her opinion on his diction, which started all of this. She has a right to speak her opinion, but so does the boy. I believe his first comment was nigga and then after she played mommy and tol him he had no right, which her husband says nigga on EVERY song, so then he said nigg*r. It was almost as if she provoked him. Walk up to someone random and tell them not use a certain word and see if they say something back.

    • Anonymous

      actually there are limitations on what you can say and in some cases you can go to jail for verbal hate crimes. rare situations, but possible.

    • Anonymous

      I found it amusing that Kim K would tell a man what words he's not allowed to say while her man sells confederate flag t-shirts for $40 a piece to thousands of white kids every night on his tour.

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  • Anonymous

    Ye needs to release this guys name and a picture, let the community take care of him

  • Anonymous

    Kanye should take it to a trial. If he's prepared to pay now, the most he'd have to pay on top of the current alleged settlement might include dude's legal fees

  • ETK

    I guess that's how it is in America, call someone a nigga, try to negotiate for a six figure payout the system works, innit

  • Anonymous

    "witnesses reported that West punched the alleged victim more than 30 times. TMZ now reports that the man has no apparent injuries from the alleged altercation. " Yeezus needs to hit the gym and do some training, next person he runs up on might fight back.

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