Yasiin Bey Announces Concert From Africa Honoring Muhammad Ali

A video clip featuring Yasiin Bey says that the rapper will be performing in Africa, a set from the rapper formerly known as Mos Def that will be available for live stream.

Yasiin Bey will be performing a live set from Africa, according to a video posted on hypetraktv’s YouTube channel today (January 15).

The rapper formerly known as Mos Def delivers an a cappella performance on a beach. After he finishes rapping, the video says that the performance will feature three new Yasiin Bey exclusives.

The performance is part of Yasiin Bey’s Time Is Always Now initiative, which is slated to include the performance, which is set for Friday (January 17) at 5:30 pm EST, hypetrak.com says. The location of the performance will be revealed as the conclusion of the concert, the first in a planned series of live stream Time Is Always Now events.

Yasiin Bey’s performance is taking place January 17 in order to honor the birthday of Muhammad Ali, a championship boxer and social activist.

The Yasiin Bey video is as follows:

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