Lord Jamar Says White People "Don't Create Anything"

Exclusive: Lord Jamar also says we are heading in a direction where it will "seem odd for a black man to do Hip Hop."

In September, Lord Jamar said that Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ "Same Love” pushed an agenda that he did not approve of. In a new, exclusive interview with HipHopDX, the Brand Nubian rapper says that he doesn’t think that a White rapper should push an agenda that goes against the principles upon which Hip Hop culture was founded.

“As a White person, who is a guest to the house of Hip Hop, you don't have the right, okay, to come in and try to decide where this shit should go,” Lord Jamar says during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. "Make a Rock song saying that. Make some EDM shit promoting that. Like don't try to use our vehicle, our vehicle that we created, to promote some shit that you know we don't fuck with. That's all I'm saying. 

"I'm not saying White people can't make Hip Hop,” Lord Jamar continues. "I'm not saying you can't talk about pretty much what you want to talk about, but then again, there are boundaries to everything. If I'm making wine, I can't just put fucking beer in there and call it wine. It's no longer wine. It's something else. Don't try to tell me that, ‘Oh, Hip Hop is self expression.' Yeah Hip Hop is self-expression. It is all those things. You're right. But, everything has its parameters, and to say that Black people don't own this music is ridiculous. All cultures want to highlight their accomplishments and there's nothing wrong with that." 

Lord Jamar says that he takes issue with the fact that things created by Black people are appropriated by White people, a practice that has taken place, in music in particular, since Black people arrived in the United States.

“They [White people] don't create anything,” Lord Jamar says. "Look at all the remakes they did. Look at all the remakes they did with movies. They're not creative. We've come up with how many different genres of music as long as we've been here, in America? And they've stolen damn-near every one, to the point [where] now it seems odd for a Black man to do Rock & Roll or Country music, when the banjo is an African instrument. They just added a few more strings. Like, knock it off. And that's where Country music comes from, and then Blues and all that type of shit. Rock & Roll was a slang for fuckin' that we came up with. Okay? And so now it seems odd, and so how many years in the future will it seem odd for a black man to do Hip Hop, the way it's going? You see what I'm saying? But what will we do? What we always do. We'll come up with some other fucking shit that'll intrigue you. Some whole next kind of music that'll have you like, 'Oh my God. How did you do that?' And you'll try to shit on it at first the way you did with Hip Hop and then when you see that it's relentless, then you'll try to co-opt it."

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  • adam

    White people are great at taking what's already there and somehow making it better. I've seen this before, they may not be the originators but they have that ability to take it to the next level and then eventually calling it their own. I don't know what it is. For example, the Didge is a traditional Australian aborigine instrument. Get it? Aborigine!!! Not white. But what a white guy will do is take that instrument and play it much better than some aborigines and eventually claim it belongs to everyone. The consequence is that the general public is attracted to the white guy more than the non-white guys. The white guy will probably get more fame than the aborigine. There will be tremendous fascination with the white guy on "how did you get so good, how did you become a trend setter" and all that but no one will bother to give the aborigine the same welcome. Sort of like what Eminem and the beastie boys did before. They took rap and hip hop and sold it to the mass public. And then every one will only fall in love with the white version. That's just the way things go in the world.

  • blackindia

    I really think this is taken the wrong way, I do get what he's saying and I don't believe it's about race but reality and compare the use of cell phones and other material shit to music and culture

  • Epiff

    LOL. Why is this still on this site. It's embarrassing.

  • jon

    He's just mad a white rapper is the best right now, and is if not the goat


    How can you push hip hop on a culture and not expect those who consume the product to embrace its message and channel its might? Same Love is about repression. Hip Hop has always been about overcoming oppression. Sounds like a good fit for me. If it wasn't for the consumer, hip hop wouldn't be where it is. You can't sell cookbooks and be pissed off when people want to become chefs and make their own recipes. Poor Poor me just doesn't sell anymore, and that's a function of the success of the original drive for equality in the early days of Hip Hop. Congrats Lord J, you've won and lost at the same time.

  • Leon

    This some bullshit and Blacks who agree need to look in the mirror. This is a RACIST ideology. Jamar may "say" he aint racist but it's clear to see to anyone with a brain. If you agree with him turn yourself onto KRS-ONE for the REAL shit. Out.

  • McG

    Smh at Lord Jamar. He didn't say shit when they cut him the check for being on the white rapper show. Poor guy scratching and clawing to try and remain in the conversation.

  • World Dominator

    WOW! These conversations are taking people BACK CENTURIES! We are ALL ONE PEOPLE on ONE PLANET! To try to 'divide' people like this is to REVERSE EVOLVING as a society! EVERYTHING is a MIXTURE of everything that has come before in an evolving state moving forward. To say NO ONE can use electricity because a caucasian invented it, or no one love 'R&B' because an african started it, or blacks can't play basketball or football because a caucasian invented it...IS ABSURD! We ALL need to acknowledge that ideas & influence come from everybody & everyone is trying to live their lives best we can, express ourselves in any way we feel, & grow TOGETHER as One People on One Planet than 'segregate', divide & cause division!

  • Martina

    I am not here to bash anyone but you have to do your researched. Today's technology was already in existed back in the eypgtian days. From computers, electric, and even transportation. Now, hip hop was started in the Bronx of New York city in the African American and Hispanic communities. When the street boys was beat boxing and busting rhymes. White American called it jungle music and they didn't want to have anything to do with it. Now hip hop has changed the world, with every culture in the world listening to it. All, I am saying acknowledge where it was created. And STOP trying to steal shit and be real to yourself and other. TaTa

    • Doc's Father

      Martina's right. ^ @doc yep, sorry lil' man but they did. why don't you prove that it isn't, rather than calling someone names. Your elders lied to you. Do some research outside of 'european bias'

    • the doctor

      the egyptians had computers? egyptians utilized electricity? youre a babbling idiot with nothing more than a poor neighborhood high school education. you need to die

  • Asia Minor

    White people have been culture Vultures since 10,000 BC. This is nothing new.

  • Asia Minor

    All this crap about "white people invented everything" is false superiority. Because we all know a good majority of inventions were stolen from Black such as the very computer you are typing on which was developed by Dr.Mark Dean, a BLACK MAN. Thomas Edison stole 90% of his inventions from a Black Man.... Also if you want to get deep into it, the Greeks learned all of their knowledge from the Ancient Nubians, Ancient Kemet and Imhotep the real father of medicine... ALL BLACK CIVILIZATIONS. NOW LETS GET BACK ON SUBJECT... Hiphop is being stolen by whites, not only in the corporate world, but the culture itself. The fact that "Eminem" is considered as a figure in hiphop is more proof than anything.. Black people do not listen to Eminem, he is an artist that was FORCED on the culture by major labels. The fact we have people like Justin Bieber, Iggy Azealea, as top artist is proof this culture if being destroyed... White people are dressing like us, talking like us, listening to our music.. But at the same time still racist. I don't have time to type everything... But white people are stealing our culture while simultaneously making the Black Race complete satire. Hiphop is OUR SH*T period. It's so sad whats happening to hiphop culture.. I miss the days when white people listened to their own music, and left out culture, our women, our way of speaking, our way of dressing, alone.... They are complete copy cats. CULTURE VULTURES.

    • Jamar

      Blacks actually didn't create hip hop their genius, pick up a history book. It was by native cultures which us blacks then took and decided to add some rhyming to it. But rhyming is also nothing new and something us Blacks didn't create either, hell Dr. Seuss was rhyming before you idiots think you created it.

  • AaronCaine

    Seems to me tables on this fuckin site turned. Why to the fuck dam near all non-whites comments on here get turn to racism? Ya'll think its alright to openly put out there fuck whites basiclly. Fuck whites in the game, fuck whites on promotion, fuck whites that buy the albums? How about this: FUCK ALL YA'LL RACISTS. Regardless of what color you are. Fucking back peddling with ya'll's struggle. Was'nt it a black thing 20 years ago, to kill stereotypes, and racism? Now here we are Black President and all. And you dumb ass's still fueling the hate. On real, What's wrong with whites in rap? Don't get insecure, we aint no better than anyone else. We all aint White Power Skinheads that's gonna kill your Genere. Were are all a product of our environments, and enjoy whatever music we choose, like anyone else. Unfortunately everyone struggles and not only blacks have hardships. So NOW more than ever, we can all relate to what Hip Hop is. And feel the truth in the message, because were there too, were in the ghetto too, were in these prisons too, were getting stereotyped, all that shit. But if your getting insecure, up your game! Don't play the race card. It's fuckin 2014 that shit's irrelevant. BTW,, I am White i do rap. How many times you think ive been stereotyped, by whites and blacks ALIKE? (Bigger Picture- If i die will God accept my white or black soul?) yeah bullshit right. So is Racism.. Kill this white black shit. AaronCaine - AKA A white Rapper.

  • Anonymous

    Typical self important know nothing know it all, Lord Jamar is just a racist idiot

  • Mitch

    "White people don't create anything." Yes, I notice all the black people using cell phones, cameras, cars, televisions, airplanes, elevators, satellites, vaccines, antibiotics, knives, guns, silverware, tractors, electricity, nuclear power, irrigation, water purification, and food-canning techniques developed by the African Institute of Technology. When a white man says 'hoe,' he thinks of an implement that moved agriculture forward by thousands of years, not yet another way to degrade women. As to black music, jazz and the blues originated on instruments created by whites, with chords and notes identified and put into writing by whites, often updating white folk songs that date back hundreds of years. Did whites borrow and incorporate ideas from black musicians? Of course, and blacks did the same. Only to a warped racial supremacist like "Lord Jamar (Lorenzo Dechalus) does one race "own" a musical form. There are Japanese bluegrass bands, and whites, unlike racist blacks, welcome them in without imposing racial dominance on them. Then again, whites and other ethnicities can get together without killing each other, like black men, who strut around with their chests out, eager to find beef over disrespect for their fragile egos.

    • Anonymous

      Mitch you have to be the dumbest emeffer to walk on this side. Go back inside of the imaginary room before somebody throws up on you.

  • Anybody

    I see hip hop been taken over by people who call themselves WHITE who have no LOVE RESPECT or INNER-STANDING of Original Hip Hop, the MOVEMENT or the people. Once again People who call themselves WHITE are OUTRAGED by A man who shared his view of the truth. People who call themselves white are RACSIST because they consider themselves WHITE....everybody ELSE is labeled as "something" else. SO dont FAKE like all that RACIST HATEFUL BS that has been perpetuated by people who call themselves white is the people they HATE fault. The people in this HipHopDX is no longer in the "struggle" or "movement" which movitated the music. NOW We the "bad guys" and people who call themselves white are "insulted" they cannot control our MINDS. I know the truth. Lord Jamar is not saying anything RACIST only the TRUTH all this other BS below is hateful stupid limited thinkers who only see the statistics on FOX NEWS and call that so called "Black" Culture. Stop trying to define us and label us and predict us and murder our creative contributions to this plant

    • Kyle

      You have nothing to complain about. If you think the whites are claiming hip hop, it's because black people allowed the art form to die. Ever since biggie and tupac died, hip hop has been dead. Remember 50 cent? DMX? remember lil john? remember those no talent ass clowns? Everyone loved them back in the day, they're the reason hip hop is dead. If you want to knock beiber, and macklemore that's fine, because I agree with you they blow. But if you're gonna complain about them, you have to complain about any rapper who has been out since 2000.

  • Mike D

    It's official, Lord Jamar is Illuminati. He is the biggest advocate for the promotion of racisim and segregation since the founding fathers of this country. The only reason we read these racial hate articles 3 times a week is because the illuminati wants you all to hate eachother so you stay focused on eachother instead of who is really the problem. The ruling elite. Lord Jamar is either one of their puppets or just so ignorant that he doesnt realize that he is working for them for free. If you hate someone for the color of their skin you are a brainwashed retard and the planet would greatly benefit from your suicide. Peace.

    • Angela

      You either cannot read or trying to starts some bullshit.. Lord Jamar did not say he hated people who call themselves White. He said he Hate the fact they STEAL our music and then push us out. The racism is coming from the WHITE people toward US.

  • Mike

    White people don't create anything except for almost all the inventions and technology that modern life depends on including computers, electricity etc. And the record player that made hip-hop possible to begin with.

    • Hoshepshu

      Another fucking lie.. You must be deliberately ignorant or trying to start some shit or just plain stupid and dumb. It was a Black man who developed the cell phone idiot. It was a black man who developed the internet fool, it was once again White people stole our inventions and creations and then happily PRETEND like they innocent of this horrible crime against hue-manity

  • your jumper is weak

    Man you jumper is bullshit like your knowledge. You and Sadat are silver spoon babies..lol. If you grew up in the real projects you would have moved to Pelham..lol.

  • Davenport

    Yo..Lord J, who was it in again who played hockey? Oh that's right- you little brother- and he dated that white devil for all them years. lol- fraud.

  • AL80

    Man that chip on your shoulder must weigh a tonne Jamar,so whites aren't creative and you try and use movie remakes as point as well?,lol get the fuck outta here whites are not only responsible for creating cinema but are responsible for the best movies ever made.btw who created OZ that show you acted on?oh thats right a white guy called Tony Montana,obviously he was creative enough for you to want to be part of his show,fuckhead.

