Zion I "The Masters Of Ceremony" Cover Art, Tracklist, Download & EP Stream

Zion I's "The Masters Of Ceremony" EP features 1-O.A.K. on the song "Danger Zone."

Zion I released its The Masters Of Ceremony EP today (January 14). 

"The Masters of Ceremony is the first EP in a series created to fortify the cultural aspects of Hip Hop,” says Zion I rapper Zumbi, who is joined in the group by producer AmpLive. "We took it back to ground zero in creating these songs. The sole purpose of the emcee is to energize, invigorate and guide the listener to a higher state of mind, whether that be reflection, relaxation or enlightenment. This is the culture and not the business of Hip Hop, to serve as a tuning fork to the emotions, that we may contemplate our current state collectively and forge our collective destiny with heightened perspective. A lot of people emcee, but many have no idea what it really means.”

The five-cut collection features the single “Danger Zone,” which also features 1-O.A.K.

The Masters Of Ceremony is available for download at SoundCloud.com

Zion I’s The Masters Of Ceremony cover art, tracklist and EP stream are as follows:

1. "Supreme"

2. ”Masters Of Ceremony"

3. "Fresh"

4. "Thin Ice”

5. ”Danger Zone” f. 1-O.A.K.

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