Jaron Young Surrenders To Police For Murder Of Wiz Khalifa's Uncle Imani Porter

Pennsylvania police say that Jaron Young will be tried as an adult with the murder of Imani Porter.

Pennsylvania police say Jaron Young has surrendered in the shooting death of Wiz Khalifa’s uncle, according to an AP report published today (January 10) on abcnews.com

Wiz Khalifa's uncle, identified as 20-year-old Imani Porter, was reportedly shot and killed in his car while at the Waterfront shopping center in Pittsburgh Wednesday (January 8), according to WTAE, an ABC affiliate in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Police say Young has been charged as an adult with criminal homicide in the shooting of Porter, who passed away yesterday (January 9), abcnews.com reports.

Porter was reportedly sitting in a Steak 'n Shake parking lot when he was shot. Homicide detectives said they believe Porter intended to sell heroin to Young and another unidentified suspect when he was shot, the story says.

Young denied involvement to reporters as he was taken into custody, per the story.

Wiz Khalifa tweeted about his uncle’s passing with the following tweets:

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  • Anonymous

    A mother forced her son to surrender Thursday for his suspected role in a fatal drug deal at The Waterfront, a popular shopping, dining and entertainment complex along the Monongahela River. "It was the right thing to do," Ronnica Sanders, 41, said, hours after her son's arrest. "I didn't raise my kid to be in the street. I didn't. I raised him to be a respectable young man in the community." (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review)

  • Anonymous

    "they believe Porter inteded to sell heroin" missing an N there guys

  • Brandon

    Damn Homie knows he did wrong

    • ?

      How does it make him look ignorant? You are using that word in the wrong context man...

    • Anon1

      @ Anonymous. Both of this man's mothers made him confess? I get talking like that with your friends or whatever but why type like that too? Just makes you look ignorant and immature. "moms" smh

    • Anonymous

      his moms made him turn himself in, saying she aint raise him to be in the streets like that

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