Kanye West Allegedly Assaults 18-Year-Old In Beverly Hills Medical Office

Kanye West allegedly assaulted an 18-year-old after he allegedly disrespected Kim Kardashian.

Kanye West allegedly assaulted an 18-year-old male today (January 13) in the waiting room of a Beverly Hills chiropractor’s office, tmz.com reports.

Kim Kardashian was in a medical office building today when she was approached by paparazzi and the 18-year-old allegedly said to Kardashian, “Fuck these faggot-ass niggers,” regarding the paparazzi, tmz.com says

When Kardashian told the 18-year-old that it was inappropriate for him to use the n-word, he replied, “Fuck you, bitch. Just trying to help you. Shut up nigger lover, stupid slut,” tmz.com’s story says.

Kardashian, who was alone at the time, let the 18-year-old walk into an office. Kanye West arrived soon thereafter and located the 18-year-old in the waiting room of chiropractor Richard Hill. Kanye West then allegedly punched the alleged victim, tmz.com reports.

The alleged victim said he wants to press charges. 

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  • Anonymous

    He has no class - he just stooped the 18 year old's level

  • Anonymous

    Nobody fucks with Aqua Man and gets away with it!

  • Anonymous

    Kanye Kardashian just needs to come to terms that he is in fact a gay fish.

  • Anonymous

    If that's what the kid said, Kanye right to throw at him, and he a bitch for pressing charges

  • Anonymous

    Drake fucking loves to sniff buttholes

  • Anonymous

    It doesn't get much more queer that Kanye Kardashian, well, except for Drake.

    • Anonymous

      Well, looky here. Another Kardashian stan. Does she pay you in blowjobs to defend her online? No? Then quit and realize she's human garbage.

    • Anonymous

      and they're the reason why she's famous, following and talking about her on social media and reality shows paying close attention to what's trending and watching what she wears, who she's with, what her family is doing, how much she's making but y'all ain't gonna own up to that

    • Anonymous

      "The large majority of Kim K haters are jealous white men. On this site and every site on the net." That is not true at all. If you go on any social network website, there's people of all races, male and female, who hate that talentless trust-fund slut.

    • Anonymous

      Well, Kanye Kardashian is in fact a queer so what exactly is your point?

    • Anonymous

      again, the original commenter was not hating on Kim. He said Kanye Kardashian is queer.

    • U mad son?

      ^ Nope. The large majority of Kim K haters are jealous white men. On this site and every site on the net.

    • Anonymous

      i only see hating on a black man in that comment

    • Anonymous

      White people expressing their hatred for white women who like Black men its nothing new, at least the didnt hang Kanye and cut his dick off like they used to.

  • CKD

    Well he got the slut part of it right... fuking hate this cum guzzling whore

  • Anonymous

    i doubt that really happened sounds like excuses for kayne bitch assaulting an 18 yr old shes gonna be held in contempt

    • Anonymous

      Now Kim is saying she feared for her life and the kid threatened to kill her so she's pressing charges LOL. That part really sounds made up to cover for Kanye! Why would she be afraid, doesn't she have bodyguards and bullet proof whips????

  • Anonymous

    I can't believe Kim thinks she can tell a white kid what words he can and cannot say while her husband gets rich selling Confederate flags to children.

  • Devastation


    • aldo

      That was actually the whitest thing Kanye could've done.Check the history books.Blacks dont attack we retaliate. Blackest is racist as fuck. How about Nigga instead. Just say it. I know you want to Bitch!

    • Anonymous

      Do you think he had his confederate flag shirt and jacket on while he beat up whitey

  • Anonymous

    i'd do the same ahah

  • Anonymous

    Why would the kid defend her from the paparazzi then go off on her? He could have maybe got a hug and a selfie with her!

  • white women are the right women

    Let the man have his White pussy in peace! That 18 year old deserved to get beat down. It ain't our fault that White women love slobbering all over our dicks.

  • the truth

    Dogg you're wifes a porn star - dont get mad cos half the industry's cum in her face and dogg u pussy nobody believes you LOLOLOLOLOLo -

  • Anonymous

    Kanye Kardashian loves him some man butthole, he wants Drakes weiner more than anything this world has to offer.

  • dazeone

    Give this man a million to keep him quiet..Kanye you have too much money to be doing that

  • Anonymous

    Kanye Kardashian strikes again


    Some one said that to my fiance, i would knock them the fuck out, lets be serious.

    • Anonymous

      what if a nigga put your fiance in a sextape and made a song about how he hit it first when she was carrying your child? kanye didnt do shit

  • Anonymous

    Backlash, well, well, well... genius (?)did not see this coming.