    • Anonymous

      Another BS comment. NO WE specifically created HIP HOP now people who call themselves white wanna usurp it and PUSH US OUT.....like you trynna do NOW.....stop FAKING like young white teenagers came up with HipHop STOP IT and now its OKAY for people who call themselves WHITE to create AGENDAS for HIP HOP and they did not create the music or the MOVEMENT. DUH....Your the racist hateful hater who cannot stand to see Brown skinned, woolly haired people in this country have something of their OWN>

  • doc bronson

    if you want to hear what people REALLY think of Lord Jamar and Kanye West, check this stuff out http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theinsidejoke/2014/01/21/the-inside-joke-episode-27-jack-bristow-interview-andy-kaufman-his-death

  • Stud

    You all are ignorant as shit and Lord Jamar is a 5% which means he is 10X more ignorant than all of you. His stupid ass black supremacist ideology is horeshit invented by oppressed people who want to feel power. Every single "black" genre of music is mixed and influenced by and with European music as well. Not just the instruments, but the chords, the entire Western music scale (including the pentatonic scale "blues" scale that has been in European classical music FOREVER), the harmonies and melodies, shit pretty much everything except the swung rhythm (which is what all modern popular music is based on.) Country music is heavily HEAVILY related to the English and Celtic ballad styles and traditions. In fact, Chuck Berry's "Maybelline" is a cover of an old English/American folksong named "Ida Red". This who "blacks invented music and whites stole it" is not just FACTUALLY wrong, its a result of a fucking dumbshit cult like garbage like NOI, 5%, and other fake made up black power ideologies. Ya'll think you're smart but you're insanely ignorant and believe dumb shit. How would you like it if we called all your music "White music" since its 50/50 European and African derived? How would you like it if we called everything you wear "White clothes" "white cars" "white sports" and "white food". I bet you would drop the black music shit real quick. And yeah, HIp Hop is black music.. it came from blackness. Other forms of American music are merely inspired, influenced, or derived from. The fact that people who were black played music that influenced the world doesn't mean that any of you blacks on here have done that so SHUT THE FUCK UP already. And get off the white man's computer and internet you damn thieves.

  • Anonymous

    Yo somethings is meant to keep to yourself. You think these white folks don't know that they took everything from us and made it corny. Rock and Roll, Blues,Country and now Hip Hop to the point some cornballs think Eminem is the best rapper ever with his 3 good albums and the rest is trash catalogue. They know they take our shit, but you can't express yourself like this cause then you come off racist. But its true 100%. The Blues, Rock and Hip Hop. You have to be blind to not see that. Im not sure if any of you ever see the five heartbeats. Its sort like when the group had some promoter, and the promoter brought some white group(band) to sing one of their songs. That band took the words but the soul was gone. This White group really tried to run off with the Five Heartbeat song. That's pretty much how hip hop has become. WIth that said White boys is still nice in Rap. Also Whiteboy(beastie boys, 3rd Bass) have been in Hip Hop a long time. Lets stop acting like these dudes just started rapping. One more thing I also hate that gay shit. Its obvious to sell records. Who makes gay records if you not gay. Also that song is fucking terrible.

    • Anonymous

      "ou think these white folks don't know that they took everything from us and made it corny. Rock and Roll, Blues,Country and now Hip Hop" yes only blacks should be allowed to make corny art

  • ice

    fuck off. that's why the greatest rapper ever is fucking white. sure, hip hop is a predominately black music genre, but when it comes to actual talent and penmanship, a white man tops the list. the top selling hip hop artist is white. fuck a lord jamar, his racist ass.

  • Anonymous

    what has Lord Jamar created in the last 15 years?

  • Anonymous

    i thought it was all about unity for all common man.....this guys got issues

  • Lord Jamar

    Fuck white people, all of you

  • Lucifer

    666 comments thats sweet

  • Anonymous

    The amount of replies Lord Jamar's opinions generates is amazing. Someone is getting their chain yanked. LOL.

  • White Person

    Happy Negro Day Lord Jamar

    • Some Body

      Yay! Happy Nappy Day. All the people who call themselves White when away. Left nature and her offspring to live grow and play. YAY goodbye! Happy Nigritian Day! Happy Nappy Day! Happy Negro Day!!!! Happy Negro Day....No more black and white issues to play!!! Yay.....everybody can be themselves now. Bye bye people who call themselves white go find somebody else to fight out in space. SEE YA! Please dont leave a single soul when you go!!!!!!

    • MenAb

      It will be a Happy Nigritian Day when all the People who call themselves White take a Rocket Ship to Mars and Never return. Happy Nigritia, Negro Niggah Day Beloved! The haters, the separators, the lablers and the crazies(ie people who call themselves WHITE) have now left the planet!!!!! We are free to MOVE AROUND!!! YAY Happy NAPPY DAY!!! DING DONG THE BEAST IS GONE!

  • street

    when a real nigga walks by in the streets you wiggas get shook real nigga shit

    • Anonymous

      No silly, he's not talking about being robbed or anything like that, just real nigga shit, you know dookie, poop, poo, even farts, I get a bit shaken around those things so I can see his point, doodie balls are smelly.

    • Anonymous

      its true i do get shook because everytime i ever been robbed or mugged it was a nigga

    • Anonymous

      I am definitely shaken by real nigga shit, well, any shit basically, it's just so unpleasant & smelly. In fact, I don't like being around poopie at all, it's gross.

  • street

    white people need to get off our site. Stop trying to steal our shi. You wiggas need to stop trying to be like us cause you never will be. Stick to your rock music and hockey leave hiphop and basketball out of it its our shit you pussy ass wigga.

    • Kyle

      We can be where we want. Why don't you get the fuck off of our internet faggot.

    • According to street

      According to street: White people need to get off this site (ok white people, you heard what street said, we can't come back to this site because street said so). Stop Trying to steal our shi (Street is so cool, he doesn't need to put the T at the end of shit). Wiggas need to stop trying to be like us because they will never be like us (Sorry Wiggas, you'll never be apart of the 12% of people that most people from all different races frown upon and can't fuckin stand). White people must stick to rock and hockey (wait, I thought blacks created rock?? first you bitch about how we stole it and now your telling us to keep it??). Leave hip hop and basketball alone its our shit you pussy ass wiggas ( Actually basketball was created by whites, so blacks are a guest in the house of football and basketball. Why do they have to steal our shit? they never create anything. Hey, this is fun. By the way, I'm not a wigga so try again street bitch)

    • Anonymous

      without white people there would be no website for you to bitch about white people been keeping this genre alive for years, who you think buys all the albums?

    • Hard

      YEAH! Leave all the dry buttholes to us, real talk fam

  • DJJ

    I lost respect for this Lord Jamar after reading this. C'mon man I thought it was about equality for all men ? If it is it should not matter the color of anybody's skin then, right ? Well Mr. Jamar that is called a double standard there and that is very hypocritical to say that a certain race owns a genre of music. PEACE AND LOVE TO EVERY RACE AND PERSON ON EARTH. NOBODY OWNS ANYTHING. GET YOUR MIND RIGHT AND GET KNOWLEDGE OF SELF BUDDY. PEACE. LONG LIVE HIP-HOP FOR ANYBODY OF ANY COLOR THAT WANTS TO SPREAD TRUTH AND LOVE THROUGH IT'S POWER TO REACH PEOPLE..

  • Fatal honeymoon

    Blondie invented hip hop

  • According to Lord Jamar!

    According to Lord Jamar: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis pushed an agenda that Lord Jamar did not approve of (apparently you must get Lord Jamar's approval before pushing any kind of agenda if you are making a rap song). White people are guest in the house of hip hop. If you want to make a song about gay rights, do it on an EDM song or a rock song (but wait, I thought blacks created rock?? and didn't Frank Ocean make a love song dedicated towards a man?? I mean, if you ask me that's more gay then saying you support gay rights). White people are allowed to make hip hop and talk about pretty much anything but there are some limits. Lord Jamar understands that mixing whine and beer aren't a good combo. Black people own hip hop (Jesus Christ Lord Jamar, Macklemore just said he supports gay marriage, who the fuck said anything about blacks not owning hip hop???). Lord Jamar takes issue with the facts that things created by Black People are appropriated by white people. White people don't create anything (Not one damn thing!). The remake everything. Especially all the movies they remade. (Jaws - created by a black man, Jurassic park - created by a black man, so on and so on). White people are not creative (Every white artist, author, filmmaker, musician = Not Creative!!) Whites have stolen every genre from blacks (Those Thiefs!!!). It's odd for a black man to do Rock & Roll and country (Hey, it's not our fault that no blacks want to do country, but wait, didn't Darius Rucker have one of the biggest country hits of 2013?? didn't Nelly hop on a country remix??). The Banjo is an African instrument. Lord Jamar is the only person that still says Rock & Roll. In the future, it will be odd to see a black person making hip hop (it all started with that damn Macklemore song, never mind that there were dozen of white rappers before him). Black people will come up with a new genre and whites will steal it (Of course we will, we're the white music bandits). We will be amazed by this new genre (I can't wait!). What will Lord Jamar say next week? I can't wait to find out!

  • Anonymous

    Black people are guests in the house of basketball and skateboarding

  • kennyken

    lord jamar, just chill man. speak words that people will start listening and following. I feel you brother, but you are not going about it correctly.

  • ND

    Africa is more developed than you know. Have you been there? I bet you haven't. Conspiracy Theories. There are many countries in Africa that have skyscrapers and are more modern than the US. Not just South Africa. Oh, I guess you think South Africa is the only developed place in Africa. LOL. Think I'm lying. Google it. Everything you spewing shows your lack of intelligence being condition from American propaganda. Look up the term Institutional Racism. Even your own kind admit this and have even written books on the subject. You speak from a bias and I speak from fact. Please come with something better or just leave your comments to yourself. Whites steal and commit murder but not many of them in prison. Hmm I wonder why.

    • RealTalk

      And can you actually agree with this and think this is coming from someone with sense? They [White people] don't create anything, Lord Jamar says. "Look at all the remakes they did. Look at all the remakes they did with movies. They're not creative." It's just laughable. He obviously doesn't know a lot about film.

    • RealTalk

      Look at any statistics on poverty, homelessness, life expectancy, infant mortality rate, etc. And 90% of the countries near the top of the list are from Africa. So no, not many countries in that continent are very 'developed' unfortunately. More Europeans do not have AIDS than Africans either from your previous comment. Again you are WRONG. Why are you spreading these lies? Have you heard the saying, 'Don't let the truth get in the way of a good story'? I guess that is your motto. Or maybe you are the one who has been lied to for most of your life. You are better off keeping your fingers away from the keyboard ND. You continue to spew out this racist nonsense, and are in agreement with Lorenzo Dechalus (I refuse to call him a Lord), who needs to get over what ever he is upset about. He had a good run with Brand Nubian, he needs to accept that he is done. He is racist, homophobic, close minded, and also spews out incorrect facts, just like you. He is wrong for saying white rappers are guests for so many reasons mentioned throughout the 13 pages of comments in this article. Whites are insecure? As 'facts' pointed out, if a white person says absolutely anything that could in any way be interpreted as being one iota racist they are called out for it. Which may be fair enough given the history of racism, but please man, no one is insecure, racism has no place, and pricks like Lorenzo Dechalus just need to remember that this is music and do a little research into all the people with pigment other than black who have moved the genre forward.

    • lets see...

      Have I been to Africa? No, but you don't have to go there to know about it. Most of the countries in Africa are poor, dangerous, and are infested with disease. Shit, the U.S. has a travel advisory for half of them. Institutional Racism?? Yeah, a term made up by black power activists and supported by libtards. And the fuck?? how are you going to talk about racism when your sitting here supporting a guy who is clearly racist? Whites steal and commit murder by not many are in prison. Who?

  • Fun Facts About Blacks!!

    28% of all black males in the U.S. will end up in prison/ 1 out of 9 black mothers used illicit drugs while pregnant in the U.S,/ Over half of all non-white males in the U.S. will be arrested and charged with a serious felony at least once during their lives/ Out of all groups, black females are the most overweight in the U.S./ Blacks are 4.5 times more likely to be on welfare then any other race/ Over 75% of the world's AIDS carriers are black/ You see Lord Jamar, it seems like blacks have bigger problems then white people "stealing" their music". How about you and scarface start making good music if you think hip hop is starting to be too "white". Oh no, your both too stupid for that. It's a lot easier to go on twitter and say "it be da white man fault, takin r muzic and shiit"

    • According to pete

      According to Pete: He can't believe people argue over the internet (Pete is so fucking badass). Plus write whole paragraphs (Pete has trouble reading, so a whole paragraph takes him a whole 20 mins). Nobody has time to read that shit (Shorten your paragraphs people! so pete has time to read it!) Pete says it's lame (Well I mean, bitching about people arguing on the internet and bitching about how much they write seems pretty lame as well...)

