Rihanna Reveals Arrival Of "Can't Remember To Forget" Shakira Song

Rihanna tweets about her "Can't Remember To Forget" song with Shakira.

Rihanna tweeted today (January 6) that Shakira’s “Can’t Remember To Forget” single, on which she appears, will be released in one week.

"'@Javiroo: 14-01-2014 :: @shakira - Can't Remember To Forget (feat. @rihanna )” ACTUALLY I just found out you'll have it by the 13th! #1week,” Rihanna tweeted today.

Shakira’s song may be an interpretation of Elvis Presley’s 1955 song “I Forgot To Remember To Forget.”

In 2011, Murs released the song “Remember 2 Forget,” which he said in his The Making Of Murs’ Love & Rockets Vol 1 The Transformation book was inspired by Presley’s song.

Rihanna’s tweet from today and the video for Murs' "Remember 2 Forget" are as follows:

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  • Sincere

    Shakira > Rihanna 1000x

  • Anonymous

    Nicki Minaj looks better than Rihanna or Beyonce. fact

  • Chris Etrata

    Is anyone else getting tired of Rihanna? Most songs that she releases go top 10 at least if not no. 1 and are overplayed to death on the radio. Even if she's just a feature, it still goes no. 1 even though she can't really sing that well. I'm just getting tired of her and it wouldn't be a problem if she can sing better but her songs are getting worse over the years. P.S. What does this article have to do with hiphop? Rihanna's pop and so is Shakira.

    • Some Knowledge for that Ass

      I did also say Rihanna can sing very well. Chris just comes across as a hater. It's a fact she can sing well along with miley. Anyone who says otherwise is a retard.

    • Anonymous


    • @Some knowledge

      they got money AND???????????????? SO FUCKING WHAT?????? valuing somebody because of the money they got dont mean shit stupid

    • Rihanna Is A Dimer

      @Chris You're crazy, dog. I, for one, would love to do some shit to that big sexy forhead of hers. I'd love it if I could ejaculate on it while she's singing one of her award winning melodies. Sigh.

    • Some knowledge for that ass

      Dumbass its because Rihanna can sing well and is sexier than beyonce. Stop hating bitch just because they make more money than you. What's next, hating on miley cyrus? P.S. Rihanna is a hiphop/ R&B artist so she counts

    • Chris Etrata

      But why is she still popular? P.S. Doesn't mean this article is hiphop.

    • Some knowledge for that ass

      Well what do you expect? Rihanna is a popular pop artist. Popular pop artists typically get played to death on the radio. P.S. Rihanna and Shakira for that matter collaborate frequently with hip-hop artists. So this article is by extension hip-hop related.

  • 666


  • jasonnns


  • jasonnns


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