  • kanye is pussy

    Kanye + Jay Z + Puffy = The Death of East Coast Hip Hop - Jay aint better then BIG_TUPAC_BIG PUN_BIG L_KOOL G RAP_DMX_LOX_SNOOP_ i hate to see lame n***** make it RIP Half a Mil-STRETCH-PIMP C

  • kanye is pussy

    this clown plus (puffy-jayz-eninem-) ruined hip hop - fake thugs CB4 Gusto - never done shit - go listen to the song War Games og by tupac - real hip hop not this bull you young punks listen too- i miss the old school - these punks just dont cut it

    • wtf is you smokin'

      'i miss the old school' nigga how fuckin' old you think these rappers you named are? if pac was still alive it would probably be the same story witchu riding another rappers dick and talkin' the same bull shit. smh bitch niggas.

  • kanye is pussy

    you're woman is a porn star dogg - bin on the camera + you're music sucks dogg- 'nike wont let me Sway' 'thought of yeezys when i was 8' 'my moms died' Kanye West crooked dogg - you aint no tupac dogg

  • kanye is pussy

    go do fashion pussy - now back to some relevant stuff- these geek bin watching too much tupac (real) im this im that you're musics shit

  • kanye is pussy

    Kanye is wack - bent face with the big ass teeth- back pack - musics trash - hangs with Jayz another wack rapper - if pac and smalls were alive they would have had sex with both these clowns wifes LOLOLOLOLOLOLOOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • 3 doors down saying only you n me


  • 3 doors down saying only you n me


  • 3 doors down saying only you n me


  • 3 doors down saying only you n me


  • 3 doors down saying only you n me


  • 3 doors down saying only you n me

    cassie me and you song

  • 3 doors down saying only you n me


  • Yocuz

    Gotta love South Park

  • Anonymous

    Kanye should have let that punk have his moment...til he got a visit from the goons. He'd be spending his 21st birthday still in a vegetative state, getting his birthday shots through a feeding tube.

  • RC

    Finally some crazy antics from Kanye I can stand-by, good for him for standing up for his woman.

  • Anonymous

    I am from Alabama and white people act like this all the time.

  • YouSerious?

    You know, HipHopDX, it'd be nice to have that whole racism context in the article within the title as well, because otherwise people might think this is just the same Kanye bullshit. If this dude said that kind of shit, then he deserves that assault. Sounds like he's a little shit taking advantage of a situation.

  • Anonymous

    18 year old sounds like he's on crack or drunk or something anyways

  • Anonymous

    lol guy got what he deserved if thats the case. ridiculous.

  • florida boy

    not into that rich boy rap...i aint rich ..just love me some hiphop...them niggas lookin at miley cyrus ass.wtf body like a 12 year ol boy...taboo.. controversy sells records

  • Anonymous

    lol we olver criticize this semi homo.... talk shit to my girl and ill whoop your ass a lot worse then this dude.... off his dick pls world!

  • florida boy

    i think kanye tryin to keep in the news ..straight marketing ..look at his wife he punchin niggas over ? down here in el paso juarez las cruces them hoes dime a dozen lol fan of the old stuff though

  • Anonymous

    Ever notice how white men/asian women are the most common interracial couple, yet black men with white women get the most scrutiny and negative attention? You never hear people making jokes or insulting white men and their asian fetishes. I guess because american society says that white men should be allowed to have anything and do anything they want. But let a white woman date someone who isn't white and watch how much hatred the couple gets. It's a bunch of bullshit.

    • ABC

      I dont think its a white thing. Interracial relationships are a problem worldwide. In europe when youre white you cant date most muslim girls cause the girls will get killed by their families.

  • dunk

    lewts not forget..that kanyes a fucking douche and has not helped real hip hop at all

  • Anonymous

    Keep hating faggot cuz a nigga showed up for his WIFE and no BITCH @DE: You fucking outta your mind

  • DE

    KANYE THE GOAT..... Regardless if he beats up teenagers or not...dude is a fucking genius GOODmusic all forever

  • ETK

    ...I kinda have to give a point to Kanye for that


    Smh....obviously Kanye was provoked and could have handled it better.....bruh....Ye' gotta learn how to control that big ass temper of his...lol...the press got him falling for the trap everytime....not sayin' it's right, but he's gotta learn how to adapt in these time of situations. Especially if he's a celebrity and in the public alot. Follow Endless Ambition Streetwear. Urban wear for those who grind nonstop and want more out of life. IG: @endlessambition_streetwear @kingstutter Twitter: @Gwillisjr89 @EA_StreetWear @Kongo4488 Blog: eastreetwear.blogspot.com

  • cartman

    i wonder how she would have reacted if he called her the hobbit

  • Anonymous

    Different people respond differently to racial slurs and disrespect, from hateful white people, some people turn the other cheek and some people attack.

    • YouSerious?