    • pete

      cant believe you idiots agrue on the internet. plus write whole paragraphs. lol nobody has time to read that shit. lame

    • Anonymous

      What do white people rap about??? It varies. What do black people rap about?? money, hoes, cars, drugs, selling drugs, muhh Diickk, haters, other blacks, shooting other blacks, molly, etc

    • According To Eastcomments

      According to Eastcomments: If you hate your own mother, you hate everybody. Everybody Has a mother. You can't talk trash about the Ghetto Boys because of what Bushwick did for his mother. Eastcomments knows how every single white kid talks to their mother. Black people talk different (Well Obviously. Black woman raised white kids during slavery. Don't come at Eastcomments saying he/she doesn't write proper (Even though his comment is filled with spelling and grammar mistakes). He Also speaks 7 different languages! ooooo!! He also grew up in Africa and never been to the states. Hey question, how come the Africans sold their own people to the evil white devils to take to the new world as slaves? I mean since you know a thing or two about slavery. And sorry I don't eat dick

    • Eastcomments

      Shut the fvck up you morron!!!.. Black people used to adress all those problems in hip hop making people awared,...now what you white people rap about!!??.. like Eminem dissin and disrespecting his own mother who brought him into this world!!!...hating ur own mother equal hating everybody!!!,..everybody has a mother!!!... Now you want to talk trash about the Ghetto Boys???... Do some research about Bushwick,...and what he did for his mother... We all know how you white ungreatfull kids talk to ur parents!!!.... Black people talk different!!!....dont forget who used to raise them white kids during slavery!!.. yes A BLACK WOMAN!!!.... These are the things you should know before making ignorant statements,... Im African grew up listening to Hip Hop all my life and never been in the states!!!. Speak about 7 languages,..so dont come at me saying I dont write proper,...who cares but u understand this....EAT A D1CK!!!!...

    • Anonymous

      I bet a white guy fucked ND girlfriend.

    • facts

      Lord Jamar is a racist clown. Plain and simple. If a white person came out publicly and said anything he was saying about blacks, then they would be called a racist. You guys are the ones who are insecure by saying whites are stealing hip hop away from blacks just because Macklemore had 3 big rap songs last year. Make hits, make good rap songs if you don't like the way it is. This whole article is fucking stupid. Lord Jamar is a washed up racist troll. And ND, wake the fuck up. Your going to get no where in life blaming whites for all of your problems. This isn't the 1960's Jim Crow laws era, this is 2014.

    • ND

      Lord Jamar is telling the truth. He's not complaining. The dude said you're guest. Whats wrong with that? I'm saying more negative things about whites than Lord Jamar has ever said. This shows how insecure you whites are. You just mad because somebody had the balls to tell the truth and the truth hurts. Sorry but its true. Your lies about Africa is garbage. More Europeans have Aids than Africans. Look it up. LOL. You need to travel to see the world and understand you have been lied to for most of your life. No Conspiracy Theories over here.

    • ND = getting owned

      Blacks are in jail because they commit crimes. People who use conspiracy theories to say its racism are dumb and can't bring themselves to admit the problem and truth. Genetically inferior? Why is Africa the most least developed continent in the world? (well besides Antarctica). Bullshit statistics? Nope, anyone with common sense can see that there pretty believable. Whites have more problems? Name them. Ohh wait you did, head lice??? nah, I think 28% of a race's males ending up in prison or the woman being the most overweight is a bigger problem then head lice. Whites always cheat on test? so, every successful white person are where there at because they cheated? again, more stupid ass conspiracy theories. The rest of the world is surpassing us? Give details on that one, not a conspiracy theory. You will be the one laughing? when that day comes, I'll come back here and say your right. Lord Jamar doesn't need to do shit to prove he's relevant? No, technically not, but usually when someone not happy about something, they do something about it, not go on a website and bitch and blame somebody about it. Next time come up with a better argument instead of using a bunch of conspiracy theories.

    • ND

      I guess you guys don't believe that institutional racism is the reason more blacks are in jail than whites. Oh, you take the stance that blacks are genetically inferior thats why you spew all your bullshit statistics. Actually you whites have more problems than we got with your lack of melanin lice infested hair. Don't claim you guys are smarter because you guys always cheated on test and got the answers handed to you. I know, I've seen it countless times. It's ok. The rest of the world is surpassing you all and the jokes is on you. We will be the ones laughing. And yes, Lord Jamar don't need to do shit to prove he's relevant. This comments section has proved it.

    • Anonymous

      dats racist.gif

  • tigerking79

    Lord Jamar is a fool. He believes in the same philosophy as white supremacists do. And he is also too much of a fool to even realize that, Ryan Lewis who sings on Mackelmore, song is black. Nobody ever listened to Brand Nubian for him. The only time you hear anything about him is when he is making bigoted comments about different ethnic groups and gays. He needs to stop following reverse white supremacy, and follow Jah Rastafari.

    • Anonymous

      "Bet ur eating porkchops and bacon!!" Bacon is great and anyone who doesn't eat it is a moron! and Ryan Lewis couldn't be further from black skinned.

    • According to Eastcomments

      According to Eastcomments: If you eat porkchops or bacon you can't talk about Rastafari. He will defend a real brother! Anytime! Anywhere! He wants to know if you are your brother's keeper or would you fuck his wife. Fuck his spelled "fvck"

    • Eastcomments

      Shut up!!!...what you know about Rastafari???.... Bet ur eating porkchops and bacon!!!...or else u wouldnt talk like that!!! I WILL DEFEND A REAL BROTHER!!!....ANYTIME ANYWHERE!!!...LORD JAMAR,..SCAREFACE!!! Are you ur brothers keeper???.....or would you fvck his wife??..

    • zzko

      Uhm Ryan Lewis is NOT black lol.

    • JohnC

      What an ignorant idiot.

  • Celeste

    Most of the comments I've read lack the intellect to adequately respond: "Lord Jamar takes issue with the fact that things created by Black people are appropriated by White people, a practice that has taken place, in music in particular, since Black people arrived in the United States." The appropriation of culture in historically marginalized communities is well known. This includes Jazz and Tango. The cycle is always the same: 1. Marginalized/poor artist with no access to instruments/equipment or materials improvises with stuff and creates something new. 2. A community of artists form and produce innovations in their art form. 3. Mainstream outlets/artists appropriate the culture and water it down. 4. It is no longer original. 5. Same marginalized group(s) improvise to create something new.

  • Anonymous

    sadat x and grand puba was the real brand nubian jamal was just the posser inn the group, he just try to make sum wack beats thats all

  • Anonymous

    lol Jamar is making these honkies mad.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    White People invented Basketball and Skateboarding....BOOM!

    • Anonymous

      James Naismith a white Canadian invented basketball you stupid moron... The Mayans hahahahah u joke

    • Eastcomments

      Bascketball was invented by the Mayans,..(do some research fool),..white people took it and like Lord Jamar is telling,..is exactly what u want to do with this Hip Hop!!!....yall took everything from religion, countries, continents and what not!!!... These are FACTS!!!...no other way around!!...deal with it...Eat a D1ck!!!...

  • Lo

    This nigga needs to get fucked up!

  • Anonymous

    Now he thinks that that new show chozen is PROGRAMMING. This guy is schizophrenic.

  • tj

    son, who is this fool? He is a nobody and this site covers him like he is a superstar? Is he a relative of someone at hiphopdx. This guy gets literally no attention but he is on this site every single week.

  • Anonymous

    Jamar is the type of nigga to believe that AIDS was man-made as an attempt to cut out the blacks.

  • killa kane

    Speaking as someone who has grown with hip hop since the days of krs and Rakim. Each decade has brought us change some good and some bad. Yes the majority of the music is trash now. Hip hop aint dead tho. Kendrick's doing his thing Nas is alive and spitting. Who cares what the color of a rapper's skin is as long as he is spitting some shit that will uplift the culture. When the founders of start whining and crying about the state of the game it takes away from their contributions. This dude put in work no doubt, but all this hating he's been doing is making him look like a bitch. No disrespect but it's obvious he feeling "some type a way". Instead of whining go make some hot shit to get ya name back and popping. Controversy only gets you soo far homie.

  • Potato_with_Jive

    MAKE.IT.STOP! This site rides Lord Jamar balls. Seriously, no one care about this guys opinion. At this point its like a cruel joke. HipHopDx credibility is suspect.

  • Hhmmmm

    Blacks are oppressed by a new burden -- achieving greatness in the light of the oppression. Except it seems that most white people are shouldering that responsibility instead of the ones who went through it. So that means it is no longer about color. Because there's a sucker from every race and a genius from each race too.

  • Mac

    Most black youth don't even know about the slavery they went through. They are sissified and detached and encourage complacency, just like most commentors here.

    • Anonymous

      They didn't go through it, there forefathers did. And no, I think most people are aware of what happened. Again though, that isn't what this is about. It is about the chip on Lord Jamar's shoulder. Music is to be shared by all. It doesn't belong to a particular color.

  • wdasdws

    if a black person starts to perpetuate the behavior and culture of white people -- are we supposed to give them a pass because of slavery? or we can expect more from them, having gone through that

  • dentaldamboy

    I just farted.

  • Anonymous

    This sack of shit doesnt care about the black race, he just wants the attention

  • Anonymous

    Martin Luther King had the foolish notion that whites and Blacks could live in peace together....whites showed him how foolish he was by blowing his face off.

    • Anonymous

      "Whites have websites dedicated to hating Black people." So what BruthaDee, 75% of your online presence is dedicated to hating on white people.

    • Anonymous

      VNN was already here spewing black hate. Then they try to paint one rapper pointing out the obvious as a bad guy. This isn't about race. There is only the human race. White people are just a majority and the wrong doing by the more often used hand is always noticeable. Jamar isn't wrong in what he's saying, he's wrong in how he's saying it.

    • Anonymous

      One sick colorblind idiot just said that Barack Obama has "Black" skin, LOL, poor kid doesent even know brown skin from Black skin. If Obama was the color of Wesley Snipes he wouldn't be president, white people feel more comfortable around beige colored and gingerbread colored negroes, they feel threatened by Dark skin people. they delight in saying that some sellout negroes killed Malcolm X but ask them why they killed the man who signed the Emancipation Proclamation to end slavery. Whites have websites dedicated to hating Black people.

    • Anonymous

      And Obama has black skin. It makes no difference what color pussy he came out of. lol.. what ever suits your argument though....

    • Anonymous

      Thomas Hagan is white??? Don't cite your conspiracy theories as being the truth fool.

    • Anonymous

      Whites killed Medger Evers, Patrice Lumumba, Steve Biko, and Fred Hampton. Whites have a strategy to assassinate Black leaders that they can't buy or control. LOL, sick freakish devils know that Obama came out of a white woman's womb and shared an ambilicle cord with a white woman for nine months yet they call him a "Black" man and act like having a half-white president somehow means that whites are somehow less racist but a half-white president received more death threats than any other president because his father wasnt white. The steongest hatred that has ever existed on this planet is the hatred that whites have for Blacks just research history if you doubt it.

    • ND

      The cops killed Malcolm X. He was shot from the top and not the front. Plus the Fed had some sell out negros on the payroll. You whites like to laugh off shit and spew shit you know nothing about.

    • Anonymous

      lol. a black guy killed malcolm x and we have a black president now. we've moved on. get over yourself.

  • Rodrigo TX

    I would love to take a baseball bat to lord jamars face right now, look at that pic, smash his face in. Let my pitbull "Tank" chow him down

    • Anonymous

      lol shout outs to the real Rodrigo TX who would never post some shit like that

    • Anonymous

      naw you don't need to accept it but you're fighting racism with racism man. Ignorance breeds ignorance.

    • ND

      Build a bridge to where? Accept the bullshit cats is saying on here? Naw, can't do that. What bandwagon shit you talking about? Anyway, hopefully you guys will pick up a book instead of getting your info from tv and movies.

    • Anonymous

      ND. Seeing all of your comments here you need to build a bridge and stop bandwagoning.

    • ND

      I guess you want to use a water hose on Lord Jamar like whites did blacks in the past. You might as well get a noose while you at it.

  • Andre

    Oh So Blacks didn't take over the NBA? and is it not "odd when a white guy can play basketball, then they get set aside later in their career?" how bout football?... How bout Latino's in Baseball?... Ok then Lord Jamar STFU you sound dumb as fuck. And everyone knows no one listened to Brand Nubian for your trash ass verses... theres a reason why Big Pooh gets more collars now a days. You just a dumb ass that gets attention for his bullshit views.

    • Anonymous

      "They don't need to drop an album stupid, its called royalties. " Royalties from what exactly? I would imagine they sell about 3 used cd's a week from the bargain bin!

    • Anonymous

      They don't need to drop an album stupid, its called royalties. They are legends, whether you've heard of them or not. It's why they can say something in an interview and 600 posts later here you are... Hating.

    • ND=DumbFuck

      You're an idiot for thinking Brand Nubian are "legends". I assure you that 90% of the people who're commenting didn't know who Brand Nubian or Lord Jamar was before he started spouting of these racist ass comments. When's that new Brand Nubian album coming out? Oh yeah, never! And if it did, in reality, who gives a fuck? Really? How many people would buy that shit anyways? What "classic" song has Lord Jamar ever even been on? How relevant is Brand Nubian in the history of hip hop? Probably as relevant as ND in the real world

    • ND

      You're an idiot if you think blacks run the NBA. Yes the players are black but the owners are White. Brand Nubian are legends and you are a loser.

