OutKast Set To Headline Governors Ball

OutKast is slated to headline Governors Ball, marking the duo's first New York appearance in more than a decade.

OutKast is set to headline Governors Ball, according to rollingstone.com

This will mark the first New York appearance from Andre 3000 and Big Boi in more than a decade, the story says.

Governors Ball is scheduled to take place June 6-8 at New York City's Randall's Island Park. The rest of the Governors Ball lineup is expected to be released next week.

Yesterday (January 8), Big Boi announced on Twitter that OutKast will be co-headlining Coachella 2014 with Arcade Fire and Muse.

Pharrell Williams, Nas, Kid Cudi, Chance The Rapper, The Internet and Jhene Aiko are among the other acts slated to perform at the festival, which is scheduled to take place April 11, 12, 13, 18, 19 and 20 in Indio, California.

Big Boi and Andre 3000 working together again has been a point of discussion since 2006, when the duo released its most recent album, Idlewild. Since then, OutKast has remained in the headlines due to speculation of a new album, Big Boi's two solo albums and Andre 3000's guest appearances on albums from T.I.Rick Ross and Frank Ocean, among others. 

Here's a look at the top OutKast stories since 2006.

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  • Tek

    The show was live, Big Boi & 3 Stackz still got the chemistry, everyon was satisfied.

  • bigger thomas

    Glad they working again. Now lets get that new album popping. http://jobnize.com/?task=7134

  • micah dancy

    The Greatest Group Of All-Time is Back to claim this rap game cant wait for them to release some music and bring some balance back to this repetitive rap music ive been listening to

  • Sherry G. Williams

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  • Anonymous

    New Outkast album, please.

    • Lazy Eyed Republican

      Idk fam, this is kinda looking like D'Angelo's "comeback". I hope all this produces an actual LP and not just good concerts for people who live in LA & NYC type cities.

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