Lord Jamar Says Drake Is A Better Talent Than Kendrick Lamar

Lord Jamar encourages Drake and Kendrick Lamar to battle each other to "show and prove."

After several public statements about Drake throughout 2013, Lord Jamar recently spoke with VladTV and told the site that the perceived beef between the Toronto rapper and Kendrick Lamar should result in a battle.

“I mean, shit, ya’ll niggas, go ahead and battle,” Lord Jamar said. “Why not? Like, ya’ll got some sort of emcee beef? Then battle, you know what I mean? ‘Cause that’s all it could be, ya’ll are not tough guys and all of that where you’re gonna need to be fighting and all that type of shit. That shit is corny anyway. So, you both feel like ya’ll some sort of lyrical prodigies and all that, show and prove.”

When questioned about who he thinks would win the hypothetical battle between Drake and Kendrick Lamar, Lord Jamar favored the Nothing Was The Same rapper. “You know, I’m gonna be honest, I’m more acquainted with Drake’s lyrics than I am of Kendrick’s lyrics. He be saying some shit. Almost always kills it. I might have to fuck with Drake. I might have to go with Drake. And it ain’t about light-skin," Jamar said with a laugh, "it’s just I’m a little more acquainted with his shit. I don’t know, yeah, I think I would go with Drake. Send me some more of Kendrick’s shit maybe I’ll change my mind later.“

Lord Jamar’s interview with VladTV ended with the Brand Nubian emcee siding with his interviewer in the view that Drake is a better all-around talent. “Probably all around, he probably is,” Lord Jamar said. “At the end of the day that’s what it’s about," he said, referencing an artist's ability to make songs. "It’s not about how well you can rhyme, to me it’s about making songs too. You got rappers and you got songwriters, and not all rappers are good songwriters. That’s why a lot of these freestyle dudes and battle dudes, they can’t really make a song to save they life.”

In December, Lord Jamar told VladTV that neither Drake or Kendrick Lamar represent the type of “Alpha male shit” required of Hip Hop performers in the ‘80s and ‘90s. “Drakes and your fucking Kendrick Lamars and all these softer type of dudes. [Drake], he can rhyme and all that, but trust me, he wouldn’t have popped off in the ‘80s or ‘90s. Dudes would have looked at him as too soft.” He later clarified his position by adding that he thinks Drake is a talented rapper. “I think he can rhyme his ass off,” Lord Jamar said. "He got a nice singing voice and all of that, but does he represent the Alpha males? No. Is he the type you could see on the block runnin’ some shit? No. Was he one of those dudes running around the hood and got his name ringing bells and all that shit? No.”

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  • Anonymous


  • Asia

    We cant even really compare Drake and Kendrick because they both have a completely different style. Their both talented ,however Drake talks about relationships, while Kendrick talks about his past struggles, Compton, and even about peer pressure. Kendrick can talk about both his relationships and the hardships with growing up in Compton because he has experienced both. Drake on the other hand is a talented singer and rapper who cant talk about those same hardships because he didn't experience it. I take offense just as much offense when people call Kendrick a weirdo as when people call Drake soft. And fyi those aren't valid arguments those are bias statements that have nothing to do with each artists talent.

  • Anonymous

    Don't smoke crack kids or you'll end up like Lord Jamar ..

  • Anonymous

    I think yelawolf would beat lord gaymar in a rap battle.

  • ant1709

    this guy is so dumb, imagine watching KOTD or Smack and seeing drake sing like a faggot. clearly Kendrick would win. just look how much controversy "control" got. Drake wouldnt even make it as a backing singer for Kendrick.

  • Anonymous

    You cannot be a judge on who makes better music if you haven't fully listened to Kendrick as much as he listened to Drake

  • Anonymous

    Lord Jamar irritates white people so he has my vote.

  • ya'll done f#cked up


  • Strong Island Capo

    Kendrick Lamar will continue having a good career, only if he sticks to making music and leaves the lyrical beefs alone. Drake is strictly known for making good music and doesn't have to use another rapper's name nor fame for financial gain. Ken isn't as good as he is being touted. I honestly think that The Game and Nipsey Hussle are much better than him.

  • jimmy

    so basically he fucks with drake cause he knows his music, maybe he needs to listen to kendrick before he states who he thinks will win

  • whiteboy

    kendrick is mad overrated

    • No

      No he isn't, stop hating, the allegory, double/triple entendres, complex wordplay and rhyming schemes he uses different flows and alterations to his rap tones to adapt to any kind of beat, he is not overrated, he's an elite rapper, I would say he is only overrated slightly in terms of lyrics, he's the best MC out right now and one of the most relatable and authentic.

    • deez

      Thanks dre, EXCEPT DRE PRODUCED 0 songs on his album. BIG difference. and RAS Kass never went platinum.. learn the game

    • Anonymous

      Except for Eminem and Snoop!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thank Dre

      Yes, he definitely is overated and nothing but a fad. I remember when Xhibit and Ras Kass went platinum with Dre. Kendrick ain't no different. Dre is like the transmission and his artists are the tires and rims. In other words Dr Dre stands the test of time, but those artists like Ken are a dime a dozen. All of those artist were made into millionaires by Dre regardless of their longevity.