  • mash

    Everyone's got their panties all in a bunch over a true statement coming from a pioneer of hip-hop!

    • tigerking79

      Lord Jamar isn't a pioneer of hip hop. Hip Hop had already been around a while before Brand Nubian came on the scene.

    • Anonymous

      some of what he says may be true but other things are racist and wrong. He is an attention seeking whore.

  • Steven Nash

    If lord jamar doesnt think blacks steal shit too, then he is truly an ignorant faggot. Just the other day some broke ass negro stole my bmx bike. I watched as he rode off with it. My point, blacks steal too. No race is perfect

  • Charlie Sheeeen

    As a white guy, I could care less about the bitter nonsense this guy is spitting off on a daily basis. He is entitled to his opinion, just like the rest of us, whether its true or not. People need to stop getting worked up on this jamar guy, he has deep opinions, but has little evidence, zero credibility, and hasnt proven a damn thing except his biased thoughts. He clearly doesnt like white people, and that should be that. Let it go.

  • Chris

    What's funny is that Jamar sounds like the whitest dude in Brand Nu.....

  • wdasdws


    • Hhmmm

      Blacks are oppressed by a new burden -- achieving greatness in the light of the oppression. Except it seems that most white people are shouldering that responsibility instead of the ones who went through it. So that means it is no longer about color. Because there's a sucker from every race and a genius from each race too..

    • Mac

      WOW ND. Most black youth don't even know about the slavery they went through. They are sissified and detached and encourage complacency, just like you are.

    • wdasdws

      if a black person starts to perpetuate the behavior and culture of white people -- are we supposed to give them a pass because of slavery? or we can expect more from them, having that struggle in their past

    • ND=DumbFuck

      Here's something real for YOU: you too are leaving comments on this post. What does that mean dumb fellow? That you too can't see beyond your hands on the keyboard? No, it just means you're a lame dude who spends time bashing white people instead of being constructive with your life. Cry me a river will smith

    • ND

      What fantasy world you living in? If blacks are bitch made I guess making it thru 400 years of slavery is nothing but a walk in the park. Wow. Here is something real for you. Most of the idiots leaving comments on this post can't see beyond their hands on the keyboard.

  • Anonymous

    So we are going to listen to the worse half of Brand Nubian? No thank you.

  • SMH

    Congrats HHDX, your race war agenda has successfully paid off. Enjoy it while it lasts

  • Tiresome

    I cannot believe people are giving this idiot so much attention. Just another old bitter black man. nothing new here. move on people.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares what this guy think, he fucking sucks. Never heard of him untill he started poppin up on here. Step ur shit up hiphopdx and get someone to interview who is relavent

  • Run It

    Fuck you Jews.................

  • hiphopDXFail

    this website is getting worse by the day...

  • SP

    I will never understand ignorant pussies like lord jamar. If living in a country full of whites bothers you so much, go the fuck to africa where blacks are exterminating blacks daily. How much will you like that? You would be missing friendly white people, thats for sure

    • Anonymous

      hopefully someone will kill this BruthaDee guy in a drive by one of these days

    • Anonymous

      You albino colored people are weird, my grandparents came to this country on airplanes, not all Black people in America are directly from Africa. You must be exterminated.

    • Gooch

      @anonymous Because our ancestors shipped your black asses from africa to here. Therefore you are associated with africa (african). Nobody ever said belizican or barbadocan. Stupid fuck

    • Anonymous

      Why do you leper colored people mention the continent of Africa instead of Barbados or Belize? Why do insecure albino colored people assume that living around albino colored people bothers him when he simply is giving his opinion on entertainment (music/movies).

  • ND

    Look, lets face it. You whites really haven't invented anything. All you guys know how to do is knock someone over the head and take their shit. All you whites do is lie and steal. We not gonna let you whites steal hip hop without a fight. Also, all the records we sample was mostly black music like James Brown. We invented dance moves like the uprock because of him. You whites are suckers. I know you want to take credit for the English language but you whites didn't invent that anyway. You cats were living in caves and got your power thru brute force because you guys didn't understand nature and used up your resources until you invaded another land stealing their resources. Sorry but your history is open to the public. Look what your ancestors did to the Tazmanians and the Aborigines in Australia. The Indians in America. The Africans in most of Africa. The Samoans in Hawaii. You whites are sick and history proved it. You lied even to your own people because of your inferiority complex and even flip the world map upside down to make you whites feel superior. You savages thought the earth was flat while the african Dogon charted the stars and even knew about the star Sirius way before you pale fuckers. Thats why you guys need machines and want to merge with computers like your guy Ray Kurzweil because he know his own physical body is inferior. You guys are losers and soon your world will come to a end. The evidence is stack up against you whites and you know it. I could go on but it would turn into a book.

    • ^

      This guy's obviously ND in disguise.

    • ND Keeps It Real

      This man is preaching on you fucks right now. Got you looking sloppy with those half shaded insults. Step your word game up.

    • ND=DumbFuck

      "...especially when i studied this information at a top University in the US." Get the fuck out of here. Devry isn't a top university, I don't care how many commercials they have. And if you want to get technical, white people already "stole" hip hop since they own damn near all the record companies who employ these rappers, and the ones who are owned by black people I assure you either have white people on the board or were initially financed by white money. And what the fuck, just because macklemore gets 20 grammy nominations and all of a sudden it's "white people are stealing hip hop" "white people don't belong in hip hop". Last I checked there's only one white rapper that's made a lasting impression in hip hop (eminem) and the rest of the top mc's are BLACK PEOPLE!! Been that way since the 90's, still that way today. And yeah, white people have been racist as fuck since there's been written history, but guess what? BLACK PEOPLE ARE RACIST TOO. So is every god damn person in this country in one way or another. So stop living in the past, look towards the future, equality for all, racism for nobody, why can't we be friends?

    • Anonymous

      We can agree that typically the worlds oppression and exploitation is intertribal with Asian on Asian, Arab on Arab African on African but whites are the only group that specializes in exploiting and oppressing other cultures. I never argue slavery with whites because they simply laugh and say that some slaves were purchased from other Africans so therefore it was a justifiable crime. I never argue the Holocaust with whites because they simply laugh and say that some Jews were conspiring with the Nazis so therefore it iwas a justifiable crime. You can't understand whites untill you study Apartheid and Jim Crow or the Berlin Conference and the Tuskegee Experiment.....Iran Contra. Whites have done everything in their power to destroy Black people and then point their finger at a Black man and say "Hey you did the same things to your self".

    • ND

      Sorry but my concept of history is not distorted especially when I studied this information at a top University in the US. My point of view is not miserable but fact. You lack knowledge to debate me and my statements are not cowardly. I'm not blaming whites for everything but simply stating that they stole everything they claim they invented. It's ok if you can't deal with that but truth is truth. Also, yes North Africans did sell blacks into slavery but they learned it from whites. Most of North Africa was controlled by the Ottoman empire and if you study hard, those guys were whites from Turkey. LOL. You guys crack me up. Chattel slavery was a white concept and even the blacks that did sell other blacks were not as brutal as whites. Even enslaved africans by other africans could gain their freedom back unlike blacks being enslaved by whites which was perpetual. History has proved this so there is no need to debate.

    • Chris

      ND, informed and educated people from make idiotic statements as well. I doubt anyone is offended by what you are writing, personally pitty your distorted concept of history. I just wrote that black people did the same shit to themselves that you are blaming white people for. You can't find an answer for that so really you aren't saying the entire truth, you are making cowardly statements and saying what is convenient to justify your miserable point of view.

    • ND

      We all know Obama don't run shit. He is just a front for white supremacy. Plus he's biracial. Save those comments for the uneducated. It's ok if you whites feel offended. I'm not here to be your friend but to tell the truth. You can't prove I'm wrong so you resort to calling me an imbecile. LOL.

    • Chris

      I hope you don't assume every white person is as bad as you claim? If you do then you are one sad, ignorant and sorry person. I agree that whites did horrible things, but remember, Africans sold people they conquered and their own people to whites, they put blacks on chains, they whipped them to. They exploited their own just as much as white people did. So your people's leaders are just as responsible for your history as the sick white men who exploited you. Genghis Khan, did the same sh99it as white people, he might of been worse. Black people who sold conquered blacks to whites did the same shit white people did to them. So yeah White people are fu*3cked up, they are capable of great evil, everybody is. From the artistic/musical standpoint you are right a lot of whites stole black music. But I know a bunch of black people that are willing to steal everything and anything from just about anyone all the time, even people that help them and care about them so blacks can be dishonest as well. What are you going to say we stole blackness from you by electing a half white/half black president? Give it up already.

    • Anonymous

      That came off as incredibly racist tho

  • Young Lou

    He's only saying the obvious. So many people just walk around blind while everything unfolds around them. Scarface is right and Lord Jamar is right.

  • Dutch

    Im dissapointed that HHDX is promoting this racist scumbag. Very dissapointed.

    • Basketcase

      You named yourself Dutch and probably not after what you roll out of... Yeah... Your opinion doesn't count.

    • Dutch

      So because I am against racism that automatically makes me white? So what you're saying is that its ok for blacks to accept racism on behalf of some washed up rapper named jamar, but taking a stand against it makes me white? I'm black, but thx for noticing my comment. There exists blacks and then ignorant retarded ass nigs like you and lord jamar. Stay in your own lane pussies

    • zSSS

      Chill out, WhiteBoy. LOL

  • StankFoot

    Lord Jamar is Right.... Phuck you Krackers......Snake Beeeyatches

  • esgn

    niger. deport him back to africa


    brings up some interesting points but i dont think it will ever be odd to see a black man doing hip hop kinda reaching there

    • Anonymous

      White man invented that electric guitar though

    • Anonymous

      Now many Black rockers do you see like Chuck Berry and Ike Turner nowadays? Rock and Roll used to be Blaxk guys with guitars now if you see a black guy with an electric guitar you do a double take and thats what will happen to HipHop. You guys can have the entire earth man all we wanted was our own little subculture of HipHop but you took or from us and now its Maclenmore.

  • Anonymous

    White-skinned people are very insecure, most likely due to their recessive genes and being a minority on a planet were 88% of the population are not white. Lord Jamar never once said that this sick and strange people couldn't participate in the artform or be a part of the culture he simply said that if you ate not the originators of the culture then don't bring your sick freakish dysfunctional behaviors and agenda into it. Cancer can't be cured in this case, eventually HipHop will end up like Rock & Roll where you have Satanic Rock and Death Metal and music groups dedicated to white supremacy. Ancient Egypt was once the greatest civilization in the world and the greatest cultural epicenter on the planet but then the outsiders and invaders came in and destroyed the culture. They white-washed the culture so thoroughly that today you almost don't know it was an Aftican culture on the continent of Africa. HipHop culture in the mainstream is Eminem wearing panty-hose and high-heels in a music video while selling 100 million albums, HipHop culture in the mainstream is MTVs Riff Raff and VH1s white rapper show, HipHop culture in the mainstream is Chozen the Comedy Networks show about a gay white rapper. If Battle Rap is truly the essence of HipHop then it only makes sense that Eminem will have a Battle Rap show with white rappers copied off of Smack/URL. There is no cure for this Cancer, it's just a sickness that destroys everything it comes in contact with.

    • Anonymous

      So this is how BruthaDee spends his Saturdays

    • Anonymous

      Why would intelligent people want to enslave an entire continent? Why not attempt to live in peace with other races instead of trying to exploit or exterminate them? Indentured servitude and mild versions of slavery have existed in all cultures but your version of slavery was the most barbaric and dehumanizing. American slavery was actually sexual slavery not just picking cotton, rape and forced breeding practices were commonplace. The Slaveowners used to rape and sexually abuse slave children and impregnate slave women, they also would rape their male slaves. When you delve into white pornography you will see depraved fetishes were they use Bondage as a form of sexual release, the origins of this fetish in America comes from white Slaveowners using ropes, whips, and chains to incapacitate their victims while they sexually ravaged them. There are also sexual fetish websites were white males dress up in Confederate costumes and abuse Black women, one similar site is called Ghetto Gaggers where white males choke and humiliate their Black victims untill they vomit and cry. When you see these depraved acts of sexual violence and humiliation it reminds you that slavery in America was not just picking cotton but the sexual slavery and torture of a people.

    • marthastewart

      Yeah black people might have more dominant genes, but the clear lack of intelligence allowed us to enslave an entire continent with almost no resistance whatsoever. And this guy is a niger and should get back to the cotton picking, amen

    • Anonymous

      18% where did that number come from? White colored people haven't won yet, the "Race" to the finish line is stil ongoing, this is a marathon not a sprint. Latin America is unifying and becoming more powerful, Aftican nations are becoming more powerful and Asian nations are becoming more powerful....as well as the middle east. China owns America....in many countries albino colored people are killed or kidnapped on site. The white colored race is becoming extinct, they have a zero birth rate and low fertility rates and their women are having babies with men with color...the white colored race is dying slowly. White Domination of the planet is slowly dying but I fear that they would rather destroy all of mankind than see peace on earth and an end to white supremacy.

    • esgn

      White people won. Thats why blacks get so mad.

    • HipHop is DEAD

      Wow so you mean just 18% of the World runs the shit outta this place! That's straight up GANGSTA!!! I thought you blacks respected gangsta's?

