Ab-Soul Says Mac Miller Is His "Favorite Rapper At The Moment"

Ab-Soul praises Mac Miller, a frequent TDE collaborator via Twitter.

Ab-Soul, a member of Black Hippy along with Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock and ScHoolboy Q, recently made a Twitter post regarding his favorite rapper of the moment. According to Soul, that title belongs to Mac Miller

"Mac Miller is my favorite rapper at the moment," Soul said in a Twitter post today (January 12).

The post follows a ScHoolboy Q Reddit AMA, which included information about Mac Miller as well. 

"Me and Mac wanna do a alternative album, but Rap keeps me tied up," ScHoolboy Q said when asked about an artist he would do a collaborative album with. 

During the AMA, Q was also asked how he and Mac became close.

"We went on tour and was smoking weed," Q said. "He played me his new shit and I became a fan." 

Mac Miller has been a frequent collaborator with members of TDE. In September 2012, Miller spoke with HipHopDX about his bond with Top Dawg emcees and how this relationship came about.

"I've been fans of them and all their projects that came out," Miller said in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. "Then, when we moved out here [Los Angeles], they just kind of came to the crib. [Ab-Soul] came to the crib and enjoyed himself and then [ScHoolboy] Q came through the crib so we just built a friendship. And we were just on tour with them so we were able to hang out every day." 

Ab-Soul's Twitter post about Mac Miller can be found below.

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  • Anonymous

    I Hate you rappers all you do is talk about dumb shit that dont matter, you influence kids in a bad way,the question is who owns the music business ??

  • Higher Consciousness

    Danm rap music is fucked up the messages in the music is fucked up. Black people don't even own their culture. Fake jews own the culture white boys coming in stealing bringing gay shit. The Black man is the most imitated man on the planet. WAKE UP BLACK PEOPLE PLEASE WAKE UP!!!

  • j

    Mac is dope as shit, fuck who disagrees. Watching Movies was a real turning point for him

  • Anonymous

    what Ab Souls tweet really said "Mac Miller is white and can make me rich and put me in the spot light".



    • Anonymous

      why would ab soul need mac miller to make him rich and put him in the spot light when he's already got the in with kendrick lamar who is way bigger and earning more than mac

  • Djj

    We're on the same page soul, he is my fav mc right now too. DOPE!

  • Drake a lame

    Mac Miller ? hes one fuckin boring ass rapper he aint saying shit

  • Anonymous

    and this is news why? who tf cares? Also, Mac Miller was always a nice MC but always understood that he needed a loyal fan base and pop money to be able to do whatever he wants as an artist. if you couldnt see his talent from the KIDS tape then don't become an A&R or a talent scout anytime soon

  • Anonymous

    This will only be TDE's year if Pac joins up with them.

  • Anonymous

    So far this hasn't been TDE's year. Schoolboy Q has admitted that no one wants to work with him and Ab-Soul has admitted that he's gay.

    • Anonymous

      no one wants to work with schoolboy?.. so is he gonna produce his entire album by himself and have no features?.. ab-soul saying he likes mac miller makes him gay?.. i know you're trying to be funny, but you need to try a little harder..

  • Anonymous

    Weird hipster trying to get us hite fans to slurp his black cock, sorry niglet not goofing to buy your cruddy album when I can listen to Action Bronson and A$AP mob

  • boobalo

    Hell yea mac goes hard

  • coldplay

    I like this and I think Mac has def improved since hanging out with these tde emcees.

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