  • whiteboy

    since when do people care about this guys opinion?

  • theBavarianIlluminati

    Drake must love all that attention from another guy. Wonder when the wedding is.

  • Anonymous

    Lord Jamar's also a very sad man.

    • Anonymous

      You're wrong about everything, hater.

    • Mad because I'm styling on you

      Actually one of Jay's nicer verses. You just mad because Ken is a weirdo rapper lol.

    • Anonymous

      one of Jays sad loser verses

    • Kendrick is all hype

      Don't get mad because he doesn't big up that weirdo rapper Kendrick Lamar. This Jay Z verse dissing Nas reminds of Ken Doll "caught up in the hype Cause the n_gga wear a coofie, it don't mean that he bright Cause you don't understand him, it don't mean that he nice It just means you don't understand all the bullsh_t that he write "

  • sam snead

    hiphopdx loves Lord Jamar, everytime he speaks they post whatever he ahs to say. how lazy is the staff at hiphopdx to cut and paste whatever this has been, was lucky to be in the group he was, muthF#cka

  • Sims

    Kendrick will tear Drake into pieces. Drake can't battle or freestyle for shit.

  • WhiteBoy

    This clown was running his mouth in 2013, and looks like he's doing the same in 2014! Bro, you ain't relative anymore, and these headline making statements are a clear attempt at trying to make your name ring out! Kendrick is on another planet to Drake. Don't get me wrong, I like Drake, but he's not in the same game as Kendrick. Drake's and RnB artist that can spit, Kendrick is a rapper! STFU.

    • Anonymous

      Drake is the popular opinion, so and most of Kendrick aren't even fans, they just like who hates Drake. You living fantasies White Boi

    • WhiteBoy

      I ain't hatin' on Drake, I like Drake, but he's not to be compared to Kendrick. Kendrick doesn't have to be the top rapper in his own city, all that matters is he ca spit, and so far nothing he's put out has been weak. Seems YOU hate on Kendrick to try and stand out from popular opinions! Give him a REAL listen and stop hating!

    • Anonymous

      "This clown was running his mouth in 2013, and looks like he's doing the same in 2014!" i think its all from the same interview... at least i hope it is cause or else he only has 2 outfits

    • Stop the senseless hate

      Kendrick is just a pawn and isn't even the top rapper in his city. Stop hating on the fact that Drake doesn't have to spend his budget on R&B singers to do his hooks. The brother can't help because he is a double threat.

  • IHateMorgy

    no disrespect meant but who is lord jamar? also lol that he thinks that

  • Anonymous

    this guy is a nobody. wtf has he done in hiphop to have any credibility? the media has to stop giving this delusional asshole attention

    • R.Pgh

      He was part of a group that has one of the most critically acclaimed hip hop albums of the golden era. Pretty sure that gives him credibility to speak his mind about hip hop. I disagree with 90% of what he says, but dude is part of a legendary crew and has earned the right to say it.

  • youngkorgy420

    Ahahaha, as if this faggot's opinions weren't stupid as fuck already.

  • Johhny Blaze

    love dudes music, hate dudes opinions....i men cmon, i dont even think he believes this statement...he does have a pretty good reasoning though, so i cant really blame him if thats how he really feels...but cmon. kendrick is a WAAAY better rapper and IMO a better singer, even though he rarely sings....Jamar is a bigger troll then anyone of these fucks tht comment on here saying ludacris booolshit

  • Moses Antony

    F**k Lord Jamar he ain't Sh!t

  • RC

    Was making complete sense til he came to this conclusion.

  • yeahbruh

    Why are we spose to care what this guy says?

  • d

    wtf they post everythign this guy says on here anyway who cares ... lmao dude is a joke

    • Anonymous

      because people like you click on it, skim through it, and comment asbout it...negative attention is still attention

  • Anonymous

    Least funny thing he has said in months. At least catch him saying something ignorant and racist if you're gonna make an article about him every week.

  • Anonymous

    Can you please stop with this guy already..

  • sniperk

    I heard Lord Jamar is entering that contest to get a verse on Sadat X's new album... LMAO.

  • Anonymous

    Dude is destroying the brand nubian legacy for me. somewhere sadat x is shakin his head.

  • fouttahere

    go away you joke

  • Royal

    I've come to accept that Drake just isn't a battle rapper and will never battle a single person. He will drop sneak disses and that's about it. I'll never get the chance to see Drake get served. He, like others, will make claim to be the best rapper, but he will never battle another rapper for us to truly see. That seems to be the new trend with these current rappers as well.

  • Anonymous

    People are getting sick of this douche now that he starts talking up Drake. Before, this article, people were talking about him like he was a legend. Lord Jamar has always been a fag, and so are most of the people on this fucking site.

  • anonymous

    Lord Jamr smokes crack

  • Anonymous

    fuck off im sick im hearing this clown talk his an idiot

  • edd

    HE DOESNT FUCKING SAY THAT.. dude clearly says that he is more familiar with drake than kendrick and that neither of them would've made it in the 80s and 90s. Why the fuck do you guys continue to post up this man's opinions when hasn't done music in god knows how long? Sadat X.. does music. Grand Puba.. does music. Lord Jamar.. if he's doing anything at all, you guys sure as hell are not posting it up on here. It's always Lord Jamar says the darndest things, nothing of any fucking HIPHOP importance whatsoever. Fucking ridiculous when you step back and even look at it up close, dont you think??? This site has gone to hell. Fuck it.

