Joe Budden Says Slaughterhouse's "Glass House" Album Has "Budden-esque Undertone"

Joe Budden also discusses differences between "All Love Lost" and "No Love Lost."

Joe Budden, who is joined in Slaughterhouse by Joell Ortiz, Royce Da 5'9 and Crooked I, recently revealed new information regarding the group's upcoming album. In a Twitter post made yesterday (January 12), Joe Budden discussed the sound of the upcoming project, which is said to be titled Glass House

"Not to take credit at all, but I feel like the new Slaughterhouse album has a real Budden-esque undertone," Joe Budden said.

Glass House is set to follow the group's 2012 album, welcome to: OUR HOUSE, an effort that was released through Shady Records. The album earned a 4.5 out of 5 X rating from HipHopDX at the time of its release

In December, Crooked I spoke with HipHopDX about the sound and title of the upcoming Slaughterhouse project

"We ain't got no title," Crooked I said at the time, discussing the Slaughterhouse album. "I hope we have the vote on what the title's gon' be. And if I get my way, you could believe it's gon' be some aggressive shit that Best Buy don't even want to fucking put on the shelf. I'm looking to get a letter from iTunes and shit, just saying, 'Uh, guys, we really love the music, but we can't use this fucking title.' I mean I just want the shit to be so blunt and so in your fucking face because I think that's where we need to continue to trail-blaze. That's where music needs to go because the music on the album that we're creating thus far is really dope.

"It's a lot of edgy shit," Crooked I added. "It's a lot of rebellious shit and then there's a lot of emotional shit that you know, you might have gotten out of the song 'Goodbye,' or you might have gotten out of the song 'Move On.' You're getting that times ten on this so I can't wait. I can't wait for it to drop man." 

Joe Budden also posted an update regarding his All Love Lost project yesterday (January 13). According to Budden, this release will be "the exact opposite" of No Love Lost, which he released February 2013No Love Lost earned a 3 out of 5 X rating when reviewed by HipHopDX

Budden's Twitter posts regarding All Love Lost and Slaughterhouse's Glass House can be found below.

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  • Anonymous

    i swear if they have Action Bronson i won't buy the album

  • Slaughter Season

    yeah i agree he sucks i hope they don't add him on the album

  • Shady Thugz

    just read somewhere about about an Action Bronson collabo why do they even need that fat fuck LOL slaughterhouse has a bigger career than him anyways so why include him???

  • Anonymous

    Just hope there's no Action Bronson he fucking sucks!

  • Anonymous

    They will flop even harder this time. Interscope must love losing money.

  • Anonymous

    That album was terrible. Its like nobody on Shady has an ear for beats. They just jump on any uninspired generic beat thrown at em

  • Anonymous

    Buddens,buddens, buddens..'member that Game shit lol?

  • Anonymous

    ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Dudes can't make a mainstream hit.

  • triPAUD

    you know, that album was dope, but not stellar. yall gave them a fair score compared to the hate.

  • Anonymous

    They had a few really great songs on Welcome to Our House and a few decent songs on their mixtape. Together you could mix and match a pretty coherent album. I'll still bump a couple of their songs today but the album isn't really lasting that long... I think Hammerdance was the best song because it was so cohesive. Three verses by three rappers, one hook by another. A lot of the other songs end up being too long or have an out of place verse. Hammerdance, Rescue Me, Get Up, and Goodbye were my fav songs. Goodbye for Budden's verse alone.


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  • Anonymous

    Ghost at the finish line is what anyone needs to listen to. Fuck all these reality show rappers.

  • kost

    Sounds awesome, but I just wish that Slaughterhouse would stop putting the word "House" on every project they release... For example: Slaughterhouse (20090, Slaughterhouse EP (2011), On The House Mixtape (2012), welcome to: Our House (2012) and now Glass House.. c'mon now.

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  • Anonymous

    So pretty much Mood Muzik: Slaughterhouse edition? I can live with that.

  • April Contreras

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  • Anonymous

    Joe budden is the only rapper that rents underwear

  • Anonymous

    Excellent. It's that MOOD MUSIC!! What's up with the Some Love Lost EP?

