ScHoolboy Q's "Oxymoron" Has 2014's Biggest First-Week Spotify Stream

ScHoolboy Q's "Oxymoron" was streamed more than any other album during its first week in 2014.

ScHoolboy Q’s Oxymoron album was streamed 3.3 million times in its first week of release, making it the biggest first-week stream of 2014, according to Spotify. 

Spotify’s Oxymoron promotion included being the main feature in the Spotify Newsletter; inclusion in the Browse New Release feature; premium homepage takeover on March 1; and a social media blitz with dedicated Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts.

Earlier this week, ScHoolboy Q's Oxymoron debuted as the #1 album in the country. It was also the highest debut on the chart with sales of 138,950 copies. 

Oxymoronwhich can be streamed here, is ScHoolboy Q's major label debut album. The project earned the Top Dawg rapper a 3.5 out of 5 in the collection's HipHopDX review. "In many ways, Oxymoron delivers exactly as advertised," HipHopDX said of the album in its review. "It’s an ominous project that also needs a few radio reaches to provide ScHoolboy Q a platform to achieve mainstream success."

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  • Andre

    I dont think thats something to be proud of. Lol I streamed it because it wasnt worth my purchase and wasnt worth my time to having to download it and add it to my itunes library only good songs were Man of The Year & Break Tha Bank

    • Anonymous

      " it came up far too short to everyone's expectations and his sales reflect that." How can you speak for everyone? I thought it was a good album and Collard Greens is one of my fav songs on there. 140k first week is amazing for a major label debut album in 2014. Rick Ross is only projected to sell 150-160k with WAY MORE promo and features from Jay-Z, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Jeezy, Diddy, The Weeknd etc... Seem's like you're just hatin.

    • The Dude

      Yeah, well, that's just like., your opinion, man.

    • Andre

      Collard Greens was GARBAGE, Blind Threats was not that great, even if he had Raekwon on it & The Purge was better than half the album, he had Studio with Bj Chicago Kid which was decent.... but overall the album aint impressive. same flow on almost every song and when he does go with a different delivery he tries to emulate Kendrick Lamar and he comes off as boring half way through the Album... Break tha Bank and Man of The Year were the only songs that have replay value, not because they have the best lyrics, but because the production was superb on both those songs. So you can take that 2 cents or not,but the fact is this album was over hyped. I was expecting something great, but it came up far too short to everyone's expectations and his sales reflect that.

    • Willy

      You saying that you think those 2 songs are the "good" ones says too much about your taste and exactly why no one gonna take your opinion on this matter seriously.

  • Anonymous

    Lol spotify streams? Is this a joke? If you like it, then buy the fucking album.

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