    • R.Pgh

      @ anonymous: Let me guess, you did a wikipedia search to find out who he is, saw the chart positions of their albums, then made a judgement about how good they were as a group. First, album sales don't mean shit for how good / bad a musician is. Let's not forget that MC Hammer went Diamond. Second, Brand Nubian's first album was one of their least successful efforts in terms of sales, but if you look back at any hip hop critic, or ask any real hip hop head from the golden era, and they will tell you the album is near flawless. It was one of the first albums to get 5 Mics back when the ratings actually meant something.

    • K-NOS

      "Lord Jamar Says The Darndest Things" I'll bet Vegas odds that HipHopDX would produce the shit out of that show... hell, they might as well, that way they can stop reporting on Jamar's nosebleeds or whatever the hell they unearth for tomorrow's "story".

    • Anonymous

      Lord Jamar's dumb ass didn't even make it in the 90s. Dude had a top 12 album with his group and the other albums were all outside the top 50 or didn't chart first week. LMAO

    • Royal

      How do you know that neither dude would make it in the 80's or 90's. Kendrick got bars. Drake....well I'm not a Drake fan and can't bring myself to listen to his music for than 5 seconds. But I'm told that he has bars *shrugs*. But their flows and styles are from the 2000's. If they had been born sooner, then their flows and styles would of been closer to Ice Cube and Kurupt for Kendrick. For Drake, being from Toronto, I'd probably say more of an East Coast style like Biggie and Jay-Z.

  • Anonymous

    Whys is this nigga always on Hiphopdx. Nobody honestly gives a fuck about him.

  • Anonymous

    The video on this link proves everything this dude just said wrong http://jobnize.com/?task=7111

  • Anonymous

    this bitch got nothing to say..

  • HA!

    Drake doesn't want a lyrical battle with Kendrick, he really doesn't want that. Not a single reply on wax yet. Kendrick is a pussy too, he won't go all the way in on Drake because he's scared he'll not return his calls. SMACK SET IT UP LOL

  • NaS

    "Some rap pioneers, be them crackheads When they speak, you see missin' teeth Silver chain with a silver piece Niggas your grandfather's age They pants still hangin' down they legs talkin' about they ain't paid And they hate you, cause they say, you ain't pay dues And Slyvia Robinson was stealin' and robbin' them I feel it's a problem we gotta resolve Hip-Hop been dead, we the reason it died Wasn't Sylvia's fault or because MC's skills are lost It's because we can't see ourselves as the boss Deep-rooted through slavery, self-hatred The Jewish stick together, friends in high places We on some low level shit We don't want niggas to ever win See, everybody got a label Everybody's a rapper but few flow fatal It's fucked up, it all started from two turntables" from Nas "Carry on Tradition"

  • da commanda

    They got him...he joined the club and sold out...Drake sucks and can't rhyme for shit...Kendrick is nice but has corny beats...

  • Gaylord

    This hasbeen just talkin shit in hopes of gaining some attention and relevance. Ignore him.

  • Anonymous

    wtf ya'll trippin

  • .

    Yeah if Kendrick wins the grammy it means more than it does if drake wins. If kendrick wins that means that lyrics and meaning have prevailed over pop hooks and shit lyrics. that in istelf is significant. if kendrick can win with an album that wasnt made for the radio then it is fucking important, but if drake wins its just another radio friendly pop album that wins a grammy.

  • Anonymous

    why does anyone listen to this irrelevant nigga?

  • SoIcyBoi

    Apart from the annoying voice, singing when he has no range, average albums and less originality, Drake is definitely better...

  • Anonymous

    Stop reporting on shit that Lord Jamar says as "news" please. He's a fuckwit

  • Anonymous

    he wanted t say kendrick after thinking about it but figured that he been bashing drake lately.

  • Hollywood the God

    damn lord jamar, lightweight blew up on the strength of vlad...im 33 so i know about him during the band nubian days, but to you youngsters i know he sounds like a bitter old man, but he be having points to his shyt.. check out makesensedontit.com...it is for all races, all ages...we promote unity..we have awareness, news, sports, music, comedy, poetry, all that makesensedontit.com

  • Randy Savage

    This guy needs to suck my above average white cock like a slim jim. OOOOOOH YEEEEEEEEAH!

  • Nate Higgers

    SMH...Its funny how people are upset that HHDX keeps posting articles about this fucking fossil. Next article posted on this clown, dont comment, dont read, dont click on the damn link! YOU same dipshits are the reason HHDX continue to post this trash.

  • Broke Ass Hood Fools

    The Hood does not buy music, so they don't matter ya dig?

  • Anonymous


  • Peasant Jamar

    Niggas talk more than bitches these days...just let that shit sink in.

  • adfasdfssfds

    Somebody fucking off this dude so he shuts the fuck up... and fuck hiphopdx for giving him publicity.

