Dame Dash Says Everyone Around Jay Z Conforms To "Eat Off Him"

Dame Dash also says he does not feel entitled to anything Jay Z has in upcoming Details article.

Dame Dash, once Jay Z's business partner in their Roc-a-fella brand, recently discussed his former partner's success. According to Complex, Dame Dash speaks about Jay Z in an upcoming issue of Details Magazine. Complex includes the following excerpt as one taken from the publication.  

In the excerpt, Dame Dash speaks about how he feels regarding Jay Z's success and whether he feels entitled to any of it.

"'I'm not counting that man's money,' he says. 'No one's taken anything from me. It's like saying, "I used to mess with a girl, and before I used to mess with her, she was mediocre. But because she started messing with me, I taught her things. I dressed her, and then I taught her how to have a career." Does that mean after we break up I'm still supposed to be able to get some ass?' He laughs at his crass analogy. 'Like, I don't feel entitled to that pussy. You understand what I'm saying? I don't feel entitled to nothing he's got.'"

Dash, who is working with Jim Jones on their Vampire Life brand, among other endeavors, also speaks about those surrounding Jay Z in the magazine. 

"Dash says he was never cut out for that world—he wants to be a Richard Branson-type entrepreneur-cum-magnate, creating companies and then getting other people to run them. He also heaps scorn on the Def Jam team that would later become Jay Z's inner circle. 'Those people are corny. You think I'm rolling to a club with Lyor Cohen or John Meneilly?' he says, referring to the former head of Island Def Jam and Jay's manager. 'No disrespect to Jay—but every single person I see hanging around him is making money off him. They all conform so they can eat off him.'"

In July, Jay Z said "the love is still there" for Dame Dash during an interviewDame Dash and Jay Z were photographed together for the first time in many years in August. In December, Dash said he saw Jay Z perform for the first time "in years."

In April, Dash spoke about his falling out with Jay Z in an interview with MTV.

"Things never really got fucked up," Dash said. "It just got over. Me and Jay wasn't never arguing. Me and Jay never was beefin'. It was just over, and Roc-A-Fella didn't exist anymore." 

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  • Anonymous

    Where would Jay z be if Dame Dash stuck to managing Children of the Corn(Big L, Ma$e, Camron, McGruff)and Original Flavaz? Jay z was alway nice rhyming but Dame did the legwork point blank, he just wasn't too good at maintaining business relationships like Jay so he burned some bridges and it ended coming back to bite him. But at the begining it was Jay who needed Dame.

    • Anonymous

      They both needed each other. Dash was a smart guy, but Jay was the talent. Without his ability, Dame's business savvy would have got for nothing. As time went on, Jay simply didn't need Dash anymore. He was versed on the business end, and had the music end locked up. I find it funny how every other week Dash is doing these interviews where he's either talking about Jay, bringing up the past, or taking photos with him. Dude, move the fuck on. You don't have to hate Jay Z, you just have to find a way to become relevant again without him. That's a hard task, but if you would have saved your money, you could be doing just about anything else right right now.

  • dc

    Cool niggas need an asshole in there corner to fight for them... That was dame, he is such an obnoxious asshole that he shed that light for Jay.. he was his Rottweiler in the sense of business. You can tell he got Jay beats and exposure


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  • Anonymous

    without jay-z and diddy rick ross would be back working in corrections

  • Anonymous

    Dame tellin' the truth tho

  • Deloris Jones

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  • Anonymous

    Why is this nigga telling us shit we already know? Of course niggas conform to Jay'z way of doing things so they can eat.

  • Anonymous

    Dame Dash and Jay Z are some straight up ugly brothers. Dame's head got more lovely lumps than Fergie and Jay Z looks like he could have starred in Captain Phillips.

  • Emily Low

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  • Anonymous

    Why everybody always wanna diss Dame? He ain't say nothing wrong. Yall wanna compare Dame's money to Jay's money and it don't have nothing to do with his points. Jay was the player and Dame was the coach. Players always get the shine look at sports. Dame did it his way I'm sure and probably didn't conform to what industry bs puts you through, but he ain't tripping about it like some you making it out to be.