  • Anonymous

    i got nothing against white ppl, but i kind of agree with what the nigga is saying about white ppl co-opting certain aspects of our culture

  • Anonymous

    I enjoy these articles because they upset white people.

    • Anonymous

      lol... You sound pretty mad right about now. That butt hurt come in XXL? I get the feeling only one of us is genuinely laughing at the other right about now... You have The Order and we have The Panthers and we become the contradiction because we would rather defend ourselves from peon minded folks like yourself than watch you continue to rape? Yeah, I'll keep my contradictions and you keep your shotgun and whiskey.

    • HipHop is DEAD

      Actually you're wrong. White people don't get upset. We're not the ones who have the ego's of 12 year old's when we're fully grown men. I'm laughing at the irony of this article - an irony you black people can't see & that's priceless. By suggesting that, because blacks were the main protagonists behind the origins of popular music, you have the right to exclude other people from it, justifies everything that black people complain about in this world - i.e. that white people control everything & keep black people out. Every argument black people try to make for equality is beautifully contradicted by the logic that this article & website promotes, but you're too stupid to see it - hilarious!

  • HipHop is DEAD

    popular MUSIC

  • HipHop is DEAD

    Ok, fair enough let's roll with this rationale. So, if we accept that popular music is the exclusive preserve of the black people who created it & therefore white people should play no part in it - ok I'm cool with that, but by the same logic white people, who created pretty much everything else, no longer have to apologize about the monopoly we have for all the other things that we're accused of controlling with prejudice, because, being the creators of cars, banking, computers, law, movies, telephones, electronics equipment (including turntables, mics, samplers & all the other tools of Hip-Hop, but we'll let you have that one), modern medicine, all modern sports, except break dancing (again you can have that) & the list goes on.... So you can keep Hip-Hop with our blessing & we'll continue to run the World with yours ok?

  • StopPostingHasbeens

    DX-"The monkeys dancing again give him a treat"

  • Anonymous

    Dx with this racist shit again. Wish yelawolf would do a diss track on this cunt

    • Anonymous

      It wont suck yelawolf is white? As white people run hip hop now there is no chance it will suck becuase white people are better rappers and its strange to see a black MC these days

    • Anonymous

      and the diss track will suck, sit the fuck down!

  • RealTalk

    Man, tell this dude to shut the fuck up. So what if he's a "veteran" of the rap game. The only thing he's got left are these Don Imus and Benzino rants trying to keep himself relevant. No one cares motherfucker. Sit down, shut up and except the change. And, being that I'm white and all, it only looks odd for black people to be making hip hop because the majority of them don't make intelligent, conscious music anymore. What happened to groups like Public Enemy and NWA? Those dudes got somewhere by rapping about the truth. These young cats today are just on that bullshit - talking about bitches and drugs and how much money they have. Who gives a fuck? You hustled your ass off to get out of the bad situation you were in and now all you can do is brag about it? Wake the fuck up and try to make something of yourself, bitch.

    • HipHopHead

      Haha wow, the top 10 best lyrical rappers are all black. And don't fucking dare say that eminem is top 10. I'm white and if you think only black people make unintelligent music then explain riff raff? explain vanilla ice who was labelled ''whackest MC of the decade" in Rolling Stones. What about Yelawolf? These are all rappers that try to rap very good while rappers like Gucci Mane even admit themselves that isn't their aim, they make trap music. Name one rapper better than Nas, Biggie, Krs-One, Rakim, Pac, Jay-Z and Big L? No white rapper is so shut the fuck up and sit down.

  • Anonymous

    All these damn honkys in here looks like a fuckin klan rally. Get the fuck out of here! and all of you are bitch made!

    • Anonymous

      No general thought of a people will ever be generally correct. However forsaking the wrong doing of an entire community with examples such as "n*ggers in an uproar" doesn't exactly make you look like a noble winner. I think blacks have more reason for social discourse than you could possibly fathom likely due to the cushy lifestyle you only know, otherwise you would be less inclined to such a parochial view.

    • Anonymous

      Let's take a look at your logic here. You are stereotyping all white people to be Klan members because they are stating their viewpoints. That in itself is just as ignorant. How about we try and experiment here. If I was to stereotype your people, African Americans, by calling then the a bunch of dumb n...... The African American community would be in an uproar, as as history has proven, the African American community was in an uproar in the 60's and 70's. So look at your logic before you type-cast all white people. You're the type of uneducated individual that keeps racism alive. Go read a book and get off hip-hop websites.

    • Anonymous

      haha what a stupid black bastard

  • Logic


  • Runyon

    Seems like every fuckin week this guy got something bad to say about people with white skin. The ignorance in this man is unreal

  • DX Staff

    To [most] of our readers: We're sorry if you're feeling some type of way, but please feel free to jump off of the highest cliff and killing yourselves. Honestly we couldn't give a fuck about your negative opinions; they're nothing more than farts in the wind. We're getting paid GOOD fucking money to interview the legendary Lord Jamar and hear him voice his opinions from a 5 Percenter standpoint, so you can pretty much go fuck yourselves with a rusty razor blade, because WE DONT GIVE A FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!


      Really, because to me this just seems like some "Ja Rules feelings during 9/11" shit. Just because you were *in* a rap group at one point doesn't make you a "legend". People who listen to brand Nubian don't even know who Jamar is. This would be similar to Jarobi coming out of the woodwork saying dumb shit and you had to be like "alright everybody chill, because this is Jarobi". Or maybe you could interview next the other two guys from LONS who weren't Busta. Maybe you could update us with, because people I'm sure are wondering about U-Gods feelings about shit. Jamar is best known for his "You know what really grinds my gears" segment on VladTV and being "in" a rap group. Not a legend, sorry.


      Ok, fair enough let's roll with this rationale. So, if we accept that popular is the exclusive preserve of the black people who created it & therefore white people should play no part in it - ok I'm cool with that, but by the same logic white people, who created pretty much everything else, no longer have to apologize about the monopoly we have for all the other things that we're accused of controlling with prejudice, because, being the creators of cars, banking, computers, law, movies, telephones, electronics equipment (including turntables, mics, samplers & all the other tools of Hip-Hop, but we'll let you have that one), modern medicine, all modern sports, except break dancing (again you can have that) & the list goes on.... So you can keep Hip-Hop with our blessing & we'll continue to run the World with yours ok?

    • Anonymous

      Opinions from a 5 Percenter standpoint? So we can hear from a fuckboy who puts his life in a box because he thinks an imaginary guy in the sky wants him to? Does he believe in Santa Claus too?

    • Anonymous

      Nah, you should definitely tell your readers to fuck off, that's a smart way to have a sustainable website. So is quoting the same bigoted, racist, now irrelevant rapper who is projecting his own lack of current success and making senseless, arbitrary, baseless claims. So with all due respect, I can't wait until this website goes bankrupt.

  • JJ


  • JJ


  • Anonymous

    this is so true, smdh

  • Lil big

    I heard that Goldie, a white chick, created hip hop? I win!

  • Doc Holiday

    Wait a minute i swear i read this exact same article last year what are you playing at DX

  • Fatal honeymoon

    The cavemen were white

    • Anonymous

      The original African Black man created the albino colored white man, respect your cultural father. The Albino-colored Caucasian is a mutated albino African mixed with Neanderthal, the harsh climate and lack of Sun in the caves and hills of Northern Europe turned his hair the texture of an animals and he grew hair all over his body and his skin turned sickly white like a leper or an albino. The "Caveman" is a popular figure in Europeon/American society because he is the grandfather of the Caucasian race, Fred Flintstone, Captain Caveman and the Geico caveman are lovable family members of the Caucasian race. Scientists have proven that NoN-Africans have up to 12% Neanderthal genes in them because Europeon Caucasians (carcass-Asians) mated with Neanderthals and created what are now known as white people. This is why leper colored people are so hateful and racist towards hue-man beings and this is why all people are not the same.

    • Come on daughter

      Dr James Naismith was white, all black basket ball players, guests in the house of roundball, sorry

    • Come On Son

      I understand this old dude pushing 50 has upset you . But come on really

  • Doublespeak

    Sampling (i.e. biting) white musician's music? Talk about not creating.

  • Anonymous

    Hes right in a music sense. Besides that, the TV you got, the car you drive, the electricity you use to heat your house, the computer you are typing comments on, etc - all created by white people.

  • FlyQ the Anchor

    It'd be cool if you guys stopped giving this clown a voice. Hip Hop raised me and I'm white. Like did some white chick just destroy his heart years ago? Honestly it's at the point if this dude died I'd laugh. GET THE FUCK OVER IT PEOPLE HAVE DIFFERENT SKIN COLORS AND SOME OF THEM KNOW HOW TO RHYME.

    • Anonymous

      I've just on the attack for two days since I read this article. First white guy I agree with. Someone give this man a mic.

    • Brett

      Ask yourself why is hip hop dx the only website giveing this old dude any oxygen ? The answer is not that hard to work out !

  • thisniggarighthere

    this is like saying nba players can't say anything outside of mainstream white america's popular opinion because they're playing a sport invented/created by white people. what kind of stupid shit is this. i'm not black or white, i'm hispanic so i don't really have a dog in this fight, but damn. black people got some victim's mentality. they think everything is about race and white people. stop with the race card already, the president is black, when is this race war gonna stop?

  • Anonymous


  • How To Increase Advertising Dollars The Hip Hop Dx Way

    And the award for the most desperate attempt for increasing advertising dollars goes to hip hop dx once again . Step 1) Find some old black dude who stopped rapping 25+ years ago and act like he is the voice of a whole generation even though 99.9% of black and whites under 35 had no idea who the fuck he was untill hip hop dx started race baiting for advertising dollars. Step 2) Use the most povocative headline you can think of 'Lord Jamar' (exclusivly) tells hip hop dx I hate anything WHITE, white puppys , white sneakers,white rice, white clouds, white teeth you get the picture Step(3) Misquote regurgitate the same race baiting non story/ bullshit that we printed 6 months ago Step(4) Return to advertisers and tell them our web audience is up 30% this quater here's some stats to prove it one of our recent articles had over 20,000 comments and this proves our jounalism/ website is extremly popular Mr Advertiser Step 5) Rinse and repeat 6 months later or when we need the advertisers to renew their advertising contract with us again !

    • Sheep r sheep

      ^Exactly but you aware that most people on this site are slow as shit and have no idea when they are being played for fools . Just saying

  • johnjohnphenom

    This place is my house gotta buy your time visitors and I except cash all kinds in all integers.------- professor d-bag needs to shut his Dick hole......drop mic

  • Why

    When are people going to wake up and realize we are all one on this earth. Human beings.

  • Anonymous

    why is HHDX wasting their time on this clown? fuck off none gives a shit about Lord Jamar nigga is a fuckin racist end of story

    • Anonymous

      no other websites give a fuck what this old dude thinks except Hip Hop Dx because they are obviously desperate for ad dollars .

  • Dave

    Lord Jamar you are an idiot! You come off more racist than even the old men in the south! Hip hop isn't black music, its just that most of the things you rap about are garbage. This is American culture...a mix of many cultures bound together...its ours, white-black-red-yellow-purple, it doesn't matter. If you ask me, Lord Jamar isn't creative at all, rather mostly a cliche of an upset, depressed black man that can't get off drugs and grow a pair. DO SOMETHING POSITIVE WITH YOUR LIFE! That goes for the rest of you...

    • Anonymous

      Dont be a stupid peasant and fall for this sites obvious attempt to improve their seo and page bounce rates . Angry toy soldiers like you are what they want

  • rapper2freedom

    What is this guy on about Rock roots from England and Europe.

  • Billy

    Lord jamar. Don't be mad cause your black Don't get mad cause your broke and the white man signs should I say signed your checks. Seen you out there at the bottle deposit in front of shop rite. Don't front

  • Godbody

    Peace God! keep revealing the truth you are touching some of these 85ers.Spark they brain Lord - or + its a spark!

    • RHX

      You 5%ers like to act as if u are the only ones who see the world for what it is when infact the people who reveal the real shit for the masses are whites-who you demonize. David Icke and Alex Jones being two of them. Callin yourselfs Gods and Lords blah blah blah you look fuckin stupid with that terminology. U aint shit.

  • frank

    white people took your music and made it better

  • Matt

    White people invented movies. Therefore, if you're not white, you're a guest in the house of movies- Lord Jamar logic. DX your agenda is obvious with all the publicity you give this racist retard.

  • frank

    fuck all black people

  • sam snead

    Quit letting Hiphopdx and this guy troll you, I'm making a pact to never click on this guys interviews or stories again. 24 hours later they still got this guy as their top story because people keep commenting and clicking on this, me included right now.

    • CHAD

      Correct these CORPORATE assholes make money off us with these race baiting articles . Advertisers only like to spend money on high traffic sites . Why do you think no other website's even acknowledge what this old man say's ...HIP HOP DX has no integrity fucking assholes !!!

  • Yourbackgarden'sCracka

    This is why I love this site so much, the only place where I can get my juices flying out while fantasizing of angry, opiniated and dominating Black men. Hip-Hip-and-a-hooray for you my darlings from HHDX staff!

