MC Serch Says Jay Z's "Takeover" Claim About Nas' Publishing Was Misguided

MC Serch reveals that the death of MF Doom's brother, Subroc, may have led to the creation of MF Doom.

MC Serch served as the latest artist to appear on Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg’s Juan Epstein podcast, and during his interview the former 3rd Bass member spoke in-depth on his relationship with Queensbridge rapper Nas.

While speaking on his relationship with the Queens lyricist, MC Serch brought up Jay Z’s “Takeover,” a song in which the Brooklyn rapper mentions Serch’s company, Serchlite. On “Takeover,” Jay Z takes aim at Nas as he raps, “And you ain't get a coin, nigga, you was getting fucked then/I know who I paid, God - Serchlite publishing.”

Prior to the release of “Takeover,” Serch helped Jay Z clear a sample from Nas’ “The World Is Yours” for use on his Reasonable Doubt record, “Dead Presidents.” Serch later clarified that Serchlite did not own Nas’ publishing and only became a publishing company just last year.

“The reason that Jay thought I owned Nas’ publishing was I was working at Def Jam at the time and he was about to put out 'Dead Presidents' and he needed the sample cleared,” MC Serch said. “So, I said ‘I’ll hook you up. I’ll give you a fair deal. I’m not gonna jerk you’…So, I cleared the sample for like $2,000…He paid Zomba, but he thought I was involved. So, he thought my company was called Serchlite Publishing, which it wasn’t. It only became Serchlite Publishing last year…You know how much love I get from that line though?”

Prior to speaking on Nas’ publishing and Jay Z’s “Takeover” mention, MC Serch recalled meeting Nas in the studio and assisting the rapper with securing a fair label deal as his manager. Serch ended one potential deal for the rapper, a deal he says was “bullshit,” before approaching Russell Simmons and later Columbia Records.

“So, Nas comes back the next day and he tells me ‘Yo, I need your help. I got this deal. I don’t feel good about it,’” Serch said. “He just wanted my help…He wasn’t signed to anybody. Stretch and Reef had made him an offer. The offer was $150,000 and 50 percent of his publishing. No advance on the publishing. Nas felt some type of way about it. And he asked me to help and I said ‘I can’t help you unless you’re signed to Serchlite. I’m not gonna go negotiate with friends.’ He’s like ‘Alright, I’ll sign.’

“So, Nas signed with Serchlite and I gave him a very fair deal,” he added. “My whole thing was I didn’t want to be the Jew who jerked black men. Like I wasn’t gonna be that guy. So, I go to Stretch and Reef and I said ‘Listen, I can’t let him sign this deal. You know this deal is bullshit. He’s like ‘Listen, this is what [Commons] is offering. Come on Serch, don’t get in the way.’ I’m like—I said ‘I can’t. That’s like—it’s a shady deal. It’s like a 1988 deal. Nas is gonna be the greatest emcee of our generation.’ Helen Keller could see he was gonna be the genius that he was.”

In addition to Nas and Jay Z, MC Serch also spoke briefly on MF Doom and the passing of Doom’s brother, Subroc. Serch shared his belief that Subroc’s death is what led to the creation of MF Doom.

“I haven’t seen Doom in a long time. So, I can’t really speculate. But for me, outside looking in, that’s when he became MF Doom,” Serch said.

Serch’s interview comes days after the emcee launched a new talk show titled “Serch.” The show is currently only available in select markets including New York, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia.

Audio from MC Serch’s interview on Juan Epstein can be found below (via 2DopeBoyz).

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  • ZULA

    so, another one of jay-z's so called facts was a lie. according to camel warriors, takeover was nothing but facts. so many of these facts have been dis-proven as opinion or lies by now!!! meanwhile, jigga has an edited version of ether on tidal, so he can sleep better at night. ETHER , THAT SHIT THAT MAKES THE SOUL BURN SLOW (YEARS AFTER ITS RELEASE) HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

  • Fools only

    You fake weak niggas can't stand Hov... U think getting hard is killing ur selves n putting ur friends to rest all in the name of some homothugs shit, it's so unfortunate how d society have made u all dim ur lights n y'all want to compare ur low lives virtual image nas n no point mouth open saying nothing fans of other lame rappers there with a trillion watts light of Hov. I will ever listen to u fools until u lame prove it to ur selves. Stay in d dark as that black no vision people most blacks have always been.

