50 Cent Addresses G-Unit Reunion & Relationship With Game

50 Cent says he'll "never work" with former G-Unit affiliate, Game.

G-Unit's status as a Hip Hop collective is up in the air as neither they nor 50 Cent have released a studio album in almost five years.

In a recent interview with Complex, the Queens native addressed his group and says there needs to be better cooperation for any possible future work to happen. 

"G-Unit is something that I built, with the momentum of 50 Cent and the music I created," 50 Cent said when asked about G-Unit. "They had the opportunities. The object was to grow it outside from the people that was around me, but people change and won’t stay the same. As relationships grow older, everyone is off into their own little things. 

"Tell me where’s the interest from G-Unit members. You got new guys out there that don’t have the support of record companies and are working, just to sustain and generate that energy that’s there. I like to collaborate with them, did it for a long time. Maybe there’s a point that we’ll come back together and make a disc."

50 Cent also mentioned former clique member Game when addressing the group and said he'll "never work with Game."

Fif's fifth studio album, Street King Immortal is slated for a 2014 release. Preceding the album, a project called Animal Ambition is scheduled to be released. 50 also recently released a song called "This Is Murder Not Music," which gave fans an opportunity to hear what recent 50 Cent music sounds like.

Read the full interview with Complex here.

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  • Tech

    Funny how people keep mentioning Game begging to for a G-UNOT reunion when he clearly said if you give him 10 million dollars he would be down and if any body on this site said they wouldn't do they same they are full of shit.

  • Anonymous

    i like niggas..wish you guys were still slaves

  • Anonymous

    50 lost his rap carrer after Fat Joe killed him.

  • Anonymous

    Game has even less of a career than 50 at this point. I just read he gonna be on Love and Hip Hop LA. Like cmon son.

  • keepitreal

    Keep hatin Curtis. Pussy nigga get jealous :) Who wanna wark with you shimpi? :D

  • Wiz

    Hahaha! The hate is so funny. 50 Cent is an undeniable legend. His amazing catalogue of mix tapes, classic first two albums, and curtis was alright, but Before I Self Destruct was amazing. if you guys are hating, listen to the big ten mixtape he dropped, fucking classic. 50 Cent destroyed Game you idiots. the RED album sold 98k 1st week and Jesus Piece sold 86k! AND were both pretty bad. 50 wrote Hate it Or LoVe It and How We Do and is the reason The Game exists. Oh and didn't 50 get his boy shot but Game was still begging for a G-Unit reunion? Even on his Jesus piece album he said they should do an album together...ahahha. Game is fake...his own brother said he stripped in a strip club. 50 Cent will shut u haters up once again..

    • Anonymous

      they keep saying hes irrelevant but i see it as hes doin other bigger things and comes back to music for fun kind of like ll cool j and ice cube. no one calls them irrelevant and says they fell off

    • JayJ712

      lol woowww you dont know as much as you think you do.


    How you gonna call 50 fake this and that when people who were psrt of Supreme's team even admit 50 used to put in alot of work and run blocks smfh I got OG's in Jamaica and they tell the same story...people mad stupid...little internet gangsta's smfh

  • koonye

    its cray how the mmg cheerleaders and game groupies spend more time talkin bout 50 than the g-unit geeks

  • Anonymous

    Homo Thug Immortal

  • Anton Chagur

    Fiddy got shot.

  • Anonymous

    Gay Unit is washed up.

  • Anonymous

    Fifty is a snitch

  • Anonymous

    Where is that fag G Unit dick rider that lurks all the G Unit articles and acts like a gay wad?

  • Anonymous

    D-Block destroyed the Gorilla Unit.

  • Chicken Swoop

    Camron bodied this fag rapper and destroyed his rap career, bum nigga only dropped 4 albums before he fell off the face of the earth, house nigga gorilla.

  • Anonymous

    The last openly gay rapper from Queens

  • Anonymous

    The wigger Gawd of rap

  • Anonymous

    Kenneth Supreme Mcgriff had him shot in front of his grandmothers house and he is still walking around bragging about it, 50 is a coward the people that shot and stabbed him are still walking around laughing at how they killed his Mum.