  • Yourbackgarden'sCracka

    I'd wish I was a brotha, so I could find more easily partners of life, having that big front tail, because as of now, no fella looks at me, when they see my sorry White ass, small penis is written all over my face

  • Dob

    There are too many racist white teenagers on this site. If you dislike black people so much, you have the option to not come on hiphop sites. Go visit CountryDX or RockDX or whatever music you've already stolen from us, DX. Don't get why you would want to be around people you dislike.

  • Kastic

    A white guy invented basketball and we don't say shit about that. What if I started saying that a white man invented this so only white people can play.. wtf.. Lord Jamar is a racist. If he would step back he would realize that he is projecting the same prejudices that he hates so much. #confused

  • bilJacDogFuud

    hey now... we created slavery. we created the bill of rights and I think we also invented hypocrisy. which is kind of like "hiphopracy" just a few syllables off.

  • Anonymous

    You nigggers smell like shit

    • Anonymous

      I like when your dirty old mom tosses my salad . OOhh she nasty

    • Anonymous




    • Anonymous

      Did I strike a nerve? Hahaha you blacks are a subhuman mentally challenged version of a human. You're the only race on earth who kills each other over a pair of Jordan's and high end fashion shirts.

    • Anonymous

      Are you sure your momma isn't fuckin one right now? because I got a number and we all in line to dig her out.

  • Anonymous

    These KraKKas are something else man....

    • Anonymous

      Classic white guy. Ignorant to the smell of his own fart.


      Fuck you faggot, I got enough money to buy you a life!

    • Anonymous

      David, your last name wouldn't happen to be duke would it? White folks would be up shit's creek without a paddle if the welfare program would cease to exist as there are many impoverished whites in this country that depend on the system.

    • David

      You are an ignorant bastard. I can't wait until we rip welfare out of yall's hands and watch you squirm

  • Anonymous

    This nigga fails to realise rappers build whole personas based on Mafia culture. WHITE MEN who are the real gangsters.

    • Anonymous

      Those guys are Italian. Stop appropriating everything everyone else does to white people asshat. The only white Mafia are better known as pigs.

  • poppa large

    he just sounds really ignorant and bitter. white people stole all the Music? ha ha . more like they just joined in. and wgite people dont invent anything?? not to get caught up in the race baiting but white people created more shit than any other race- just a fact. black inventors were only able to invent cause they were in america and funded by white people.lol- sucker ass jamar needs to get hit by a bus. small minded racist douche bag uses hip hop to build up his weak ego. krs-one and Paris both said you cant blame the white man- and there opinions out way jamars dinosaur views.

  • Anonymous

    why are some of yall talking about his kids? keep the reactions and vitriol to the man and his remarks, and leave his fam out of it

    • Anonymous

      Fuck that if his 5% ass wants to box whites ina agroup and hate on them then fuck him and his fam I ope he gets murdered brutally by a white man

  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

    Its fucking funny how emotional some white people get when hearing the truth....they came all the way from Europe and this is the thanks they get?! They gave the world America...pioneers of pillage and the crusade. Ok thats enough bullshit for now....At the end of the day, there is no colour. You simply have good people and you have greedy parasites. please dont dumb it down to colour hahahaha

  • Anonymous

    He's been saying stuff like this.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to see this guy get cut up and his ugly ass kids die of cancer.



  • pl

    Back I the day Eminem woulda rip this guy up on wax now he stay reclusive blind to the world and don't say SHIT

  • LordJamar

    I blame all my problems on the white man. white man is devil. no white man in the world can possibly be anything other than rich and evil. only black man can be wise or truly knowledgeable. I am a historical black figure because of my comments. peace to the gods for preaching black is good white is bad.

  • Anonymous

    tell him chinese people invented that thing called MPC .. wich makes beats by itself (capable of nothing else than making beats) .. one could argue black people invented nothing since the fucking speer lol i am sorry but to say western civilization invented nothing.. no need to complain its obviously false. we invented the gun cuz we wanted to prove so bad that we should be taken seriously thats my 2 cents ..

    • damn

      Not only to say that on english, but typing that shit on keyboard from yo computer over the Internet! They say black man invented all that - and ill agree Mel Gibson invented rap.


    I was misquoted. I also spoke on many of things that White people created in the interview. I gave White people their due. I mean they invented the mass murder of people of color across the globe, the perfected stealing land and resources, they perfected slavery, they invented capitalism, the eugenics movement, modern warfare, they created modern racism and stereotypes to justify their past actions as well as their supposed supremacy and the list goes on. White people have accomplished a lot at the expensive of so many others. Greedy parasites.

  • R

    Ok so WHEN did a white person who just so happened to like music created by blacks- therefore deciding to make said music that he liked- regardless of the race who created it turn into him supposedly STEALING it? Flawed logic. It's like playing a game with friends when your a kid and not wanting to let other kids play. This guys idiotic comments are fuelling racial separation. We're supposed to be moving FORWARD as humans NOT BACK.

  • Yoru

    Eminem made that song Right? "Rap God". .... This is it ......

  • Anonymous

    This fools step daddy was white and beat his ass that why he so mad.

  • CLB

    Why in the world do y'all keep posting the stupid shit this motherfucker says?


      Because HIP HOP DX makes money off of angry white teenagers the more who comment the better seo and page bounce rate i.e angry white kid spends longer on the site throwing abuse at some irrelevant 40+ grown man who no one really gives a fuck about seeing as he stopped rapping over 20 years ago ... However it's a win for the site as they can say to advertisers we have a loyal following who spend on average 30 mins on our site so thats why we charge a higher CPM, COST PER CLICK

  • tom

    Hey lor jamar, whie ure at it, thank white man for making the automobile, the telephone, internet, guitar, etc. My point, fuck that racist shit. No duh blacks make dope music, they started rock and rap, and jazz, and funk. Wites arent stealing it theyre just liking it and making theyre own music

  • BlackPplStayLosing

    It's too bad the first black president is a white guy xD

    • Anonymous

      I think you will find that he has a white mom i.e caucasian, and black kenyan dad i.e black . Mix them together and what do you get ? That's right silly billy BIRACIAL

  • Detroit hell block

    99 percent ppl never heard of jamar before vlad exploited his dumb ass nigga need to drop a mixtape or sumthing show n prove u got any skills apart from talking dumb shit bout white ppl

  • Nemesis Nexus

    Hip Hop is the poetry of the streets and knows NO COLOR! It's RACISTS like this douchebag, not to mention "talents" like Puff Daddy and Kanye West that are destroying it, not white rappers! DENIAL IS NOT A RIVER IN EGYPT!!

  • Anonymous

    fucking ignorant piece of shit. who the fuck is this guy anyway he needs to get beat with a club

  • Anonymous

    Lord who??????? White people created the world you dumb slave

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    someone should tell Lord Jamar that crack is whack

  • Anonymous

    all this wonderful insight from someone who sleeps with a crack pipe under his pillow ..

  • a

    Hahaha, oh yeah - white people aren't creative but at least hey don't kill each other over a pari of shoes or shiny metals. Keep blaming society, the police and all that but in the end - white people are winners. Keep Jamer is just another racist hiding behind stupid ideas. Just another idiot blaming "the white devil" for everything

  • Anonymous

    some white people have re-appropriated black music for themselves like Elvis did with Rock N Roll and The Beatles started to do with their funk and soul influences. But that's a lot different than "White people don't create anything". No one can own a style of music, and people will buy it from whoever their being told to buy it from. Which is definitely not Lord Jamar. Bitter old racist bastard.

  • mat

    I respect Lord Jamar for everything that he has done for hip hop but come on, let's not start this kind of useless debate, we all know where it ends...We are all people, black or white, doesn't matter, and this is how we should think, convey our message to not lose our focus and motivate people to start hating each other... Otherwise then what's next, a white dude will start saying yeah but white people developed the industry and the new technologies that y'all love today or crap like this...this is useless talk!!! Let's talk about real topic and not differentiate things according to races. If you don't like this hip hop dude, Macklemore (which I personally dont) or i don't know whom, then just say you think that what this or this dude is doing is crap and bad for hip hop. But not something else as Lord Jamar has been starting for a few months, this is useless, this kind of talk has always generated hate and only hate, doesn't help to improve anythingand we should have understood that from what happened over the last centuries. Peace

    • Peter

      Thanks for your reply. I apologize if it came across as if i thought u said we are all the same. It is very important in these types of debates not to get to emotionally involved, and to remain focused and centered. Peace

    • mat

      Read again my message, ive never said that we are all the same. On the rest I fully agree with you. What I said is that associating a message / topic, or whatever, with races has always been crap and never elevates the debate as debating over races is actually a non-sense. So what, because some people have the same skin color means that they are the same? No. Are white Russians and white Frenches the same? No. Are black Americans and black Zimbabweans the same? No. Simplifying the debate around races is non-sense to me. There are a lot of disparities everywhere. We should not add more of them but as you say, more celebrate our differences, not by taking shortcuts to talk about hip-hop or another topic. And again, when I see some messages posted here, I really think that we, in particular famous people, should pay attention to the message that they convey. Peace.

    • Peter

      I would also like to add that instead of living in the illusion that we are all the same, & by doing so conforming. I would rather celebrate our differences and treat people with the same respect i wish for myself to be treated with. No matter how difficult this may be on a practical level in real life. Thank u. Peace

    • Peter

      I would agree with u that we are all people, I atleast try to reason like that on a spiritual level. But, fact remains that doesnt work in real life on a practical level. Most of us look different, think different, and many are judgemental some are not etc. I think its good that Lord Jamar isnt compromising. Peace

  • Yourbackgarden'sCracka

    I am so ashamed of being a stupid hoe Whitey, I just carry so much of this homo genes with me, that I always fantasize of big Black dick, oh the horror, please mercy me thy holy Black Man

    • Yourbackgarden'sCracka

      Damn, I'd wish I was a brotha, so I could find more easily partners of life, having that big front tail, because as of now, no fella looks at me, when they see my sorry White ass, small penis is written all over my face

    • Anonymous

      stfu niggar. gtfo back in ur low life guetto homo

  • Peter

    Atleast Lord Jamar got yall talkin. And has stirred up debate.

  • Anonymous

    When you refer to a group of poeple as "They" you are problably just as stupid as these guys: http://www.google.nl/imgres?imgurl=http://www.biography.com/imported/images/Biography/Images/Profiles/H/Adolf-Hitler-9340144-2-402.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.biography.com/people/adolf-hitler-9340144&h=224&w=224&sz=1&tbnid=JRPeu_L1ATQJaM:&tbnh=186&tbnw=186&zoom=1&usg=__vhG-ts7Ry0DYEPPxIAXaEcZQHHM=&docid=ulOwy2cidr4aBM&itg=1&sa=X&ei=Wm3aUveNBua50QXT94GwDg&sqi=2&ved=0CK8BEPwdMAw http://www.google.nl/imgres?imgurl=http://www.rnw.nl/data/files/images/lead/150509-wilders-geert-ANP-9773187_5.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.rnw.nl/english/article/it%25E2%2580%2599s-geert-wilders-whom-he-sees&h=202&w=249&sz=1&tbnid=9KPjj0tdRCAZUM:&tbnh=162&tbnw=200&zoom=1&usg=__5goh_VaSm8hxaM7to3ciQxnuZ7w=&docid=fOT35Z6bysreUM&itg=1&sa=X&ei=cm3aUoP7JIrK0QWA_IC4Dw&sqi=2&ved=0CKsBEPwdMA0

  • Anonymous

    Eminem said this one day : Sometimes I feel like rap music is almost the key to stopping racism. But this dude here fucks it al up again

  • Anonymous

    9 pages of comments. this is why it gets reported guys

  • j

    FUCK YOU HIPHOPDX AND SOREN BAKER You're only fueling racism by putting this "exclusive interview" out. You should be ashamed of yourself! @ LORD JAMAR I know when you were a kid you watched The Wiz

  • Nolan

    Are you angry the best rapper alive is Eminem.

  • Whatever

    The whites are an invasive species that smell like wet dogs.

  • Anonymous

    who created classical music? Africans? who created death metal and black metal? Africans?

  • Anonymous

    tru tru Jamar tru 5pecenta

  • Anonymous

    Europeans-Destroyed the world

  • Anonymous

    Lord Jamar also says we are heading in a direction where it will "seem odd for a black man to do Hip Hop." Anyone who disagrees with this would have a point. If it didn't already happen to a few music genre's already. See Rock Music. The two biggest RnB singers of the last year are white. One just happened to ruin Janet Jackson's career. Got her black balled but somehow Justin just walks away like it never ever happened.