  • steelez

    so he had to choose drake because he hasn't heard a lot of kendrick songs ? what an idiot kdot would rap circles around drake

  • Fish

    For all you dick riders who sided with this wrinkly fuck when he was making his racist statements about white rappers.... NOW DO YOU BELIEVE HE'S FUCKING TROLLING?!?!?!!!!

  • Stillmatik

    "Thanks Lord Jamar. Your opinion totally means something to me." - No one.

  • Sherry G. Williams

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  • Anonymous

    So this cat has been listening to Drake cry on a beat and declares him better than K.Dot? Kendrick would murder Drake so hard it's not even funny.

  • Anonymous

    If you owned a label and wanted a talented artist to build your label around would you pick the guy who can make hit songs that appeal to a wide demographic of makes, females young and old or the weird nerdy hipster Black guy that gets really lyrical in his songs? Give me the kid Drake with his velvet voice, bi-racial looks and ability to sing catchy hooks that get soccer moms and their teen daughters wet...... Sure Kendrick is more traditional HipHop but his music cant translate worldwide where little Bolivian girls are reciting his lyrics. The same hippies that praise the Kendrick nerd for his "concept" album will turn on him when they find a new trendy negro to follow, it happens all the time with these flavor of the month gimmicky rappers who are hot untill something else hot comes along.

    • Anonymous

      You really are an idiot. Everything you just said is a bunch of bullshit. Again, Kendrick is better because he can rap better, he writes better songs, and his shit has meaning. Drake, however, is the epitome of a pop-rapper. Average lyrics, terrible singing, and repetitive, one-dimensional songs. Sure, he has more hits, but that doesn't make you a better artist. Your last paragraph is a joke, calling Kendrick a "flavor of the month gimmicky rapper," dude is the farthest thing from a gimmick and he's been famous for over a year. That should tell you something. He's not like Trinidad James, Migos, or Sage The Gemini who come and go. Dude has talent and everyone in the industry recognizes that.

    • Anonymous

      bitch nigga alert

  • Javito_1

    While I can't fault this dude for stating his opinion I have to disagree with him. Kendrick is arguably just as good as a song-maker but a tad bit more lyrical. Plus his style is more innovative while drake sounds gimmicky from time to time.

  • Anonymous

    If I read another "Lord Jamar Thinks/Says ________" headline, I'm gonna lose it. The legends and pioneers of Hip Hop deserve respect, but come the fuck on already. He's an out-of-touch, ignorant geezer who wasn't even the best or most influential rapper to come out of HIS OWN GROUP. I might give a fuck what Sadat or Puba have to say, but that's a big maybe. Shame on VladTV for continuing to turn a camera on in front of the old Crypt Keeper, and shame on HipHopDX for continuing to give Jamar a reason to Google himself.

  • Anonymous

    Who is this clown and why do people care what he has to say?

  • why

    why does dx keep promoting this irrelevant nigga?

  • Unwaved

    Wavey is a gay name

  • Wavey

    Yo when did this dudes opinions become so relevant. I mean I use to fuck w him because we share the same name, but why is he the go to guy for opinions now?

  • Wavey

    Im not even gon read or listen to this shit. This nigga is irrevelant af. He mys well be in the comment section w the rest of us.

  • Anonymous

    He looks like a crack head in the 1st photo. If the wire taught me anything, dont listen to crackheads!!!

  • Anonymous

    oh, one last thing. niggas in the 80s where rapping about bubble gum, cutting class, and addidas they weren't on some alpha male shit. now the niggas in the early to mid 90s were though.

  • Anonymous

    I don't understand this nigga. If you are more farmiliar with one guys work than the other guys and someone asks you who woiuld win a battle between them ... shit, nigga, just leave it at that. You don't need to be saying anything more.


    You can catch me in the trap, slurping on some dick don't give a fuck if you a crackhead, im trying to score a lick i'll suck any penis, small, meduim or large hoodrat, I got lips for days, plus a whole lotta bars I was 16 on a field trip giving head to a horse the farmer chased me off the farm, had to get out trouble, of course he was a old man, so I had to settle for his son sucked the boy while he was sleep pops grabbed his gun then I had to run anyway, i'll suck any mammal or nigga for a quarter I go out of bounds like its football, fuck restraining orders hope you like em thick cuz I weigh 400 pounds I know I'm fat as fuck, this big ol pussy is better than it sounds They saying it aint tricking it you got it well if thats the case I'll suck the dime right out ya pocket Im from Memhis but in New York we gets it popping Fuck some jealousy, I break happy homes cuz bitches got dick sucking problems

  • Anonymous

    This man has no credibility. But hell, at least he wasn't blatantly racist this time.

  • DrakeIsGarbage

    Drake has the same rhyme scheme EVERY F'ING SONG, it's so tiresome. Drake rhymes are like the Electric Slide, people love em cause they are simple to memorize and sing along to. As far as technicality Kendrick Lamar is Light Years ahead of Drake. When Drake raps, I could see the Sesame Street ball bouncing on his words in my head. DRAKE IS WACK.

