Method Man Blasts Critics Of "Chozen" TV Show About Gay White Rapper

Method Man addresses critics who say the TV show, about a gay White rapper, is hurting Hip Hop.

Method Man says he has heard a lot of criticism about his work as the co-star of Chozen, an animated comedy about a gay White rapper who was recently released from prison. 

Method Man recently spoke on Twitter about the criticism he has heard regarding the TV show, a program made by the creators of HBO's Eastbound & Down. In his series of Twitter posts, which were published during the week, Method Man said that he does not care about anyone's opinion of a show they have not seen yet, noting that the program is slated to premiere January 13 on FX.

In his Twitter statement, Method Man, who recently announced his The Meth Lab project, also says that he did not work on this program for the money. He says he was paid $1,500 - $2,000 an episode. "It was a favor," Method Man says. According to Method Man, he did the work for free at first, only confirming that he was paid after "the show got picked up" by FX.

Furthermore, Method Man chastised critics of the show. "It's a fuckin cartoon.These same hatin ass nigs cheer for Omar from the wire tho," Meth said in a Twitter post. "So fuck off wit all that it hurts hip-hop bs only thing hurtin hip hop is u self loathing over opinionated wannabe thug ass niggas..smh."

Omar from The Wire refers to Omar Little, a character in The Wire who is a gay man. Omar Little was portrayed by Michael K. Williams on the television series. 

Chozen is said to be written and executive produced by Grant Dekernion, who also reportedly raps on the songs featured on the show. SNL's Bobby Moynihan is set to star in the series as Chozen, the lead character of the show. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Method Man, Michael Pena, Hannibal Buress, Kathryn Hahn, Nick Swardson, Dekernion and Danny McBride are set to also work on the show. 

The trailer for the series can be found below, followed by Method Man's Twitter posts.


As reported January 10, Method Man has released the cover art for his The Meth Lab mixtape, which is set to be released in March. Method Man also said his Crystal Mef album is slated to be released in August. 

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  • Hatah Zappa

    Yo Mz. Anonymous. You need to come out of the closet yoself and just admit that you a mark-ass buster. Yeah, I'm usin' slang from 20 years ago, cuz that's were your mentality is stuck.

  • D12WORLD

    Yall are retarded this cartoon doesnt make hip hop look bad, it makes gay wannabee thugs look bad, which I have no problem wit lol

  • Anonymous

    Rappers will do anything for a dollar. Eminem started with the cross dressing, them Mackelmore made the gay anthem and now they have a fake Boondocks with a gay white rapper. Welp, y'all let the shit slide like it was cool so you cant be made now that the floodgates are open and whites, gays, Canadians and hipsters have rerouted the direction of the culture from African-American street culture to hippie homo hop.

  • EPhraZe

    Didn't Method Man say that there wasn't a place for homosexuality in hip hop, if I'm not mistaken. Unfortunately, niggas will sell their souls for that guap. #AnotherSelloutAss Nigga

  • April Contreras

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  • NinjaB

    "It's a fuckin cartoon.These same hatin ass nigs cheer for Omar from the wire tho," Meth said in a Twitter post. "So fuck off wit all that it hurts hip-hop bs only thing hurtin hip hop is u self loathing over opinionated wannabe thug ass niggas..smh." Damn, fucking TRUTH. I'm interested in peeping it out, looks funny.

  • Anonymous

    Seems like everybody is in a rush to make HipHop as white and as gay as possible.

  • theBavarianIlluminati


  • ribbon

    meth is broke and he will sell out his soul for the butt hole...maybe he is on the down low.

  • Doughtereas

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  • Richie

    A heavy Macklemore! ha-ha.

  • El Gee

    there are a lot of stupid niggas that comment on shit on DX. NONE OF YOU NIGGAS KNOW WHAT HIP HOP REALLY IS...stfu

  • Anonymous

    this clown done sold all the way out! i always knew meth would be the first to do this type of shit, i guess them repos got a nigga desperate

  • Anonymous

    It seems to be just as ignorant a show as the Boondocks so it might be just as good as the Boondocks

  • cinavenom

    Why is everybody on this comment board so insecure about their sexuality? Don't worry you don't have to act tough for people not to think you are gay.

    • Mina Lou

      How on earth is disapproving of this show being "insecure about your sexuality"? No one's questioning whether they like dick or pussy here, this is about the slander of rap. Why couldn't they make the gay dude a rock band drummer or some shit? Why do they always have to infiltrate our music? They need to keep all that shit on the white people genres.

  • da commanda

    If the idea is wack, it's wack...Meth is my boy, but the whole premise of this show is trash...

  • mistah meth

    I think method man IS the gay white rapper.

