Hip Hop Album Sales: Week Ending 1/5/2014

Beyonce drops to #2 on the charts this week, giving way to "Frozen's" official soundtrack to take over the #1 spot.

Beyonce's reign at the top of the Top 200 Billboard chart has come to an end. The singer's self-titled album lands at #2 this week. Meanwhile, Eminem continues his stay at #3 and Drake moves up to the Top 15. 

Beyonce's Self-Titled Album Drops To #2

Beyonce's self-titled album has been reigning at #1 since it was released December 13, but that three-week streak has come to an end. In its fourth week of availability, Beyonce has dropped to #2, giving way to Frozen's original soundtrack to take over the #1 spot. This week, Beyonce sold 130,490 copies of the self-titled endeavor. Overall, this brings the album's total to 1,431,882 units sold. Last week, Beyonce sold 310,270 units to land at #1. 

Eminem's MMLP2 Remains #3 

This week, Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP 2 continues in the #3 spot, the same one it occupied a week ago. The album, which has been available for six weeks, debuted at #1 in its first week on the charts. This week, Eminem sold 54,722 units of the album, which has helped The Marshall Mathers LP 2's total sales figure reach 1,781,485 units sold. Last week, the album sold 122,092 copies. Eminem continues to have several albums on the chart. Recovery, for instance, sold 5,213 this week, helping it land at #83 with an overall sales total of 4,548,733 units. Curtain Call sold 4,670 to land at #101 this week. Its sales total has reached 3,813,216 copies sold. The Eminem Show, which is in the #103 with 4,570 units sold for the week, has reached a total sales figure of 10,308,107 units sold. Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP also continues to land on the charts, this week selling 3,920 units to land at #115 with 3,920 units. Overall, the album has sold 10,803,631 units. 

Drake's Nothing Was The Same Improves To #15

Drake's Nothing Was The Same, which was in the #16 spot last week, has improved one slot to land in the #14 spot this week. Nothing Was The Same sold 23,712 this week, which helped the album's overall sales figure reach 1,368,196 units sold. Last week, Nothing Was The Same sold 48,528 units. Drake's Take Care, which was released in 2011, also made it on the chart, landing at #175 with 3,594 units sold this week. Overall, Take Care has sold 2,109,814 units. 

Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 1/5/2013  

#2. Beyonce - Beyonce -  130,000 (1,431,882)

#3. Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP 2 - 55,000 (1,781,000)

#11. R. Kelly - Black Panties - 31,000 (269,000) 

#15. Drake - Nothing Was The Same - 24,000 (1,368,000) 

#17. Justin Timberlake - 20/20 Experience Complete - 20,000 (801,000)

#18. Childish Gambino - because the internet - 16,000 (173,000) 

#21. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - The Heist - 14,000 (1,246,000) 

#36. B.o.B - Underground Luxury - 9,000 (63,000) 

#39. Justin Timberlake - 20/20 Experience - 9,000 (2,436,000) 

#41. Yo Gotti - I Am - 8,600 (120,000)

#65. Kendrick Lamar - good kid, m.A.A.d. city - 5,900 (1,132,000) 

#69. Kanye West - Yeezus - 5,600 (630,000) 

#76. Jay Z - Magna Carta...Holy Grail -  5,300 (1,104,000) 

#148. 2 Chainz - B.O.A.T.S. II #MeTime - 3,300 (221,000) 

* data comes from Nielsen Soundscan, rounded to nearest thousand for units above 10,000, nearest hundred for units below 10,000. Each week, HipHopDX presents top albums in Hip Hop/related, and five notables.

Will Beyonce regain the top spot of the charts next week? Stay tuned to HipHopDX.

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  • Anonymous

    Music critics have yet to point out this supposed laziness.

    • Anonymous

      When the hook to your songs repeats the same one or two phrases like Started From The Bottom, for example, that's laziness.

    • Anonymous

      I'm very surprised by how many reviewers of Drake's new album used the world lazy! "When you start your album by rhyming "record" with "record" a bunch of times, that's fine. When you do it in a voice that communicates that you're verbally tap dancing across that beat and you're totally not, well it gets annoying real quick. Or consider, "Own It," a LAZY Screwston fascimile that even A$AP Rocky would've rejected, in which Drake brays, "Niggas talk more than bitches these days," and then adds, "Let that shit sink in," as if that's any kind of original or profound or even just plain entertaining sentiment."

    • Anonymous

      "This is the point where the album goes downhill; best friend and longtime producer Noah 40 Shebibs rhythms become increasingly repetitive and Drakes flow becomes lazy and the songs begin to blend together."

    • Anonymous

      heres an excerpt from a music critics review of NWTS "Drake routinely curses like a child who is testing out bad words and trying to see what he can get away with. And even worse than his LAZY padding of bars with such words when hes in need of syllables, is the acute flagrancy in his overuse of one word in particular." and another one "Hes mostly abandoned that style, but theres still something stilted and rudimentary about his new and improved flow, and he still pulls LAZY stunts like rhyming vent more with temp-or."

  • Anonymous

    "He dropped music" His last album was in 09. Before that he was on a 11 year hiatus lol Aubrey can't relate to laziness.

