Popa Wu Reveals Why Raekwon Is Holding Up Wu-Tang Clan's "A Better Tomorrow" Album

Popa Wu also says that RZA wasn't responsible for teaching the other Wu-Tang Clan members about the music business.

Popa Wu says that the Wu-Tang Clan’s forthcoming A Better Tomorrow album is being held up by one of the group members. 

“It’s here already,” the Wu-Tang Clan mentor says during an interview with ForbezDVDPromo. "It’s just that it’s got to be closed up by Rae[kwon]. Rae’s the only one that’s got to close up. Everybody did what they did…They even got the treatments for videos and all that shit. RZA’s ahead of his game right now. It’s just that Raekwon’s just compromising…you know how a person gets…when you’re a person that never had nothing and then when you get something and then its [taken] away from you, it’s hard to adjust back.”

Popa Wu also says that there is a disconnect about the reality of the business among the members of the Wu-Tang Clan.

“They think RZA did some old crazy stuff,” he says. "RZA did what he did. You forgot, he took ya’ll niggas from nothing and made ya’ll something. In my mind, I don’t think he would do that to you. He was just smarter. He just took care of his business and it was up to you to learn it. He’s not supposed to teach you the business. If you mad with him for that, then that’s personal.”

In June 2013, RZA said that most of the Wu-Tang Clan was working on A Better Tomorrow

"If things go right...you know, it's hard to get a Wu-Tang album, 'cause we all have such big careers and big families that we have to maintain, of our own, to bring that energy back is not so easy,” he said. "It's looking real promising. Method Man did a lot of verses already. [Ghostface Killah] is writing some verses. U-God came over last week and took some music to write his verses. Masta Killa's been very on-point with his verses. Inspectah Deck, myself [have been working too]."

The hold-up on recording the Wu-Tang Clan’s next album hurts all the members of the group, Popa Wu says. “Nobody wants to just see Raekwon by himself, just see Ghostface by himself,” he says. "They want to see Wu-Tang Clan.”

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  • Robert

    After this drink.. we-we-we.. Now become sworn enemies! Niggaz Don't Even Know "Wu-Tang is Forever"

  • Anonymous

    Ya'll niggas sound like some corny ass niggas for tryin to shit on RAE Niggas been one of the nicest in the game for the past 20 years. End of story.

  • Anonymous

    Nigg*r music for subhuman primates and white race traitors.


    So how about that complete fuckup and brand suicide thats been going on over at SOUL TEMPLE MUSIC?

  • MethVSChef

    Yall are a buncha dumb niggaz for saying the Chef can't rhyme. He's automatic top 3 in the Wu who are the greatest hip-hop group in history. No group put out more bangers consecutively like the Wu did from the 36 chambers through their solos to the Wu-Tang Clan Forever joint. 1992 to 1996 was Wu-Tang dominate through the Pac, Big, Dre/Snoop, Nas days... them niggaz had some shxt goin. Now, that being said, Rae needs to understand that Wu headz are tryin to hear them all together and get his verses out.

  • What

    That what wrong with most niggaz man they always want someone to carry them, and when you dont they get mad how about grown to F up and wake u and ball handle your own

  • Maureen Duke

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  • Maureen Duke

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  • Anonymous

    Rae is washed up, repetitive, boring as fuck... But he's still 1000% the MC than GZA. Yeah, GZA can still write okay, sometimes (sometimes he's corny) but on the microphone, he's bum drunk, lazy ass garbage.

    • devon

      All you kids your oppinion doesn't fucking matter you know why because you are kids and when these albums were being released some of you were either not born or still wearing breifs not boxers so stay talking about fake shit like meek mills and miley Cyrus and devil shit glorify that because reality itsnt for some of you but dillusion is...

    • Anonymous

      you r out of ur mind bro. rae is one of the most respected artists in the game,,nigga got bars

    • What

      GZA genius is the best F-ing MC from the WU Period

    • AR

      Your crazy. Rae is dope, but GZA has always been better even today. Rae's problem is that he's gotten greedy. And his next album FILA is not gonna be good, seeing as he's trying to take the commercial route which is not gonna fly.

