Grammys In Review: Top Grammy Stories Since 2008

Here's a look at some of the most-viewed Grammy-related stories since 2008, including Kanye West, 50 Cent and Eminem.

The 56th Annual Grammy Awards is set to air tonight (January 26) from Los Angeles, California. Kendrick Lamar, Imagine Dragons and Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are slated to perform at tonight's event, where Jay Z, Drake and Kanye West are among the nominated emcees

With that on deck, here's a look at some of the most-viewed Grammys-related stories since 2008. 

Kanye West Speaks On Album Of The Year Nomination Snub For 2012 Grammys

In 2011, Kanye West felt that his My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album was snubbed for the Album of the Year category for the 2012 Grammy Awards. He discussed this at the time, explaining how it might have been his fault. 

“Something I figured out earlier today - because you know, everybody came to me last night like, ‘Congratulations!’ because you know I’m leading the Grammy nominations this year. Like we always do it this time,” West said at the time. “But, people focus, they say, ‘You ain’t got Album of the Year or Record of the Year.’ But I figured out, that’s my fault for dropping Watch the Throne and Dark Fantasy the same year. I should have just spaced it out a little bit more. But don’t worry, because me and Hov gon’ keep on making shit.” 

Eminem Wears Alcoholics Anonymous Necklace, Drops Expletive At Grammys

In 2011, Eminem made headlines when he performed at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards while wearing a necklace with a triangle on it. The triangle he wore, according to The Hollywood Reporter, represents unity, recovery and service to the Alcoholics Anonymous community. 

Eminem won two Grammys that year for his Recovery release, an album which features several lyrics about his fight with addiction and journey with sobriety.

During the year's Grammys event, one of Eminem's expletives aired and escaped CBS' censorship. 

"Live events are unpredictable for network programmers as well as the audience," a CBS spokesperson said to The Hollywood Reporter. "Our Program Practices group worked diligently throughout the Grammys to enforce broadcast standards during the live telecast and for the edited West Coast edition."

50 Cent Talks Grammys & Kanye West

In 2008, 50 Cent spoke about feeling that he is often overlooked by several award shows, including the Grammys. During the interview, 50 also spoke about how Kanye West is often recognized by award shows. 

"I did say, 'Kanye gets the trophies, 50 gets the checks' [in a previous interview]," 50 said to MTV at the time. "I was saying that because when the awards shows came, they overlooked me, forgot to acknowledge my accomplishments. Anytime the Grammys came, every time the award shows came, they overlooked me. You know why because of where I come from and how I was raised. They project that to middle America. Oh my goodness, their kids might wanna be like me!"

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    The Seattle hip-hop duo just won three straight awards: rap album for The Heist, rap performance for Thrift Shop and rap song, also for Thrift Shop. In the latter, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis not only beat Kanye Wests bracing New Slaves but also the feel-good tale of success Started From the Bottom from Drake. The big loser, however, is local artist Kendrick Lamar. Grammy voters went with the more pop-leaning Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, an act that often delivers hip-hop as if it were arena rock, rather than the more hard-hitting street-life tales favored by Lamar.

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