  • Anonymous

    Niggas view this type of shit as an attack on black identity as well as an attempt to feminize or curtail black culture's masculinity. You can't really change anyone's mind about this because niggas will just identify your efforts as whites to demonize us and our sexuality.


      We are in a cultural war /f you don not recognize and analyze any representation of black culture without historical cntext of white racism,white supremacy ,then you have no location for framing this agruement opposition/.The representation of the black man as animal and beast has been the mainstay of the FOX CORP NETWORK... SLAVERY TO RECONSTUCTION TO JIM CROW ..this social and political continium has maintain mass incareration and murder, Fox has never been a network that supported black people ,just ask rush and hanity and you know this is Rupert murdoch's baby//owner, he supports the republican partIy, wake up, petition this show,BURN THIS SHOW..STOP DEFAMATION

  • Anonymous

    I'm disappointed by the fact that there are a lot of brothers buying into the concepts of "hurting hip hop" or "killing hip hop". Hip hop is the expression of a niggas soul and you cant destroy our soul we're too strong for that. Now, as for Meth's involvement with this show, it is what it is. It doesn't mean anything unless you dumb niggas make it mean something.

  • Anonymous

    Meth missed the point. Omar didn't need to be gay. "Anonymous: "because this is the latest media effort in their agenda to feminise black culture"

    • OC

      Yes, the monolithic "media" is attempting to feminize black culture by making a low budget cartoon about a gay white guy on FX. I bet they threatened that SNL writer's family with Jewish assassins to write episodes for them, those evil bastards

  • j

    Also @ 90% of DX comments... "only thing hurtin hip hop is u self loathing over opinionated wannabe thug ass niggas..smh."

  • ziploc

    sorry but that shit was wild funny!..satire is a much needed form of criticism in hip hop nowadays,people take themselves way too serious.It will put a lot of peoples idea of what stereotypes have done to this culture in perspective

  • HTG

    I'm calling, publicity stunt. No one even knows or cares about this show to even comment or opinion on its content. Don't believe the hype.

    • Anonymous

      lots of people know about it theres some big names involved and its been covered on this website 1 or 2 times already

  • torry j

    That trailer was funny as shit, its a cartoon so its madd ghetto and even if the character is white he is really placing a mirror on alot of rappers regardless of their color. I will watch it

  • Big Gay Dave

    What's wrong with being gay in the hip hop community?? On a side note, that Method Man is one tasty looking brother. What I wouldn't do if he was willing to lay with me!

  • Dewayne Darmanie

    meth got no excuse bein a part of this garbage its flat out overdone gay humor

  • TheRealness

    This is stupid will not watch this and yes it is hurting hip hop too many "yes men" type of ****s also this is why music/hip hop is a joke nowadays. If this came out in the 90s or early 00s Meth will not do this it's all about the money a lot of ****as are selling they souls quick.

    • Anonymous

      theres gotta be a whole bunch of easier ways for someone like meth to come up on a few g's if it was really only about the money

    • Fuck Outta Here

      I would argue that if a cartoon about a fictional character can actually 'hurt' hip hop, then hip hop has far bigger problems with it's current state of being. 2k an episode isn't much money, so I doubt Meth did this for the cash.

  • TheRealness

    And I also miss shows like the The Wire.

  • really?

    why the character couldnt be a rock singer or a country western singer?,,,,,meth is talking that bullshit,,,fuck out of here!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      "why the character couldnt be a rock singer or a country western singer?,,,,,meth is talking that bullshit,,,fuck out of here!!!!!" Because rappers and hip-hop in general seems to be the most homophobic genre in all of music despite so many questionable instances like so called thug niggas kissin on the lips and wearing skirts!

    • Anonymous

      "why the character couldnt be a rock singer or a country western singer?" because this is the latest media effort in their agenda to feminise black culture

    • Drake and Lil Wayne

      We're gay and we approve!

  • Anonymous

    At first i thought it sounded really stupid but Eastbound & Down and Archer are both funny as hell. Plus Hannibal Buress is hilarious and Swardson is alright. Ill probably at least check it out but i dont have the highest hopes.


    this shit might actually end up being funny but i somewhat agree with those who are concerned with the CONSTANT pushing of homosexuality in the media

  • ola dioss

    why everyone all know damn well that theres rappers in the industry talking like studio gangsta's who are homosexuals..this cartoon is just the underbelly of the truth. the truth hurts, face it.

  • Anonymous

    I'm currently developing a cartoon about a 38 year old racist overweight gangster rap groupie who spends all his time defending fraudulent rappers on hip-hop websites! The working title is Brother Dee

  • TRE

    "These same hatin ass nigs cheer for Omar from the wire tho" he made such a good point

  • Anonymous

    The show honestly looks dumb and not funny. I like Method Man. I think he's right about over opinionated wannabe thug ass niggas. I'll give it a chance


    ''Ye I keep the door open when shittin I gots to peep all angles cos fools be creepin'' lmfaooo

  • Anonymous

    The agenda is to make HipHop music as white and gay as possible.