  • brian

    Will hiphopdx please just stop interviewing this guy? Never says anything of importance/positive and is just a frustrated old hack who is angry because he isn't relevant and no longer gets any attention. Basically just a giant baby. Ohh and white people don't create anything? C'mon man thats the most ignorant statement I've ever heard. Eminem didn't create original music? Stanley Kubrick, Martin Scorsese, Tarantino, Spielberg, etc. didn't create original films? I understand what he is saying about white people piggy backing off of and stealing/imitating black culture with respect to music, but to make a blanket statement that white people don't create anything or that all of hip hop doesn't "fuck with" the content of a song is just outlandish. I'm not even a Macklemore fan, in fact i think he's corny, just a personal opinion. I do respect him as human being for having the balls to be himself when virtually everybody in the hip hop industry is a liar. Plus you gotta respect what him and ryan lewis have done without a major record deal. I may be wrong, but i don't ever recall macklemore saying "Hey Lord Jamar, THIS is where Hip hop is going!" What the hell does that even mean. Dude made one song. Using that same delusional logic, wouldn't it be correct to say that Bubba Sparxx decided where hip hop should go when he dropped Ms. New booty?!? Who the hell does this dude think he is? Acting like hes the spokesperson for hip hop. Hip hop is really the only genre where anyone with a computer and downloaded instrumentals can make and put out a song about whatever the fuck they want and call it hip hop. It's not hard. It's my genre of choice, but let's be honest It's probably the genre with the most amount of no talent scrubs. He should be used to people putting out "music" that he doesn't personally agree with. He obviously slightly racist. Every statement he makes about white people goes like "Im not saying white people can't make hip hop music, but....." Thats like when a white guy gets accused of being racist and he goes "im not racist, I have a black friend" Come one dude aren't you like 45 years old? How are you still so god damn immature and insecure? I'm 23 and I feel like I'm more in touch with reality than your delusion, bitter ass.

    • Anonymous

      Actually yeah... That's exactly right... Go back far enough and you were fighting to keep your job on the railroad just like the china man and negro to your left. Your tone has enabled your ignorance and encouraged your desire to conform. Embrace that truth. :)

    • anonymous

      Ahh okay then by your logic I'm not actually white then right? I'm just Italian/Irish American. Those white people suck!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Ah right... Forgot to add... Still looking real stupid my man... Reeeeeal stupid.

    • Anonymous

      lol Fuck out of here. Go to Israel and tell a Jew there he shares something with a white man and his religion is just that and nothing more nor will it ever be, see how quickly things become a debate of regions and peoples. The original jews WERE in fact a people and they WERE in fact black, if you want to disrespect the way folks choose to label their own with a system created by your own, thats fine, but don't try to tell me about it. I don't care where Italian's Originate, they are Italian, not white, accept that. Most sicilian's I've met identify with blacks because their make up is of that background, you're sticking to the facts that favor, not that count. You are right, Jewish people are not a race, but they would like to identify as a people to distinguish themselves from the same group you're trying to clump them up with, and for awesome reason. I'm not going to debate movies with you my man. Django, nuff said. You'll see what you like, thats obvious by what you've posted here today and I'm not interested in opening eyes sewed shut. I'll leave that to the guy you try to say this stuff to on the streets. Done feedings the trolls, carry on. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/African_Jews

    • brian

      Judaism isn't a race my man, it's a religion. A race is a genetic distinction. Since all jewish people don't share a common ancestry, they are not a race. There are jews of all different races. They can come from anywhere, including europe, which in most cases would mean they are white. Since I don't know spielberg and kubricks family tree and where they come from, I can't say they are white, although ill go out on a limb and guess that they are. And as for the scorsese comment...You're probably thinking that italians come from african and middle eastern ancestry given Italy's location. But you're wrong. Genetics shows that italians have very very low levels of non-caucasian ancestry. Now to tarantino. Youre right, the movie Jackie Brown used black actors and black themes. But I don't believe reservoir dogs was a particularly "black themed movie." Shit i don't even recall a black guy in the damn movie. Pulp fiction a black themed movie? Probably one of the more original movies and originally directed movies in history. Wait Oh yeah you're right, kill bill and inglorious basterds were totally exploiting and ripping off black culture...smh. but i do have a question, how would using black actors in a film take away from its quality or give it a stigma of exploiting black culture? Im not in any way taking credit away from the actors in those films and giving it solely to the white directors of the films. All I was saying is that they created original films. The actors get credit for their performance as actors and the directors get credit for directing, put them together and you have a solid movie. It seems like youre just looking for excuses to blame other people or "white washed america" for your own shortcomings.

    • iron mic

      mydude....... nicely fuckin put!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Stanley Kubrick is Jewish, so is Spielberg, Martin with a name like Scorsese? Really going to make an Italian man white now? This is kind of what LJ is talking about, appropriating everyone elses success to white people is the white washed America we live in today. You named one white director whom the majority of his material uses black actors/themes, you look really stupid right now my man while you're calling out what the next guy knows, everything you just said is false.

  • Prevster

    'Succesful rapper turned one trick pony' That should be the only article on this, a collection of his antics. @hiphopdx why fall for this... Every time?

  • Anonymous

    If there is one more article with Lord Jamar's insignificant ass I will start going to a different website. I hope others will do the same.

  • IhatebeingwhitebutI'llneveradmitit

    Say let's go over to the site and pretend that we can convince people that all negative actions against people of color are justified.

  • Anonymous

    "...to promote some shit that you know we don't fuck with." I think it's ignorant to assume an entire group of people don't mess with something. Jamar clearly has issues with other races, he just tries to backtrack a bit after he says something because he doesn't want it to come off that way.

  • Verbal Tim

    Hopefully white people will create a hole in his head. Please post a headline when he died. I wanna piss on his tomb.

  • Anonymous

    LMAO wouldn't even be in America if it wasn't for white people..!! know your place jig.

    • Anonymous

      Ignoring your past flaws (current generational flaws included) is far worse than a generalization of wrong doing. At least in the event that I do find this fabled "life" you seem to possess that no one else does, hopefully I won't live it like you and yours have for the last century.

    • Anonymous

      I never said anything near taking something means ownership. Maybe I misinterpreted the original comment. What settlers did to indigenous people in many countries was murderous/horrendous, etc. But, while first of all blaming whole generations for things certain people did is ignorant, still blaming generations for something previous generations did that your generation wasn't even a part of is sad and a bandwagoner to previous generations hatred. Everyone hates white people... Get a life.

    • Anonymous

      No one said that smart guy. Taking something by force doesn't transfer its ownership, just means you've successfully stolen something, in the event the owner finds out they usually get said item back lawfully or otherwise. Just because the crime went unpunished doesn't mean it went forgotten. No one likes white people. Deal.

    • Anonymous

      so Native Americans brought the European's over? That's a new one.

    • Anonymous

      No one would asshat, Indians ran Amerika. Read a book or die trying. The latter is more likely for the likes of you.

  • Anonymous

    you can tell from his twitter page he loves the attention

  • JakeCrawford

    lord jamar is straight up racist

  • Anonymous

    You know Jamar only started talking like this because he's homophonic. Think about it: if Macklemore never did "Same Love", Jamar never comments on white rappers.

  • Alex

    It's ignorant as hell that he's saying that white hip hop artists can't push the boundaries. Black people aren't confined to just hip hop, so whites aren't confined to just rock. I couldn't make it through the article because Jamar is so God damn arrogant.

  • Zach

    Dear HipHopDX: I understand that this guy gives ya'll a lot of publicity because of the outrageous things he says which make for great headlines but please do not endorse his brand of stupidity and stop publicizing his ridiculous comments on your page. This is the best hip hop website I know, and it is painful to see this idiot always headlining the homepage, Lord Jamar is a blatantly ignorant, racist and straight up retarded person, and its websites like these that keep him relevant. If no one responds to the things he says then he will not have a voice and he'll stop corrupting young minds in hip hop culture with his B.S. It is great that hip hop is going in another direction, and moving on from its roots. How are things supposed to get any better when people are just stuck trying to make the same old music? It gets boring, cultures change just as the times do, and Lord Jamar seriously just needs to shut the fuck up. Thanks

  • Who Cares

    I'm glad I have black friends that are nothing like Lord Jamar. Feelings are for dames.

  • Anonymous

    Also Eminem might be white but he's from one of the blackest cities on the planet. All his friends and professional partners are black. Swag bitten? This casual observer would say: obviously. This isn't a white black argument, just an obvious truth. White folks pillage. Not bashing it, just respecting the art of rape if you will.

    • Anonymous

      I say what I want, that's the difference. These opinions are my own. I'm not looking for any individuals approval. Surely not yours. Know your history and relish in its fallacies. You have a lot of relishing to do.

    • Anonymous

      stfu. you think because you are saying "you're not bashing it" means that it's true? or that it's okay for you to say that!?

  • Anonymous

    Lamo, big homie kept it real just now and everyone white guy who ever bumped a biggie song is here to cry about it now. That's awesome. Racism isn't pretty when it rears it's ugly head in the enemies favor no? Whats next? Going to shackle yourself to convince blacks you have something in common? Go back to the beach boys homie.

    • Anonymous

      ^ You up there, you sound pretty white washed thinking slavery was cordoned off from the majority of the country. Some of our biggest exports at the time came directly from the south whom practiced antebellum labor up until the war that ended it and even had jim crow laws to help the transition of people who couldn't handle the idea of a free black man. HipHopDX is trying to incite a race war, I see that now that any post I create that isn't inflammatory or has a link to a book in it gets deleted, but I can say Eat a d*ck and it remains... The only people winning here are the ones who run this website. I'm done here, hopefully this stays up, I don't really care either way, this place is beyond redemption. It's like posting black achievements on a KKK forum at this point, no one cares for knowledge, so why kick it? For me its the stone that keeps my foot occupied while I roam up the street... On to the next one for me. http://www.slaverybyanothername.com/the-book/

    • Anonymous

      You descendant of a cave-dweller, how dare you. The majority of the south was So because you didn't personally meet your forefathers but still spend his trickle damn money till this day absolves you of all HIS wrong doing? The majority of the south was slave ridden what majority are you talking about? Read a fucking book.. Actually, heres one. I'll definitely keep my misguided views... You keep the cave and pale face. http://www.slaverybyanothername.com/the-book/

    • anonymous

      "You know what? Any white guy that can't see why blacks have reason to be upset in 2014 after all this time just won't get it, you've forgotten the sins of your father long ago and probably claim none of his faults" That might just be the most ignorant thing I've ever read on this website. You're pathetic. First of all, the majority of white Americans have never had ancestors during the times of slavery. Second of all, if they did, you're damn right we don't claim the faults of them. Should we? I mean I myself have never owned anybody for free labor. I'm guessing you were never enslaved either. Good luck living your life with your misguided sense of entitlement.

    • Anonymous

      Guy:1 Eat a D*ck, that ignorant enough for you? You're on a hip-hop website dropping singular adjectives as means of an insult, concurrent with the last posters thoughts... You find that original? Call me a n*gger like the last white guy unburdened by intellect and move on. You've got nothing. Guy:2 A white man oppresses me everyday, and f*ck you very much for trying to tell me otherwise. People like you are what allow the terrible individuals who do support a racist institutionalized agenda room to move. I do believe you to not be a racist and I do agree with you that I am one, to an extent that all are, I just embrace my hate and give it to the people who need it. Still, odds are you share none of my problems and can't relate to me in the slightest but somehow feel you can preach about stereotyping and backward ideology. Assh*le, so long as there is a church a block away from a liquor store in every ghetto, which so happens to be home to every MLK St. Ave. or Blvd. in America because its in a black neighborhood and by token blacks in this country tend to be poor, and an education system that teaches young blacks that whites are the discoverers and builders of a country they wrestled from the hands of dead men... I'll feel slightly entitled to my bias and my "side". You don't deal with half the shit me and means go through, take your text book rhetoric else where. Racism does in fact exist blatantly today. Trayvon just rolled in his grave. I need to reiterate that last bit... You know what? Any white guy that can't see why blacks have reason to be upset in 2014 after all this time just won't get it, you've forgotten the sins of your father long ago and probably claim none of his faults... Actually, I'll just go out how I came in, ignorant as all sin and still somehow entirely correct. F*ck you.

    • brian

      "Racism isn't pretty when it rears it's ugly head in the enemies favor no?" That statement clearly shows that you are guilty of being slightly racist and using stereotypes yourself. Its a complete stereotype to classify all white people as racist and that in itself is a form of racism. Just like it is a stereotype and racist for a white person to say all black people are lazy. see you are just practicing the same backward ideology that you feel oppresses you, so how does that make you any better? You are just adding to the prevalence of racism by choosing sides and picking a race as the "enemy." It's 2014, how often in your daily life does a white man oppress or stand in your way of accomplishing your goals? I'll bet its not too often. Racism does still exist and it always will it's the way of the world, but it's no longer as blatant . It's just ridiculous to call white people the "enemy" anymore.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah you do that buddy. I'd pretend that was my entire point but you and I both know you love some Biggie, wig elsewhere please.

    • Willy

      Haha, your first mistake was assuming white guys only listen to biggie, then i kept reading and thought it would be funny to just let you keep being ignorant.

  • Anonymous

    This dumb fuck just said this thru a microphone, camera, internet computer and internet...

  • Anonymous

    Lord Jamar thinks he knows what hes talking about. To say white people are stealing their music, thats not true. We're not stealing it, we're just trying to take part in it, but black people dont wanna be a part of it once we get in, so they stop taking part and then ridicule those black people who continue to take part. Thats why you wont see that many black rocknrollers or country musicians, cuz the other black people shit on him when he tries to do the music that he wants to do. Music is an evolving thing. White people had music, Black people evolved it, White people evolved that more, Black people Evolved that more, but now its getting into an era where it doesnt and shouldnt matter which race is taking it to the next level, music is an evolving form of art. period. Every race makes contributions to that evolution.

