Ab-Soul Says He Turned In Two Projects In 2013

Ab-Soul also tweets, "let's see where this year takes me."

Ab-Soul tweeted yesterday (January 2) that he turned in two projects last year. "I turned in 2 projects last year, yea I know what your thinking,  let's see where this year takes me…” the TDE rapper tweeted.

In October, Ab-Soul asked the twitterverse to tweet TDE CEO Top Dawg to "let him know it's time for new soul.”

Though the tweet also seemed to imply that the title of his new project was Black Lip Pastor, Ab-Soul later tweeted that that was not the case.

Ab-Soul's most recent project, 2012’s Control System, featured appearances from fellow Black Hippy members ScHoolboy Q, Jay Rock and Kendrick Lamar. The release also included appearances Jhene Aiko and Danny Brown, among others.

Ab-Soul’s tweet from yesterday and from October are as follows:  

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  • PhillyMu

    "I turned in 2 projects last year, yea I know what you're thinking..." Damn right, I'm thinking they probably weren't that good, Soul. After Control System, Ab-Soul CAN NOT afford to put out a wack project, not even a "ok" project. I don't blame TopDawg for keeping his shit on the shelf if it wasn't excellent. TDE has already set the bar too high for their artists. They gotta come with the heat or don't come at all.

    • lightbulb

      It doesn't have anything to do with the quality of the music, it's all politics. One of the projects he turned in was the Unit 6 album with JMSN, which hasn't been released due to their two labels not seeing eye to eye. The other is his upcoming solo project, which they planned to release after Oxymoron. And we all know what happened to Oxymoron.

  • east la

    Kendrick is really great mc jay rock is good at the gangster thing but school boy q and ab-soul are wack



  • Anonymous

    I'm Lebron James, you a fuckin rookie. this dude got a dope flow.

  • Anonymous

    Yo Gotti - I Am, for album of the year.

  • Anonymous

    all the TDE rappers are overrated, Kendrick (the only really good one) has carried the rest along with his popularity.

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  • Anonymous

    TDE is set up to be the year of TDE, as long as kendrick releases and it looks like he will.

  • blackbeltbreeze

    2014 is going to be the show and prove year for TDE but if 2013 is any indication they will be fine. indies are winning, and their talent and grind are unquestioned. Looking forward to the music and seeing them move the mainstream further in their direction.

  • kendrick is the one not dropping til 15

    I'm sure we'll see a single by the end of the year but if he just got into the studio to put out something better than his last album he's going to need a good year to work on it.

    • Anonymous

      all kendrick has to do is make the lyrics he gonna have many top producers sending him beats, hell he probably already has many amazing beats he could use. Ab-Soul made 2 albums in 2013, but decided not to release either til '14, kendrick can make 1

    • kendrick is the one dropping til 15

      Word bro you still believe everything you read. How many writers you have to have to make a fucking album in 7 days. That shit's ridiculous bro. That's not how long an album process is the beats were already in place he just recorded and it was mixed in seven days that's not the complete process of making an album. Especially not today's standards. That was 2pac at the top of his game. He could have walked in with a trash cd and it was still going to be dropped bro. Now they want singles and anticipation and marketing. This is my email address bro mr.cuevas_absent@yahoo.com if the album comes out this year I promise to god I'll buy you a copy of it on amazon bro. If it doesn't it doesn't. This dude kendrick is flowing with the hype of his album being nominated for record of the year theres no way he's creatively into a album. I know I wouldn't be.

    • Anonymous

      don't take NEAR a year to make an album once you've got the creative prospect started homie, 2Pac made his last album before he died in 7 days and many including me think it's his best work, 3 days for making, 4 for mixing.

    • Anonymous

      He's already back in the studio......

  • Anonymous

    Isaiah Rashad's Cilvia tape was suppose to come out late December but they shitted on us. Excited bout Isaiah seems promising

  • sxxx4


  • Anonymous

    Control System & LongTerm Mentality were both classics, I expect nothing less from Ab-Soul

  • Anonymous

    so the TDE dude promised us 6, well if soul is releasing 2 that means someone else isn't releasing. Schoolboy Q is releasing, Isaiah Rashad is releasing a mix tape/album, they may not be counting him if it is a mix tape, he still may release an album later in the year though. That means that between Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, and SZA, one of them is likely not to release an album.

    • no

      @last anonymous soul and rock are also interscope/tde the deal was for all of black hippy

    • Anonymous

      Thing is that Kendrick is signed to Aftermath/Interscope/TDE. So it's not just up to TDE as to whether he puts an album out or not. Schoolboy is Interscope/TDE. Everyone else is TDE.

    • Anonymous

      idk, it sounds like Kendrick has headed back into the studio and is making songs now. Seems like he may already have a few done. I think we may even see a mid 2014 release.

    • d

      Kendrick won't release I don't think. But he will start his promotion this year and an early 2015 release. That's what I think anyway. TDE are desperate to push their artists out of Kendrick's shadow so wouldn't actually be surprised if one of the albums was a group/label album, especially since one of Ab's turned in projects was Unit 6 and that probably won't see the light of day.

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