Will Smith First Guest On Jimmy Fallon's "The Tonight Show"

Will Smith is slated to be the first guest on Jimmy Fallon's version of "The Tonight Show," which will feature The Roots as the house band.

Will Smith is slated to be the first guest of the Jimmy Fallon-hosted version of The Tonight Show, which is set to debut February 17, according to hiphopwired.com.

The Roots, the house band of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, will be joining The Tonight Show in the same capacity. 

Fallon was announced as the successor to Jay Leno as host of The Tonight Show in March 2013. 

The program, which will be filmed in New York City, will feature U2 as its first musical guest, hiphopwired.com’s story says.

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  • Anonymous

    I didn't think it was possible for someone to be as unfunny as Jay Leno towards the end of his late night reign. I stand corrected. Fallon is horrible.

  • Proud Baltimore Nigga

    Too much of Philly in one place to me.

  • Lourdes Rush

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  • Truth

    Jimmy Fallon is the worst chat show host ive ever seen in my life he is awkward as fuck and has a weird creepy laugh n mannerisms

  • Anonymous

    "successor to Jay Leon" Love jay leon

    • juliaperry

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