Madlib Says His Catalog Won't Get Exploited Like J Dilla's

Madlib also says that J Dilla and Common called him an alien.

Madlib says that he plans to set fire to any unreleased music of his before he dies.

"I'm gonna burn it down before I die, a little Lee Perry action,” Madlib says during an interview with "Ain’t nobody exploiting my shit. If I was dying in hospital I’d tell my son to go and burn it. Don’t think I’m going to get exploited like they’re doing to [J] Dilla. I’m learning from how he’s being treated from some people.”

Madlib said that he understands that some people, including J Dilla, thought he was strange. 

"Some people think I’m crazy, but I’m just a normal dude that loves music,” says the producer of Quasimoto, Jaylib, Madvillain, among other projects. "I’m quiet, so people might think I’m a mute. I’m a hermit. People rarely see me. People can rarely get in contact with me. I barely answer my phone. I’m not tweeting much. I’m not hashtagging and all that. I don’t do selfies. J Dilla and Common called me an alien. We used to call each other aliens because we’re weird.”

As for new material, Madlib says he is going to discuss the sequel to Madvillainy with DOOM.

"I’m not forcing him to do it,” he says. "He doesn’t even have to do it. I just want to know where we are at with it because we recorded like, 10, 13 songs, but out of those we probably only used four, so I want to see how the recordings are going. It’s not close to finished because it has to be a continuation of the last one. It doesn’t have to be better or worse, but it has to be a continuation."

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  • 10inchmick

    madlib exploited bo hansen. fact.

  • Jay

    Die-hard Dilla & Madlib fan here. I read the full interview and he wasn't disrespecting Dilla or anyone around him. Madlib has mad love for Dilla and he's not jealous of him. I do agree with him though about Dilla's music being exploited; it's wrong that so many artists have been using Dilla's beats without permission and using Dilla's name to get money. As for the alien name, he, Dilla, and Common called each other that, lol. It was an inside joke between the 3. Have yall READ the full interview? Seriously, Madlib was being so respectable about Dilla.

  • Rene Sevier

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  • Theove

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  • Anonymous

    man people absolutely rape J Dilla's catalog and his mama is struggling man its hard to watch cause the family should be taken care of. His beats are legendary

  • 666 crazy devils

  • 666

  • 666

  • Anonymous

    not hating. but most overrated producer. on some albums he has beats on his are the worst.

    • K

      You Sir or Miss are a complete idiot. If you don't think Madlib is dope you clearly don't know good Hip Hop or a good Producer period. This Man has beats for days and days go back to when he started with The Loot Pack Madlib is hella dope. So please #GTFOHWTB bout he's overrated you're overrated. Madlib keep doing your thing and yes I hope you and MF Doom give us another LP we could use that with all the bullsh*t Hip Hop coming out today. My favourite Hip Hop Producers of all time 1. J Dilla (Since the days of the Ummah) 2. DJ Premier 3. Pete Rock 4. The RZA 5. Madlib 6. Large Professor 7. Organized Noize 8. Marley Marl 9. Dr Dre (He's been gone too long tho) 10.Havoc of Mobb Deep

    • Anonymous

      dudes made a million and one beats..not everything he makes is gonna be fucking incredible...ive heard some pretty average premier beats too....this guys a fucking legend, but i respect your opinion at the same time

    • dadukestin

      I'm hatin on your ears if you think madlib isn't dope fool

  • JASONNNS 666

  • jasonnns

  • wolfman

    I dunno why he feels that way. Maybe J Dilla didn't want certain songs on an album at the time, but I would be glad my stuff still gets out and fresh into the decks 8 years after I'm gone.

    • Anonymous

      it could be good and push your legacy to a higher ground...or you can seriously fuck it up...i.e. drake trying to work with aaliyahs unreleased shit

  • bigger thomas

    That what he thinks. the dead are always exploited.

  • Anonymous

    I need that Madvillainy 2

  • jasonnns

  • Anonymous

    madlib releases a new thing every month though

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