Jay Z's Original "Reasonable Doubt" Tracklist Revealed To Public

An early tracklisting for Jay Z's debut album has just been released and features titles of songs that have never been released in any capacity.

Jay Z's Reasonable Doubt has long been heralded as one of his most acclaimed releases. Even Jay himself named the album his personal best.

Now, a new revelation has been released about Jay Z's debut album–the believed to be original tracklisting for the project. 2DopeBoyz in coordination with the album’s art director/designer, Adrien Vargas, have made public an early version of Reasonable Doubt's tracklist.

The list features 17 tracks (not including a bonus for "Dead Presidents [Remix]") as opposed to the 14 on the mid-'90s released version. The songs “The Hurt,” “Tell Me,” and “Hot” apparently did not make the album and have never surfaced in any format.

Reasonable Doubt was released on June 25, 1996. It peaked at #23 on the US Billboard 200 and charted for 18 weeks. In 2002, it attained platinum status after becoming gold within its first five months. Upon release, the album received good reviews, including four mics in The Source magazine.

View the newly released early tracklisting below:

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  • Anonymous

    Why is this news? No wonder Obama stopped trying.

  • Bryce

    people can hate on Jay-Z all they want, but the man truly is the king of rap. You don't believe me? Ask any rapper who is currently in the conversation about who they think the king is. Jay-Z's name will be mentioned more than anyone else. You can say he ripped off Biggie's flow, but so did a lot of rappers. The only difference is that Jay is successful. So people, stop hating on the man just because he has more classics than your favorite rapper. P.s. calling him Gay-Z is uncreative and homophobic, so come up with another nickname to show your unwarranted disapproval.

  • Anonymous

    stupid ass hip hop site with a bunch of haters hating on arguably the most popular rapper of our generation. Talking mad shit aint stoppin jays shine. He is still the man and can still put on a good verse. No wonder this site puts up Jamar shit all the time and has retards agreeing with him. Most of y'all are troll ass hating fuck boys. Jesus...

  • ola dioss

    wow mad jay-z hate, 5 years ago half of you were on his nutsack, now all a sudden its trendy to be a jay-z hater...smfh what a bunch of faggots.

  • IAmMrHollywood

    I wonder if he'll release those tracks or do a repackaged version of "'Doubt"?-I don't think it's too late.

  • Rochelle Foote

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  • Henrik

    Memphis Bleek was supposed to be on Can I Live? Kind of glad he wasn't.

  • tigerking79

    Jay-Z had to change the songs in order to make his album sound more like Biggie. Jay-Z is a great rapper and Reasonable Doubt is a great album, but Jay-Z completely ripped off of Biggie's style and flow. Jay-Z has ripped off of a lot rappers in his career, that's why he has had so many disappointing albums. You can listen to him on songs in '94 and '95 and his flow was completely different than on Reasonable Doubt.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah he doesn't need to rip off Biggie's Style cause he pretty much took mostly all of his good lines and quotes. Mrs Wallace should have a big check every Jay-z album

    • Anonymous

      yea Jay actually toured with big daddy kane as well so ripping off biggie sounds stupid.

    • thinkseven30

      It's actually called growth. FYI Big and Jay-Z styles both come from Big Daddy Kane's style. If you really listened to both Big's and Jay-Z, especially back then, their styles were completely different.

    • name

      Let em hate for speaking the truth. Good shit.

    • Anonymous

      Yo, you said Blueprint 3 is a top 3 Jay album...your opinion ain't shit.

  • Logic

    here is a raw tracklist https://soundcloud.com/logicinthechi/tour-a-poor-mans-soul-logic-in

  • Anonymous

    Jay got mad unreleased tracks that we're gonna be on the blueprint and bp2....i heard em all n they're all bangers

  • Robert'sVision

    same album that Jay Z begged Nas and AZ to be on...lol..I think The Black Album was his best album

    • Anonymous

      lol Blue print 3 is like up there with his worst albums. opinion but Blueprint 1 is Jay best album don't care how much he wants to promote that Reasonable Doubt shit. Reasonable Doubt is second Black and American Gangsta is up for grabs at 3. And HardKnock life is his 5th. Dynasty was hot too. The rest of Jay's Album are mediocore to wack. Jay-Z make Albums that hit for the first week, then get wack the second week. The six albums I named are all good tho. Another thing, All of his albums sound almost the same. Or at least all of his albums follow the same formula. He tried to be a little conscious on Kingdom come and look how that trash came out. Also on Jay_Z (in my life Vol 1) The album he considers to be his worst album, he try to be a little conscious too. His conscious are deep on that album but the commercial songs were terrible. Still wasn't as bad as some of his other albums. Actually wasn't bad at all but since Jay-Z promoted that way that's what its gonna be.