  • Anonymous

    Black Child from Murda Inc stabbed this fucktard and he still walks the street like he cant be touched.

  • Anonymous

    Didnt this snitch get stabbed and shot like the worlds biggest victim? I heard Preme burned his mother to death and Preme is still alive.

  • Anonymous

    If I was a white kid I would embrace 50 Cents too because he is signed to the white hero of rap and he does songs with Skylar Grey, dated Chelsea Handler and makes corny videos with YouTube nerds. Just google "50 Cent YouTube nerds" and you will see videos of 50Cent dancing and chatting with white nerds in his fan base. Thats why they love him so much

  • Anonymous

    In da Club is selling like hot cakes on ITunes but Fiddy been pushed back since 2009!

  • Anonymous

    Game ended this tools career

  • Tuba horn

    Wiggers, Wanksters, and White Wannabees love 50Cent because he sings like JaRule and does collabs with Eminem and white girls.

  • Anonymous

    Corny ass nigga with a wigger fan base that brags about his money or how he sold poison to the people in his community.

  • Damn Shame

    50 Cent the Homo Thug pioneer

  • WuTang Forever

    50 Cent might not have the streets behind him but every white nerd with a severe case of acne and a lack of social skills has Godfather Fiddy in their hearts and on their wall.

  • Marie Israel

    uptil I saw the paycheck ov $5205, I be certain ...that...my brother woz like they say really earning money part-time on their computer.. there dads buddy had bean doing this 4 only about fourteen months and a short time ago repayed the mortgage on there mini mansion and bought a new Dodge. over at this website... www.Tec80.Com basically saying he did it as a favor, backtracking from a product basically making a mockery of what he built. Rappers are or sale on clearance

  • Wee

    We were candy shopping before fifty and olivier..". Fab's voice

  • Anonymous

    I thought this was the best part of the interview 'Im flattered that Complex would put that out publically, but when you guys say what you would want, I dont give a fuck what you would want. A magazine company doesnt tell me how to make a record. Just be a critic of what I actually create. Im fine with it whether they like it or they dont. But no one should tell an artist what the art is. You dont tell a painter what to paint. I dont know what that shit would be. How do you know? How do any of them know if the records arent produced?'

    • Anonymous

      I cant think of any other rapper that fell off harder than this dude, he had a classic album and Dr Dre and Em in his corner but went from having 8 million fans to struggling to go Gold within 5 years.

  • Rawn1957

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  • Really people

    Let's justify record sales from past to present day. When grodt came out 50 was hot and everybody bumped him and the unit. He sold a load of records and started franchise including clothing and video games amongst other things. That was 2003 right when the pirating of the music industry took off. That was one of the first CDs I'd ever seen copied and it would of prolly sold more given that situation. Only people who really buy the records are the eminem and jay z Stans now. Everything else is ripped and copied on cd or phones etc internet in 5 minutes. You've also got all of the music stations you can stream on radios video game platforms syrius rhapsody I heart radio. Given all of this new technology and how the internet has evolved HOW MUCH DO YOU THINK GRODT WOULD SELL IN THIS DAY AND AGE GIVEN ALL OF THOSE FACTS

    • Anonymous

      In Da Club is currently outselling The Devil is a Lie By Rick Ross ft. Jay-Z on itunes!!!!!!

    • Jason27

      This is a really good point. I think it would be selling much like the MMLP2 album. 'In Da Club' would probably end up selling 4 million copies on iTunes.