  • Money First

    From the looks of that clip this is not cool on any level! Pushing the "agenda" is alive and well....Meth I am not going to lie I am disappointed in you brother and for the record I didn't like the Omar character they could have kept that shit!! I know people like him exist so I won't insult anyone's intelligence but I don't have to condone it either.

    • Fuck Outta Here

      How can you act all high and mighty upon your little soap box when your name is Money First? Are you upset over the potential homosexual connotations that a cartoon would have over today's youth, yet at the same time want to teach the kids 'get money fuck everything else'?

    • Anonymous

      What is the "gay agenda"? And if you didn't like Omar because he was gay...well, you're close-minded as fuck.

    • Anonymous

      you a fool if you think this cartoon is pushing the gay agenda

  • Ghostface

    Sounds like Methy is about to come out the closet, finally.

  • Anonymous

    If its on hbo it will be good

  • Fuck white and fags

    All the fags and white boys love this shit.

  • RealTalk

    only get 15-2000 per ep.. Some people work for hours and hours for that Meth...

  • Anonymous

    Godfather Fiddy will save HipHop

  • room2roam

    "only thing hurtin hip hop is u self loathing over opinionated wannabe thug asz niggaz" TRUTH!!

  • Anonymous

    Whats hurting hiphop: - lil wayne; - drake; - future; - 50 cent attention whore - the game attention whore - kanye west attention whore and arrogant prick - big sean - old rappers trying to be relevant - new rappers trying to look metroseksual - hiphopdx and other sites sucking meanstream rappers dicks - hiphopdx and other sites writing bad reviews - hiphopdx and other sites writing articles with no sense at all for example: yesterday lil wayne bought new shoes - so called real rappers becoming commercial - members from hiphop crews dropping solo albums for example tony yayo - being older then 30 and talking that your are a pimp and you kill people. Really????? - skinny jeans and purple sneakerz - doing songs with justin Timberlake, Britney spears etc.

    • Anonymous

      50 and game are irrelevant how are they hurting anything id be curious to know ho OP listens to.

    • Anonymous

      the people killing hip hop. are motherfuckers like you saying hip hop is dead all the time. stop complaining and listen to wtf you want to listen to. its 2014 and you have to the choice to make little playlists of all the Lupe Fiasco and Hopsin you want bitch

    • Anonymous

      -SWAG Ever since Puff Daddy brought out the shiny suits and bling bling became the catch phrase i new hip-hop was screwed.

    • Anonymous

      only in hip hop does an 'old rapper' get shunned yet in rock/pop/r&b they're treated like royalty. 2. rappers have been doing music with artists of other genres since the 80s SO STOP THAT 3. morons like you are helping in killing it 4 fuck HHDX

  • Anonymous



    Hip-Hop has already been feminized. Once we started caring more about a rappers swag than their lyrics shit hit the fan. You got fans dick riding their favorite artists, calling rappers gods and praising them like they are, and bragging about another man's money and cars like you his side bitch. Today's hip-hop fans are no different than then Brittany Spears fans from back in the day.

  • Jump Off

    This nigga is fucking soft I always knew it, Joe Budden was right

    • dolo

      Fuck outta here. Ghostface would shit on anyone of them. Meth too. Deck fucked Buddens up on record already. GZA? RZA? RAE? The Wu is too much for daughterhouse. I like Crooked & Royce tho. Joell is a beast too. But fuck that Buddens is lame and made the whole group look wack. More than once.

    • Jump Off

      lmao joe budden is way more lyrical than method man , his mood muzik series is a classic shit on tical and if youre talking group slaughterhouse will wreck the wu lyrically fuck legacy and influence just because you came out two decades earlier dont mean shit , them old ass niggas aint seeing anyone in slaughterhouse lyrically . Shit my nigga crooked i alone will body bag them senior citizens .

    • Anonymous

      he did, he got smacked for sayin that

    • Anonymous

      joe budden didn't put out tical and wasn't featured in ready to die, all eyes on me, or 36 chambers. so joe budden needs to shut the fuck up.