  • Anonymous

    how come Buddens doesn't tell us LAUGHTERHOUSE were fucking dropped from Interscope? uhhhh...

  • Eye Control

    First heard of Joe Buddens on Love & Hip-Hop, around the time he dropped his Debut album No Love Lost. Loved that album, just wish Eminem was more involved especially since he discovered Buddens and Slaughterhouse. I think Slaughterhouse was the best freshman rappers of 2012 and the debut album was awesome, it dropped on my 16th birthday. I really hope Yellow Wolf is more involved with the next project, him and Buddens are the best in Slaughterhouse. Definitely getting Slaughterhouse and Joe Buddens's sophomore albums.

    • Anonymous

      LMAO! great trolling there Eye Control, I especially liked the Yellow Wolf part, fucking brilliant

    • Anonymous

      so much wrong with this comment. no love lost isnt his debut, that was "joe budden"on def jam over 10 years ago. em didnt discover budden or any members of slaughterhouse, slaughterhouse even put out an album prior to the shady deal. slaughterhouse are FAR from some freshman rappers with joe being in 10 plus years and crook & royce puttin out albums since the 90's. also yelawolf is not a member, you said youre only like 17 tho,so its all good

  • Doughtereas

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  • J Dirty

    Just keep eminems weak ass production off the album an it should be good...Welcome to our house was dissapointing as far as hooks an prodution go.But the lyrics are always fire.

    • Anonymous

      lyrics were dogshit... whining fast rap about nothing for white boys who've never gotten laid. at least Joell gets handjobs from Japanese fanboys.

  • Anonymous

    joe budden is yucky

  • Anonymous

    dont complain the SL album will be some great poprap. Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber will sing some hooks. Also it will have verses from Big Sean, Future, Lil Wayne and Drake.

  • Anonymous

    when welcome to our house was announced i thought what a whack title .. the album was wack to glass house sounds a little more promising but it doesnt always have to be a play on words

  • from 2008 to 2014

    wale fell off slaughterhouse fell off eminem fell off strange music fell off j,cole fell off pill fell off b.o.b fell off classified fell off Classified - They Call This (Hip Hop) [Ft. Royce Da 5'9 & B.O.B.]

  • woodstock hoodhop

    shady kinda ruined hip hop in some ways all i remember is when 50 cent first came out every said he couldnt rap now get rich or die trying is considered classic? eminem keeps lowing the bar

    • 2Gunz78

      LMAO how you figure they destroyed Hip Hop, hell that period in the early 2000's was Hip Hop in it's purest form raw lyrics and skill. Hasn't been the same since Kendrick the only new guy putting out quality shit. And I would say 50's Get Rich or Die Tryin was that last REAL gangster rap album that can be played from front to back that's why I would give it a classic. Only reason people don't is cuz the numbers it did commercially but he also piggy backed off of EM that's what helped him sell it Diamond. That and In Da Club blew up like crazy so at the time that over shadowed the album. 50 ain't no MC like EM, Nas but he's a good enough rapper. Put it like this take away the great production on Kanye's albums and wouldn't be near as good. Kanye's a good rapper if anyone killed it, it would be Kanye with all that metrosexual rap shit he be doing lol. Now days people are more interested in production over lyricism. These guys ain't young guys no more either.

  • woodstock hoodhop

    i got into slaughterhouse cuz of royce and the bar exams way back in 08 since the first slaughterhouse album royce has done nothing special some of royce best work is on the first there no question slaughterhouse keeps getting worse

  • Anonymous

    im still skeptical of slaughterhouse when i first heard the first album i didnt really like it , but i bought it so i kept listening and it grew on me ...turns out to be there best work party was good but not good enuff i have a feeling its just going to be ok

  • Anonymous

    so it's going to suck 100 times worst then normal thanks

  • dashing

    That's good to hear that it's got a Budden-esque undertone. While Budden aint my favorite MC in Slaughterhouse, he has made the most consistently good projects. Their last album was very disappointing(had an Eminem undertone) but I have high hopes for this one, esp since Just Blaze is executive producing.

    • sam snead

      Yes, Just blaze and hearing the Premier was doing some work with them gives the next album hope to be what the last one should have been

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