    • Anonymous

      BLUEPRINT 3??? LMAOOO!!!

    • tigerking79

      The Black Album was horrendous. Jay-Z's best albums are Reasonable Doubt, Blueprint, and Blueprint 3.

    • Huawiza

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  • Not Impressed

    I remember hearing he wanted Nas/AZ on "Bring It On" and Nas on "Dead Presidents" as well, but they turned him down. Maybe it would have been a better album if they were on it. Reasonable Doubt was undoubtedly Jay-Z's best album, but still not on the level of other albums of that era. I still play OB4CL and Illmatic all the time, I never play this. I'm not impressed

  • burnieblue

    Who cares? This is jay-z's best piece of work. But if it was so good, why has he had to go so hard to push it? True artists let the work speak for itself. Jay-z is a rip-off artist with a bunch of light minded fans. OC's..."Word Life" album is way better than the over rated "reasonable doubt." But he didn't suck anyone off for radio spins, and promotion. Anyone over 30 can name 20 better albums that came out in the same year.

    • Anonymous

      @burnieblue: you must have read one of my comments. 1996 Resonable doubt nobody was checking for that shit. Sure it was hot but in 1996 Nas dropped(it was written) Mobb Deep dropped(Hell on Earth) Tupac dropped (7days and All eyes on me). Fugees came out with the Score. Redman had the Whut Album. Lost Boys had Legal Drug Money. Bone Thugs had east 1999. Outkast had their Album. List goes on and on. Not to mention in 1995 Az dropped Do or Die, Kool G rap dropped his shit(forgot the name now) and Raekwon dropped his shit(obfcl) Not to mention 2pac dropped Me against the world and Mobb Deep had the classic Infamous.(well all the albums I named were classic) Sure Reasonable doubt is a classic(not instant) cause no artist promoted an albums years later like Jay. And its still a classic. But in 1996 there were album better then Reasonable doubt. Not saying all the albums I named was better. But most of them were. Especially in 1996.

    • Anonymous

      yeah o.c. and a.g. them niggas is underrated and not as acknowledged as they should be.

    • Jim

      @Anonymous If you think O.C.'s classic album is "obscure" and "poorly mixed" then you don't know anything about hip-hop, it's one of the greatest hip-hop albums ever made, with some of the greatest producers, and "Time's Up" is better than any Jay-Z song.

    • Anonymous

      Oh yeah, Jay-Z is terrible. Terrible. No flow/lyrics/presence/personality, no interesting albums or bangin songs, all bullshit. Man, one of the faces of Hip-Hop ain't shit right? I'd rather bump some obscure, poorly mixed and recorded records that only 100 dudes heard of because I'm special.

  • 666


  • 666


  • crazy mother fucker 666 leather face

    666 out the nites

  • jasonnns


  • Anonymous

    who gives a flying fuck about this... SMH.

  • The Best n Realest

    Hov is factual n actual in his rap thats why lame blacks who want to hear gun shot in rap n see album cover of niggas with blood on them or posing with guns. That shit have never been cool all you fool get in return with that type of rap is stupid niggas trying to u fools what you like. Y'all should stay stupid like y'all have always been why Hov make history n stay winning. You rat bastard

  • Whorida

    I loved the first Dead Presidents track and wish that was on there instead of Part II. Also I was surprised In My Lifetime wasn't on there. Anyways don't matter, it was still his best album and actually mad underrated at that time.

  • Wash My Car

    Do y'all run out of stuff to write on Jay Z or nah? I heard he wiped his butt, you want to write an article on that too?

  • Anonymous

    Lol There's a new group call cb4 wit: officer ricki. wale. plies. n gunplay

  • jiggAfan

    Great Album but this list is strictly for publicity. pure bs.

  • bigfoot

    One of the greatest albums ever, after this he stopped trying. Jay needs to leak his unreleased shit.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    There's a new group call cb4 wit: officer ricki. wale. plies. n gunplay

  • TASH

    Nice graffiti hand whoever wrote the titles!!

  • Anonymous

    There's a new group call cb4 wit: officer ricki. wale. plies. n gun play

  • Anonymous

    mad over rated album if you ask me but i havent heard it in a while...

    • D-Block SP

      Its a great album but I think there are other classics far superior Illmatic WU TANGS ENTER Supreme Clientele the chronic doggystyle raekwons OB4CL Mobb deep the infamous

  • Anonymous

    aint no nigga is the worst song of all time.

  • Nas Jadakiss Ghostface Killah Styles P Eminem

    Jay aint made a dope album since the black album n he aint been spitting good since American gangster too much money I guess

  • Anonymous

    most overrated artist of all time

  • anon

    who gives a fuck this album fucking blows

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