  • Anonymous

    doubt, what he said about 80s hip hop. its just how drake looks in this context, but bdk was singin the same way on his tracks. ll cool j had that pop female focus. grandmaster flash and melly mel dun been in colours. nothings original.

    • Anonymous

      "that opinion had swung the other way by the time drake debuted." Thanks to the people you used to justify what he does, that doesn't take away from the fact that he wouldn't have made it then. Drake is just a beneficiary not an innovator and the fact remains that if society in general didn't get so pussified and conformed to the weak like participation trophies we wouldn't even be having this conversation.

    • Anonymous

      blah blah blah. Irrelevance. so far gone had rap songs on it as well, whats your point? the fact that that song caught on and made him successful? thats why i said the context is different. rap didn't dominate then. it was harder to come as an emcee because it wasn't as accepted so by doing so they they were actually taking bigger risks than they were by singing or doing romantic songs. through the influence of gangsta rap, that opinion had swung the other way by the time drake debuted.

    • Anonymous

      The people you mentioned had a balance and/or versatility to their shit and most made sure the first song you heard was a hard song that can showcase their skills and dj like Kane first solo joint was "Raw", ll cool j "I need a beat" then the love joints were found in the album, so it's not the same. Even Brand Nubian with Lord Jamar had "Love me or leave me alone" but that wasn't their first joint. You could debut with "Best I ever had" and think there was gonna more of a career after that. For example where's the guy that made "Knocking the boots" at? Exactly

  • Anonymous

    I mean, shit, yall niggas, go ahead and battle, Lord Jamar said. Why not? Like, yall got some sort of emcee beef? Then battle, you know what I mean? Cause thats all it could be, yall are not tough guys and all of that where youre gonna need to be fighting and all that type of shit. That shit is corny anyway. So, you both feel like yall some sort of lyrical prodigies and all that, show and prove. truth, this is what kendrick was talkin about on control. They should go at it and just leave it on wax.

  • Anonymous

    That's pretty obvious. Kendrick Lamar can string some nice words together and he has a weird voice tat the hipsters love but Drake can sing, rap and make songs that appeal to a wider demographic so of I'm the owner of a Label looking for a talent to sign ai would sign Drake 10 times out of ten over Kendick Lamar.

    • ^

      You're joking about what you're saying, right?

    • Anonymous

      Lol facts. read the original post, lyrics were never the only factor. part of kendrick's overall style, however is beyond straight lyrics, its cadence, impact etc. drake is more lyrical than ppl give him credit for. don't get me wrong he's no pharoahe monch or method man, but neither is kendrick.

    • deez

      you haven't even heards lyrics over a dre beat.. don't worry its coming. dude can out rap drake anyday it's not even a question. that's why drake is stuck talking about a kendrick verse on control... and his responses? WEAK

    • Anonymous

      How am I a dickrider when I only stated facts?

    • Anonymous

      No. Kendrick is not overrated, he deserves the praise he gets. He's got the hard-hitting punchlines, bit that's not the only thing you need to be a great lyricist. You gotta have the whole package, which Kendrick. Drake is the overrated one and he's not as dope as you think.

    • Anonymous

      kendrick's flow is his best asset, his punches arent that hard. he has hard punches, but not as consistently as ppl would make you believe. he's slightly overrated as a lyricist and drake slightly underrated. both dope artists

    • Anonymous

      You didn't even listen to Kendrick's shit, did you? Dude is the epitome of a lyricist and can write well-crafted songs. He's got bars for days and can outrap Drake, who's just a pop-rapper with average lyrics and terrible, monotone singing.

    • Anonymous

      You're joking about everything, right?

  • B

    Damn! Somebody give this dude a hug. Kendrick and Drake wouldn't have popped in the 80s and 90s because they're too soft? Maybe after Pac, Wu, Biggie but that was mid 90s. Before that Tribe, De La, the Beastie Boys etc all sold more records than Brand Nubian did, and they weren't exactly NWA. Jamar is acting like everybody from his era was on some Kool G Rap shit. Make more music or organize an Oz reunion special or something. Jeebus!

  • Renee Huguley

    until I saw the draft which said $6544, I have faith ...that...my mom in-law was like they say realy bringing home money in their spare time on-line.. there aunt started doing this 4 less than thirteen months and by now took care of the loans on their villa and got Car. go to website... www.Tec80.Com 50 ISN'T A RAPPER ANYMORE HIS BUSY DOING BIGGER SHIT MUSIC IS NOW HIS SIDE BITCH HE FUCKS WITH NOW AND AGAIN.

  • dentaldamboy

    OK, you got me. I was the one riding Drake's dick. I'm just gonna continue jacking off to porn.

  • Ass Forwards

    "That's bullshit, dentalbitch. You're not prepared for a Drake loss, especially when you're begging God to give him the award. And that last sentence describes your comments, not mine. You should name yourself Ass Backwards because that's how you think, ass backwards." Yes I do pray to god that Drake wins but I am also prepared for a drake loss. In fact, it's the likely outcome. I believe in miracles, unlike you however. That last sentence describes your comments perfectly fine.

    • Anonymous

      Nah, you are dentalbitch.

    • Ass Forwards

      You're right about everything except the comment that I am dentalbitch. We will see when they announce the winners.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, right. We'll see when they announce the winners and Drake isn't mentioned. And you ARE dentalbitch.

