MC Serch Says He Refuses "To Have Fighting" On His New Talk Show

MC Serch wants his show to go from "ratchetness to righteousness in 60 minutes."

Though MC Serch's new show, "Serch," focuses on conflict resolution, he doesn't foresee the conflict getting physical.

The show was announced early last week. "We refuse to have fighting on the show," said the Rap veteran in an interview with MTV News. "I'm not gonna have anybody calling anybody out their name.

Serch did qualify, however: "There's gonna be a certain of ratchetness we're gonna have," he said.

The first episode of the television show, Serch will confront a 22-year-old who has six children with four different women.

"We want to see the conflict and hear the conflict because that's appealing, but we want to get to the resolution," he said. "Use my life experiences, use what I've learned in my marriage, use what I've learned in therapy, use what I learned from my mom and dad, and help others on a path of getting their mind right."

"We go from ratchetness to righteousness in 60 minutes," he said.

Watch the interview below:

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MC Serch was a member of the Def Jam Recordings group 3rd Bass, which released its debut album The Cactus Album in 1989. Serch also had a role in mentoring a young Nas.

Serch previously hosted the VH1 reality series "Ego Trip's The (White) Rapper Show," and later on "Ego Trip's MIss Rap Supreme."

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