    • rahrahrah

      Dude, you're delusional. I saw GZA last year at the Trocadero. He rocked the crowd just him alone on stage for 2 hours. No hype man, no dancing girls. He tore through Liquid Swords and did a bit of Dark Matter, he walked through the crowd like Moses, stood and rocked the crowd with a circle around him. Fuck out of here with your nonsense!

  • Anonymous

    rae just should do a collabo album with Justin Bieber.

  • The_Observer

    as long as GZA is present, who gives a fuck about Rae? He talks about the same thing for years...he rhymes about goons, cocaine, how he flies from country to country to connect with his mafia links and so on the only time i heard a dope Rae verse was the one with Talib Kweli on his new albums

    • Anonymous

      Co-sign Rea is a boring coke rapper who is 43 years old and acts very immature. Rea you are NOT some maffia don!!!!!!!

  • The_Observer

    and damn, they must feature Killah Priest

  • Really

    As a clan they started out together, broke down doors and broke bread. Its not the RZA responsibility to continue to hold people's hands. Grown ass men handle your own business. The RZA started out from the bottom just like the rest, but what he did was expand and add on... you can't hate a dude for stepping outside the box. Wu Tang Forever

  • Anonymous

    Whats so special about Reakwon: OB4CL faetured Gostface on half of the tracks and the half are WU memebers. Same for OB4CL 2 and other Rae albums. Rae is good but NOT great!

  • Anonymous

    Rae is boring as fuck....

    • Huawiza

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  • insanemacbeth

    sort your house out, WU TANG!

  • CP

    Rae is still better than Drake.

  • Anonymous

    yeah, last time Raekown did it his way we got... Immobilarity. Funny thing is, Rae could still spit pretty well there but the music was worse than fugazy. That OB4CL2 was half-decent was clearly a fluke, however, Rae has ZERO knack for making records on his own, he ** needs ** RZA, even half-brain-dead starfucking, dogshit actor RZA. Troof!

  • Anonymous

    LEX DIAMONDS STORY II first!!!!! Raekwon is a has been fat fuck... or wait, wait-- WU MASSACRE!!!!!! SHAOLIN VERSUS WU-TANG II!!!! Icewater, Icewater, Icewater

  • johnjohnphenom

    I got my uzi back, you dudes is wack face it the wu is back! Rae gotta remember this is bigger than him, rza too. This is about the fans (some of the most die hard of any genre) and the legacy they leave behind. They need ol dirty RIP

  • Anonymous

    As bad as i wanna see the group doing his thing i agree that Rza should produce that raw street type production. He got this musically shit in his mind nowadays. So with this i agree with Rae. Cause they should go out with a Bang type album. Tracks like heart gently weeps should be on a soundtrack not on a W album.

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    Raekwon is definitely one of my favorites from Wu. The album wouldn't feel like an official Wu project without solid contributions from him. I wouldn't want to hear this Wu album if members aren't on the same page and just pieced together a project with a Wu logo on it. Their first album displayed so much chemistry, raw energy in their lyrics, and ground breaking content that could never be duplicatd now that those guys have reached certain levels of success and independence.

  • Submisson

    It's true Rae dissed the 8 diagrams album (which had some decent tracks) yet he later collaborates with Justin Bieber which is ridiculous

    • ETK

      he defended it partly for the reason I said. I know the history nigga, he ain't fucked around with the dude in person, JB reached out for a verse and he was like "iight fuck it", there was no major link-up. it wasn't for a single. it wasn't for no album record. it was for some throwaway remix on youtube which ain't even hit 300K views. if it was for anything bigger than that, guarantee Rae woulda said no

    • LD

      Sorry ETK, as much as I hate it, it was exactly that, a straight up collab. Rae defended the fuck out of it too...AT THE TIME. Look up your history youngin, I can't even begin to describe how disappointed I was, but "a niggas gotta eat" right? Wrong.