  • Anonymous

    This guy is retarded. I hate macklemore. Macklemore made a song with his values within it and released it on his album. People liked it, and it's message. There is nothing else.

  • Anonymous

    Stop it! Fucksakes HHDX! Stop giving this ignorant cunt so much attention. If I were to run around talking about "black people are all useless drug addict criminals" I am a racist. Lord Jamar makes stupid comments about white people every 5 minutes and he gets a news headlines. The only reason I ever click on these is to post shit like this. Fucking stop it. Stop giving this fuckhead so much shine. this irrelevant ass motherfucker has no business on a hip hop site.

  • OnkelMichael

    What about Paul C you fucking 5%er crackhead?

  • Bklynzoo

    There's a bunch of white ppl on this site saying the most racist ignorant shit but would NEVER EVERRRRR say half that shit in his face or any other person y'all are talking about. Let not act like white people haven't notoriously taken genres of music from blacks and called it there own Dating back to Elvis. Miley Cyrus is trying her hardest to be a part of our culture and robin thicke just was caught stealing Marvin Gaye's music. His first single lost without you is a complete remake if maxwells song from the late 90's

    • RealTalk

      Bklynzoo, the point is that who gives a shit what color someone's skin is. People with white hue such as Rick Rubin have moved hip hop forward. EL-P, etc. And you mention Thicke remaking a song, but what about all the sampling that is basically copying songs from white artists. who cares. Lord Jamar is a backwards human being, and it seems like you are as well.

    • Anonymous

      I'll say it to his racist fucking face.

    • your friend

      nigga shut the fuck up

  • Anonymous

    Next Jamar article on DX... 'Jamar found dead in house hanging from rope'.

  • HesRightYouKnow

    Couldn't have said it better myself. I strongly believe that white people are so obsessed with repressing the black race and culture because they have NO culture. They are not original and everything they have they've stolen from the black race.

    • !!!BLACK MAN IS GOD!!!

      JAMES u r fucking retarded and don't know your history first of all blacks used to rule the world and everything was nice and peaceful now white people taking over and now look at the world chaos all over the place y cause of THE WHITE MAN so before u say all that ignorant shit sit down and SHUT THE FUCK UPPPP!!!!!

    • !!!!BLACK MAN IS GOD!!!!

      ya goddamn right they have no culture besides going around the world and fucking everything up and taking everything THAT IS NOT THEIRS

  • tiredofdivision

    Stop giving Lord Jamar a platform HipHopDX. His statements are unproductively divisional.

  • Bklynzoo

    It's crazy you white ppl, get sooooo mad when the truth is spoken and y'all look the way y'all truly are. Lord Jamar talking real shit that needs to be said. HIP HOP was created in the Bronx and founded by African Americans POINT BLANK

    • dude

      thank you to that last post anonymous

    • Anonymous

      Oh and the colour of your skin determines shit? Don't play this game. My blood, your blood, it's all red bro. You're sick if you think you're inherently better because your skin is a different colour to mine. And don't play that "oh you white motherfuckers have been holding us down" because I never did shit. I have held down no one. I'm not even American. So peace, my nigga. Stop talking shit about people based on skin colour. Like this punk bitch Jamar

    • James

      those African Americans were brought over by slaveships and would've never existed if White people wouldn't of done that. White people created hip hop. - James

  • Mike

    Who invented basketball? Hmmmm.......James Naismith.....guess what? Dude is white...

  • BCcoastin

    what a fuckin world we live in. 2014 and still everybody racist as fuck. u can be poroud of your race but still respect others. fuck me. damn u ppl need to love more or get loved more...real talk

  • Knowyourenemy

    This book explains it all - Iceman Inheritance : Prehistoric Sources of Western Man's Racism, Sexism and Aggression

  • Anonymous

    I don't understand white people. What in the history of mankind caused white people to snap and do all this bad shit to the world? Why did you enslave people? Why did you steal everything from other cultures? Why did you white wash history and try to rewrite it in your image? Why did you take countries and land from others? Why did you divide humans up into "races"? Why? Did a group of you just wake up and say, "Hey, I want to fuck up the world today!"? Did an alien come down and convince you that you were better then everyone else because you had lighter skin? Did the devil send you to destroy God's earth? I just don't get it. Something had to have happened to make them do all this bullshit. This is the one thing missing from the history books that I would love to know more about.

    • Knowledgeimprovesvision

      Slavery has existed in more or less all cultures and continents, Africa too. some Coastal cultures in Africa became quite wealthy playing a part in the international slave trade. When it comes to music, credit has to be given where credit is due, but to state that race determines an individuals rights to be a part of or play a determining role in a music culture sounds very narrow minded to me. I too, like Lord Jamar, feel very depressed about the road that the state of hiphop apparently has chosen to venture down...And I do believe there are individuals involved in or exploiting this wonderful culture, who is to blame. But to add race to the blame cocktail is not something I can agree with at all. There are people of all colors residing in the House of Hiphop, who are not satisfied with some members ideas on what the interior design should look like. There are sell-outs and misrepresenters of the culture of all colors in the house of hiphop, not just people of the paler kind. Perhaps Lord Jamar, who I actually, despite his radical comments, consider a smart man, is so blinded by his racial hatred, that he does not see, that he is failing to realize that his hatred for other races, or people with, in his view, abnormal sexual preferences, has become a self constructed smoke screen, that prevents him from seeing what he really should help speak out against. It is not about race, it is about a world elite who's greed exploits people with lesser means and also comes in and overtakes cultures, including our beloved hiphop, and commercialises it, to an extent, where newcomers find it difficult to see, what is up and down. No wonder, why the new generation is confused about hiphop, when the industry, which a lot of the old hiphop legends are a part of, have allowed hiphop to become as washed down a version as it, in many cases is today. Was'nt it Hi-Jack who back in the days asked "ask yourself, is this a race-war, or a war of rich against poor". Instigating racial hatred is the perfect smokescreen for the elite, making the rest of us ignore or oversee our real enemies. Lord Jamar, should wake up and join the struggle, we need people like him, who are not afraid to speak up. And oh by the way...Pel and Eusebio (R.I.P) are legends in the house of soccer, and when Pele speaks up, soccer fans of all continents listen respectully, yet critically to what he has to say. Travel to Europe as an African and tell the cab driver that you are from Ivory coast, and you have already there engaged in a friendly conversation about the amazing talent of Didier Drogba or Michael Essien. Travel to Africa as a European and tell then you are Swedish and the cab driver will get into a friendly conversation about the talent of Zlatan Ibrahimovich. Would'nt it be nice, if Hiphop continued to do the same thing?

    • SeanD0n

      Im giving you a standing ovation sir!!! Very well said, i used to wonder the samething as well. http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m6970jRcD21r82002.gif

    • Anonymous

      Everyone enslaved people and started wars and stole from other cultures... Europeans were just better at it. Europeans just won. Sorry, other shit cultures. Keep talking like your beaded shirts are so cool compared to moon landings and polio vaccines.

    • wds

      about halfway through writing that, had you had the self-awareness, you would have started to question your source of knowledge and who exactly is feeding you this one-sided story.

  • Anonymous


  • Sean

    Somebody take this guys mic away.

    • HHDX CEO


    • wdas

      and let you keep commenting? naaahhh. jamar can keep his mic as long as you keep writing dumb fucking comments on internet sites that are really a front for a drug operation and take payola to write articles about drake all day.

  • RespectYourFather

    Charles Drew was a medical doctor and surgeon remembered as the inventor of the blood bank. He also established, and was the first director of, the blood bank of the American Red Cross. Although of African-American heritage in an age of rampant racial discrimination, Drew managed to achieve an extremely high level of education (BA from Amherst in 1926, MD and Master of Surgery from McGill University in Montreal 1933, and a Doctor of Science in Medicine from Columbia University in 1940) and to become a well-respected surgeon and professor.

  • TruthHurtsLoveConquers

    Richard Spikes, a Black man, invented the first automatic transmission.

  • Anonymous

    Black people so proud and protective of the only fucking shit they started and contributed. Meanwhile, they use, succeed and do everything else white people created. stupid race.

  • Anonymous

    We don't see Jamar talking about that huh? No, cause he's a retarded scum of the earth. While he keeps being racist and bitching how white people are stealing hiphop, he basically lives the life of white men. Cause most of the shit you see, use, succeed in everyday was created by the white people.

  • Anonymous

    We don't see Jamar talking about that huh? No, cause he's a retarded scum of the earth. While he keeps being racist and bitching how white people are stealing hiphop, he basically lives the life of white men. Cause most of the shit you see, use, succeed in everyday was created by the white people.

  • Anonymous

    Hiphopdx, please stop giving this fucking moron any more publicity. He says a lot of dumb shit, it just annoys everyone and nobody gives a fuck about his opinion. Go fuck yourself Jamar

  • Anonymous

    The funny thing is that black people still dominate hiphop. It's not like white people took it from them or anything. Unlike basketball which is dominated and played by black people. But we don't bitch about it, that's why white people will always be one step ahead. We constantly do shit and create stuff, we couldn't care less. I guess we'll let the inferior race bitch and whine about what they think they own because they started it. While we invent shit like the light bulb, electricity, computers, cars, fuckin science..You know, the shit black people use everyday?

  • Anonymous


  • ActRight

    Charles Darwin learned at the foot of the Black Man, but gets all of the credit. He learned taxidermy from John Edmonstone, a freed black slave who had accompanied Charles Waterton in the South American rainforest, and often sat with this "very pleasant and intelligent man".

    • Anonymous

      read comments below, who cares about this shit? What are you trying to prove? White men have created everything a black man can dream of. It's not by trying to prove one point on a particular subject that will make your race look better. Black people invented fuck all next to what white people have accomplished and brought.

  • ActRight

    Steve Jobs owes his knowledge to a Black Man... Pickette conceptualized the design for putting a computer on a chip, 1968. He participated in the development of the first Microcomputer. He introduced the Boys of Apple to computing, they were members of the Itty-Bitty computer-club at Foothill College. He set up the PDP-10 Computer in 21 days for the INTEL Engineers to utilize to design the 8085 (1972). He was the first to utilize Switches as a Backbone to Servers, 1994. One of the first with Interactive WEB Education in Mathematics, 1998.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Blablabla It's always one in a million cases. Keep bitching. Even though there are a few incidence where a white man took credit for a black man's work, you can't deny that white people have created, contributed and invented way more shit than the black man could ever dream of.

  • Will $teel

    Im white n i cosigned everything he said b4 the last paragraph. Damn Lord Jamar I didnt know that YOU personally created rock n roll, the blues, country music and hip hop. Damn imma bow down 2 u lord u r the most creative mufucka ive ever heard of.

  • DNAdontLIEWhite=BlackOffspring

    Gerald Jerry Lawson, creator of the first cartridge-based videogame console....Guess what color he was...Yep...Black....Atari, Nintendo, etc...all ran with his creation....I can go on and on....

    • Anonymous

      Congratulations you arrogant dipship. I can list a million things white people created. Just because one person created something doesn't mean that they can take all the credit for what comes next. For instances, your video game cartridge, so what if it was created by a black person. They didn't make Atari nor did they make Nintendo. Those companies expanded on a basic idea. The credit is not bestowed to the black man. Get out of here with that shit. White people created millions of things and we don't complain or say that black people stole it.

  • DNAdontLIEWhite=BlackOffspring

    Yep...just like Intel stole the concept of the integrated circuit from Wayne Pickette. The microprocessor is one of the greatest technological advances of the Twentieth Century. The official history of the development of the first microprocessor leaves the reader with the impression that Faggin, Hoff, Mazor, and Shima were the sole designers and inventors of the 4004 microprocessor. These men, however, stood on the back of a giant, a young black inventor by the name of Wayne Pickette.

  • RealTalk

    Also, what about all the sampling of white artists who have made hip hop songs be what they are. No Bruce Hornsby. No Changes. Let's get real Lord Jamar.

  • Anonymous

    Typical light skinneded nigga trying to overcompensate

  • Heisenberg

    I just checked jamar's twitter, this motherfucker is a racist, pure and simple. He doesnt give a fuck about hip-hop culture, winning fans, staying relevant, he is a straight up RACIST.


    I absolutely love this dude with all of my heart. Thank you Lord Jamar, thank you.

  • dw

    Go to School learn History and then tell again such a bullshit.

  • Anonymous

    White man don't create anything lemme go tell Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates,The Wright Brothers, Einstein and Tesla they invented nothing If you base the accomplishments of your race on genres of music that pretty much says it all for him he's not seeing the bigger picture success is about progression and moving forward looking back only wastes time and causes problems so being mad over rock music/country when he wasn't even alive makes no sense to me

    • Anonymous

      Co sign all of the above. Finally someone with logical thinking.

    • A Trillionaire

      Lord Jamar is demonstrating such ignorance with these statements. He has some points to go off but he doesn't understand that all of the words he says are being quoted. So he spouts off that white people don't create anything because his life revolves around music and movies apparently. It just proves that he is ignorant to the world and only knows about this one subject that he continues to speak on. Speaking without thinking is the definition of ignorance. Like someone posted below, white people invented basketball.

  • BTaker