  • Zev Love X

    Jay-Z gets da GAS FACE!!!

  • killa

    these posts are some funny shit..after all these years, people still fighting and crying over whos better.. why cant they both be great rappers? there aint 2 MC's out there that have been this good for this long, so just let em be great.. stop fukin hating!

  • MuhFuckin DOOM

    "the death of MF Doom's brother, Subroc, may have led to the creation of MF Doom" ...I thought that was already somewhat common knowledge.

  • aceview

    Soooo...just wondering if anybody pointed out how Jay knew what to call the company when he shouted it out in the song...way back then... ...if it just became a company officially last year.... this some "look at me, because MC Serch" shit here

    • R.Pgh

      He could have created the name of the publishing company a while back, but never officially opened up the doors.

  • w h o k n o w s

    Nas bodied Jay-Z and his catalogue makes Jay-Z shit laughable!!! Call me a hater u hoe ass niccaz but facts are facts As far as businessmen Jay-Z is up there but we're not rating bank accts here & Nas is still a millionaire... so cut the bullshit Ether is a now a hip hop term for killin' niccaz on the mic... not takeover Nas signed a deal with DEF JAM, not Jay-Z (who wasn't even CEO very long after Nas signed) Nas is the exec prod. on ALL his Def Jam project so he winning on that Jay-Z dickriders will mention money in every argument & claim that as victory but bar for bar we know who holds the crown in NY "You can't sign an artist like Nas, but you can partner with him" - Jay-Z, circa 2006 (it's ya boy!)

  • ROB


    • R.Pgh

      taken directly from his wiki biography: "While Brother Ali's family is white, he has often described a childhood marked by cruelty and exclusion by his white classmates as a result of his physical abnormality. He has often explained that, from an early age, he felt "most at home amongst African Americans."

    • R.Pgh

      Yes, he is an albino, but both of his parents are Caucasian, so....he's a white guy.

  • Anonymous

    As long as there are hip hop fans who think the pubescent rant called ether was better than Takeover, I wont take any opinions from the group seriously. There is no truth whatsoever in ether. Its a work of fiction. Takeover on the other hand is almost flawless in its truth. Jay Z is weaker than Nas lyrically now, but he was on top back then!

    • Ether

      No facts in Ether? So Jay-Z didn't play in Hawaiian Sophie video? So KRS-One didn't already have an album named Blueprint? So Jay didn't say he was better than B.I.G? So Jay didn't bite 100 Biggie lines (@Cam'ron Swagger Jacker)? Didn't get murdered by Eminem on his own shit? Isn't ugly? LOL

    • HipHop101

      Jay-Z stan alert! Let's set the record straight on this rubbish Jay fans spout: Takeover is extremely overrated lyrically by some who claim that it is at another level to Ether. If you would have a close look at it, you will find this to be incorrect. The first verse is purely brag rap about how tough he is. The second verse takes shots at mobb deep. including that he has more money, sold more albums and that he will put them in a hole..... As I've said before when you make pop rap it isn't hard to sell more than an artist/duo like Mobb Deep who make that grimy / unradio friendly music. The third verse he gets to Nas. Nas did some modelling of clothing.. i guess it's a fact.. Jay is having a go at someone who makes money in other ways than through their album sales? hypocrisy at its highest. Calls him a fag. That is fact and isn't pubescent? Okay. lol. Calls him out for using Esco as a name. Yes Iceburg, Jigga, etc. Says he had a spark but is now trash. Hold up. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Is this the guy who had just released the average at best dynasty and vol 3? Check out rating sites around tha net and I Am is held up higher than them. I guess it must be a different Jay-z. I don't know if Nas has a worse flow than his bodyguard, but Oochie Wally is a trash song for sure, but again pot-keetle. I guess the 'you were murdered on your own shit' which is an accepted fact wipes this one out. Then he calls him a fake thug. There was the firm concept album but Nas has never been that heavy on the thug persona. And people from Jays past have said he has inflated what he did in the drug world considerably. He then says he showed him his first tech. Who knows if this is a fact? Were you there with them? and is this even important? Then it's 'You made it a hot line, I made it a hot song.' The worst line in hip hop history. The world is yours is cited as one of the best from the genre. Then the publishing shit comes up which got put to bed as being erroneous by this article. He calls IWW 'nah' - IWW is seen as a near classic. So this is a fact as well? Nah probably just jays opinion. Then, his flow did change over the years on different songs so not a fact either. Then the 4th verse is back to brag rap and 'warnings.' So there it is. About 40 bars that went at Nas, very few are facts, less are proven, and if they are facts most are hypocritical and the same could be said about Shawn. So let's not act like Takeover also doesn't feature childish lines, isn't mostly macho 'scary' brag rap and is at another level lyrically than ether.