  • Anonymous

    How the fuck is old ass MC Ren better than Drake? At least Cube went on to solo fame, then Hollywood. Dre went on to be Dre. What did Ren do besides father children at a Latrell Sprewell type rate? I'm waiting. Kick some knowledge.

    • Andy

      Please stick to what matters to music, Drake along with most of these newbees can't simply fuck with most of the old cats, MC Ren being old & fathering chiildren has nothing to do with how ill he was when he was on the mic, judge these catz according to wat they did in their active years, Drake is active now but still he's overall delivery can't fuck with Rens.

    • Anonymous

      He dropped music, not as successful as Cube or Dre, but dope music. Better than anything weak ass shit Aubrey released.

  • Anonymous

    No contradictions here. In your eyes, if someone sells 10-15 million, that's shit. For a lot of rappers, that would make one hell of a career. Not many people sell like Pac, Eminem, Jay, etc. You hate Drake already, so even if he could sell 50 million, your hating asses would then say why can't he sell 100 million lol It's like a merry go round of bullshit with you, so move on.

    • Andy

      I'm not a drake fan or a fan of most of these new cats, but on the album issue u r right, not many peolple can sell as eminem, pac and Jay, with that said; peolple shouldn't hate drake bcoz he's sold less albums or any other artist for that matter, look @ someone like pitbull, his album is doing well but it's a shitty ass hip hop album, then you have someone like sam sneed whom most of newer hip hop fans wont probably know; he's dope but never sold much, so album sales has nothing to do with talent & everything to do with popularity, it's just a good thing that eminem, pac and Jay; even with their high album sales, they're also dope.

    • Anonymous

      Quotebitch contradicts himself again. Nothing you say is true at all, just a bunch of bullshit while riding Drake's jock.

    • Anonymous

      i dont even know what this dudes talkin bout n e more

  • Anonymous

    "When Drake sells 50 million and still sells platinum 15+ years later like Jay does, then talk." Two different time periods. It's mathematically impossible for Drake to do those numbers. Nobody in the new era of hip hop will do those numbers. Be serious.

  • Anonymous

    "He will put up Eminem numbers (recent) for his next" That's the liquor talking.

  • Anonymous

    MC Ren is better than Drake? lol Good one.


    Kendrick Lamar J. Cole Kanye West Lil Wayne Eminem B. o. B. Isaiah Rashad Jay-Z Rich Homie Quan Lupe Fiasco Meek Mill Problem Common Chance the Rapper Nas The Notorious B.I.G. 50 Cent 2Pac Eazy-E Schoolboy Q Ab-Soul Jay Rock Kanin Childish Gambo Big L Dr. Dre Big Sean Rakim Ice Cube Jay Electronica Kid Cudi Killer Mike Mac Miller Miley Cyrus Miley's Dad Yo Gotti Snoop Dogg 2 Chainz Future Wiz Khalifa Pusha T Juicy J A$AP Rocky T.I. Tech N9Ne Wale Game Tyga Nicki Minaj Busta Rhymes Nipsey Iggy DMX KRS - One Big Pun Andre 3000 Eric. B Royce Da 5"9 Scarface Mos Def Akon Yelawolf Rappin 4 Tay Talib Kweli LL Cool J Nate Dogg Ice-T Lil Boosie Jadakiss Earl Sweatshirt Tyler, The Creator Big K.R.I.T. Kid Ink Vanilla Ice Logic Too Short Gucci Mane Ja Rule

    • Anonymous

      i stopped reading when i got to B. o. B.

    • JR.

      Man, You just listed 78 rappers, I'm sure there are more than 100 rappers better than Drake. you forgot Joseph "Run" Simmons Darryl "D.M.C." McDaniels MC Ren Proof Mano Brown (from Racionais Mc's) Arabian Prince Chuck D Flavor Flav Outlawz members, etc...

  • Anonymous

    I feel like you could easily ruin that like u do this site.

  • Anonymous

    Yal Drake suckers should start hittin up the Yahoo hip hop/rap question page.

  • CooterBrown

    Looks like Angel Haze's album, Dirty gold didn't do too well it's first week in stores. Unless it wasn't reported just like E-40 wasn't a couple weeks back.

  • Anonymous

    It's so weird how some bullshit like justin timberlake outsells kendrick lamar more than 2-fold. Who the fuck is buying this shit? I dont get it

    • Anonymous

      Considering that JT is a pop artist and Kendrick's a hip-hop artist, pop music usually always sells more than hip-hop music.

    • Anonymous

      wait til his next album, Kendrick Lamar wasn't huge when he release it and only got 240k first week, but 170k 3rd week. He will put up Eminem numbers (recent) for his next.

  • joe

    dont like drake much but if he hits number one imma to buy his next new album

  • Anonymous

    You blind like Stevie? Drake is outselling Jay right now. Get that suspect mill from Samsung out your brain. Take Care also outsold WTT.

  • Anonymous

    "Drake ain't running shit, especially when the others are outselling him" The only person outselling him in hip hop is Eminem.