    • Anonymous

      hard to say. the rap game got over saturated by frauds and skinny jean/skirt wearing faggots

  • Anonymous

    It must be so frustrating for Crtis answering these same questions all the time. He's out there promoting his headphone line at CES 2014 and they wanna ask about G-Unit? What is this 2005? Shame on Complex

  • Anonymous

    i want a new 50 and buck song only g unit song i liked were the ones were buck went off straight outta cashville is classic

  • Mario Toney

    fifty's career is nowhere near dead, yall nickas careers are dead...lol 50 is getting money and killing the business.its all about a brand the reason he can do sitcoms, movies , business deals til this day is his music his career is great. Far as G-unit, if he was smart he would incorporate new blood in Gunit..not just old crew but new upn coming cats from even outside new york. make the shhh like a 7 0r 8 deep...ala asap mob, wu, odd future.....not just yayo and banks....although i like them..they havent been consistent enough with keeping name poppin...visuals tours whole shebang and havent repped the brand the way they should at times.....Troy Ave, kidd kidd, young buck, banks, yayo and find some new gritty cats thats mad young n new. new production...no big names, all thirsty cats..new energy is all 50 need around the house.

  • the truth hurts

    Whats so special about this nigga: * he made one dope album GRODT but not a classic. * his is an average mc who had a story to tell in the beginning * he has no crazy wordplay * he aint lyrically * his voice and delvery aonds very boring these days 50 Cent is NOT a legend or great rapper BUT a rapper with one great album. Tony yayo is wack, lloyd Banks is good for 5 dope songs and the rest of his songs are average, Buck is average to good, Game is a phony and flow biter. THE END

    • Anonymous

      or fake niggas from ATL and the south pretnding they used to move kilos

    • Hiphop fan

      He was the last real rapper. After fall of 50 Cent, Hiphop is dead. Fiddy was the last one which could sell real Hiphop commercially. Now aside from unsigned underground rappers, Hiphop is only autotune fags in skinny jeans or skirts singing bunch of 80s rip-off love songs for 12-year olds. Truth hurts

  • Anonymous

    Sounds really bitter about the way things turned out. Fiddy has to be the guy who has burned the most bridges in rap.

  • OoNo

    Dx you need to put the full interview up from complex when the interviewer kept asking him the same damn question about reuniting with game and buck. He said Buck maybe but not Game.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    This bitter old ass nigga still rapping?

  • YoungPimpCMurda

    Rap is like basketball, its a young man's game, FIF put out some classics, it may be just time to stick to acting and other ventures.

  • MarcusBWS

    Now D block and 50 cool together

  • tim

    Game may be one mental muthafucker... but he killed gunit. straight up. they been dead since he tore they ass out the frame with 300 bars and all that other shit. it's been over 50. it's been over...

    • Anonymous

      too bad styles p killed his own career and ruined his name in the streets by doing songs with officer ricky

    • Anonymous

      its also important to note that it was in 2013 that Game himself started a petition to try and reunite G-Unit. for that move alone GAME LOST

    • Anonymous

      its important to note that Game's last 2 albums total haven't sold more than 50's last album first week

    • All the other hard niggas they come from Yonkers

      The LOX did more damage to g-unit in the streets than anyone Jadakiss slaughtered 50 wit checkmate styles kilt their street credibility and sheek louch just kept on fuckin them up on the mixtapes

    • riza

      He didn't kill G-Unit, Ganster rap just isn't selling anymore. Game isn't selling anymore either, his last album sold half what BISD did.

  • Forgot where he came from

    Game and D-Block did a lot of damage to the g-unit shit and 50 goin too pop that Justin timberlake track was fuckin terrible. They did make sum great albums over there tho Power of the dollar GRODT Straight outta Cashville Hunger For More Beg For Mercy and all them dope mixtapes still get played

  • YMCMB-and-their-fans-Ruined-Hip-Hop

    He had so much going for him when How to Rob came out but now he just seems bitter.

