Bone thugs-n-harmony Hopes For Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction

Bone thugs-n-harmony tells Arsenio Hall they are marching toward the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and a Hollywood star.

Bone thugs-n-harmony is known for their rapping style and numerous hit singles that've inspired many rappers of today.

Recently appearing on The Arsenio Hall Show, Bone talked about aiming for one of their goals–an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

"We feel blessed to be contributed something so substantial to music and now we aiming for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which is in Cleveland," Layzie Bone said when asked about the group's unique style. "We marching for it and we want that star on Hollywood." 

The group also talked about how they developed their rapping style and their impact on Hip Hop music as a whole.

"We were around the burning barrel in our neighborhood, over the years putting more and more words into our sentences and them flipping them into the cadence of the beat, double-timing and then over the years, with the singing and all it just all started blending," Layzie said. "We married hardcore rap and melodic sounds together and it was the first time it was did so now you've got your R&B doing Bone thugs-n-harmony, you've got every Hip Hop artist that's out being influenced by what we did so it's just like we very happy to be here."

Bone thugs-n-harmony has recently been touring. Krayzie Bone recently told HipHopDX Art of War III is not "what everyone thinks" it is. The group headlined “West Coast Feast” in November with DJ Quik and performed at Rock The Bells with a hologram of Eazy-E in September.

Watch the full interview with Arsenio Hall below: 

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  • Anonymous

    Why does Layzie always look sad???

  • April Contreras

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  • ribbon

    I hope yall get what yall want.

  • Doughtereas

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  • Champagne Papi Life

    Drake will have a star on the walk of fame before bone thugs. Drake also has a better chance of getting into the rock and roll HOF.

  • Anonymous

    Hahahahahhaah, Softest-Rap-Group-That-Acts-Like-Hardest wants to be in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame? For what? "When Thugs Cry?" Fuck outta here.

  • andy

    Im a huge bone fan but they aint no "rock & roll" group.. And they haven't done any movies so they dont deserve a hollywood star.. Both they will not achieve.


      Andy guess u didnt know beastie boys public enemy run dmc grandmaster flash are all in the rock n roll hall of fame non of them r rock groups

    • whaaat

      what do you mean they arent a rock and roll group? duh they are HIP HOP. and they dont have to be in movies to get a STAR on the Hollywood walk of fame, that shit is for ANYONE, you just gotta be picked, there is straight up muscians who aint even had a movie or a fuckin album in 20 years on that walk... fuckin Boyz II Men aint been relevant in 15 years but they just got a STAR so shit...

    • Huey Freeman

      Damn you stupid as hell.

  • Marie Israel

    Lazy bone. Can I suck that bone of yours?

  • mac

    They don't need to drop another album their legacy is secured. 8 platnium albums 10 gold and platnium singles, grammys, ama awards, 20 years in the game and still rolling.

    • j Dirty

      Then Why is there first 3 albums the only ones I can play all the way thru without skippin a track...After BTHRESURECTION,The shit started goin sidways...Makin songs with Akon and Phil collins an shit.Bone dont need lame ass features.There fuckin Bone thugs for gods sake.

  • dodie

    What Layzie said shouldn't just came out nowhere and they better not be bu||sh!ting. I liked what he said, cos that should put things in perspective. Vying for the Hall should give them motivation to stay as a group and do things as a T.E.A.M.

  • Anonymous

    Bone have their shit together, they have been touring with all 5 members for almost 3 years, recently layzie took time off from the group to take care of some personal biz but he was right back with the group in a month. They done rock the bells for 2 years straight

  • J Dirty

    Bone has to get the shit together long enough to drop another classic album first..Aint none of em been on the same page since the First Art of war album back in 99 or wenever..U can tell, there music has suffered because of it.

  • Marie Israel

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