Big Boi Discusses OutKast Reunion

Big Boi says the OutKast reunion is "for the fans."

Big Boi, one half of the OutKast duo with Andre 3000, recently spoke about what it means to plan a reunion festival run for this year. In an interview with Revolt, Big Boi also explained why the duo came together this year.  

"We celebrating 20 years of milestones in our careers," Big Boi says. "It's for the fans. Can't wait to get on stage with brother 3 Stacks and you know, kill 'em. It's a long time to still be doing music at a high caliber and having fun doing it." 

Earlier this month, OutKast confirmed a festival tour reunion in a Facebook post.

"Outkast will return to the stage with a full festival run of over 40 dates to celebrate 20 years since Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik," the Facebook post reads. 

Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik is the duo's debut album, one that was released in 1994.  

This year, OutKast's festival run will include Coachella

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  • J-Wizzle

    Can't wait for a Overcast reunion! I'm his number one fan!! I just love Andre 2,500 he's my favourite rapper of all time!!

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  • Mortis

    so excited I just donkey punched myself

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  • Anonymous

    i'd rather have an album. They were never that great live. They probably won't even share the stage for most of the show. They will take turns doing solo shit probably, blah. If I go and don't see shit from SPCM and Aquemini and Stankonia I would want my money back, no i aint talkin so fresh and ms. jackson i'm talking bout that Gangsta Shit.

    • R.Pgh

      don't know about the 'never that great live' talk... Everytime I've seen one of their live shows they killed it. Don't hold your breath for Gangster Shit. Dudes have 2 dozen singles that 9 out of 10 hip hop fans can recite front to back, so you can rest assure that's what they'll focus on.

    • Huawiza

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  • Anonymous

    Who the fuck are these clowns?

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