  • Anonymous

    The biggest problem is still 50 himself. He's doing pretty much the same music ever since he went mainstream, which wouldn't be inherently bad, but the quality is getting constantly worse. While some considered The Massacre as the first disappointment, I'd rather pick Curtis where it all begun. Aside from a few highlights 50 is simply nowhere near his prime, and only living from his old success. Street King Immortal will be his last chance to stay in the lane. Despite his relatively low-level album costs no way Interscope will finance another LP, and most definitely won't extend his contract. Without major label support 50 is pretty much dead to the mainstream public, he might have a few more laps with a label like E1 or Sony but the big picture remains the same. The situation would have been different if he managed to uphold G-Unit as a strong brand for newcomers - I'm talking about Rozay / MMG kind of way (as much as I hate to admit it). From what I heard from SKI is dope enough to get a solid LP, but nothing ground-breaking. Again, it wouldn't be a problem if it'd be able to recreate that kind of commercial and critical success that was typical for his first two release. But as things standing right now, it's merely a wish rather than reality.

    • Holiday SP

      Yea I agree Curtis is where it went wrong 50 own success is also a problem cause he always made how many albums you sold such a big deal now everyone is lookin at them first week sales like its the only way to tell whats hot. MMG aint much of a brand they big on the internet but sales wise 50 GRODT album sold 5 times what Ross has done in his whole career. But I don't see 50 goin platinum again

  • Anonymous

    still made Game ruined his career. dude just needs to get over it, seriously whats the problem 50? you're actin like a little girl. drop it and put out a record together.

  • Yea

    Fidy is right, the gayme if a betrayer








    PEOPLE STOPPED WEARING G UNIT WEN stop snitchin stop lyin DROPPED !!

    • Anonymous

      its funny because Games manager at the time turned out to be a certified snitch! a federal informant who told on niggas to reduce his own charges!


    DISS TAPE http://www.datpiff.com/The-Game-Stop-Snitchin-Stop-Lyin-mixtape.20.html



  • Tretind1957

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  • YOLO

    you know whats funy..these ppl that talkin abt rick ross..im just gonna post this to see what u guys gonna say abt it..50 exposed ross as an officer as a scam as a fraud..and after that WHO WENT TO BUY HIS ALBUMS...YOU GUYS.so that shows where hip hop died...it didnt di e in the music..it died cause of the fans..rappers will rap..but they will only keep a trend if thats what the ppl are buying..think abt it..u guys fall in love with the bullshit of now..thats why good real rappers cant do there thing.cause the fans wanna hear the bullshit and yall sit there hating on the real ones left..thats that shit i dont understand..smh...respect to 50 ..keep hustling..

  • Smirk Gibbons

    He burned down his baby Mama house because she had a new boyfriend, thats why his rap career is dead.

  • Anonymous

    This woman beater needs to retire like he promised when Kanye beat him in domestic sales.

  • Anonymous

    G-Unit thrived during the white take over of hip hop. When white corporate america bought hip hop, dumbed it down, and began marketing it towards white kids.

    • Just

      White takeover, but niggas are doing the shit music? WHAT?

    • anon

      LOL oh ok. So meanwhile the fucking JEW thats the biggest rapper, the gay white rapper macklemore and all these other homoefriendly hipster rappers and rap fans are what? Shut the fuck up. We are living in the white takeover of hiphop RIGHT NOW not in the fucking 2000s.

    • Anonymous

      Yea for awhile it worked out pretty well

    • Anonymous

      The white kids loved 50 and G Unit because they looked at 50 Cent as Eminems pet artist and a Black guy willing to sign to a white rapper but we see how that worked our LOL.

  • Anonymous

    Fiddy tried to sign Meek and Meek was like sorry 50 I'd rather sign to that guy that you call a Cop.

  • Fish

    'G-Unit's status as a Hip Hop collective is up in the air as neither they nor 50 Cent have released a studio album in almost five years.' If this statement doesn't clearly spell it out to everyone that Game ended G-Unot, i really don't know what will.

    • Anonymous

      i saw a youtube video of a ross and wale show and it was all white kids recording with iphones

    • Anonymous

      You ever been to a Ross concert white boy? He got one tonight in Cincinatti, go on social media and check the faces in the crowd and see if you see a lot that match yours, I bet you won't.

    • Anonymous

      I don't like 50 or Ross, but 50 embarrassed the shit out of Ross. Only people who listen to Ross are rich white kids in the south.