    • Anonymous

      so you only talk to people who agree with you? nice to see your open-minded.


    Jay won the battle... Nas had the upper hand by responding. He had a chance to listen to Jay's "Takeover" and sit and contemplate about how to go about making a record. Then when Jay challenged him to a real battle, he declined and wouldn't respond anymore. How Jay really killed Nas is by making everything he said come true tho. "R-O-C WE RUNNIN' THIS RAP SHIT"... How many years later and Jay is still runnin this rap shit. Nas couldn't sell 100,000 copies right now. Look at Jay's influence in the game (Kanye, Jeezy, Ross, Rhianna, Cole) all coming from under Jay's wing. What happened to Nas' career? Jay told him "All that thug rappin and gimmicks, I will end it"... That became reality. Ether was just filled with a lot of funny ass lines making fun of Jay but Jay in real life destroyed Nas' career...

    • Anonymous

      "Nas couldn't sell 100,000 copies right now. " you know life is good sold more than that in the first week, right?..

    • Ether

      Nas can carry a good album on his own and go gold in 2012 with 0 radio singles. Jay-Z need people Justin Timberlake, Rihanna and Alicia Keys on all his singles to go platinum.

    • R.Pgh

      "Nas couldn't sell 100,000 copies right now" except has last album went gold (500k copies) with very little radio play. Seems like his career is doing just fine.

    • @Da Big Fool from LA

      and while nas had the upper hand by responding, Takeover was a response as Nas had already released the Stillmatic freestyle prior to Ether...

    • @Da Big Fool from LA

      Destroyed his career? That's why he has had platinum/gold and well renowned albums since and is still wanted for verses from everyone in the game over 10 years later? On the battle. Nas ain't a freestyler or battle rapper from what I know. So why would he ever want to do that? Also Jeezy was massive on the streets before Jay, all he did was put him on a label when Jeezy had other offers. And he did shit for Cole as well. Couldn't even get him for the song he wanted on his debut, only as a last minute feature.


    fuck all u JAY Z haters...

  • Anonymous

    your ears will thank you later: http://www.

  • whispaaah

  • Anonymous

    2014 next big thing

  • Anonymous

    Another L for Jay

  • No one cares bout Prodigy n Jay been wack on the mic since american gangster album

    Jay always was a bitch when it came to battles Nas ethered him he ended up apologizing on the radio . He was too scared to go at The LOX lyrically and physically. When Sigel started coming at him he didn't say a fuckin word he terrified of Beanie

  • MR. White

    I can't believe the racism Search recieves on this site. If it wasn't for him, Nas, Doom, OC, Big L, Tupac, Biggie, Dre, Snoop, Grandmaster Flash, Wu-Tang, Kool Herc, Spike Lee, Denzel, Sam Jackson, Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, MLK, Malcolm, Marcus Garvey, Huey P Newton, Oprah, Obama or Jesus wouldn't have careers.

  • Freaky Pete

    I want to hear search talk about what happened between him & Non Phixion

  • Anonymous

    "I was talking about the beef" Alot of people thought Jay won that battle. It doesn't really matter cause both rappers had some direct shots.

    • john mickins

      very true. and lets not forget jay actually did a sneak attack with the "superugly" track not too long after ether...

  • Anonymous

    How does MF Doom keep people from doing fake shows, when most fans don't know what he looks like?

  • Lourdes Rush

    Lucy. even though Craig`s story is cool, on saturday I got a great Renault 5 sincee geting a check for $5942 this-past/four weeks and-just over, ten grand lass month. it's actualy the most-comfortable job I have ever had. I started this 3 months ago and immediately started bringing in minimum $71... per hour. more information, www.Tec80.Com jay has said so many things that are not true but he does it in a clever way and gets away with it

  • R.Pgh

    count down to Lord Jamar's thoughts on MC Search in 3.....2.....1...