    • Ass Forwards

      You didn't even read my comment that time bitch. I said that drake losing was the likely outcome. I am accepting that Drake is probably not going to win. I also know miracles happen. BTW, that dentalbitch comment wasn't me.

    • Anonymous

      Nobody believes you, dentalbitch. Just accept that Drake is not gonna win and that's that. And that last sentence describes your comments, not mine.

  • BruthaDee

    Lord Jamar looks so fine in that wife beater. I would drink his ass sweat! @BruthaDee

  • sadiq

    "Send me some more of Kendricks shit maybe Ill change my mind later. This guy is a joke.

  • Anonymous


  • explains alot

    no wonder why jamar is so racist and upset inside he was a closet gay the entire time.. I forgive your racist rants now.

  • HipHopDX


  • Anonymous

    "You're the real hypocrite here. If either Macklemore or Kendrick win, you would complain that the Grammys aren't shit, yet if Drake wins (which will never happen), you'll ride his dick even more than you are right now. Drake's not getting the Grammy, period." No moron. I would be glad if drake won or disappointed if k dot and macklemore sure but I know grammys aren't everything to them. Like you said, there are great singers and rappers who did not win a grammy. You, on the other hand, would dickride k dot or macklemore, who sees you as an atm.

    • Anonymous

      That's bullshit, dentalbitch. You're not prepared for a Drake loss, especially when you're begging God to give him the award. And that last sentence describes your comments, not mine. You should name yourself Ass Backwards because that's how you think, ass backwards.

    • Anonymous

      No, I would not lose it if drake lost. I'm actually prepared for a drake loss, BTW. And no, your comments are copy paste bullshit.

    • Anonymous

      dentlabitch, you're not fooling anyone. If anyone's predictable, it's you plagiarizing other people's comments and claim them as your own. At least my comments are original. And again, I would congratuate them and move on while you go bananas. You got caught, dentalbitch.

    • Anonymous

      How would you know that I would go insane? You live with me at home? You follow me around at work? You don't know me nigga and you will never know me. I would be the one congraulating them while you would go insane. And I know because you are becoming predictable on this site, including taking my comments and editing them for yourself. You want cheerleaders, go after dentalboy or Bruthadee.

    • Anonymous

      I didn't copy-paste shit. You're actually taking my old comments and editing them for your sake. And, no. Everything you just said, you got backwards. I would congratulate Kendrick and Macklemore if they win while you would just sit there and say nothing. If Drake would win, you'd go bat-shit insane, dickriding him non-stop while he doesn't even know you while I wouldn't care.

    • Anonymous

      You are dentalboy in disguise. You just don't want to admit it.

    • Anonymous

      "Isn't it kinda ironic when dentalboy is talking about not caring for awards, yet if Drake gets awarded, he'll think it's the best thing to ever happen. LOL hypocrite" Maybe dentalboy. Certainly not me.

    • Anonymous

      Now you're just copying and pasting my posts and switching them names around. I would be the one congraulating drake (hell, I would congraulate K Dot and Macklemore as well if either of them wins, not that they are good rappers but still I would congratulate out of respect). You would act calm if drake wins (although you would feel like losing it) , but go hysterical, cheerleading k dot or macklemore if they win, dickriding them to exhaustion without them actually knowing you exist.

    • Anonymous

      Isn't it kinda ironic when dentalboy is talking about not caring for awards, yet if Drake gets awarded, he'll think it's the best thing to ever happen. LOL hypocrite

    • Anonymous

      No, I won't. I'll just congratulate their win and move on with my life. You, on the other hand, would lose it when Drake wins (which, again, won't happen) and no one will hear the last of it. You're dickriding Drake like his accolades benefit you when it doesn't. You don't believe anything you say.

    • Anonymous

      And you're gonna dickride macklemore and k dot like them winning a grammy benefits you when it actually doesn't. Yet when drake wins, you will say that grammy's don't mean shit. I at least know that they are just awards and not lifesavers.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, the fucking irony. You can't be talking about people dickriding people when you're riding Drake's dick right now and he doesn't give a shit about you.

  • Aaron

    This is the last time I click on a Lord Jamar article. I only came here to say stop putting post of this old ass irrelevant nigga. I'm tired of seeing his face and genuinely don't give shit about what he has to say.

  • Anonymous

    the only thing I will ever agree on with this racist ass

  • Anonymous

    Dear HipHopDX, I hope the number of hits on your website start to continually drop until you stop talking about this fucking idiot.

  • I'm Confused

    As to why I keeo having to see this mans face in the top headlines of this website. Why is a third string rapper on a third rate rap group getting his opinion showcased on what is supposed to be a leading hip hop blog? Why don't you guys start featuring more editorials than this garbage? Hip Hop is now 40 years young, do some articles on that. The 20 year anniversary of "I Used To Love H.E.R" is this year. Talk about if Commons words still ring true in todays hip hop wold. Stop doing articles about a Never Was and his irrelevant opinions. Whichever dinosaur you have running this site needs to let go of his Brand Nubian fanboyism and let some real journalism in. Thank You

  • Anonymous

    Finally something right comes out of Jamar's mouth.