  • Deloris Jones

    until I looked at the draft of $9763, I be certain that...my... mom in-law woz like realie bringing in money part time at there labtop.. there moms best frend haz done this for under 17 months and a short time ago paid the mortgage on there place and got Citron DS. pop over here... www.Tec80.Com Saying shit on twitter, the internet and in videos but forget that the Police is watching!

  • Its Um

    B.O.B. has yet put out a album that's worth my money.

  • Emily Low

    til I looked at the receipt of $9124, I be certain that...my... friend was like actually bringing home money in their spare time on their computer.. there friends cousin started doing this for only sixteen months and just now cleard the dept on their appartment and bought a great new Alfa Romeo. read this article... www.Fb39.Com Good, hope they lock up all of these dumb motherfuckers who incriminate themselves. You dumb fucks deserve the shit you sew

  • Hiccup

    As if Greedy JayZ isn't satisfied with taking bribes from Barney's, now he's out here buying all his wife's CDs because ain't nobody checking for her irrelevant ass.

  • Anonymous

    Beyonce lost out to a fucking Disney movie soundtrack. Go figure.

    • Anonymous

      The Disney soundtrack has been out longer than her album, it's just her numbers were elevated and now that they dropped Disney goes back to top.

    • Anonymous

      "In its fourth week of availability, Beyonce has dropped to #2, giving way to Frozen's original soundtrack to take over the #1 spot." I think that's what he means.:-)

    • Anonymous

      what do u mean lost? she been out for like a month

  • Anonymous

    Too many faggots in the comments section.

  • Brandon

    All this says is everyone is better then kanye's dumb ass.... Macklamore Kendrick Eminem Beyonce Justin Timberlake Drake.

  • Woodrow

    WHITE DUDE FROM DETROIT - Its the body bag game bitch...I'm supplying coffins.

  • Anonymous

    Whites are running away with this shit, just look Bayonce, Eminem, Drake, Justin Timberlake. Damn they are taking over


      Don't forget Disney. #1 album on the charts! OJ representin' D-Town aka Disney. Whaddup tho? Realest gangsters in the streets right now. Look out for that Mickey Mouse mixtape hitting the streets 1/25/14. Peace.

    • Anonymous

      No, I mean the white artists Beyonce, drake, Eminem, JT

    • Anonymous

      White record-label executives are definitely running the game.

    • Anonymous

      No, all the whites are running it, just leaving black folk in the dust. I hear ya though, Drake is definitely the hottest white artist but you can't deny that Beyonce has taken over since she made the switch to white.

    • Anonymous

      Drake ain't running shit, especially when the others are outselling him.

    • dentaldamboy

      Drake is running the game. The others aren't running shit.

  • Gregg

    I want to suck Drakes weiner so bad, my butthole just puckers up when I hear him sing.

  • Anonymous

    only child molestors listen to r. kelly.

  • Anonymous

    Good to see Beyonce already passing her husband he payed people to get to his numbers.

  • jay victor

    good to see childish gambino doing almost the same as 2 chainz with less time of the cd on the shelves... at least the lil nigga have some concept developing his albums, seems to me that he really has passion for the craft he puts on it

  • Anonymous

    Beyonce's album sales is bogus to me. I don't buy that bullshit at all. Who the fuck is still buying Macklemore's gay ass album? The gay people I believe. The US is turning mad gay like Europe. Thank God I am an African. It hurts to watch fudgepackers go around in LA and not get jumped

  • what

    didnt beyonce sell 800K in sales the first 48 hours? How is it 600K total now?

    • Anonymous

      yeah even in the article it says "This week, Beyonce sold 130,490 copies of the self-titled endeavor. Overall, this brings the album's total to 1,431,882 units sold. "

  • sxxx4


    • Anonymous

      That's hot, I like the one where you can see Drakes face more towards the cumshot though, this one just kinda shows it all over his face & ear

  • Anonymous

    LOL why dont you ask i dont know maybe one of the 630,000 people who purchased it????? Let alone millions illegally KANYE GOAT Beats, rapping, singing. everything SUCK A DICK IF YA THINK OTHERWISE

  • Anonymous

    Drake is running rap as I type this. He cares about his fans while K Dot ignores his fans and Chris Brown beats his fans.

  • Stick to beats ur a average mc at best chipmunk face

    whos buyin that yeezus bullshit y would ne one put money in the pocket of that fuck-boy n his fame-whore bitch

    • LOL

      LOL why dont you ask i dont know maybe one of the 630,000 people who purchased it?????? Let alone millions illegally KANYE GOAT Beats, rapping, singing. everything SUCK A DICK IF YA THINK OTHERWISE

  • Anonymous

    man I don't like macklemore but that album is like 2 years old still selling well, I wouldn't put out another album either lol

  • heyyy


  • sfjhlsakjhfsa

    Uhhh, Beyonce's total figures are wrong....by a lot.

  • Anonymous

    Drake very much enjoys a glass of merlot & a warm butthole

  • Anonymous

    Beyonce is selling so many more records now that she's white, great choice

  • xx009


  • Anonymous

    Man, drake is killing it, he's so hot right now

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