  • Fuck Marcy

    LOL who gives a fuck about it anyway, truth still is that Jay lost the battle.

    • will///l33

      I am a huge NAS fan but you look at substance and truth in bars Jay Z got the Best of NAS in the battle overall, The strongest diss NAS had was Ether...JAY Z attacked his NAS character on Blueprint 2 track, and Nas didn't address that lyrically...Jay Z called him raps TD Jakes prophetizing on CD oochie wally or one mic, black girl lost or shawty owe u ice...c'mon /// H.O.V.A I got my mojo back, baby, oh, behave Naw, naw, don't be afraid Y'all an' your articles, hard to spit at Jay Y'all from a far threw thoughts my way What you thought, I would not have nothin' to say? Nope Y'all fell into the booby trap I set the trap just to see dude react, an' now An' now you'se can't leave You opened the door, God, I'm at you annually An' I'm sorry Miss Rosie Perez I call a spade a spade, it just is what it is But you can't give cred to anythin' dude says Same dude to give you ice an' you owe him some head Shorty, it's time to wake up the dead You sound a little naive in them articles that I read H.O.V.A. The blueprint 2, baby, on the way H.O.V.A. I got my mojo back, baby, oh, behave H.O.V.A. The blueprint 2, baby, on the way H.O.V.A. I got my mojo back, baby, oh, behave Can't y'all see that he's fake? The rap version of TD Jakes Prophesizin' on your CDs an' tapes Won't break you a crumb of the little bit that he makes An' this is with whom you want to place your faith? I put dollars on mine, ask Columbine When the Twin Towers dropped, I was the first in line Donatin' proceeds off every ticket sold When I was out on the road, that's how you judge Hov, no? Ain't I supposed to be absorbed myself? Every time there's a tragedy, I'm the first one to help They call me this misogynist, but they don't call me the dude To take his dollars to give gifts at the projects These dudes is all politics, depositin' checks They put in they pocket, all you get in return is a lotta lip An' y'all buy the shit, caught up in the hype 'Cause the nigga wear a coofie, it don't mean that he bright 'Cause you don't understand him, it don't mean that he nice It just means you don't understand all the bullshit that he write Is it 'Oochie Wally Wally' or is it 'One Mic'? Is it 'Black Girl Lost' or shorty owe you for ice? I've been real all my life, they confuse it with conceit Since I will not lose, they try to help him cheat But I will not lose, for even in defeat There's a valuable lesson learned, so it evens it up for me When the grass is cut, the snakes will show I gotta thank the little homie Nas for that though Savin' me the hassle of speakin' to half of these assholes An' I'm a let karma catch up to Jaz O, whoa See I'm back before you had a chance to miss me My mama can't save you this time, niggas is history Who you know flow vicious as me? Yet so religiously, that's why they call me Hov I get the spoils 'cause the victor is me You're an actor, you're not who you're depicted to be The street dreamin', all y'all niggas livin' through me I gave you life when niggas was forgettin' you emcee I'm a legend, you should take a picture with me You should be happy to be in my presence, I should charge you a fee I'm Big Dog, Glenn Rob, listen, God, you a flea An' the little homey Jungle is a garden to me What's the problem B? You not as hard as me Nigga hard as we, nigga, ROC, nigga That's why they follow me They feel my pain an' my agony, nigga I won't rest till you on one knee You want war then it's war's gonna be, nigga Until you on one knee You want war then it's war's gonna be, nigg

    • Anonymous

      @KRSOneFuckedYourMother : another xenophobic american

    • RealTalk

      Jay and his crew went at Nas first Kizman. He wanted the attention. Used Nas' status. And read the previous post by me. You are always gonna sell more (always Jay fans argument rather than talent) when you make pop-rap and team up with every popular artist out there like timberlake, rihanna, beyonce. etc. "You pop shit, apologize"

    • RealTalk

      @ Real Talk: "Over 11 platinum albums, dont see how he lost on any platform. Name a rapper besides eminem who is over 40 and still killing the game." You didn't hear MCHG? lol

    • Kizman

      Hov got so killed he still dropping number 1 albums like it's easy. Jay-Z got so murked by Nas, that Nas works under Jay. Jay-Zs career got so killed, he is half of the richest couple in the entertainment industry. Jay lost so bad in the hip hop battle that your favourite rapper hold Jay in high regard (idgaf who your fave is. They like Jay) So you Nas fans who just have to hate on Jay look ridiculous. Nas is 100% bonafide legend in the game. He is for sure one of the best to ever pick up a mic. Fact is though, Jay is the winner. Jay won hip hop. Hate it or love it.

