Third Victim In Doe B Shooting Incident Dies

20-year-old Tim Hamilton becomes the third victim to succumbed to fatal gunshot wounds in the Doe B. shooting.

A third victim in the shooting that killed Grand Hustle rapper Doe B. has died.

According to WSFA in Montgomery, Tim Hamilton, 20, succumbed to fatal gunshot wounds yesterday (January 3). He is the third person to die in a shooting that took place at Centennial Hill Bar on December 28 in Doe's hometown of Montgomery, Alabama.

21-year-old Kimberle Johnson was the second known victim to die in the incident in which two men have been arrested for their suspected part in the murders. 

25-year-olds Darius Thomas and Jason McWilliams have been charged with two counts of capital murder and are reportedly being held at the Montgomery County Detention facility without bond.

Doe B. was signed to T.I.’s Grand Hustle label as a member of the rap group Hustle Gang. His funeral is set for today (January 4) at 2 pm in the True Divine Baptist Church on Troy Highway in Montgomery.

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