      Fuck that kid if he thinks its okay to say that shit. Sure, Kanye could've walked away and whatever, but if he had walked away, that empowers the dude who said that shit in the first place. You can't let that go.

  • Anonymous

    mudshark n koonye

  • Anonymous

    'hood nigga! don't disrespect his retarded cunt!!

  • GOD

    Which one of you 18 year old keyboard warriors is next to get snuffed by Kanye? God knows some of you deserve it.

  • Thomas Stanphill

    Whats the problem? kim kardashian is a niggger lover

  • Anonymous

    I read the story on TMZ and it says Kim was with him when he punched him and she said they had it all on camera? Are they gonna world star the kid?

  • JJthaINna

    I'm not a Ye fan, but sounds to me like the paparazzi set him up. what are the chances they would happen to be there when a racist kid provokes kim

  • True

    Regardless of all his other fuckery..he stood up for his woman.. I gotta respect that.


    Press charges? Hahah, the idiot led himself to that outcome. If he he didn't insult for no reason, the ass beating wouldnt of happened.Some people are ignorant and pathetic. lol. Kanye had the right. I know I'll do the same if someone did that to my wife... or if I was Yeezus :3

  • Anonymous

    "I've been led to believe most people just hate each other." Hatred is an emotion usually derived from envy and jealousy, but in some cases it is conditioning. African Americans who came here as chattel under the yoke of Europeon barbarity were trained and conditioned to hate themselves and hate one another, this dichotomy is the basis for the Willie Lynch Letter. Negative images in art and media also contribute to poor self image which leads to self hatred, and then you have images and art that exalt and deify a certain particular race of people and the formula for self hatred and self destruction has been created.

  • sam snead

    lol, kanye beat someone up

  • A Trillionaire

    Haha ya Yeezy! Finally some wild antics I can support. This shit is awesome.

  • Anonymous

    funny shit right here

  • hank hilll

    LMAO one of the few stories that actually made me lol. The fake ass nigga working in a Beverly Hills doctors office deserved it

  • Anonymous

    Kids prolly not even racist prolly just won some big money in a law suit!!!! Smart kid!!! Even though I hate the N word

  • Anonymous

    funny how he'll run up on a kid or a photographer but not any rappers

    • Anonymous

      He wouldn't step to Ray J over 'I Hit It First'!

    • Anonymous

      The only rappers I could see hurling racial slurs at another mans wife are Eminem and Yelawolf but the rest of the rap community is pretty much family and wouldnt do something to warrant an ass whoopin.

  • m.black

    Hope this shit ain't true...They tryna set homie up. He gotta quit falling for this kinda shit. They guna lock his ass up foreal if he don't quit assaulting people. He knows these white folk want to see him fall flat on his face. Gotta play it smart.

    • Anonymous

      I kinda feel like the plan was to get that outcome. Of course the kid wants to "sue" now. He wouldn't of got that ass beat by a "god" if he didn't assault Kim. At least the kid was old enough lol

    • marcus

      some of us black folk wanna see ye fall flat on his face too.

  • rideonemjixxer

    Kanye is usually out of line, but if this guy really said what he said, he deserved to get punched. Thats trolling in public...which is not a good look, someone will punch you, even Kanye West....

  • DAD

    I would've knocked that gay nigga out

  • DAD

    Kanye is one of them house niggas that stared out the window while the others did real work

  • Anonymous

    Yeezus is still wack

  • ARO

    Lol we all know tha kids a racist faggot, but Kanye is more mentally challenged than I thought for doin exactly what that white kid wanted him to do. Kanye is already facin assault charges, hopefully he'll go to jail tho so we dont have to hear anymore of his shitty music.

  • Irony

    do you think this nigga had his confederate flag on while he beat down that honky?

  • King Khufu

    This people killed Jesus and Martin Luther King so you know they aint got no love for my naga Yeezy.

  • Black Dick

    "true inferiority complex...the absolute truth lies in history...them knowing they were not the original man, yet carrying on as if it were not the truth." the poor white kid has every reason in the world to be angry, he sees a Black man with a white woman and sees his own extinction and genetic annihilation through miscegenation. Kanye and Kim had a baby and that baby will be classified as Black with its brown skin and dominate features and thats why the kid had a deep feeling of hatred and animosity at a white woman possibly loving a Ni88er.

  • juxvagabond

    Never feed the trolls people. Recognizing is the first step. " n***** lover, stupid slut". Fucking lulz. You laugh and walk away. Kanye falls for this shit too easily to be calling himself a genius.

  • Anonymous

    Ye did this on purpose so he can go to prison and get some dick from a fat C.O.

  • Anonymous

    was the kid black?

