Bun B Addresses Rap Lyrics Being Admissible In Court

Bun B also speaks about freedom of expression and a future in politics.

Bun B was recently asked to speak to MSNBC about Rap lyrics, freedom of expression and racial and social profiling. With the New Jersey Supreme Court set to consider whether Rap lyrics of a criminal defendant should be admissible in a court of law, Bun was asked about how this issue is one about freedom of speech. 

"If a person chooses to incriminate themselves [in lyrics] then that's their own thing," Bun says. "The problem is once we open this door to start going through everyone's Rap lyrics to try to find crimes in there. That's when we have a problem."

During the interview, Bun also speaks about racial and social profiling. 

"We already know that racial or social profiling is not acceptable in society, but we still have issues like this popping up," Bun says. "As an artist, I wanna be free to speak my mind, my opinions, my outlook on the world. If I'm speaking in hate against people, then that's a different issue, but if I'm just expressing my view points about different things I see in society, different things that I see going on in the World, then I don't see why there should be an issue with me expressing that view point. We see it in all forms of music, not just Rap music. Then, why shouldn't we be able to speak our minds?" 

Bun was also asked about rumors regarding his aspirations to be in politics. Bun said he is not planning to run for office, but said that if he were to decide to enter politics, he would "start somewhere in city council."  

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  • One

    This shits been happening. Remember Project Pat? When he broke his parole terms, the court use his album, "Layin' the Smack Down" as evidence to put him back in jail. Majority of his earlier albums he put out; he was locked up.

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  • Jermaine

    I bet you don't see a lot of comments on this articl which is about real life issus and politics that has something to do with music. If it's about Drake, Kendrick or album sales. You would have had like 50 comments already.lol

    • Doctor

      You're right, people care more about bullshit than serious topics. And then they'd be asking how Hip Hop died LOL while these niggas the same niggas hanging around those Lil Wayne & Drake topics...

    • Anonymous

      Lord Jamar articles get the most comments are they not talkin about real issues like racism?

  • fuccya

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