50 Cent's SMS Audio To Release Carmelo Anthony & "Star Wars" Collections

50 Cent says being active on social media and competition with other audio companies helps keep SMS Audio relevant.

Hip Hop entrepreneur 50 Cent has just introduced a handful of new products to his line of SMS Audio headphones. Among the new products offered by SMS Audio is the sweat-proof Audio Sport, Carmelo Anthony signature collection and a series of Star Wars-themed headphones, which serves as a collaboration with Lucasfilm.

In addition to his collaborations with Carmelo Anthony and Lucasfilm, 50 Cent says he’s also worked with fellow musician Timbaland who helped create the signature sound for SMS Audio. And during a conversation with Fox Business at this month’s Consumer Electronics Show 2014 in Las Vegas, 50 Cent spoke on the partnerships he’s created as founder of SMS Audio.

“It’s exciting to have the collaborations cause these guys have a strong passion for music,” 50 Cent said. “Carmelo, most professional athletes have a passion for it cause it’s a lot of physical discipline involved and we can take it down to the basics. The way we would actually utilize it on the treadmill or just keeping ourselves healthy.”

In regards to working with Lucasfilm on the Star Wars-themed headphones, 50 Cent says the George Lucas-led company is at a place where he hopes SMS Audio will one day be.

“Lucasfilm is—I want SMS Audio to be what Lucasfilm is to film,” he said. “Like they’ve always been aware of the technology and the effects to make their actual [branding and series] something that the public will continue to have interest in. I think the first one came out in '77…It’s been so consistent that brand, that you know it’s gonna stay there. For a brand that made billions of dollars to assess what SMS Audio is creating and where we’re at and to say that they would actually want us to be part of the license, it says that, ‘Let’s see where we’re headed.’”

50 Cent also addressed his competition, which includes the Dr. Dre-founded Beats Electronics and the Ludacris-backed Soul Electronics. According to 50 Cent, being active both offline and through social media helps SMS Audio stay relevant among the plethora of audio companies.

“By just being active,” he said. “And now everyone sees things differently. Your viral activity and social network visibility is important. You know? So, I do that. And then a lot of the times the actual—like Beats it’s a monster. It’s a big, actual company. And then because we come in, the competitive nature of Hip Hop puts us in a competition. So, immediately it makes people aware of SMS Audio.”

SMS Audio made its way into the market in 2011 following a series of roadblocks Fifty encountered. The rapper cancelled a contract with Sleek Audio to put out a line of high-end headphones called "Sleek by 50" and instead chose to establish his own company.

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