    • RapitUp

      @Top Dawg. Nas did have some childish bars, sure. But actually break it down bar for bar and Jay really doesn't come with more facts dawg. and now we have one more to take off the list from this article. and a lot of takeover is aimed at mobb deep. probably because he didn't have that much to say about nasir. you made it a hot line i made it a hot song. Please ni***.

    • RealTalk

      you can't talk about numbers when it comes to the battle. jay gets every current 'in' artist on his albums as features and makes pop records as nas rightly pointed out on ether. Nas actually tries to write using concepts on his albums. he may have the odd pop tune here and there but not like jay has on most of his albums. Ice cube said it well in his recent interviews on what he judges a rapper on. And it isn't how much money they've got in the bank.

    • Top Dawg

      That beeef was dope as hell no matter who u think one... some good music came from it on BOTH sides, Personally i think takeover was better/smarter rhymes than Ether - but Nas went so hard on that track with all sorts of insults, although a lot of them were fairly Childish, calling him ugly and all that shit. Jigga had better Points and facts that dissed nas but Nas went at it so Raw. To close to call really

    • @RealTalk


    • SDK


    • Real Talk

      I guess it comes down to a matter of opinion. If your going off the strength of words. Which would make your answers bias. Unless you put it down to numbers, where thats facts. Men Lie, Woman Lie, but numbers dont.... And that Justin timberlake being on his albums, goes to show how salty you are. Show me some type of article, where "it has been known that Jay Z lost" maybe cuz his mom made him apologize after that super Ugly remix.

    • KRSOneFuckedYourMother

      @Realtalk Having more sales doesn't make you king. Nas is still relevant and it has been known that Jay-Z lost the battle against Nas. Jay-Z maybe beat Nas as a buisness man, but we're speaking lyrically or physically the better rapper you English bastard.

    • Fuck Marcy

      I was talking about the beef, not who sold the most records. It's very easy to go platinum when every track of your album has Justin Timberlake on it.

    • Real Talk

      Over 11 platinum albums, dont see how he lost on any platform. Name a rapper besides eminem who is over 40 and still killing the game

  • Lourdes Rush

    Lucy. even though Craig`s story is cool, on saturday I got a great Renault 5 sincee geting a check for $5941 this-past/four weeks and-just over, ten grand lass month. it's actualy the most-comfortable job I have ever had. I started this 3 months ago and immediately started bringing in minimum $71... per hour. more information, www.Tec80.Com jay has said so many things that are not true but he does it in a clever way and gets away with it

  • HRH

    Just another Jew who made money off of Hip Hop

  • Real Talk

    Been a min sense i commented on here, but I see nothing has changed. Still a bunch of white teenagers that flood this site. Jay clearly paid serch for the sample clearance. So dont know what Jay exaggerated about. He was simply stating that he didnt pay Nas, but someone else for the sample. Usually the only people that can clear samples, are the ones who own the rights to the original song being sampled.

    • Real Talk

      What can you expect. I'm a Jay-Z stan. I also used to go by the name D-Block on another site called SOHH. My dumbass doesn't even know what Y.O. means. Can you blame me? I got no life RUB MY NIPPLES THO...........LIL WAYNE XOXO 4 EVER

    • Tbones

      A meat head like you does not deserve a back and forth with me. Clear your ears, take off your jay z tinted glasses, then listen to the podcast, and tell me where (Minute) Serch said Jay paid him physically. Zomba is the the Coy, and Serch as Nas's administrator cleared the sample for Jay on some nice gesture things. Damn niggas like you taking idol worshiping to new heights. Bye.

    • Real Talk

      Once again, if Jay Z paid serch to clear the sample, y would he say in the line that he paid someone else. He physically gave serch the money, and serch got the sample cleared. So what im getting at is, Jay didnt lie about who he physically paid. And Nas doesnt own his own publishing.