    • Anonymous

      50 tried to destroy Ross and ended up just making Ross bigger and his own career even more irrelevant.

  • hand theft auto

    Game was never in G Unit he was signed to G Unit Records just like Buck, Mobb Deep & Olivia etc G Unit is & will always be 50, Banks & I hate to say it Yayo oh an Whoo Kid

    • Murder Inc. Soldier

      jackass Game like all those ppl you mentioned were in G Unit. Just because you're a 50 stan he or his reps make a statement denying Game, Buck etc doesn't mean its true. OF COURSE HE DENIES IT NOW. If you know anything 50, Banks, Yayo, Smurf n Domination were the original 5 then Banks & Game replaced the last 2. KNOW YOUR SHIT BEFORE YOU MAKE AN IDIOT OUT OF YOUR SELF MORON

    • Anonymous

      Damn, people need to stop hating Yayo. Listen to the early tapes. Lyrically he was dope. Buck had an awesome flow, but Yayo's lyrics was always tighter.

  • Anonymous

    There isn't too much interest and demand from the general public for 50 Cent and G-Unit music. It doesn't make sense to poor money into and invest time on a venture there isn't too much demand for. I don't like saying this but it is true. With that said I would love to see a G-Unit reunion -- I fuck with those niggas heavy.

  • theE

    G-Unit just go look for 4 new young rappers there is your new g-unit

  • dkizl

    real hip hop fans know just how big of a movement g-unit had.one of the BIGGEST times in hip hop involved g-unit.if it wasn't for 50,there would be no game,buck,banks or any of them.people like to shit of fif and the unit but people dont ever want to give fif and them their just do.hip hop ain't shit now compared to the good era about 10 years ago.so i see why the new generation is confused about rap.fif has very valid points.think about it.one month game has an online petition to reunite the entire unit,then a month later its fuck fif and the unit.who would want to work with such a i=two faced dude.and the whole buck situation,well we all know what he did and why...but real talk,fif is one of the smartest minds in the biz,and i would love to see the whole unit get back and murder this bubblegum era we live in now.but he is right,peoples prioaties are not where they need to be if thats what everyone wants.fif has how many other buisnesses??? yeah hes good.

  • Anonymous

    50 sucks but Bnaks had some dope lyrics

  • Anonymous

    Yes but he has made a lot of money.

  • Anonymous

    Banks and Buck dont want anything to do with this clown and Game helped destroy them so doing records with him would be just foolish.

  • Bang Em

    This Hambone is only relevant when its drama or about somebody else, he is a sick puppy.

  • 0000


  • 0000


  • 0000

    those are worms cassie

  • 0000


  • 0000

    its not about colar its about vampires

  • Anonymous

    50 stupid paid! Checkout thegrandreport, they got some good hip hop and viral videos on there

  • 0000

    bikes are comming camron

  • 0000


  • 0000


  • 0000


  • 0000


  • Anonymous

    "never work with Game" what he said was no more songs will be written for game

  • Anonymous

    "True. But you know Buck trying hard right now to get back in the game. I hope he get it. But for me, I couldnt move forward with the things that I want if I was concentrating on holding someone else back."

  • Anonymous

    although it would be nice to hear them making music again, 50 is a fucking boss for this. Game have been begging for a reuinon and even made a online-petition. 50 on some boss shit

    • x_x

      ^you right damn not that i think about it dude is more dj khaled than dj khaled westside story - 50 how we do - 50 hate it or love - 50 dreams - sample put you on the game didnt chart one blood - jr reid strip club - flopped that kanye collabo my life - wayne that keyshia feature red nation flopped hard [were there more singles from that album] celebration - minor hit featuring 10 dudes ali bumbaye (gta 5 gave it more popularity) NOT ONE SOLO HIT

    • Anonymous

      i heard one blood on the radio today, was that a hit?

    • Anonymous

      when did game have a hit record ALONE ? ill wait............NEVER

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