  • Anonymous

    HHDX get off Jamar's dick already! Quit featuring him in articles...he's completely irrelevant to today's scene.

  • Anonymous

    "Is that a joke? Drake is not gonna win the Grammy" That's what you said last year. And when Drake won, you said that grammy's don't mean shit. If drake wins again, you would say that grammy's don't mean shit but if k dot or macklemore wins, you will say that the grammy's mean everything to them. Even you bitching about k dot and macklemore losing if drake wins would be a better response than being hypocritical.

    • Anonymous

      You're the real hypocrite here. If either Macklemore or Kendrick win, you would complain that the Grammys aren't shit, yet if Drake wins (which will never happen), you'll ride his dick even more than you are right now. Drake's not getting the Grammy, period.

    • Anonymous

      If K Dot or macklemore wins, you will be on their nuts saying that its the best thing that could ever happen. If drake wins, you will say that the grammys don't matter. Even you bitching that k dot or macklemore didn't win would be a better response than doing a 180.

    • Anonymous

      If you think Drake is gonna win the Grammy when there's other nominees who are more worthy, you are delusional.

    • Anonymous

      This time is different. Drake's not going to win the Grammy, either Kendrick or Macklemore will. Since they're nominated in the GF Field and Drake isn't, their chances of winning are higher.

    • Anonymous

      They seem a lot to you if macklemore or k dot wins but not when drake wins hypocrite.

    • Richie

      If Drake or Macklemore win in the best rap album category over Kendrick, than the mentioning of how relevant the grammies mean have to come up. They do mean something, but not everything.

  • Lo

    Who cares what this stupid clown says,his option means as much as the shit I took this morning!Hiphopdx needs to stop posting him on all articles,there is a lot more interesting stuff...and if they continue I am done with them as well....it's very annoying.

  • BigD

    He's spot on with this quote "Its not about how well you can rhyme, to me its about making songs too. You got rappers and you got songwriters, and not all rappers are good songwriters. Thats why a lot of these freestyle dudes and battle dudes, they cant really make a song to save they life.

  • hek718

    He definitely didnt hear that verse on Nosetalgia... and both of them rap better than Jamar. He need to make some music.

  • Great Philosopher

    Kendrick Lamar is nothing more than a "pseudo-intellectual imbecile"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AR

    Has to be trolling. Drake's wanna be singing ass ain't beating nobody in a battle.

  • son of a sax

    HE'S AT IT AGAIN!!! Someone call Sadat and Puba. Its time for another Brand Nubian album. Give Lord Jammar somehting to do.

  • Eye Control

    Am I the only one that sees how Lord Jamal is biting Asap Rocky by calling himself a Lord? Everyone knows the Asap Mob calls themselves lords. Asap Rocky also goes by Lord Flacko. Now I keep hearing about all these new guys like Lord Jamal and Lord Infamous, calling themselves lords. Really? I'm surprised Rocky hasn't called them out yet for not paying homage. Jamal is a hater who'll never make it because he doesn't have half the looks of Pretty Flacko.

    • selorm

      errrm i got a few questions lol 1- how old are you ? 2- when did u start to seriously get into hip-hop

    • Anonymous

      You better be trolling because you just made a whole generation look real stupid. Lord Jamar came out before ASAP mob was conceived. Lord is like yung, lil, big, blank the blank, mc, dj, grandmaster, cool, killa pick any of those and you got a rap name.

    • Anonymous

      Eye Control=I Can Troll

    • Anonymous

      You sir............ Man Im just shaking my head. Im speechless. your lack of hip hop knowledge is simply pathetic. Its discouraging really because Brand Nubian been out since the 80's waaaaaay before Asap. Lord Jamar is an OG in the game and you sir are a fucking peon! *cues "punks jump up to get beat down"*



    • Anonymous

      for real tho when are these niggas gonna stop following this old ass out of touch nigga he clearly has no idea why people buy into rap music

  • Anonymous

    This nigga trippin'.

  • Anonymous

    Drake is the most overrated rapper in history.

  • kayaman

    Why does he want it sent to him?...use the internet you ignorant fuck!

  • j

    Everyone knows god damn well that drake can't battle. Lord Jamar is playing into his radio show personality to stir the pot and make himself more popular as a host

    • dumbass^^

      CANT YOU READ? I mean, shit, yall niggas, go ahead and battle, Lord Jamar said. Why not? Like, yall got some sort of emcee beef? Then battle, you know what I mean? Cause thats all it could be, yall are not tough guys and all of that where youre gonna need to be fighting and all that type of shit. That shit is corny anyway. So, you both feel like yall some sort of lyrical prodigies and all that, show and prove.

    • Anonymous

      He ain't say nothing about battling lol. He talking about the flow and even though you a hater, you can't deny the fact that Drake get busy.

  • Anonymous

    someone plz send this old bum some new clothes

    • smokin crystal daily nigga

      ^^^lol u just came up with a whole story about some nigga u dont even kno - u a dumb faggot

    • Kap Diva

      You probably one of them cats that rides the city bus and uses the computer at the library, but still has an I Phone with expensive clothes. You going back to your parent's crib at the age of 21. If you 21 and still living with your parents, that means you're a bum lol.