  • Big Bang Theory

    Hay whats up HipHopdx nerds. this gotta be the biggest nerd hiphop site ever. Anyway people don't understand the falling out between Dame and Jay. It pretty much started from Dame wanting to become black entrepreneurs and build an empire like Def Jam but with his own brand. Jay felt it was safe to do what the masses(aka the masters)wanted him to do.

  • Anonymous

    For those that saw Jay z come up from Jaz O's hypeman to the Jay we know now, that before Dame came along, Jay z was about to become the first Pappoose. Even with Big Daddy Kane cosigning and shopping his demo he was just another nice rapper from BK and RD came years after getting on kinda like Nacirema Dream except nobody knew the title of jay's album.

    • oskamadison

      @Anonymous 100% TRUTH!! A lot of heads either don't know on forgot that Jay"s been in the game since '90 (his first bars on wax was Jaz's "The Originators", i don't count his adlibs on '89's "Hawaiian Sophie".) As far as RD vs. IWW, they're both classics in thier own right but if I had to choose, I'm goin' with IWW.

    • dc

      I agree. You wouldn't understand unless your over 30, and was listening to some in the cut records

    • Luke

      Nah bro, Reasonable Doubt does shit on It Was Written, not saying IWW ain't good it's just that RD is a masterpiece, I think Nas is a better rapper but you can't take the fact that RD is one of the best Hip-Hop albums ever from Jay.

    • SDK


    • Dawgz

      RD shits all over It Was Written. It was a classic before Jay bought it from Def Jam. You're an idiot too

    • Big Bang

      Makes sense. Being that Reason Doubt wasn't considered an classic until Jay-Z started pushing Reason Doubt to be on illmatic level but its not even fucking with It Was Written. With that said RD was an great album but Jay push that shit have classis status. Nobody promoted an album years later after it flopped like Jay-z did. Point is back in 96 there were about 5-10 niggas played before reasonable doubt. Somehow out of the blue its an classic.

    • Dawgz


  • riv216

    & he still got more bread than you Dame, so you really just talking a whole bunch of sh*t and have no point...other than you taught him game.... but at the end of the day he still has more money than you!!!

    • Anonymous

      Dame Dash in this interview that he doesn't feel entitled to jays money and everyone around conforms to eat off him, so what exactly is your point?

  • Anonymous

    "He laughs at his crass analogy." Fuuuuuck oooooooff.

  • COCA


  • Lord Jamar

    Shame that Jay-Z nowadays want to act like a white man.

    • TheRealness

      I kinda agree with this after I saw that Barneys incident

    • Anonymous

      I disagree, JayZ don't act like no white boy, he's just a super rich dude living a lifestyle that used to be only obtainable for white boys. JayZ married a Black woman signed some Black artists and still makes Black music so even though he he's in that upper echelon of white society I don't think he wants to be a white man as bad as maybe a LiL Wayne or a 50 Cent might.

    • Anonymous

      So what are you saying about how black people act? Idiot

    • Anonymous

      everyone else may thinkn your a troll but i truly believe you are the actual scorned lord jamar

  • devil mask creeper 666

    peeking around last nite seen bam margera in his room writeing demons on walls drawing pics of his mom and his dead friend on walls, throwing him self around.seen timberland laughing real crazy in his closet none stop he start walking around then going bac in real fast at the 666 nites.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga is sucking really jayz dick. Probably this nigga needs a job

  • Anonymous

    Dude commenting under Ricky Rozay really thinks he's Rick Ross just like Rick Ross thinks he's Freeway Ricky Ross....

  • Ricky Rozay

    Dame just mad cuz his meal ticket gone. This nigga went reckless thats why Hov dropped his ass. Nigga could be jet setting makin millions instead his broke ass is talkin shit bout Jay. Dame get ur hustle up and dont burn no bridges. Isn't this the same nigga that said he could make another Jay. This cat aint be relevant since Jay dropped his ass like a bad habit. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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