    • ETK

      he did not straight up collaborate with Justin Bieber. that song was a remix. you pack up some verses and they get sent by some goon nigga to the original song to remix it. it's not like Kanye and Rae hit up Justin and was like "yo let's meet up in the studio" maybe Rae coulda had a hand in stopping that, but w/e it's not a real collaboration

  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

    Rae should man tha fuck up! All on his diva shit, get over it. I dont need a Wu album with Rae....Hatin on the man that took u from the hood WTF. Without the RZA there would not be an OB4CL Fuckers -Ha

  • sam snead

    If the group is in a bad place with each other they should not even bother dropping an album. Seems like the same problems as last time. They wanted to have it done for the 20 yr aniversary, that ship has sailed now they still can't get it together. If that's the case I most likely don't even want to hear it, that's like watching Ali trying to box again

    • SC

      Need to Apologize for that last comment. I can't disrespect the Man's name because I don't agree with one of his choices. That's selfish and Ignorant on my part. .. He knows what's best for His Life.. I have no say in that.. no right to judge. I'm just a spoiled Fan.. they did this to me though.

    • SC

      True and the last time it was Rae complaining too... on 8 Diagrams. Which was a dope album only to be over shadowed by Rae's Negativity and Hate. He dissed the sound on that album ...but the sound on that album was far better than any solo album he put out post OB4CL. He ruined that album for m .. and a lot of other people. I hate to say it .. and thought I never would but ... Rae is acting like a Bitch.

  • OnkelMichael

    Rae hated on the sound of 8 Diagrams and did music with Justin Bieber and Kanye West. FUCK RAEKWON...has 1 good album...almost 20 years old...

  • fuccya

    I wont mind wu album without rae. Takes too long.

  • Shawn Peters

    Raekwon doing the smartest thing by stayin away from this album.RZA jerkin niggas on money plus his music aint on point anymore.. nigga dont make music he make movies now..Everyone knows that ghost and rae are the dopest niggas from wu and as much as I want to hear this album i aint buyin if Raekwon dont cosign that shit.. that should tell ya'll shit aint up to par

    • myndone617

      crazy talk, that dude music is sharpper than ever. hes done WHOLE scores for MAJOR budget films, kill bill n the likes....how has he fell off, what about a new day with kanye n jay? wak? your crazy, dudes ahead of you and the game. try n catch up...

  • Tyler

    This is the way they want to end their legacy? Seriously, you changed peoples' lives with your music and you want to come together one last time for your fans/selves, in order to cement you're impact on hip-hop culture and you're going to pull this shit? At this point, any Rae verse that we hear on the album is going to be over-analyzed to the point that the body of work won't matter - the exact opposite of what made them important to the landscape of rap history in the first place.

  • Anonymous

    RZA robbed his own brothers.

    • Anonymous

      i think that was cappadonna that posted that

    • Anonymous

      LOL this guy above me trollin hard

    • Anonymous

      RZA went Hollywood after him and Oli and Divine raped the entire Wu Tang and sent them back to the Stapleton Projects. RZA is the reason why Shyheim will die in prison, RZA is a cult leader who used his knowledge to make himself rich so he could make cheesy Kung Fu movies and sleep with slutty French women. Ol Dirty is another one of RZAs victims, RZA gave him drugs instead of money and encouraged his antics because he said the publicity was good for Wu Tang. RZA is also a murderer who killed a man and got off with self-defense but people behind the scenes know that RZA has killed many men which is why the Wu Tang members with the exception of Rae and U God are scared of what RZA may do to them. RZA has new connections and shitloads of money to try to threaten or harm Raekwon and he just might be wicked enough to do it.

    • Tron

      you should go away and never come back

  • skitzo

    i wish it could of been a 20th anniversary album but either way i cant wait a better tommorrow crystal meth and cunninglynguists strange journey part 3 is all im lookin forward to

  • Anonymous

    So who is this guy? What is his relation to Wu-Tang ? RZA's father?

  • Anonymous

    Im going to miss the wu tang when they retire man after 20'years man rip

  • Anonymous

    Old bitter n*ggers fighting over crumbs cant blame the white man because you spent all that money on drugs and hookers and never paid taxes, wannabee chinamen n*ggers.

  • what?

    I don't understand the explanation he gave it made no sense. WTF?

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