    • Tbones

      I see you are back and still dumb. If you took a little time to listen to the podcast, you will clearly hear Serch say he don't own Nas publishing which makes Jay's line about paying Serchlite publishing false. Zomba And to last sentence, Serch also clearly stated that as Nas manager, he administered Nas's publishing on his behalf which is the usual practice, not the bs u typed. There is a reason why artists have management to handle these things. Bottom line is Jay suggested Nas don't own his publishing and was getting fucked which is false as clarified by Serch. Niggas have their idols shlong far down their throat they can hardly think straight. SMH.

  • Nas the GOAT

    Just another reason why Ether destroyed Jay Z

  • Anonymous

    Sort of like Reasonable doubt. Jay-Z tells everyone on the BluePrint Album Reasonable Doubt was a classic should have went triple and all of a sudden the Sheep believe it was an classic. When in reality in 1996 so many albums were getting run and no one care for reasonable doubt. Its still a classic but its how that Album became a classic. Jay-Z pretty much force it to be a classic. Illmatic the best Hip Hop album ever(not my words that's whats said on the internet) you never hear Nas try to boost that album up like Jay did Reasonable doubt. Example he just named his albums from top to bottom. And guess which album was his favorite.

    • Anonymous

      'Get it right' got it so wrong!

    • get it right

      actually he's right nobodoy gave a fuck when that shit came out jay was a nobody in a time when hip hop was still hiphop and every album that came out at that time was waaaaay better than that album so yall stop lying about everybody played that album cause its not true your just a fan of the exaggeration of false claim to fame. jay-z didnt even get popular until def jam signed him and put that bullshit song he had with ja rule and amil out and then vol. 1 but after 2pac said his name all over the place while dissing him if anything people just wanted to hear what biggie was gone say on BK finest after being humble so long cause pac was runnin him over at the time so i wanna say jay need to thank biggie and pac beef for his fame cause it nothing to do with reasonable doubt itself cuz like i said no one gave a fuck and four albums later he bitching cuz he thinks its a classic so they go back and deem it one cause he's popular and the album drops off badly after dead president anyway so it could never be a classic its just def jam influence to write that in magz help with then and now dumb ass fans of his still repeat but more than half didn't own the album until after he said anything about it so really its a classic to sheep and not real heads

    • Know Your History, Son

      LOL the fuck this nigga talking about, Reasonable Doubt has always been a classic, when it came out niggas all over NYC rushed to get it, niggas here in Brownsville even had the bootleg months before the shit was released, even my peoples down South played that shit, and keep in mind we talking about the year both All Eyes on Me and The Score were released, and those shits went multi platinum

    • R.Pgh

      Not sure what hip hop circles you were running in during the golden era, but every cat I knew that heard Reasonable Doubt was rocking the fuck out of it. Jay didn't force it to be a classic, it was what it was.

  • Anonymous

    its like niggas read the heading and run with it. Knowing that 90% of these articles posted have nothing to do with the heading.

  • Not Impressed

    Jay-Z has always exaggerated and flat out lied in his raps, but he's some how one of those most trusted emcees. "facts only", "jay speaks on facts" His stans always repeat the same bullshit quotes over and over. I think Jay-Z is a genius manipulator, he can make weak minded people believe anything. He even has people thinking he's the greatest rapper when he's not even in the top 20. I'm not impressed

    • RealTalk

      @notimpressed. absolutely. he is a genius businessman, no matter how many people he has to stab in the back. It outweighs his rapping prowess. i wouldn't have him in the top 20 either.

    • Anonymous

      jay-z didn't lie. If your reading comprehension skills were up to par, you would be able to see that he confirmed what jay said. Jay just didn't know that it wasn't a real company. If anything, dude lied to jay

  • Tbones

    Hahaha, this is old news. Only dumb niggas and dickriders take whatever Jay says as gospel. His money makes em all emotional and mushy to the point where cant think straight.

    • Huawiza

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  • Anonymous

    jay has said so many things that are not true but he does it in a clever way and gets away with it

    • Johnny

      exactly "I'm not a biter. I'm a writer. For myself and others. I say a B.I.G. verse I'm only biggin up my brother."

  • Anonymous

    I'm sure Jay isn't losing sleep about that line.

    • ___________________________________________________________________________O_o_____

      I'm sure Jay n Nas ain't losing sleep on you

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