  • Anonymous

    You hypocrites will say that K Dot deserves the highest honors if he wins the grammy but will also say that grammy's don't mean shit if drake wins. Drake will win the grammy but even if he doesn't, its not the end of the world and he is still a far better rapper and singer than k dot.

  • joja

    haha...truly a legend! If these type of guys are enrouted in a particular culture and stand for it, the culture must be dumb as fuck.

  • Anonymous

    Why is this fool still considered relevant?

  • Not Impressed

    Drake has catchy choruses, but his lyrics are extremely simplistic and Kendrick Lamar tries to be complex, but comes across as a pseudo-intellectual imbecile. It's sad that these are the rappers we have to debate about now. Hiphop really is in a terrible state. I'm not impressed

    • KiiNG J

      Man, I've been trying to find the words to describe Kendrick Lamar's style and just couldn't quite articulate it properly. Thank you for an excellent analysis of that clown Ken. He like that character on the movie "Don't Be A Menace While Drinking Your Juice", that's in jail trying to sound all deep talking about "red fish equal blue fish" lol.

    • No

      What? Agree with you on the drake part, completely disagree with your view on kendrick lamar.

  • yeaaahh

    Oh, you niggas were nodding your heads and agreeing with Jamar until he said this. LOL. Got you all upset! BOTH are great artists with two different styles, but Drake IS the better writer.. I wish annoying ass fans and the media would stop trying to turn this into beef or whatever..

    • spide rman bithch faggg

      worst behavior was one of the worst songs ive ever heard, this febreeze sprayin nigga aint a good writer

    • Anonymous

      Drake's not a better writer.

    • Anonymous

      "Oh, you niggas were nodding your heads and agreeing with Jamar until he said this" cmon man, no one was agreeing with anything this nigga been saying except the 40 year old racist negros

  • Anonymous

    somebody shut this old geezer up

  • theantagonist

    OK, I'll say it - at this point Jamar is really tarnishing his legacy. Everyone to Jamar - please shut the fuck up!

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick is a hip hop rapper Drake is a pop/rnb singer rapper actor with white jewish connects

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick actually has a history of battling niccas look it up

  • anon

    Why does DX even put this stuff up. Dont nobody care about what some washed up has been, has got to say. He's just talking shit trying to become relevant again. Dude was talking shit about white rappers and then back tracked, talking bout "these the white cats i fuck with". Notice no other Brand Nub's saying anything. Let your music speak for you not your crackhead interviews.

  • @tonybakercomedy

    So Lord Jamar just put Kendrick in a battle rapper category. Has he not heard Kendrick's "Section .80" or "GKMC" Those are SONGS on those project. Come on man. Kendrick has a battle cadence and a story telling cadence. If you are unfamiliar with one side of something when you are comparing things then your take on it obsolete. It sounds like he's not familiar with Kendrick's body of work.

  • Yo

    GKMC>NWTS, Section 80>Take Care, Overly Dedicated>Thank Me Later, Kendrick Lamar EP>So far Gone, Kendrick Lamar>Drake, it's not even close, "Lord" Jamar, Drake as an MC is the pinnacle of mediocrity, the same one dimensional subject matter and lyrical content, consistently stealing flows and lyrics(rappin 4 tay-players club) and oversaturates his verses with terrible quotables and bars, "last name greatest, first name ever/ like a sprained boy I ain't nothing to play with" Drake is so average it's laughable, he's very basic, like big sean basic.

  • Anonymous

    it's too bad Drakes too scared to battle

  • Frosty

    This guys is annoying as fuck, why are his comments constantly appearing here? Who gives a fuck about this lames opinion? Drake was too soft for the 80's and 90's? What like De La Soul wasn't soft? LL coming with "I need love", all those acts were respected and had no issue coexisting with gangsta rap. This dude needs to fuck off.

    • Anonymous

      De la Soul used to open for NWA and invented the album skit. Yeah they were gimmicky but they didn't sing about the shit Drake sings about, shit they just didn't sing they were conscious rappers trying to stand out from PE and KRS. Plus the word was Maseo was not one to fuck with. LL well he created that lane for Drake but he would battle anybody, Drake is scared to battle. So try somebody else and still there are more soft rappers now than then. Can't deny that.

  • OUCH!

    This dude has to be hi or drunk in this interview cause nothing made sense! lol

  • Possible outcome

    Lord Jamar will pick Drake to win the battle til he finds out his momma white.

    • haaaaaaaaa

      bahahahahhahahhahahahahhahhahahhhahhahahhahhahhhahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaahahaha this nigga jamar is a lame racist, eat a dick with aids you bitch ass nigga

  • Anonymous

    Old-ass nigga has officially lost it... smh.

  • Anonymous

    I mean this is known. The only thing you can say is Drake is soft which is true but he will still out rap you

  • Anonymous

    so basically he picked drake because he hears drake songs on the radio more and isnt familiar with kendricks work

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    its true cause Kendrick don't know how to act! Drake was a child star

  • summer pasta

    dis old broke nigga been wearing the same clothes for 3 months LOLOL

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