    • Anonymous

      joe budden never said he was soft he said he was a better rapper than meth and should have been ranked higher

  • Marie Israel

    uptil I saw the paycheck ov $5205, I be certain brother woz like they say really earning money part-time on their computer.. there dads buddy had bean doing this 4 only about fourteen months and a short time ago repayed the mortgage on there mini mansion and bought a new Dodge. over at this website... www.Tec80.Com basically saying he did it as a favor, backtracking from a product basically making a mockery of what he built. Rappers are or sale on clearance

  • Anonymous

    i don't think it is hurting hip hop, but is obviously making too direct of a statement about hip hop

  • Jerry Smith

    I bet most of you guys favorite rapper is probably in the closet though

  • sniperk

    When I was in the movie theatre watching Ice Cube's 'Friday' movie, dudes were laughing the hardest at the homo thug character Damon (Terry Crews) while he was watching Tupac videos and shit. Was Ice Cube "promoting" gay culture, too? Nah, he was just talking about some real shit that happens when these so-called tough guys go to prison and come out all zesty and shit. If Chozen is funny then I'll watch it... if it is wack then I won't. People don't understand comedy and satire anymore.

  • its whatever

    You cant even argue with that statement meth speakin the truth

  • woord

    why the character had to be a rapper,,why couldnt he be a rock singer or pop singer,,,,,,omar on the wire wasnt a rapper he was a homo thug,,,,motherfukcer are tryin to use hiphop for any and everything,,,and this nigga meth fell for the ol okie doke,,,,,foh!!!! duke

  • RC

    I love Archer but I have a pretty good feeling this show is gonna flop HARD like Unsupervised. Given the premise I just don't see them having enough material to tell a clever engaging story. It's gonna be nothing but a bunch of jabs mocking Hip-Hop/Rap culture & a bunch of gay innuendos. There just wrapped up the whole show in nutshell, just wait and see.

  • broke ass method man

    I believe Method Man IS the gay white rapper.

  • Anonymous

    Method killed everyone w/ that Omar comment still. its a jokes premise

  • Anonymous

    Looks funny. I don't get why Method is "camping" in the other commercial. But it looks funny no less

  • Doubl Negative

    I certainly won't be watching this leftie propaganda.

  • Anonymous

    couldn't care less about the show, meths involvement, or anyone's opinion about the show. you see, 99.9% of rap niggas, and niggas in general really, are clowns. from the nigga who made the below mine, to meth, to the white boy protagonist. all of yall are clowns.

  • Kane

    You need more people Meth. Watching the public opinions sway in the hip-hop comment sections is hilarious. The same ones who were crying foul , soon as Meth start barking, are like "im sure it will be funny. download for sure!" hahaha. that shit looks about as far from funny as can be and, judging by the picture above, Meth looks like the tired, bloated, old, high, broke and bitter rapper willing to do whatever the fuckin nerd next to him tells him to to extend his career a few more months and stay relevant, integrity be damned There's an interview where Redman was saying he couldnt fit in that Hollywood shit. Mef would do anything to be down. I wish I could go back to the 90s to slap all these rappers talking about keeping it real, calling out sellout rappers, knowing they were gonna sell out so massively, cuz they gotta eat. disgusting. So Meth, one of favs ever, is basically saying he did it as a favor, backtracking from a product basically making a mockery of what he built. Rappers are or sale on clearance

  • Rawn1957

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    the show looks hilarious. will download for sure

  • hank

    So white people are only acceptable if they are gay now? fuck this shit.

  • frungo

    but.. why does he have to be gay? could they not have done the show if he wasn't? or wouldn't it be as "edgy". so lame. Whats next? most Americas eligible transexual? oh shit i shouldn't give these ass hats ideas.

    • Anonymous

      its not about being edgy, its more cause a gay rapper is everything hip hop isn't, typically. that's the point.

  • Anonymous

    Meth is right fuck these hating ass niggas! Hip-hop ain't got no Race, Religion or Gender.

  • Tapeworm

    I'm more annoyed about the fact that someone executed the rapper cartoon sitcom before me i always had the idea but never did it quickly enough

    • Anonymous

      not really. im pretty sure the gay white rapper will be the source of many jokes. this aint no gay rights shit

  • I Ain't Down With Gays

    Wu-Tang Clan Is Getting Wacker And Wacker Now Meth Is Backing Up Fags That Get Fucked Up The Ass!? Can This Get Any Worse? Wu Tang Is Coming Out With A New Album On Soul Temple Record. Their Legacy Is Nothing But A Memory.

    • Anonymous

      I bet this lil cocksucker ain't have shit to say when Method Man was on The Wire with that homo ass thug Omar!

    • Anonymous

      "Now Meth Is Backing Up Fags That Get Fucked Up The Ass!" Do you know how to read? It's clear you don't know how to type properly... so I had to ask. It's an animated COMEDY sitcom. They will likely be making all kinds of gay jokes and might even piss off gay people. To say 'meth is backing up fags that get fucked up the ass' is ridiculous and says so much about your level of intelligence!

  • Anonymous

    the cartoon will probably be funny. FX also makes Archer and thats my shit

  • whatisdisish

    Sounds like some bullshit

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