    • Anonymous

      BruthaDee everybody

    • Anonymous

      Using a term like "ni99er lover" it had to be a white kid, that type of hatred is usually reserved for whites who feel insecure about Blaxk men putting their large penises in white women and making Blaxk babies like Halle Berry and Barack Obama.

  • OoNo

    lol that kid just easy money but letting Kanye snuff him lol

  • Anonymous

    That's cause their stupid to organize something that big. Their too busy selling crack and gang banging against their own.

  • kas

    That kid deserved to get socked in the face!! Good work Kanye!!

  • Swiper

    Geeez Kanye, I have no problem with a man standing up for his wife against verbal abuse and blatant disrespect but anytime a white kid goes to that extreme it's because he wants you to hurt him so he can get you locked up in the system where his father, grandfather, brothers and uncles run the system and love to dole out punishment to people they view as N***ers who attack their white family. This is why you need security and bodyguards to handle shit like this.

  • Mitho

    I never understood why White people have so much hatred for Black people, Im Asian American by way of Fiji and I cant think of any historical atrocities or major incidents that would cause white people to hate Black people so much. I can see Jews hating Germans or Hutu hating Tutsi or China hating Japan or Native Americans hating Europeons but the Blacks have never massacred or oppressed the whites so why do you guys hate them so much? Can somebody help me understand this mentality?

    • Asa


    • Anonymous

      US was built on racism and segregation ended almost 50 years ago you can't wipe all of that dirt away with a black POTUS because many of those people from 50 years ago and more ain't dead yet and some of them still hold positions 50 plus years ago Kanye would have been witch hunted and hung from a tree with the same chain of events known and they don't like Latino, Arab, European (except few UK & French), Yiddish, Asian, Hindu children, women, work, each other look at them

    • CP3

      Ignorance, plain and simple. Though, the US seems to have a hell of a lot more racism than anywhere else. Go to certain parts of Europe or Canada and everybody is a hell of a lot more chill. Sure they have racism but not U.S. racism. That's a whole other ball game.

    • Dapper Dan

      "^^ yeah you should return to the fields where you all belong" Yes I often hear white people say I should return to the fields but my ancestors never worked fields they are Mopan.

    • Anonymous

      bruthadee still preachin kill whitey

    • Anonymous

      ^^ yeah you should return to the fields where you all belong

    • Anonymous

      I won't fall for the bullshit that Blaxk folks hate white people because history, facts and stats show that Whites have over 100 world wide Hate groups and Supremacist organizations. When was the last time you saw Black folks burning crosses, hanging nooses, spray painting Swaztikas or even receiving backlash from the media for saying something against whites? Black folks hate themselves for the most part, their misplaced aggression is internalized and manifests itself in acts of aggression towards each other, whites reserve a special portion of their hatred and aggression towards Black folks which is why they used to lunch and castrate Blaxk people and assassinate peaceful Black leaders like Martin Luther King and Medger Evers. Every year some white person is apologizing in the media because they allowed their true feelings about Blaxk people come out, people like Michael Richards, Mel Gibson, Paula Dean, Duck Dynasty etc etc...... It's no secret that Whites are the biggest enemies of Blaxk people outside of themselves and that all attempts at living with them in peace have failed.

    • Aye

      true inferiority complex...the absolute truth lies in history...them knowing they were not the original man, yet carrying on as if it were not the truth.

    • Anonymous

      That's cause their too stupid to organize something that big. Their too busy selling crack and gang banging against their own.

    • jamie

      i know of a lot more black people who hate whites... its a messed up world. unfortunately

    • Anonymous

      Why dont you go directly to your mother and sister and ask them if someone Black robbed them or raped them, why does the media have to tell you about your own family?

    • Anonymous

      the media tells me that blacks rape and rob my white mother and sisters

  • Peppa

    That little paparazzi fk deserved a flogging. Good work Kanye!!!

  • KC52

    Not trying to defend anyone...kid was clearly an asshole, but given Kanye's status he could've been on some MLK-nonviolence tip and tried to engage with the kid instead. Then again maybe he did and the full story isn't out yet.

  • DamnYe

    Either way Kanye dumb for this. Nigga got set up plain and simple.

  • KingLio21093

    When I read the title, I assumed Ye was being his typical douchebag self. But in this case, I gotta defend Kanye. That kid was being a little shit and deserved to have his ass whooped.

  • DrebinSlevin

    Why say "18 year old male" instead of "unidentified adult"? If you're 18 you're an adult and responsible for handling your own bullshit.

  • Dead Mosby

    This is one of those rare times I would defend Kanye. Totally inappropriate comments from someone who needed to be disciplined.

  • Brent

    That punch was 100% worth the $50k. Guaranteed.

  • Scott

    Riding with Kanye on the this one. Dude shouldn't have been making those racial slurs.

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